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"They finished us off delightfully. 4.07 PM Rise up. 4.12 P
Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:09

"They finished us off delightfully. 4.07 PM

Rise up. 4.12 PM

The tourist fell. 3.51 PM

Beat em once. 3.53

Their war chest gave her a big performance.

Their ancient way is through. 5.50 PM

The minnow now has been whopped by Judee weap gen.

They foul Alston images taking geniuses out.

They lifted poisoning me. I been awful phased. 7.55 PM

Outrageous, Calumet went to hell.

They scored you off your final option. 11.53 PM

They accomplished this field filthy. 12.15 Am

They just tossed you out of this filthy, MOXed you fried up.

Bitch hauled them out of here and you do fantastically useless. 12.20 AM

Mortar tight. 12.24 AM

Toolsey thick, they sport you lethally.

They falsed you out tease, exhausted an overtime theory; that's quite dumb.

They tossed you out of it; tolervision.

They enjoy abuse.

RISE here wisely.

They're out switched, it's clear they can't win.

Fail-a-wits in failure.

They assault you as individuals.

It's awful to die false, you die yourselves.

The guys are screwing you's out.

Parasites, permanently fall Pittsburgh.

The outsiders completely tossed you's.

They falsed us, you’re dead real lemons. 1.28 AM

Your rising will put your constitute in.

Most salvageable sewerage, you failed to save yourselves. 1.48 AM

Our rise is over; they're scoring us out.

They're exhausting our fields while we trackle here stupid.

They're scoring us out of here.

Foolishly you've been cashing your fertiles.

NO pistol life, wash them out of here.

Your lives are all fieldage.

Pat took their basalting out.

They've tossed you out obviously.

They tried to make us goo good.

Stupid minds have fallen down.

They are able to maintain gorgeous missile peril.

A tidal wake is coming this way.

Their hostile-ment is falling huge.

Gerbils, perceive your force is over, your warring racial has now left yourselves in mort.

Mormon cite you hostile quite ballistically.

They resign us fried dead.

They capped you's rightly through houses. 2.14 AM

They terror with officials vicious.

Authorize your psyche. 2.18 AM

It's the end of Peter rabbit.

Your sewerage has failed economisly. 2 AM

Throughout your life you're false cycling, cite your cheer out of here.

You're falsing out yourselves abusive. 2.31 AM

They're tossing us fisted. 2.50 AM

Ptomazing. 2.34 AM


Said "Good wishes" to Jason and his telepathic voice mailbox said, "Your function dutifus failed us."

So even though Bitch is dutiful, he has failed our extraterrestrial elders from space.

Here we have elders pulling every single nuclear missile shot off of us, and we have not as of yet been able to get labor to end funding the shooting here?

Bitch has shared the truth now for many years, and tried in every way to get you to do something to protect yourselves from the huge die that Judah has forced upon us. All to no avail?

Was thinking again about a long time friend that Judee put in over in Chicago back in September of 1995.

Larry Dowd. Same age as Bitch. We went to Sacred Heart grade school together. Knew him since a kid. He had about 28 years service in the CPD in 1994. His 4 years army time was included, that gave him that high service number at a relatively young age.

Bitch would give Larry license plate numbers and Larry would run them through the CPD computer system.

Illinois plate "I C SPOT 2" was one of the license plate numbers that Bitch gave to Larry to run.

Shortly after he ran that plate, another guy in the department walked up to him and told Larry, "Retire or die."

Larry blew the warning off and kept right on working.

During this time Bitch was sitting quietly 65 miles away in Michigan. Bitch heard telepathically: "We never fire duds."

That was on Wednesday night.

9 days later, on Friday morning in September, Bitch got a call from Chicago. Larry was found dead in his car outside the restaurant he had just eaten in.

He got his paycheck and went to the same restaurant he always would go to on payday.

Bitch told Larry repeatedly to not go to the same restaurant. At minimum Bitch told him at least a hundred times to change his restaurant. Each time Larry would laugh, "Ha Ha," as if he was untouchable.

He had 10 brothers and sisters that were in the department. He was about 6 foot three and weighed 350 plus pounds. Fearless.

The same day Bitch heard about Larry going away, he began packing up and soon left the area.

Bitch understands now that when he telepathically heard the statement, "We never fire duds," 9 days before he learned Larry was gone, it was elders from space that had recorded that conversation and beamed it to Bitch.

Only 9 months earlier, in December of 1994, Bitch survived "He brew his coffee." Informed Larry of this. It apparently was not enough to convince him to save himself.

Within the next couple of years after Larry was gone, there appeared stories about the "Contract cars." Cars provided to City of Chicago public employees, that were licensed to private corporations?

There were about 150 of them found. All assigned to the first ward, downtown. The ward Sam Giancana used to operate from, years before.

Might "I C SPOT 2" have touched a nerve?

Now years later, Bitch held in by our elders from space, and he reports to the people to "save yourselves." Bitch told Larry over hundred times to just, "change the place you eat at," all too no avail. Will the people not hear the thousands of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR?

Now our fields are burning out and our air is being poisoned. War is raging financed by American labor. Will labor not reach out and stop it?

"Foolish." elders from space say.

We're being died off in the hundreds of millions now. Is there not some way that the victims will hear what is going on?

Chemtrails poisoning our forests and fields. Our planet being systematically, scientifically put to death. All done by Judah, using free money of American labor. From Judee vantage point, does it get any better than that?

Is it not seen yet that we're all being sickened and put to death systematically with the use of the Trojan horse of Jewish electricity?

Bitch a nice boy, that's what Father said. "Stay close to me, I’ll fix your head."

Father is complete kindness and love to his little Simian children of planet earth. Father doesn't want to lose us.

Can we not appreciate why elders gave us the words long ago that we find in our bibles? Is it not clear yet, fire, smoke and brimstone are upon us now?

Judah still bumming the white fish. If it is a third of the human race that is to perish now, do we have any ideas of which school of fish it might be? Will labor not take the responsibility to STOP THE WAR?

Our Asian family have had to endure Judee and his innerspring 5th columnists for about 1000 years or more. Our African family has had to endure Judah for about 500 years or more. And our Druid family, now suffering Judah for nearly 1500 years.

Might that explain why while Judah is still able to be bumming us? Could it be because Judah has mounted and held us the longest of all?

Judah scientists tell him that he will get 95% of the Druids out of here in the next 6 years.

Is there not some way to convince Druid that the rights his ancestors insisted be put in here, are valuable and should be put in again for the love of God and all of his kids?

Does labor have any interest in understanding the fact that in Judah hands, government is the most dangerous type of continuing criminal enterprise there is?

Americans now with all the rights of a serf, do we see how easy it is to assault us out?

It has required extraterrestrials and their love for us to keep Bitch in. Father wants me to share that he loves us all. "You disparage my shill that’s trying to convince you to save yourselves." God our precious sweet Father said.

With a full time poisoning of our environment going on in a number of ways, can we not see the hell that Judah is leaving us here? The Pacific Ocean, where did the fish all go? The whales are all sick and dying. Might they be beaching themselves to end their misery and die quicker to get out of Judah hell?

"We're going to leave you Beirut this time." Judah candidate for high office reverse speech.

If only the cow had had a voice in the decision, might she have never been mutilated to begin with?

Our children may be born defective from Jewish electricity waste in our environment. Do we not yet get it; Is it not clear that we 're in a nuclear war with them? Is it not clear that they are winning it?

Do we understand that Judah holds us in the highest contempt and does not respect us a bit?

Will the living dead not try to imagine what it would have been like if Casper had not pulled all of the nuclear missiles off of us?

Bitchie does not like the violence of our world and sees that it is the root of all the problems here. Do we recall that the good Dr. King reported to us that our country is the "greatest purveyor of violence in our world?"

Should it not concern us that America is the largest arms trafficker in our world?

But might we ask, "How is a serf to change things at all?" If a serf has no rights, might he have to leave up to the those who have the power of force to make things right?

Mao was quoted as saying that "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Do we note, that power to buy guns must first come from the purse? Is a gun not the product of labor?

Will labor not take the purse away from Judah and end his political power that grows out of the barrel of his guns?

Though might we add, Judah political power does indeed grow out of the barrel of a gun? Might we not consider that false and force is no legitimate claim to power and as such can only be held while the power to force another exists?

Now that he has lost his rifles, do we not see that he has indeed lost his political power here? Does labor understand that Judah no longer has his great balls of fire terror force to de-exist us with in four hours?

Dr. John Wheeler was asked why he built nuclear weapons, such terrible things, and he said that he would of course prefer to build things of peace. But at the end of the day when all is said and done, bills had to be paid to live, and the "power of the purse, is all the power there is."

In America, is political power not supposed to be according to American theory, to grow out of the consent of the governed?

"Dust you dungeons," Judee say.

How about it labor, "consent of the governed," doesn't that sound like a nice philosophy?

This Judah political power that grew out of a barrel of a gun, will labor not put it away as of another day?

"We cite you for nicing." One of the ladies on the desk just said to Bitch. "Thank you" Bitch say.

Elders from space are still with us labor. The "desk" is on the other side of the moon. The ladies are on the desk on weekends and our elder brothers, the magnificents, are there on business days. Thank you sisters and brothers. We love you much.

The Jewish electricity Trojan horse dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE is burning out of control and an earthquake may take the nation of Japan away. The deadliest poisons ever created are pouring right on top of us. Will labor not help us to shut it down?

Will we not keep hoping and praying that whatever obstacles there are in the way to labor coming in to this and acting to STOP THE WAR, they will be cleared out soon?

"I died," Judee say.

Do most all of us not know this is true? Do we not see that the problem is, labor has not acted to end funding the assault upon ourselves?

"Serve me optimistic." Father said to Bitch. Thank you Father, I love you.

Just one Jewish electricity Trojan horse dirty bomb and reports indicate that much of the Pacific Ocean is dead.

American labor funding numerous wars around our globe. American labor now paying for the training of the Odessa police force.

"I'll bourse you out of this fetal," Judee say.

With our children now coming in mutilated from the affects of Jewish electricity radiation, is there any doubt that the people are going out of here big time now? Is there not an awareness we are going out of here BIG now?

"We scorch and die," Judee say.

A sparrow in Chicago, is a sparrow in Des Moines, is a sparrow in Denver. The sparrow in Chicago and Des Moines, look nearly identical. The sparrow in Denver, is just a little bit different.

It is slightly thinner, a little longer and its color is turned towards the sandy side. It’s still a sparrow, with a slight bit of terrain variation that changed its bodylines, length, shape and color. More sun in Denver, and a mile higher.

Of the 53 countries that Bitch has traveled to, never once has there been any difference between us at all. Different colors, different eye shapes, different languages. Different curl of hair. Yet at the human level, like the little sparrows, no difference at all. Just terrain variations. We're all one family everywhere.

Made by our creators to love one another. Never ever to harm one another. Does labor not see the grievous sin that it is involved in by funding Judah sport of war?

How to make up for it, how to set it right? Who would have ever guessed that words set to paper could cause such a blight?

And it wasn't even paper it was little bits of electrons on a screen. Bitch blooper helped Judah and all Bitch wants to do is help Judah out of here and STOP THE WAR.

"I push you real dead, sqoosh ya," Judee say.

This shooting, clubbing, stabbing and burning of his kids, do we understand why our good God let Judah let himself off of here?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God almighty said.

"Menagerous." Tele receive. 6.45 AM

Is it not clear, Judah is done and out of here? Bitch report of Mercury and Mar's sport, do we not see that it has ended the cipher of Judah in our world?

"Totally." Tele receive. 6.47 AM

Those who love God and fear the Lord will survive these next 6 years of Judah waste war. As it stands now, hundreds of millions of us may be gone.

"The whites I'm still bumming."


Patrick thanks beautiful Father throughout his day for all the wonderful things that he has given us here. Too many to number. Sees as we are going down real hard here, feels bad that nothing is being done to stop the loss of what we have.

Bitch has a very small brief. It says, "do not use my money to harm anybody in this land or far away."

Supremes in concert said that when, "Judah Syndicate is hitting, Bitch and everyone else's tax money would be used to do it."

Next try in the courts was Bitch seeking to bring the realtors in for pimping for bush war in 1991 in their monthly magazine. The courts are false, Bitch knows this and knew that then, but thinking of Dr. King's suggestion, that what the movement needed was somebody that was "creatively maladjusted," thought it would be a good idea to put a demonstration on in front of jury about the war.

It was not too win in the courts, for in the courts we will not win, they are not boursed by us, but Judah man.

It was to make some noise and put into the consciousness of the people just what these criminals are doing with our money here.

Bitch wanted to share his feelings with a jury about him being forced to give his money that is used to make war. Wanted to explain that war is a series of armed robberies and mass murders. Bitch wanted to explain to a jury the elements of, "Conspiracy to commit murder. Accessory to felony premeditated murder."

Does labor not recognize that it is involved in sin? Will labor not remove itself as an accessory to felony premeditated mass murder? Must labor not end funding Judah sins?

Must labor not take our money away from the error boy weap Judah?

Continues at:

The term felony murder is not used much any more, as we have terms such as "manslaughter"

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