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Social Security Disability To Be Cut 19% Next Year
Thu Jul 23, 2015 06:57

The Trustees of the Social Security Corporation have just stated in the New York Times that the 11 Million people on Social Security Disability will have their benefits cut by 19% next year unless Congress raises taxes.

This means that since the average Disability Income is $1,017/Mo their incomes will be cut by $193/Mo to a total of $820/Mo.

(((Please pray that (Visualize) those trying to destroy America are destroyed themselves in their folly)))

This article in the New York Times is a complete lie by the CIA (Langley Fudge Boys) and is meant to scare you into submission. This article is the kind of article Adolf Hitler had his Fascists publish way back in 1938.

First of all - there is NO social Security "Trust Fund" - this is a complete lie and therefor the "Trustees" do not exist.

Social Security takes in the funds form you and transfers them to the English Royalty in accordance with the 1793 treaty between the "united states of America"... which was changed to the "United States Corporation" in 1871. Thus this type of fund transfer was made illegal by the transfer - but it was too lucrative to stop. A little money here, a little money there - and voila - the money keeps rolling in.

After the English royalty receives the money it then turns around and creates the Social Security Funds on a Computer - "Computer Money."

This is why 65 Million Non-American's receive $4,000/mo as Social Security Refugee Pay plus Welfare plus Free Housing plus Free Home Improvements, Plus Free Dental and Full Medical for them and their children and only half live in the United States.

Th non-Americans these $65,000,000 thus receive around $650,000,000,000/Mo or around $8 Trillion Dollars a year. These funds run many world economies and when the US Dollar stops funding these programs - World Wide Economic Collapse.

Liberalism At It's Best. Go Obama!

The actual numbers that have been given to me are much higher and may account for around 10% of the entire globe's GNP.

The 11 Million (Number ifs now 15 Million, mostly Mental) costs the economy around $11,000,000,000/mo or around 170 Billion Per Year.

You do the math.

That is not to say the Obama Administration will not cut Social Security Disability by 19% and then give you a .000001% raise to shut you up, but it is unlikely Social Security Physical Disability will be cut.

So the next time you see a Main Stream Media story - think it through - it is likely to be a lie.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Social Security Disability Benefits Face Cuts in 2016, Trustees Say - The New York Times

PS: Thank You For The Spelling errors US Army Cyber Command.

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