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"Pat, I Authorize you, you're Serious" Is there nothing a
Fri Jul 24, 2015 08:58

"Pat, I Authorize you, you're Serious"

Is there nothing as serious as getting ourselves out of eternal war and into peace? Is there anything more important than saving ourselves?

"Your white falls you." Tele receive. 3.10 AM

Do we not see that is who is holding Judah war machine in? Do we not recognize from bible prophecy that is to be the one third of the human race that will perish in the end times? Do we not recognize that we are in the last days?

God our Father's house has no physical force. Our Father's house is an extraterrestrial civilization. 100 trillion Beings living together in peaceful cohesion. There is no war in outer space. War was ended 9 million years ago.

"Rejoice." Tele receive. 3.18 AM

"The white fish, you pitch abusive. You’re to be munched. The criminals will take you off this field. Your journey is wasted." Tele receive. 3.23 AM

That sounded as it may have been elders from space. "The white fish, you pitch abusive. You’re to be munched. The criminals will take you off this field. Your journey is wasted."

"O my god, it’s a rising field." Tele receive. 3.29 AM

Will we not pray together that this is indeed, a rising field for peace?

The millions that find themselves homeless, living in wretchedness on the streets of America. If only we will listen to our good God, will we not take care of our brothers and sisters and end their living harsh?

Will labor not serve all of God's kids?

"They score us inexorably for sales." Tele receive. 3.34 AM

"If you’re an accessory we can toss you out," Judee say.

Our elders have shared with us, "You're involved with sin."

As we are involved in sin by allowing Judah to be the only one that can hold and issue our receipts of labor, do we see where that makes us an accessory? Are we not understanding that as accessories, Judah is self authorized to throw us out?

"Ooo, fouled me." Tele receive. 3.48 AM

Might that have been someone who loves the great outdoors and went jogging only to wake up with a lot of phlegm in their throat? Was it Dusty waste they spit up?

Believe it, it is in our air and taking us out in the hundreds of millions now. They’ll be no let up, for do we not see, the dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant at Hitachi-GE is still generating brimstone disease?

American labor still funding all the war dies in this world, including its own.

"If you’re an accessory we can toss you out."

Judah still tossing us out.

"Radiation is really fouling us." Tele receive. 3.54 AM

Not only is radiation fouling us, it is on target to take a third of the human race away. Two out of three Americans will not be here in only 6 years because of this nuclear waste war.

Not as fast as nuclear blast, but is it not clear, nuclear waste is as certain to take us all out of here as is blast?

The Iroquois theater and its fire that stole away over 600 human Beings. The Titanic, sunk taking many of the wealthy out of here. Can we only wonder who picked up their businesses?

The World Trade center and its two towers. Might that not have been built from the beginning to be brought down in such a way as to put us into war?

Nuclear blast weapons that Judah mined our planet with. Now that he shot them at us and had them taken away by our elders from space, have we not gotten some idea what type of cipher Judah has?

"Mercy." Some one said at 4.02 AM

Apparently some people still do not believe that extraterrestrials exist and are visiting us. We now know that Judah figured that very thing out in 700 BC. Judah figured the basics out, that we are a creation of an extraterrestrial power, 2700 years ago.

Planet earth is a nursery of the Galactic Federation of light. We are the last risers of the seeding of our body form 200,000 years ago. 60,000 of us seeded with our makers' high level thinking genetics. Now about 8 billion of us roam the surface of our world.

Our earlier risers, from Atlantis and other civilizations, inhabit Mercury and Venus.

Combined populations of Mercury and Venus are about a hundered billion. Just like us, because they arose on earth with us 200,0000 years ago.

We are all from one creation. We are all of one race world wide. Made by our creators, the Galacticans, to live in peace and love with one another.

Our elders, Venus and Mercury, live in the range of one thousand years of age. They have access to life extension technology.

There are three billion of us living inside of planet earth. Many other civilizations also have bases within our earth.

The Mergetroid Beings have their home world inside of our moon.

The Galactic Federation of light is directing "Project Earth," from a gigantic space ship on the other side of the moon.

While we on earth pay Judah to wage unrelenting war 24/7 throughout our world.

"Thank you beautiful Father for loving us all."

"Peace." Tele receive. 4.16 AM

"Wake me when they’ve struck." Father said to Bitch.

"My kids, treat them super nice." Sweet Father said.

Pleurisy, croup, coming in. Judah prison system, might it not be to concentrate his pathogens?

Tuberculosis spread within. Will labor not take Judah tools of warring us away from him? Will labor not end paying for Judah gun and cage sport sin?

Must labor not heed the thousands of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR on God's kids?

"That's some of that sharpness there." Tele receive. 4.23 AM

"I wanted to make you's de-exist," Judee say.

"They failed our minimal natious." Tele receive. 5.30 AM

Can Bitch make it perfectly clear, there is no trick here? It is true, we have a beautiful kind Father above who loves us, we are his little Simian children on earth.

At this moment, we are hazarding being wiped out in the billions from the nuclear war that Judah is waging upon us. The American minnow is slated to die out complete in only the next 6 years.

"The majority won’t be around," is how elder put it.

Judee reverse speech gives us 200 million will die off in America now from just this one Jewish electricity power plant dirty bomb shot at Hitachi-GE.

Here is a reverse speech Bitch just pulled from a Judee speaker in the know:

"The British are three months away from failing our force."

England, as America, is being assaulted with Judah force of atom. Our family in England, as in America and Japan in particular, are all being poisoned with nuclear waste right now.

From that Judee reverse speech, "The British are three months away from failing our force," might we not consider that the English people are now only three months away from sealing in their fate of dying out like us too?

"Get em over." Tele receive. 6.14 AM

Something our elders from space have said for several years now, "FINISH!"

While Bitch laments not bringing labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and finish them out right. Bitch also knows that one third of the human race may die on out of here in these last days of Judah control of our world.

But on the half part that Bitch did right, he knows for certain, Judah is out of here forever now. Judah and his innerspring 5th columnists are never coming back in to this world with their vicious false rule.

If only Bitch had not insulted ya's, might that have made all the difference and prevented a couple of billion from dying out of here?

"Serve me optimistic." Our kind sweet Father said to Bitch.

Bitch still starting his day before 3 AM. Optimistic that the love of our precious sweet Father will win. Bitch understands that whom it is that issues the paper, is the whole ball of wax.

Seven people in Judah Federal Reserve Bank make the decisions of who will be funded or not. How many of us could even tell us their names?

The most important function of society, the root of our operating structure, the ORGANZING PRINCIPLE of society, the authority to issue our money, and most of us probably do not even know their names?

Judah recording, storing and issuing the receipts of our labor.

Only two times in our history has this most critical function of life ever been outside of the hands of Judah.

First when President Lincoln issued the highly successful Green back dollar, and second when JFK issued money, backed by the full faith and credit of the American nation.

Neither issue was backed by gold. Do we recall that before congress committed the crime of 73 against us, the Greenback dollar was around long enough to have won fame for helping all ships rise?

"Our truth fell," Judee say.

Will the truth of Father's love for us not RISE?

"We're just minor really, we just false course you."

In a Galactic civilization such as we are part of, do we not hear the truth of what Judah is saying here? "We're just minor."

Do we not see that Judah and company are merely small time players in the universe?

How about we get this done labor? How about we get our family off of the street? How about we join the Galactic Federation of light as full-fledged members in peace? How about we let the errant life form off right? How about we STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Hopefully everyone is already aware that our Father above us loves us all equally. That is the relationship we can have with Father if we choose to.

There is no force involved in the higher-level order. We were created from the beginning to come on up and join elders in peace when we grew up enough to understand our role in the universe. Will labor not bring us to the love of our precious sweet Father?

Do we not see how Judee planned to take us all away before we had our chance to joy in the delights of the universe? Was Judah not a foolish boy to oppose the love of God almighty for his Simian children on earth?

Judah could have owned velocity over a hundred years ago. So why didn't' he buy into it?

After looking into it, might he have discovered that velocity power sources will produce a bountiful society for each and every one of God's kids? Certainly.

As his high level self calls for the end of the existence of man, do we see how great wealth runs opposite to Judah plan?

So instead of great wealth from velocity power sources, we have top scientists such as Henry Rowland, dying in 1901, at only 51 years of age. Henry Bumstead, a student of Rowland's, dying in his sleep after eating dinner while riding the train home from a scientific conference in Chicago. (1870-1920).

Edwin Gray (1925-1989) found dead after answering his door. Edwin had free energy cold electricity motors up and running decades before he left us.

Dr. Henry Moray (1892-1974) and his free solid state transistorized free energy cold electricity machine. Demonstrated it in 1928. Had his car outfitted with bulletproof glass.

Dr. Eugene Mallove (1947-2004) sharing with us that we were only a few months away from unlimited clean free heat and electricity. If only we would have heard his words, might we have acted and prevented this Jewish electricity nuclear dirty bomb waste from reaching our noses and food supply?

"I died him truthful." God almighty said of his letting Judah off of here.

When Harold Washington was mayor of Chicago, Bitch went to see him and hear him speak at a local neighborhood gathering.

Many city departments had booths setup. A nice chance to meet the city workers.

Several others spoke that night, though it was Harold everyone was there to see.

After the meeting had ended, the stage was crowded, several languages were saying "Harold, Harold," shaking Harold's hand and patting him on the back for a job well done and appreciated by the ordinary people in Chicago. From the many accents, there were many friends from many lands that had come to hear Harold speak.

All cheerful and full of love. The place was lit up. Bitch was about 30 feet away from Harold, he saw me, I raised my hands and applauded him. Then I kissed my hand and pressed it my cheek, as a way of saying, "Thanks," and applauded him again.

Found one of Harold's aids and spoke with him. Asked him to run it by Harold, that Chicago was known as "the city that works." How about having Harold give us a new slogan, "Chicago, the city that works, and works together?"

Some time after that, Harold had buttons made up with the city slogan around the edges, "Chicago, the city that works," and across the center was the word in big letters, "TOGETHER."

Bitch had that button for the longest time. Kept it as a treasure. Can’t find it since I got tossed out the last time.

Is there not some way that we can get together labor, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into the hands of labor and this time throw the weap guys out?

Their self professed truth, their claim that they have the right to hurt us if we cannot stop them. Do we not see that Judah rights have conflicted with God's Rights that he gave to us of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness?

God gave us a right to an existence stipend. Will labor not do the will of God and put all of our Rights in? Must labor not STOP THE WAR?

Judah puts into the news stream that it is white fish that is doing all the wrong in the world. Here white fish has no rights at all. Doesn’t even have the organizing principle of his society in his hands. Judah hires who he wants and lets the others starve.

"Judas cite me as fail, the whites I'm still bumming. I'm weaping housing conspear official. The psychic folding graceful life in. Weap Judas strike; Bethlehem off."

Judah hires youngsters who have little or no source of income, and uses them to do his sport of war. Do we see how exploiting poverty Judah puts the face of white fish on his harm of our brothers and sisters in this world? Do we not see that it is war that is the root of all of the problems in our world?

Are we not yet seeing that it is only Judah, that is making war in our world?

If there are some who do not think it true that we have been attacked all out with nuclear missiles, how about for them to just suppose that it is true then? If someone doesn’t believe that Judah attacked us all out with his nuclear missiles, pretend then that he did. After pretending that it is true for a while, are there any thoughts as to what the implications might be, that is, if it is true that Judah attacked us with nuclear missiles?

Are we aware that it is Judah that built the nuclear war machine up? Do we recall that it was the epitome, the height of Jewish science, that gave us the nuclear blast instrument, the H bomb?

"Our glorious instrument was created to suckerize you," Judee say.

"Pat scored them out." Tele receive. 8.42 AM

Is there not some appreciation of the truth of that statement, "Pat scored them out?"

Our Martian friend and good neighbor, Casper, led a team of specialists that pulled every single nuclear missile shot off of us. Thank you Sir Casper. We love you.

"The bigots failed Jewistry." Tele receive. 8.47 AM

Does labor not see the failure here of holding this Jewish prisoner of war camp state in for free?


If we have to play make believe pretend with ourselves to understand what is going on here, is it not real clear, Judah is not coming back in again?

Is it not becoming clear that Judah planned for all of us to live our last moments of life like those who died in the Iroquois theatre fire?

Who can we only wonder may be the last one to figure it out here? Elder suggested that some may not figure it out until 2020, five years from now.

Is it not clear that Judah cipher failed us labor? Gulling us and falsing us, all the time doing all that the could to set us up for that one last big shot. POW POW.

"My ghetto sheed ya's," Judee say.

Judee gets people living in the homeless world for an extended period of time to where they really feel the pain of destitution and homelessness and then offers them a chance to live inside once again. Offers them a package with guaranteed monthly income to take care of themselves. So what's the deal?

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