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18-Year-Old Ala. Inmate Hanged Herself in Jail, Authorities
Mon Jul 20, 2015 08:31

18-Year-Old Ala. Inmate Hanged Herself in Jail, Authorities Say
Kindra Darnell Chapman, who was booked Tuesday night on a first-degree-robbery charge, was found dead in her cell just under an hour and a half later.
By: Breanna Edwards
Posted: July 16 2015 2:53 PM

Kindra Darnell Chapman


An 18-year-old Alabama girl reportedly took her own life while being held at a local jail, reports.
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Kindra Darnell Chapman was reportedly booked at Homewood City Jail Tuesday at around 6:22 p.m. on a first-degree-robbery charge for allegedly taking a cellphone from another individual. She was last seen alive at 6:30 p.m. Jailers found the 18-year-old a little under an hour and a half later, at 7:50, unresponsive. According to officials, Chapman used a bed sheet to hang herself.

The teen was taken to Brookwood Medical Center but was pronounced dead.

The news of Chapman's death broke the same day questions surrounding the myseterious death of a Texas inmate, Sandra Bland, began to circulate. Bland was in Texas for a new job when she was pulled over for a traffic stop and was later arrested for allegedly assaulting an officer, only to be later found dead from apparent asphyxiation. Officials said that her death was a suicide, but her family and friends refuse to believe that Bland took her own life.


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Family Says 19-Year-Old Killed by Tenn. Officer Was Mistaken for Someone Else

The family of Darrius Stewart said that the teen, who had never been arrested before, had also been detained a few months ago by officers, who later released him because he was not the person they were looking for.
By: Breanna Edwards
Posted: July 20 2015 12:04 PM


Darrius Stewart


A Memphis, Tenn., teen was killed by a police officer over the weekend in what his family says is a case of mistaken identity, WSMV reports.
Darrius Stewart, 19, was the passenger of a vehicle that a Memphis Police Department officer stopped for a broken headlight. The officer issued the driver a ticket and released him, but Stewart allegedly had several warrants for his arrest, so the officer placed him in the backseat of the police car to verify the warrants, the news station notes.

However, when the officer opened the back door to handcuff the teen, Stewart allegedly kicked the door and attacked the officer. Stewart then reportedly grabbed the officer's handcuffs and swung them at him. The officer then grabbed his gun and shot the young man, who was taken to a medical center but later died.

The officer reportedly had several cuts and bruises on him from the fight but did not need medical attention. He has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting.

"Words can't express how I feel," Stewart's mother told the news station. "If my son attacked this officer, why didn't he use a Taser? There were two officers and only one of my son."

The family told the news station that they were not given any information about what happened to the teen, and insisted that Stewart did not have any warrants out in his name and had never been arrested.

Stewart's mother said that he had been detained months ago for the same reason but was released. "They told him he could leave because he wasn't the one they were looking for, but to be safe because there is someone out there with the same name and a lot of warrants," she said.
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According to Stewart's mother, the teen had plans to attend the University of Memphis in the fall and wanted to become a doctor.

"We don't understand," his aunt Terry Stewart said. "Police are supposed to serve and protect, yet society fears us. ... I feel that they are hiding a lot of things."

According to WSMV, authorities have still not verified whether the warrants were the teen's. Police told the news station that they were able to use his name and date of birth and find warrants but were not able to obtain pictures from other agencies.

Read more at WSMV.

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