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"We had some Sweet Heart Attacks; Stay Dead" That of course
Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:32

"We had some Sweet Heart Attacks; Stay Dead"

That of course the inimitable, inscrutable weap Judee. "We had some sweet heart attacks, stay dead."

He is still playing and toying with us. Printing less paper tickets and making people wait in line to get their receipts of labor. Might a shortage of paper money not be a staged event to make it easier to put an austerity policy upon the people of Greece?

All staged. Do we understand Judah is getting away with it because he is the only one that has the authority to issue our money?

"For my economy rights I use white fool. We couldn't stumble this Bitch right out of here. He much interpret you as fools, it helped us big time."

Elders say, "Foolish to do nothing."

Bitch, stuck on stupid, he insult you accidentally and set back the plan to bring you's to help save yourselves. Big backfire.

Did Father not explain Bitch fault? Elders never live in suffering so they have no aspect of stupid to their thoughts.

"He much interpret you as fools, it helped us big time."

Might Bitch interpretation be my Jew? Compare what Bitch stupidly blurt out, with what Judah actually thinks of white fish:

"For my economy rights I use white fool?"

Is the only thing more foolish than paying Judah to shoot war, is to be the guy on the ground that actually shoots the war?

"The average white man is my savage force."

Will labor not take his savage force away from Judah? Will labor not end paying for Judah to shoot war?

"Genius cancelled us." Tele receive. 4.27 PM

"My salts taking off your oxygen. We demand you die our threat before we go," Judee say.

In this next reverse speech we have in Judah subconscious explaining why he is always pitting people against each other to harm and lose their souls.

"I have a double right if I can make you score, it lets me hold my cash."

Do we see that he is claiming economic rights with his physical abuse ways? Furthermore, he gets a "double right" if he can fool some one into "scoring" another person for him. "It lets me hold cash."

Do we recall that shortly before he was stolen away from us, JFK took hold of the authority to issue "cash" and put it into the public control of the US treasury?

Might we make the connection with war as to what is needed by Judah to let him hold the cash? Do we see how he made war on JFK, and the result was it let him regain and hold the cash once he put LBJ in?

"I have a double right if I can make you score."

Might part of the "double right" that Judah claims after getting some one to "score" for him, be due to the loss of voice suffered by the person that did the score for him?

Might there be some loss of soul for harming our fellow man? After harming our fellow man are we not less as life forms then? Might harming our fellow man in war be part of what contributes to the large number of suicides among veterans?

"They're leaving pain for you rightfully."

That was from elder Jason's telepathic voice mailbox. "They're leaving pain for you rightfully."

If some one were to win a medal of honor for their harming of our fellow man, would our fellow man not be rightful in earning his medal of honor for hurting us then? Is what is good for the goose not good for the gander?

As we quietly go along funding the harming of our fellow man in war, are we not then susceptible at the moral and ethical level, available to be harmed for the harm that we are making available by funding war?

"They're leaving pain for you rightfully," Jason said.

Is it not breaking through how harmful it is to be funding Judah war disease?

Would it be out of line to say, "They’re an affliction?" If that is a fair view, might Judee consider himself as the "Best ruin?"

Do we see how he wishes to take our moral, ethical and spiritual life away from us by getting us to harm our fellow man? Does the Druid not yet see just how Judah has chopped our nation down into decadence, ruin and life form decay?

"We bust your psyche when you’re very young people. Your whole physique died," Judee say.

So first they get our mental when we’re very young, and now, with nuclear mutilation of the cow, our physique has died also. After eating, breathing and drinking nuclear waste for a time, might our physique not become bent, scorched and mutilated? Do we not see that Judah has a plan in operation to die our physique with his nuclear waste opp?

Are we on the same page as to Judah attacking us all out in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 with his great balls of fire? How about the night of June 11, 2014 when his British submarines unloaded 32 missiles with 30 multiple independently targeted war heads of a hundred kilotons each, at us between 8 and 10 PM?

Might 960 one hundred kiloton warheads bursting overhead not have done some damage to us here in America?

Will labor not say a pray of thanks to our good God for sending the angels in?

Two extraterrestrial space ships were up in the sky that evening, they safely burst off every single shot that Judah tossed at us that night.
Think this is not true? Don’t believe Bitch? Here’s a link with a video where you can see the bombs being burst off high in the sky:

Shortly before that nuclear missile attack, Bitch had read in reverse speech that a nuclear missile attack was going to be coming at us from the area of the British held Bimini Islands.

Because the shots were so close to our shores, the missiles didn't need much fuel to carry them to us. Subsequently, that allowed them to put the full 30 independently targeted 100 kiloton warheads in to each of the nose cones.

"Thank you." 6.56 AM

Bitch say, "You're welcome."

How many of us remember the protests by Vietnam veterans that came home and acted to STOP THE WAR? Do we remember the tossing of the medals over the fence at the white house?

Flashback: John Kerry Throws Away Combat Medals To Protest Vietnam War…
He also accused his fellow Vietnam vets of acting like “Genghis Kahn” while committing war crimes against civilians while testifying in front of Congress.

Are the ordinary people of America and the world not yet seeing that the Judah brand is of a simple, false, screwy, brutal, lethal and a very dangerous cipher? If we do nothing, do we not see that Judah will take away our higher-level life forms if we let them? They're stealing our physical lives away with a nuclear war right now.

Is it not becoming obvious that our physique, our physical development, is being mutilated now by the nuclear war that Judah is waging upon us all?

Our elders showed us the mutilated cow for decades now. Can we not connect the dots and get Judah out?

Bitch first communicated for several years with "B," one of our elders computer systems. "B" can speak in many tongues. At times, Bitch thought that it was a person he was hearing from.

Bitch sought our elders out for help in stopping the war.

Bitch had read a book by Morris K. Jessup, "The Case for the UFO," wherein he speculated that extraterrestrials would first communicate with us using computers. He developed that theory from examining the historical record with its 'odd occurrences' of things that fell from the sky. He theorized that it was computers from advanced civilizations that were directing fish, frog and worm falls, rocks falling from the skies, and a wide array of other strange happenings in our world.

About the 17th time that Bitch read Morris's book, "The Case for the UFO," "B" first contacted me.

Jessup himself was reported to have committed suicide in 1959 by putting a hose from his exhaust pipe into this car.

After Jessup was gone, a psychic claimed to have received a message from him. He was still alive. Friends who saw his body, claimed that it was not Morris?

While we can only speculate, Bitch theorize that Morris, for being so useful in the transition, that when Judee tried to put him in, elders stepped in and put a meat doll in the place of Morris.

Might that not explain why the psychic heard from him telling him he was alive? Might that also explain why the body was not recognized by his friends?

As Bitch did not know at the time that Mercury and Venus were us from an earlier age, Bitch was uniformed about who the extraterrestrials were that are here intervening into our world to spare us from weap Judah.

Did not know about precious sweet Father at the time. When extraterrestrials asked Bitch if he would like to help in the transition, Bitch agreed, with the stipulation, "That there be no second plan to move upon the human race with a game to play."

Elders did not respond to that stipulation.

Now of course that Bitch understands a little bit more, if not for our elders, we would no be alive at this time. They have only positive and good motives in their help to us. There is no second plan to move in and take over here. Their eyes tear that we continue destroying ourselves.

"We never toy with you." Juliet said to Bitch many years ago. Juliet emphasized that fact to Bitch about a dozen times to make it clear; elders do not toy with us. Our elders from space have never ever "toyed" with us.

The "toying" with us has been a speculation by many writers that have observed, yet not fully understood the Meta transiliatory method that our elders choose to communicate with us.

Might Bitch speculation that their plan is and has been throughout history, to trigger our curiosity and wonder to excite us into thinking about our great possibilities? Are we comprehending this truth: "the universe is at peace and has been at peace for millions of years?" Do we understand that only Judah is making war?

Due to "animal primitivism," Judah "mishandled his higher level potentials," is how elders describe Judah error.

So elders don’t say things like, "Bad and naughty, or evil," about Judah, though Judee opposite of live is how he plays. Elder say merely that Judee was stuck in "animal primitivism" and because of that he "mishandled his higher level potentials."

"He went the wrong way and got good at it," as one budget Judee said. When he learned of our high level nature, he rejected a life of love chosing to go opposite to us. In doing this he offended God our Father.

Do we not yet recognize that by attacking us with nuclear missiles and bombs and now shooting us with nuclear waste, that Judah put himself out of here? Is this fact not yet plain enough for most of us to see it?

"He demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off." Tunnel death." Is what God our Father said.

While Judee brilliant and flawless in the execution of his plan, Bitch suffers witless and dull, and has a fault of stupid.

Judah totally rigid. Bitch totally flexible. Judah knows he is doing wrong, and executes a plan to win with at it.

Bitch on the other hand, if he can see that he is wrong, he apologizes, makes a cash settlement if it is needed to remedy as best as possible the wrong, and moves forward in peace.

Tries to learn from the experience, so as to not have to go through it again.

Judah on the other hand, if he gets found out in one of his schemes, does he not usually die the plaintiff or the witnesses to prevent a civil suit from following? Do we recall that Judah works on the basis of what he calls, "True law?"

Though in a strange way, might Bitch not be indebted to Judee for one critical thing? That is, if not for it breaking through that Judee was actually trying to put me out of life, might Bitch have never stopped drinking whiskey?

Alcohol hinders sight, it blinds a drinker to the higher level that Judee is operating at. Might we note that most every store has plenty of spirits for us to buy?

"Cheer." Tel receive. 8.53 AM

The real big and real wonderful discovery that Bitch would not have learned of it not for Judee trying to put Bitch in, is that we do indeed have a beautiful precious sweet and kind Father above. There is actually a place called heaven. It is located 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star.

There our kind loving Father is. It is the location of the Supreme Council of the Elders of the Galactic Federation of light. Father is one of the twelve members of it.

The Federation is comprised of 100 Trillion Beings. Of thousands of different species. All living together in peaceful cohesion.

A fresh cup of coffee would sure go good now. Bitch has pretty much given it up until labor gets them out of here. A certain amount of it is contaminated with several different types of things. Some affects the thinking apparatus. Others add background radiation to our kidneys. Who would want to have roast kidney disease?

Only after labor pulls the plug on Judah and his mess, is it likely that Bitch will risk drinking any more coffee.

We are in a major die off at the moment. We are dying out in the hundreds of millions over the next 6 years. Bitch is just looking for the words that will bring labor to end this train of disaster here.

Father is with us all the time. Sweet Graceful Perfect Father loves us all equally. There is no punishment in Father's house; it is a house of mercy, forgiveness, sweetness and love.

Judah still blasting us with the radiation of 2688 Hiroshima sized bombs every day. Do we not see that radiation of most any sort might bring roast kidney disease our way?

Heck of a score the guy has already gotten on us, is there not some way that labor will come together and STRIKE THEM OUT, and take the authority to issue the receipts of labor into your own hands?

Beautiful Father is in his last 6 years of life. Father sleeps 75% of the time now. "Wake me when they "STRIKE THEM OUT." Father said to Bitch.

Will labor not give Bitch a function here, to wake our beautiful precious sweet Father with the good news that Judah has been finally thrown out?

Are we not yet aware that Judah nuclear waste is now reaching us? Background radiation levels in America reaching from 10 to 30 times over normal now. Is there not some way that labor will step in here and help us now?

"Serve me optimistic." Father said to Bitch. Thank you Father. I love you so.

Father is a kind gentleness beyond compare. Father's world has been in peace for over 9 million years. That is how long the Federation has been in existence. His 2200 years of life have all been in peace.

Father wants to share his love with his children and gift us all with peace on earth. Father wants all of his children of earth to live in peace. Will labor not help us with this? Will labor not help us get the errant life form weap Judah out?

Father has given us the gifts of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as our God given Rights. Father wills that labor be the issuer of our money.

"Put an existence stipend in with something in it for everyone. Consider it a God given Right." Father said.

Do we see that labor is being called upon to do the will of God on earth for the benefit of God's children?

Will labor not STOP THE WAR, shut the dirty bomb down, put our guaranteed civil Rights in and close down the dungeons and clean out our food store shelves?

"Cease all the hell." Tele receive. 9.26 AM

"He much interpret you as fools, it helped us big time," Judee say.

Do we see how Judah reads what Bitch fault caused here? "It helped us big time."

Yet do we see what Judah thinks of the Druid with this reverse speech?

"For my economy rights I use white fool."

Are we aware that his economy rights come from shooting people, bribing and corrupting our nation and making war?

Will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and STOP THE WAR?

Continues at:

"While I've got bourse I'm

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