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Frankin Food Bill - HR 1599
Thu Jul 23, 2015 06:08

As you read this the US Congress is about to bypass the 2nd Court of Appeals and pass the Safe Food Act.

(((Please Pray (Visualize) that those who are about to vote for this bill are severely disciplined for their actions against American's.)))

The Safe Food Act is written in such a way that if you sell Genetically Modified Foods to the public you do not have to disclose this fact. It is the largest Full Scale Attack on Americans in history. Congress and the President are sold out and apparently want you dead.

When I called several Congressman and Senators I made their aid aware of the fact that:

1) Frankinfoods (GMO Foods) shut down their liver and kidneys causing them to get fat and become Diabetic.

2) You have the right to know what is in your foods.

3) If the Dollar Revaluation occurs this year I was promised by Chinese Intel that their would be an 80% layoff of Congressional Staff - no money in the coffers.

4) In the past in America when the industry has shut down the Federal Government could always bring money into the Federal Coffers by selling agricultural products (Food, Fish and Timber) around the world - not so today. No one wants America's Killer Wheat, Killer Corn, Killer Canola Oil, Killer Soy Beans and Killer Beat Sugars. So the coffers are empty.

6) Fukushima has killed the Pacific Ocean and the Fishing Industry so no money coming into the coffers there.

7) The Conscent Decree 1 March 1980 by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals killed small towns and the Timber Industry forever and it will remain locked up until this is overturned - not likely with a "Liberal" Fascist in office. This means no revenue for Congress from this avenue.

8) This assures that when the Lay-offs occur those answering the phone will loose their jobs - an who wants to hire an E--Government Worker, right?

9) Finally - if this leads to war the Underground Bases meant for Congress and their staffs are built as Tombs - Graves. In a dictatorship Congress is not needed - study the history of Germany under Adolf Hitler.

The Congressional Staff under Congressman Mike Pompea, Adam Smith and Derek Kilmer, and Senator's Murray and Cantwell were stunned when I put the pieces together for them, and grateful. This bill passes hte last source of revenue to Congress goes away and when the Dollar exchange occurs - they get their walking papers in a few months.

What really bothers me is the Bill's Sponsor is a Republican (Mike Pompea) who immediately turned into a Fascist Pig after being elected - a Turn Coat For Money.....A Traitor. There goes his bid for the President in 2020.

(As it stands Jeb Bush is scheduled to be appointed US Corporate President in 2016 as Hillary looses her money flow several months before the election. Donald Trump will be destroyed by the Fascist US Corporate Press.)

So how did the "Frankin Food Bill" get to Congress and get put on the floor for a vote so quickly?

About $150 Million Dollars In Grant Moneys traced to the US Corporation funneled to Monsanto to "Study Foods" that has been used to payoff Congress.

Money Talks, BS walks.

Please keep in mind that there are over 12 companies that work what Monsanto to do the same thing - Poison people around the world and under the Bretton Woods Agreement this is the job of the US Corporation under the IMF: Maintain a sustainable population by and and all means. IE: Homeland Security, CIA, NOAH Hit Men - Yes - NOAH is a Hit Man Corporation. It is all in the original agreement signed 14 July 1944.

Victoria Nuland from the US State Department did not become known as the KILLER ANGEL without reason and John Kerry (The Thin Chinned Kerry) was not shot a few weeks ago and is still on Ventilators without reason. He was warned not long ago, just like we warned President Lulu, The PM of Greece, Putin, before they got shot.)
For You Intel Geeks

Kudos to the Secret Service for getting Obama out of the White House 4 July and keeping him away form a Golf engagement in New York 17 May ---- the Shooters were very disappointed though.

On 17 August we see this all over again - except please keep in mind that:

1) There are 2 loose chairs on Air Force One - they rattled loose a it. Use finger nail polish GEL instead of "US Air Force Lock Tite" when you tighten the bolts- it does a better job.

2) The guy who is supposed to torch off the nuke on that day in Chicago on the water front directly East of the Chicago Mercantile may just drive to Time Square and do his dirty work. You see -all the Hit Men who do Big Jobs for the CIA/FBI/DHS/NOAH/Etc seem to end up dead and word is out you kill your Hit Men.

3) The Bankstas are "desperate" to get a Race Riot started an destroy America, beginning in Chicago or Cincinnati - so they need a Dead Obama Double to be posted all over the Main Stream Media.

Despite the Ungodly amount f money offered to blow up a city or kill the President on that day with three Sniper Rifles (Triangulated) - no one trusts these Corporations any more. No one.

So you offer $80 Million to blow Chicago - after the "JOB" is done he gets paid, moves to Granada or the Grand Caynmans and ends up dead. It is not worth it. It is better to sell the nuke to - say - Poland or Nigeria for cash and become a citizen of another country --- you will live, and live well.

When I was in the Ukraine 2 Stolen US made Nuclear Rods sold to Iran for $65 Million - 80 pounds of Raw Nuclear Material.

Imagine what a 25KT Nuke would sell for to - say - the state of Palestine?

Wake Up Israel - Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and DC are the primary Targets and these Palestinians are insane, utterly out of their minds with hate. There is a reason I recommended a Nuclear Desalinization Plant to create farms in the Sinai Peninsula to move the Palestinians to ..... but no - YOU new better than GOD Israel.

Let us see what happens now Israel Defense Force.

This time FBI/CIA - you have stepped over the line.

OK - Too Much Info.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Please keep in mind that my articles are meant for the World Leaders and intended to stop the coming Nuclear War - so far so good, 8 years and counting.

I very much appreciate the public staying informed.

You have a right to know.

PS - Thank You US Cyber Command for the 15 Spelling Errors after shutting my computer down. GOD will now deal with your perverts, and yes - most of them are perverts if you ever met them.

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