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Cannabis & Hemp Legislative Educational Research Media & TV.
Wed Jul 22, 2015 03:41

Cannabis & Hemp Legislative Educational Research Media & TV. - - -

(Commercial & Medical.) Cannabis and Hemp (Legislative, Jurisdictional, Educational, Research and all Industry Related.) Community and Public Media Broadcasting Network that is now expanding to being nationwide and to be thus also streaming and also archived on-line for indexing and reference worldwide.

A now soon to transcend and to as well ascend, into becoming a very popular Cannabis and Hemp Broadcasting Network.

A broadcast network that will soon be considered to be the next Worldwide Media Broadcasting Network in the areas of Commercial and Medical Cannabis and Hemp.

Commercial and Medical Cannabis and Hemp Industries, now being supported with a media support that cann and that will begin to provide very influential support in all nationwide and eventually all worldwide Legislative and Jurisdictional Regions, Counties, States, encompassing and implementing Highly Supported and Innovative Resourced Educational, Research, and Legislative goals.

Thereof, to take all Cannabis and Hemp off of any form of Federally Controlled Substance Legislation with the support provided by the means pertaining to all Cannabis and Hemp Lobbyist supported Communications, and Media.

Televised Broadcasting, Archiving, Federally Copyrighting, and Streaming On-line Worldwide Cannabis and Hemp Freedoms and Responsibilities and Citizen's Rights Supported TV.

And, thus, as to what will be and that is already the Contributing Nationwide and Worldwide Media and Broadcast Network and Cannabis and Hemp Industry Consortiums.

As that this is a Cannabis and Hemp Media Phenomena that is as a timely and yet, time is the essence at this time, of being now a Media Elementary Inspirationally pervasive Influence upon all Federally and Jurisdictional transitional regions at this time in all of North America.

That of Cannabis and Hemp Media Broadcast being a very effectively pervasive and Federally referenced Medical & Commercial Cannabis and Hemp Nationwide and Worldwide Media Broadcast Systems.

A Cannabis and Hemp Broadcast System and Network that will also have the support of all Freedom Activists, Lobbyists, and legendary Medical Cannabis and Hemp Freedom path finders.

To envision us all at this time to manifest the vision of a Cannabis and Hemp Broadcast Network that will then be participating to build a nationwide Cannabis and Hemp Community & Public Media Awareness Campaign.

A Cannabis and Hemp Media Community Awareness Campaign.

To now bring forward into the Cannabis and Hemp legislative platforms nationwide, an effective community and public media project to build a nationwide Cannabis and Hemp Media Supported Architecture.

To set into motion a media and broadcast articulation plan to outline the way that a nationwide Cannabis and Hemp (Legislative and Activist Supportive.) Community that can now have the means, to have necessary and Critically effective guidance, from the Abundance of Endless Resources and from and with the support for finding Solutions and Manifesting Proper Higher Knowledge.

Architecting and Compiling and thus building an expanding Leadership in Media Team that will be wholly and solely Guided by Contributing Organizational Inspiration.

Organizational Infrastructural Architectures that will be and that will begin and to now encase and implement a more influential role of Cannabis and Hemp Legislative Media persuasion.

A Media Persuasive Path that will as well, also continue to become an even more powerful nationwide and worldwide legislative and industry factor, thus influencing and inspiring all Commercial and Medical Educational and Research sectors that are at this time, now transcending into being today's index of our modern history as we see this happening and now taking place.

That a Cannabis and Hemp Media and Broadcast influence, can only thus become a more real informational transcendence factor that will be effectively overriding previous legislative corporate establishment agendas and their plans to continue to suppress the Cannabis and Hemp Industries.

A media infrastructure that will effectively helping to provide the necessary means for proper guidance to allowing the communities nationwide the capability and the vision to change the course of this manifested path of Cannabis and Hemp Misguidance, Misinformation, Legislative Failures and etc.

A Medical and Commercial Cannabis and Hemp Industry Media Network.

A Dynamic Cannabis and Hemp Media, Broadcast, Archived, and Streamed On-line, Network.

A unique Media Broadcast Network means that will be allowing and thus, influencing the expansion for the Planning, the Architecting, and thus the Building of a Commercial and Medical Cannabis and Hemp Educational, Research, platform to start the Cannabis and Hemp Media Network System.

A Network Media Architecture that will be fully and effectively supported with and by legislative and public media records, files, indexes, that will then be integrating Medical Cannabis and Hemp and all pertaining and related cannabis and hemp industries, organizations, Native American Tribal Jurisdictions, County, State, Township, Un Incorporated, and Incorporated and Federal.

A Cannabis and Hemp Media Broadcast Networking Infrastructure that will as well, also be encompassing all states, all counties, and all jurisdictional North American Sovereignties, and Jurisdictions.

A time that is prevailing and being revealed to us, and to the concerned world thereof, by our contributing and by our now also using this obtainable and all encompassing (Medical & Commercial, by Educational, Research, and Legislative Purpose.) a Cannabis and Hemp Media Broadcasting Networking Supported and Guided Infrastructure.

A Now Its Time For, Cannabis and Hemp Media Project that is now being built into becoming a nationwide Federal Media Copyrighted Televised Broadcast Programming.

A Media Network that will be wholly and fully supporting the North American and the worldwide Medical & Commercial and as well as all recognized reference to educational and international research.

A Cannabis and Hemp Media Network means that is and that will also continue to be recognized as being Federally Archived On-line Federal Copyrighted Media Documentation.

A Federally Copyrighted Media Architecture that is and that will continue to be recognized by the United States Congress, the U.S. Senate Floor, as being admissible media documentation that is considered to be Federally Archived Media Documentation.

Federally Archived and Copyrighted Media Documentation that has Federally Admissible Jurisdictional Record and Index in all jurisdictions and thereof, all sovereignties worldwide and in all courts of law and legislative jurisdictions by international media copyright laws and Federal Copyright references.

Will P. Wilson, July 20, 2015 - Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs and other televised media that is broadcast every week on local Northwest-Seattle-King County - Snohomish County and throughout all of the West Coast and also on local Western Washington cable channel 77/23 and on-line worldwide from - and archived as being filed as Federally Copyrighted Media Documentation. Also archived on-line at: -

Thereof, what will be needed to get this media project fully underway with grant writing and financing and the selling of advertising and the whole what it is, and will be.

Any and all previous and or the most urgent, and or that of also maybe possibly it also happening to be something that becomes the very most recent news report(s) that I have most recently written and as well, that I have also compiled and therefor, what are the most recent and posted news reports and compilations by me, (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, that can all now also be quickly found and read here - -
And also,
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Reference - This news report is posted on the Message News Board - on July 22, 2015 by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson in response to -

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Sincerely, Will P. Wilson -

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Ionic Factors in the making of Browns Gas Hydroxy Gas, thereof, and the means for growing rare metal crystals as for example, growing gold crystals, and as well as silver

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