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"The Innocent Tossed yourselves away" That is a Tele receiv
Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:05

"The Innocent Tossed yourselves away"

That is a Tele receive from early today, "The innocent tossed yourselves away."

US to finance training of new police force in Odessa
July 21, 20:31 UTC+3
The United States has allocated a total of $15 million for the creation of a new police force in Ukraine since the start of 2015

Odessa region Governor Mikheil Saakashvili (left) and US Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield (right)
© Andrey Malinovsky/TASS

ODESSA, July 21 /TASS/. The United States will allocate funds for training new police staff in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa and fighting corruption in the city police force under a memorandum signed by Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield and Odessa region Governor Mikheil Saakashvili on Tuesday.

Will the world not pray for Americans to help us to help ourselves to take our purse away from Judah so that God's kids can live in peace in our world?

Texacide now worldwide as American troops assault babushka in the old land on the other side of the pond.

"Druid is not dutiful. Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.

Judah ancestors pushed two out of three Druids out in the old land with regular plague. Now Judah of today is pushing Druid out in numbers over 90% using his high tech plague of nuclear waste.

"Seems kind of sad, doesn’t it?"

Words that came to Bitch in a dream.

One of the Maxwell team that kidnapped Bitch off of the street in Chicago in November of 1991 was an Irish guy.

His family left the old country as our family did also, instead of the promise of a life worth living, he only found the poverty that so plagues many people of any land in the grip of Judah sport economics. Not having someone to help him up, he took what was offered to him, a life of crime kidnapping and weaping people for Judah sport routines. Handcuffs made in England he put on Bitch.

God gave us the rules 3500 years ago, at the top of the list for peace and harmony was, "Thou shalt not kill."

Might we ask, as God put the rules in, why did God not also put the rules in to end poverty so that people would not have to commit crimes against their fellow man to eat? Why does our nation linger in such harsh poverty? Might it be because we haven't been listening to Father well enough?

As our good God has now gifted us with another right, to have an existence stipend with something in it for everyone, do we see that God has now given us the tool that will forever block any one from using poverty to get one man to harm another man to eat?

Do we see how Judee, with his tight fist, starves the tenement boys so that he can exploit their lack of income, to lure them to serve his sport war? Do we see the tight mechanism that Judah uses to bring in his grips? Do we not see that the whole game of society is wrapped up in this one thing; who it is that has the authority to issue our money?

Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from Judah?

Do we see that by Judah being the pay roller for hiring and training the Odessa, police, he will then be able to bring them in to pull us out of our beds at night? Come on labor, don’t let this guy get away with it. We barely have gotten the English and German police and military out, and now is labor going to pay to bring the Odessa police in to give us our turn next?

The guy he put in charge of the Odessa police has a long history of fisting labor people and everyone else who speaks up about their interests.
Georgian ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili

Saakashvili as governor of Ukraine’s Odessa region may put fuse to Dniester powder keg
June 01, 17:59 UTC+3
MOSCOW, June 1. /TASS/. Kiev’s decision to appoint former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili as governor of the Odessa Region was surely a US-approved move and may have a variety of far-reaching implications, both internal and external ones. For one, it may cause the smoldering conflict in Transdniestria to flare up with renewed force, Russian experts believe.
Last Saturday Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko declared he had made Mikheil Saakashvili the new governor of the Odessa Region.
Saakashvili fled Georgia after his successor, Georgy Margvelashvili, took office in November 2013. The Georgian Prosecutor’s Office charged him in absentia under several articles of the Criminal Code, embezzlement of five million dollars of government money being one of the accusations. Later, he was put on Georgia’s wanted list.

Is American labor getting the translation here? That is, this guy that Judah appointed governor is taking his directions from the American embassy. Now the Odessa police department that he is in charge of is going to be trained using American labors dollars.

"Saakashvili has a long record of operations of quashing dissent in Georgia."

Vladimir Zharikhin, has told TASS.

He suspects, "that to an extent the decision to appoint Saakashvili was adopted under pressure from US neocons, who still exercise considerable influence on US foreign policy, although they are not at the helm."

"It is not ruled out that the plans for triggering Russia’s direct military clash with Ukraine remain on the agenda. In Donbas they failed. Now another attempt may be made to use the same scenario in Trans-Dniestria. That’s the job for a trigger-happy pawn, who can easily be used as a scapegoat to put the blame on if, the scheme does not work again."

So here we have American labor, allowing International Judah to issue our money, and they are funding the training for this labor busting guy's police department in Odessa. Might they be used to shoot up labor when he takes over the container freight business in the nearby ports?

Do we see in the privatized hands of Judah how he has used the power of the purse to make war on the people everywhere? Do we see the international aspects of Judah at work? American Jews, using the cash of American labor, to bust labor in the old country.

Does this not bring to mind Jay Gould's statement, "I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half?" Will working class Americans not end paying to hire other members of the working class to kill the other half of the working class?

The Martians pulled the nuclear missile rounds off us. Venus and Mercury are with us all the time. The Galacticans created us. And Sweet Father loves us all. Will labor not do yourselves a favor and STOP THE WAR?

Might we wonder at the strength of the psyche terror power of Judah, that he is still able to hold the minds of the people of American labor, even after knowing what it is that he has done to us? How is that for a demonstration of Judah mental strength?

Might we only be amazed at how tightly Judah has a grip on man's mind that even contact has failed to allow the people to free themselves from the grip of Judah and his nuclear war machine?

"Rehearsed." Tele receive. 7.59 AM

Might that Tele receive be from some one who looked at the long play video of the Texacide of the little girl last week? "Rehearsed?"

Was it not curious that from the dash cam we see his last stop, and he lets the person go on their way just moments before Sandra makes an appearance there?

He has to make a U turn to follow, and travels at a fast rate of speed to catch up. Is that not ordinarily found when someone is on a mission?

How about when Bitch helped the two Judee youngsters who set a trap by pushing their car off the jack and pretended it slipped with the tire off on the shoulder of the road on old red arrow highway in Indiana, and she flagged me down and jumped into my car for a ride to the gas station?

Only after driving away, did Bitch remember he had put his floor jack in his car and so backed up and got out to try that first?

Only moments later, two Indiana policemen came traveling a long the same road in the same direction that Bitch would have driven the girl, obviously moving at a pace indicating that they were on a mission.

If Grandfather wouldn't of put it into Bitch's mind to put his floor jack into his car for his trip to Michigan, do we not see that the trap by Judah working with Indiana police would have finished Bitch in an Indiana prison back in the1980s?

Does labor have any idea of just what sort of criminal actions we are dealing with here? Does labor have any idea whatsoever what we have let ourselves in for here?

"I versed you out your rights to get my game," Judee say. Will labor not put in our rights again?

Judee tells us that when the grand juries begin hearing the score, they will fire 80% of all municipals coast to coast.

Now Judah has all the receipts of what he has paid for with the purse of American labor. Might we not accept that Judah knows what he is talking about when it comes to political crime and corruption?

Though might we not consider, that still leaves us with 20% that have somehow or another stayed loyal to us through all of these Judah war years?

All elected officials are 5% corrupt recipients from Judah kickbacks. Might that be true, that there is not one honest elected official coast to coast? Do inquiring minds not want to know? Do we perceive that the grand juries will tell us the truth?

Bitch recalls when he was child of about 11 or 12 years old. Winter time at Fentress lake, Illinois, a tributary of the mighty Mississippi. Palled around with a little buddy about my same age. His grandfather had a dock and caught fish for sale. Had a fish pen with a 6 foot long catfish in it. A whole bunch of carp were also swimming in it.

Watched grandfather one day. A customer came and picked out a fish he wanted. Grandfather got a net and pulled the big carp out of it.

Took the fish inside and put him on a bench. Took out a rolling pin, just like mother used to make the pizza dough with, and POW, POW, he hit that fish on the head.

Held that fish by the tail and scaled him. Cut him open, gutted him. Then he cut off his head and wrapped him in a newspaper and handed the headless, gutted and scaled fish to the customer. The customer then handed grandfather some money and happily went on his way.

Might we consider in the transaction, that the customer left with something that was valuable in a most important way, food? Food to sustain life.

On the other hand, what did grandfather receive for his work in building the fish pen and then catching the fish, scaling and gutting it?

Grandfather received a little piece of paper with funny symbols and markings on it that we call "money."

Do we see the customer who took the nearly ready to eat fish home had a real value, something he could eat to sustain his life with, whereas grandfather received a Marker, a ticket of sorts, something of almost no intrinsic value, yet has value in our economic, social, political and legal structure?

Do we see how grandfather could use paper money to hire a fisherman for the necessary labor to catch the next fish? Might we say that grandfather had received an abstract receipt of labor?

The customer who gave it to grandfather, might he himself not have provided some sort of labor service himself to earn it? If he was an ordinary workingman, sure.

If he instead had family members that had the exclusive right and authority to issue our money, our abstract receipts of labor, might he not just have gone to the printing house, and taken a handful of receipts of labor, and bought that fish for nothing? Sure.

Letting Judah be the only guy to issue our receipts of labor, is there not something fishy about that?

Chicago Investigator Allegedly Fired For Not Writing Corrupt Reports Clearing Cops
What's Going On?
Lorenzo Davis, a supervising investigator for the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRS), which investigates complaints about police brutality in the Chicago Police Department, was reportedly fired this week because he wouldn’t change his findings.;article=154800;

Might we not consider that whom it is that has the authority to issue our money, also has the authority to hire and fire? Do we notice it costs nothing for Judah to hire and train the Odessa police department because American labor is cashing the check?

Does labor not see that the entire corrupt structure is in the hands of weap Judah, because he is the only party that has the authority to issue our money that lets him hire and fire whomever he wants?

Do we see his power to do these things is because he has all the free money from labor that he wants? Do we not see why it is so important for labor to STRIKE THEM OUT, with hold our labor until labor has the authority to issue our money?

For those who’ve read the story, we have a high-level retired Chicago police commander giving some truth that might help to set us on the right track, and he is fired for telling it like it is. He is fired for serving us honestly. Does labor not see that the entire corrupt structure is no good and will remain that way as long as only weap Judah has the authority to issue our money?

Will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and end the POW POW effect on the fish out here?

Bitch was thinking through the 1903 Chicago Iroquois theatre effect early today. Is it not something to consider, the theatre was built from the beginning with the plan to trap the unsuspecting people inside and light them on fire and burn them all up? For those who have looked into the Iroquois theatre fire, is it not certain that it was not an accident, rather it was a well planned opp?

Would the officials not have had to know about it? Of course they would. Do we see in that fire, how it gave Judah the opportunity to corruptly bourse the tongues of the officials, so to never say anything about it? Do we see some of how he has worked to so thoroughly corrupt the public servants of this nation?

Do we sense the sinister implications of his cunning corruption in burning down buildings with people in them, and then paying bribes to officials to cover the truth up? Do we see now over a hundred years later with such a large level of corruption, Judah has been able to keep officials from telling the people about their impending perishing out from nuclear waste disease?

Tele receives:

"Pack em up. 12.48 PM

Genoprise. 6.51 PM

It seems like a waste doesn't? Your atmosphere being destroyed massively; a terrible thing.

Purity false, your best right.

It's sad we've been accomplished.

Bitch fell snakeland.

Whiskey here fell this state. 1.33 PM.

You lost it bad, you lost your lives fisty. 2.25 PM

You'll stay hustled through bench power and municipals.

Fleeing from abuse and a death wrench, you caught yourselves poisoned.

They're still dying us. 1.42 AM

We failed ourselves easily. 1.43 AM

Full falsemanship. 1.44 AM

We're leaving boss theory. 1.46 AM

Martian TV pledge you mortly. 1.48 AM

You lost your share of life. 1.49 AM

You consigned your children to die off. 1.50 AM

Still too frightened to act to end goosively.

They've pushed the button and you've proven you’re foolish. 1.53 AM

You’re unlivables.

Even contact, you homicide yourselves fantastic.

The innocent you tossed yourselves away. 1.58 AM

They died your psyche.

Cheer. 2 AM

Festival. 2.01

Real thief, real fears.

Vegetables function. 2.04 AM

We're portaled.

Get involved.

Continues at:

He'll bury us; O my god.


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