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"God will judge both the righteous man and the wicked man,"
Wed Jul 22, 2015 10:40

"God will judge both the righteous man and the wicked man," for a time for every matter and for every deed is there. 18 I said to myself concerning the sons of men, "God has surely tested them in order for them to see that they are but beasts."

Ecclesiastes 3:18

From Dust to Dust
Ö17 I said to myself, "God will judge both the righteous man and the wicked man," for a time for every matter and for every deed is there. 18 I said to myself concerning the sons of men, "God has surely tested them in order for them to see that they are but beasts." 19 For the fate of the sons of men and the fate of beasts is the same. As one dies so dies the other; indeed, they all have the same breath and there is no advantage for man over beast, for all is vanity.Ö

New International Version
I also said to myself, "As for humans, God tests them so that they may see that they are like the animals."

Dead whale washes ashore near public park in Wash.

Two headed dolphin found on beach in Turkey

These next pictures of the creature found under a Brooklyn bridge. The animal dubbed the Montauk monster that was found under a Brooklyn bridge.

Are we aware from reading Bitch that our elders "MARK" things for us to focus our attention on?

Might this Montauk monster have been placed there by our elders from space?

"Thank you." Tele receive. 3.53 AM

As in all our large American cities, are we not aware that Judah planted atomic bombs to set off in many of them?

With the strange unknown creature that was found under the Brooklyn Bridge, might our elders have been suggesting that we check the Brooklyn Bridge? Might there have been something planted under the Brooklyn Bridge? Do we see how our elders choose to communicate with us here?

In the picture of the two-headed dolphin, does that not appear that it came from some mutilating force? Can we not think of the thousands of mutilated cows that our elders from space have put into our world to give us an idea of what Judah is doing to us as he goes out of here for good? Our oceans are receiving most of the radioactive waste from Jewish electricity. Might we be seeing the babies of the sea dying that are the first to be put to Judah nuclear waste?

"As for humans, God tests them so that they may see that they are like the animals."

Could we be seeing that we are being given a chance by our good God to think through our extermination as we are passively funding it with our labor each and every day?

"For the fate of the sons of men and the fate of beasts is the same. As one dies so dies the other; indeed, they all have the same breath and there is no advantage for man over beast, for all is vanity.Ö"

"As one dies, so dies the other; indeed, they all have the same breath and there is no advantage for man over beast, for all is vanity.Ö"

Are we aware that we are all of one breath? Are we not yet figuring out that one breath with nuclear waste in it will take us away as it does the birds of the air and the beasts of land and sea?

Are we not yet perceiving that the establishment of the United States of America has largely passed out of here?

Are we ready to receive the new old style Eastern European Soviet variety of policing and courts?

If only some one would have told the Ukrainians when the Bolsheviks arrived in the early part of the last century that many millions of them would perish by famine due to the policies of the Bolsheviks, might they not have tried to help themselves before they were put to genocide?

Do the ordinary Americans not see the fate that lies in front of them as the Bolsheviks come in to run the former United States of America?

Bitch has deep imperfections, flaws and blemishes. That Father can prevail against the powers of earth using a boy with such disabilities as has Bitch, might it not magnify our Father's glory and magnificence when beautiful precious sweet Father finally brings his children to save themselves?

For those of us who have had any interest in what is going on in our world, is it not clear that we are in the last stages of being perished out of here? Is there not some way that we can get some help from labor so that we don't perish out for free?

Is there not some way that we will act and STRIKE THEM OUT and take our money away from them so that we don't pay to perish our own families out?

"The savior is with us." Tele receive. 2.59 AM

Is it not clear that our good God is with us? Our beautiful precious sweet Father is with us and wants us to save ourselves. As we are being put now to an old style well-proven Bolshevik genocide, is there not some way to bring ordinary labor in to STRIKE THEM OUT to quit funding our die?

Will labor not do the will of our good God and take the authority to issue our money into your own hands?

Judah sold his rental out. Now the Bolsheviks have arrived to pick up his state and run it next. No input whatsoever so far from the people in America.

Bitch interestingly enough feels quite calm in the face of such deadly threats as have now moved into our nation.

The reason Bitch feels calm? He thinks that the people will see just how perfectly they have been destroyed and will act with the goodness of God to free themselves before they are perished out in the hundreds of millions.

The ordinary people will break through the deceptions and see how wrongly we have been dealt with here by this Judah international syndicate racket of molest and disgrace.

New laws coming in with mandatory sentences for everything. Just as in the old Bolshevik days. Severe harsh punishment, cruelty to the little fishes.

Do we recall that precious sweet Father said, "Let the fishies roam free?"

Are we getting some ideas as to how kindly different will our world be if only we will close out the old world of Judah war machine?

Will labor not end funding the terrorism here?

"Totalcide." Tele receive. 4.33 AM

Is it not becoming real visible yet of just how total is to be our die?

"Beautiful thugs." Tele receive. 3.07 AM

Our entire world held backwards due to our money being held solely in the hands of weap Judah Worldwide. The 1% man beating on the rest of God's children in every land. The errant life form that attacked us all out with nuclear missiles and bombs.

Armed gunpersons now patrolling the halls of our schools. Judee stages a nearby terror event and puts the school into "Lockdown." Might that be to train the minds of the children to accept living in a prison?

"God is with us." 3.10 AM

Is it not fantastic to think that Bitch has had elders from space keeping him in since he was a child, and he didnít even it know it until recently?

Elders treated Bitch to keep me alive. Bitch has a function here labor. Is there not some sense how much effort has been put into saving us from the war that is wasting us and our families out of life? Will you not help Bitch function and do something to prevent your loss of life form from the nuclear war that is dissolving us all?

Even though Bitch is a simple workingman with a fault of stupid, elders continue to work with him, to bring labor to save yourselves. Are we not aware that elders from space have already let Judah successfully clear himself out of here for good?

Is it not clear to those who spent the time to examine the evidence of the false that our world is in in Judah hands, that elders have already helped Judah to put himself into his carriage and let him finish himself out?

The bible told us two thousand years ago that we have the same breath as animals. As we see the animals dying from breathing poisoned air and water, might we not have some suspicion maybe, that we are next?

Father cares so much about us and has done everything possible to keep us from dying ourselves off in war. Is there not some way that the people will reckon with weap Judah, STOP THE WAR and save yourselves?

"It's a budget roll." Tele receive. 4.53 AM

With all the free money for Judah sports, do we not see how easy it is for him to hire people to club, stab and shoot us out?

Our nation is being dissembled now by the Bolsheviks. Will labor not get into this and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Is it not clear to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to think, that Judah pulled the trigger on us?

The biggest part of our economy is based on war industries. Bringing in death rather than life into our world.

After attacking us all out with his nuclear missiles, is it not pretty certain that we will not be buying weap Judah any new nuclear missiles anymore?

"My soul got over on you and you pay me to take you away. That's my rudus force. I Judee possess your ment to dangerous rude you."

Those reverse speech words from a TEPCO weap Judee that is directing the nuclear poisoning of us out.

"The cat expired." Tele receive. 5.58 AM

"We relished you. We frighten with a foul. We scrooged ya awful bad," Judee say.

"Feed the fish." Tele receive. 6.15 AM

We've lost our country; Asian Judee shells are now here directing American military Judee shells in their take over of the North American continent. On the Eastern side, Russian military and police have now moved into give America a taste of Eastern European style communist rule. After us not doing anything to stop him for so long a time, might Judah think that itís time to go full bore?

Does labor not see that because it has made no claim to restore its God given Rights to Life, Liberty or the Pursuit of happiness, then Judah claims his rights to harm us for himself?

Do we have an understanding that this is also for property rights? Do we not understand that we now have no right to own property because we have no civil rights as a basis of ownership?

You car, your house, your bank account. A flim flammed up Bolshevik type court procedure, if even that, and your property is lost. Taken from you with no recourse to a jury trial.

Does the mouse and minnow not see that if a loss falls upon you personally, loss of Life, Liberty or property, there may be no help available to you or your family?

Are we getting any idea of exactly what are merchants rights powers?

They make an investment in a physical assault using a private prison system to hold you, then put you out to live under a bridge. Repaper your property, and sell it as an investment. Do we not understand how communist investments works? Do we not see that communism, as Nazism, are merely a couple of the many faces of Judaism?

We Americans now have the unenviable distinction of being in possession of all the rights that the kulaks had in Ukraine when the Holodomor, the "Terror famine," arrived to die them out in the millions.

Do the mouse and minnow and ostrich think that because they have stayed below the radar most of their lives, that somehow Judah and his shells will miss what property you have that he wants for himself?

"Holodomor," is the Ukrainian word for "Extermination by starvation." Or, "To kill by hunger."

From wiki: The Ukraine dictionary describes Holodomor as, "artificial hunger, organized on a vast scale by a criminal regime against a country's population."

Now we have American Judah directed Druid troops helping to burn the Ukraine down, making babushka homeless and helping to bring on a civil war there. Will labor not listen to our good God above and STOP THE WAR? Will labor not cut off its money from being used to wage war there?

While we are funding the war in Eastern Europe, we're also funding the nuclear waste war that is pouring in on us now.

We're being perished out with our families here in the land of the free, that is now occupied by Judah mercenaries. Shell hybrids of every description from around the world setting us up for our final burn out.

American labor can freeze them all out in a day with a general strike. Will we not pray that American labor hears the love of the Lord and STRIKES THEM OUT?

"Murder by hunger." One definition of Holodomor. Intentional with holding of food aid. Genocide by another name.

Are we not yet aware who it is that is behind all the genocide in our world?

As to carrying out a policy of genocide, do we not see that it is the authority to issue our money that is the key, critical factor here?

As Judah still has the ORGANIZING PRINICPLE of society in his hands, the private authority to issue our money, might we not suspect that he is planning to do a genocide of us here too?

Now that we know he attacked us casually in the middle of the night to get us all out with his nuclear missiles, do we not get it yet?

All this going on while our beautiful precious sweet Father lives out his last six years caring for us.

While researching late last night, it appears now that Bitch has a speculation as to how Yahweh fits into the picture of our world.

Baldec was our Father in about 1500 BC. Father Baldec may have been God at the time that Judah was given the Ten Commandments. Baldec may have been the first God of ours that was a 223 high level psychiatric genetics Being.

It appears that Yahweh was not a 223 high level genetic Being. He was 662 genetic Being that was serving the Federation to guide us in those early days.

Baldec, Christopher, who was God at the time of Jesus, and our precious sweet Father Harold, with the profoundest respect and honor to Father's dignity, are all 223 high level genetic Beings. But Yahweh was not a 223. Who then was Yahweh the early God of the Israelites?

Have we read about the find in a cave on Mars of a stone with this verse from the bible on it:

John 3:16New International Version (NIV)

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

By Stephen A. Quaye
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, [NASA] this month has announced that it Curiosity Rover has found an unambiguous message from God written on tablets in a Martian cave on the planet Mars.

According to an official press release, two giant stone slabs the size of a small elephants were located deep inside a cavern, abutting Aeolis Mars, a large mountain.

On one tablet is written on it a copy of the Ten Commandments and the text of John 3:16 written in 12 languages- including English, Spanish, Chinese, Basque and Hebrew. On the other tablet is a simple message in English reading 'I AM REAL'.

An Australian researcher working for NASA Mars Exploration Programme, Syms Covington says,' this is amazing. We went into the cave looking for water and we found proof of God's existence instead.

The tablets both of which are signed 'Peace and Love'-YAHWEH' represent the rover's most significant find to date and is perhaps the most important scientific event in history.

Explaining, a political scientist at Georgetown University said,' when people find out about this they will demand change in our society.'

Despite its potential significance, Covington fears that the Earth shattering discovery may not make the impact it should make because unfortunately the mass media is so anti-Christian they might not even pick up the story, he explains.

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