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There Has Been A Mass Shooting For All 204 Days Of 2015 What
Sun Jul 26, 2015 07:39

There Has Been A Mass Shooting For All 204 Days Of 2015
What's Going On

mass shootings

April V. Taylor

According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, a crowd-sourced project that tracks mass shootings, the 204th day of 2015 brought with it the 204th mass shooting of the year, leaving one for everyday that has passed. As a recent article in The Washington Post points out, mass shootings have filled news headlines to the point where people are numb, tuning out the stories as they have come to seem more like a normal, everyday event, rather than something that should be reacted to with shock and outrage.

The list includes the recent shooting at a Louisiana movie theater, the shooting of 9 Black church parishioners in South Carolina, seven people being shot at a Louisville nightclub, four men being shot earlier this week in Suffolk, and many others. What all of these events have in common is that four or more people were killed at one time, during the same act of violence.

Even with all of the death, many are not hopeful that anything will change in the near future, as people are not having the conversations critical for changing this violent norm. Some months have been more violent than others, with 18 mass shootings occurring in the month of April, 39 in May, 41 in June, and 34 so far in the month of July.

The Economist summed up the state of mass shootings in America with this: ďThose who live in America, or visit it, might do best to regard [mas shootings] the way one regards air pollution in China: an endemic local health hazard which, for deep-rooted cultural, social, economic and political reasons, the country is incapable of addressing. This may, however, be a bit unfair. China seems to be making progress on pollution.Ē

Carolyn Marshall
July 26, 2015 at 12:20 pm

Iím really afraid to leave home, even tho stray bullets have killed people in their homes. Whatís safe?

Poem about Incarceration: ďBorn to Serve TimeĒ
What's Going On


Why did a jail cell have to be my fate?

Jail is hell within the confines of time,

I grieve because I was deceived, but now itís too late-

Lord please have mercy and press rewind.

On the streets I was rough and lived life without fear,

I didnít give a ... and dared you to test me-

But now learning to care, because my enemies are near,

It took being locked up to respect being free.

It seems that I was born to be an inmate,

While growing up, all conceivable odds were stacked against me-

I grew up convinced that being incarcerated was my fate,

And when they locked me up they threw away the key.

Change is a strange word when you donít believe you can,

Double life means my son will serve time too-

This is because I wasnít around to be a man,

Born to serve time is what I was destined to do.

Robert L. Horton

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    • There Has Been A Mass Shooting For All 204 Days Of 2015 What — PS POST, Sun Jul 26 07:39
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