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"ORGANIZE YOUR SELFISH SELVES" That is a Tele receive from
Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:15


That is a Tele receive from 3.05 AM "Organize your selfish selves."

Will labor not bring in a just social and economic order to our world?

Millions perishing on the streets of America, while labor funds pounding out our brothers and sisters all around the world.

So you thought you could leave the world be destroyed and it wouldn’t affect you?

Has mouse sight blinded us?

"You failed yourselves totally." Tele receive. 2.42 AM

"Since we got Kennedy out of the way it's been quite nice here," Judee say.

Missouri nuclear plant shut down after 'non-emergency' leak

By Associated Press

Published: 13:29 EST, 23 July 2015;article=154811;

Are we seeing how our elders from space have been shutting Judah Jewish electricity dirty bombs down now for about the last two and a half years?

Is this latest shut down in Missouri yesterday not about number 44, or 45 that have gone off line in the last two and a half years or so?

Are we not aware that Judah has many of his Jewish electricity dirty bombs wired up with stuxnet controllers to put them into full melt down such as he has accomplished at Hitachi-GE on the other side of our world?

Only one Jewish electricity satchel bomb at Hitachi-GE, and he has wiped out most life in the Pacific Ocean. How might America be with a Jewish dirty bomb going off in Missouri, right in the heartland?

He's on target to get 200 million Americans gone in the next 6 years. Might he be still trying to get more than a third of the human race out of here with his last shot?

They’re not traitors. Does a traitor not have to be someone who was with us to begin with? They’ve never been with us throughout their whole history.

Here's some Tele receives and some non-Judah reverse speech:

"Stupid. 7.12 PM

This Bitch's purpose is all soul.

Shoot em is rising them.

They throw us minnows away now.

Scoring truthful.

Today you're stuper. 2.20 PM


I'm on my way. 11.00 AM

We'll Bless you. 1.38 PM

Tyranny done, communist rice fell. 2.57 PM

I'm not an amateur; you're not scoring an ape.

We're disappeared.

He said NO WAY.

They've got to leave. 1.58 AM

The cats lost.

You're filth. 3.12 AM (Bitch reads this was from somebody concerning saying yesterday that the Realtors were 'pimping' bush's war.)

Patrick closed them out and you financed it with the criminals. 2.06 AM

They tossed your fields rightfully.

You're psyche miniatures for cash.

Toss them out.

An atom force molested your genius.

They're punishing you and your safe-ish you lost.

They pushed a thief ruling head and you lost your financious. 2.17 AM

You're all weaped good.

The communists schrade us.

They're dying you all sick.

The whales look obvious.

They like to clear us out here. 2.19 AM

He's taken us off constantly goosen.

They've failed this whole world. 2.23 AM

Incredible they tossed us out.

They eventually tossed us helplessly.

The serfs that make war go.

Those who quietly pay income tax go to.

A tossing life failed.

You lost your lives failed.

You lost your livelihoods.

It's perfectly all finished; it's virtually all finished.

Tombing. Tumoring.

The Zionist cipher assigned us falls heroin.

Municipals are closing up fielded.

A champ breeze.

Cash life is falling minnow.

They punish you rightfully.

The power of false.

Will you not put in a just social and economic to save your lives?

You perished yourselves non-exclusively.

He scored us martially.

They totally got this field and you’re still dying off yourselves.

Their psyche is off and you're still destroying yourselves. 2.41 AM.

They score you facious fatally.

You failed yourselves totally.

Your life is fully out hustle.

Your mouse sight, a glorious blindfold.

A state corruption criminal is switched.

A criminal life will leave you rightfully dead.

Your selfish dies yourself.

You died your whole minnow sphere.

You lost reality brutally.

Contact made register gone.

You surrounded yourselves with deadly pistols.

A protest irritate us. 2.47 AM

You falsed away your Szechwan.


The magnitude of the deception.

Mouse sight has blindfolded us.

You all lost Caesarean.

A death heimers will close us up.

Death is your assignment.

They desolated your life forms.

Bell em. 2.59 AM


So you thought you could leave the world be destroyed and it wouldn't affect you?

A selfish racket us closing up your field.

Jewishcide is now over. 3.49 AM

You do right. 4.02 AM"

"Poison raisin, it's a near fatal." 4.10 AM

Bitch still tossing food out that elders clue him is contaminated. Judee with his crystal ball puts into Bitch's ear things that are not true. So much of what Bitch tosses, may actually be fine.

The above statement, Bitch thinks is from Judee to get him to toss his raisins out.

Judee reads all Bitch's credit card statements so Judee knows what Bitch buys at the store. Judee has software that reads our shopping patterns, so he probably knows more than we ourselves know about where and when we are going to go shopping.

With four eyes watching our every move, do we see how easy it has been for Judee to stock our shelves right?

Might we not look foolish here labor? How many more checks will labor cash before we will call an end to shooting ourselves? Much of our food weaped up with chemicals to affect our memory, and with it our overall intelligence factors. Fibers to get us intestinally. Being conducted from the highest levels of corporate food giants.

"Foolish to do nothing." Elders have said to us for years now.

"We're schraded," Judee say.

We're through with each other labor, they’re not coming back in again. Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from them?

Do we not yet see that with this continuous series of nuclear wars that they have put on us, we’re going to get them out of here for good?

This last nuclear war of weap Judah is on target to take out the majority of people in America. It need not happen, yet because the people have not listened to God almighty, they suffer.

While Bitch has some lapse of judgment, some witless, was it not on display in what I said to ya's? My mother was molested her whole life by Judah. Our world has been kept in war and depression as has our economic system. Have the people at large not been put to molest?

Sure. The most molested are not even here now. Judah short changed them right out of life.

So in the social area, Bitch is in need of help. In the technical area, elders told Bitch that my intelligence in beyond where I am even aware of.

Many electrical engineers and physicists who have read the "Four Elements of Free Energy," understand that it is correct enough to allow us a usable theory to build, operate, maintain and repair, highly technical velocity power source equipment.

The "intuitive" builders have demonstrated velocity power sources for well over a century. Dr. Moray, possibly the best chronicled of them all with his transistorized, solid-state free energy machine in 1928.

Kaluza-Klein, their public report that the free energy being seen in so many machines was coming from the "plane of the dimension." Kaluza and Klein had figured this at least a decade before they made it public when they gave it to Einstein for his consideration in 1938.

Einstein told them he didn’t know if it was correct or not, though it didn't matter, as the decision had already been made to put America into world war.

In 1953, Einstein came forward and asserted that Kaluza-Klein was correct. Free energy was coming from the "plane of the dimension."

Bitch heard this in 1972, in university physics class. Nobody in the class knew what it meant, including the professor that was teaching it.

Not until Dr. Mallove was stolen away and Bitch put the math to his Moldavian cavitation pump, shearing force oil heaters and cold fusion research, did it jump out that the free energy is coming from accelerated electrical fields producing a "displacement in the time space continuum."

Understanding that this had to have been discovered long before Bitch discovered it in 2004, sure enough, when he reread Kaluza-Klein, he understood then that they had already figured it out. Rather than a displacement in the time space continuum, the free energy was coming from between the 4th to 5th dimensions, at the "plane of the dimension," as they had stated publicly in 1938. As a thought, is it not curious that this was discovered mathematically at that time? Might we consider how useful mathematical abstractions can be? In fact, are they not useful enough that all of our cash, is abstract receipts of labor?

We have considered as part of classical physics since the time of Newton, that a static field has no energy available for extraction. We now know that the static field of our planet, is the most powerful field of them all. It combines the total mass of our universe.

Ernest Mach postulated that over a century before.

"Where's the free energy coming from that your machine produces," Dr. Moray was asked by a news reporter?

"I don’t know, but I think it has something to do with the size of the particles involved." Dr. Moray answered.

We ordinarily think of electrical fields as having no mass, we even call the fields of our planet, "zero point fields," indicating that they have no mass.

Electricity causes a motor to spin, so we know that electricity has inertia. If something has inertia, then must it not have mass? Certainly.

Once we add a dimension, it gives us our new place to measure things from.

Lord Kelvin told us from his studies of light that the magnetic field is naturally rotatory.

So we theorize that electricity, that is made up of two things, magnetic and electrical fields combined together, and as demonstrated in Dr. Moray's free energy machine, is separated while in a heater-motor coil, causing the magnetic side of electricity to interact at the plane of the dimension, pouring velocity energy in due to the static field holding the magnetic field in its original inertial frame of reference, the 4th dimension, while the electrical side of electricity, changes its time, due to being accelerated into percents of the speed of light, and goes into the 5th dimension.

The electrical side of electricity shields the naturally rotatory force of the magnetic from interacting directly with the static fields of our planet.

When electricity is accelerated while it still has its combined fields in a motor or heater coil, the one electron unit of mass of electrical, when it reaches into percents of the speed of light, it causes a time contraction between the electrical from the magnetic side of electricity. Is it not generally accepted that a relativistic time shift is produced when a field is accelerated into percents of the speed of light? Time runs slower at higher velocity.

Rather than temperature, pressure or voltage, as in most energy extracting machinery, the differential in a velocity power source is time itself.

The magnetic field is our driver force. We assign it a mass of 3600 electron mass units because that follows the size of an atom of matter. Once the electrical side is pulled off of the magnetic by the acceleration into percents of the speed of light, the magnetic is then open to interact directly with the static fields of our planet and universe.

There are some deeper level theoretical questions. When we accelerate electrical fields into percents of the speed of light, while it appears that we observe a slowing of time, yet could it be something else involved here? Could time merely be an observable factor, that is secondary to an unknown as of yet, primary factor?

"Electron drag" has been observed for well over a half of a century. Chemists use a term, "Quantum pinch." Both are related to the interactions with the static fields produced by accelerations that bring excess, over unity energy into reactions.

First described in 1785, by 1827 the botanist Robert Brown gave us "Brownian motion."

Minute particles that were being powered by some invisible unknown force.

Might we not surmise that all of these free energy effects are arising from planetary and universal cosmic motion?

The added energy we find from the yeast in our bread? The force that causes a mushroom to grow in the dark. The vast energy of the universe, now at our doorstep. Will we not end fighting wars based on the false notion that we are in a struggle for resources?

Our resource base is being widely poisoned, it will leave us unable to sustain our rich lives. Is there not some way that labor will see the deception of all of this?

So while Bitch miss on some social aspects, be certain, on technical, given time, and study ,and putting some math to it, Bitch pretty fair technical thinker.

Bitch understands also at the technical level, we're being destroyed systematically and massively with the use of nuclear technology. Add to this Bitch has 1/8 vitamin that reads the intent of Judah and knows intuitively, we're dead ducks if we don't help ourselves. If we remain frozen while Judah has the cash in his hands, we will first be made sick, then put out of life form.

Is Judah though not incredible at holding us with his force?

Have the ordinary people not had enough time on Bitch to figure out and then understand just what type of cipher brand is Judah on nuclear technology?

Dr. Moray had a 65 pound solid state transistorized machine that would fit on a table top in 1928 that could produce a few hundred dollars worth of free electricity a day.

What was Dr. Moray's life like? Do we recall reading that he rode around in his car with bullet proof glass after being shot at so many times?

Stan Meyer, "They've poisoned me." His last words to us as he died in the parking lot of the restaurant.

Using water for an electro-chemical reaction, Stan was driving around using water to power his dune buggy. HHO it's called. It’s been around since at least the 1870s.

It is one of the many velocity power source technologies.

Spring of 2004, "We’re only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy." Dr. Mallove (1947-2004) said.

"Brutish lies, they’re over here." Tele receive. 6.49 AM

"We're clear out," Judee say.

This intelligence of technical Labor, it is available to all of us through the help of elder Jason, our technical representative from the Galactic Federation of light. He'll help us shut the dirty bomb down. Will you not help us labor?

"My children need help." Our good God said. Will labor not help the children of God? Is it not clear, they’re being destroyed in a nuclear waste war?

Bitch just said, "Good wishes" to Jason and his telepathic voice mail gave us a message:

"They’re ever lasting icing free."

Will labor not pull the cash away from Judah and end their icing us for free?

"We close you right," Judee say.

Bitch is reading the reverse speech of the Judah shells in Japan that are burning their dirty bomb on us. There is no attempt being made to shut the dirty bomb down. The operation there is merely a cover for them attacking us with it.

"With Toledo I scored you chicken," Judee say.

"My Jewish pitched some heads here." That was a Judah reporting about the shooting at the theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana. "My Jewish pitched some heads here."

Are we seeing where Judee gets his source of pride? A bigger issue, are we not seeing where he gets his source of cash from? Must labor not pull our money away and end-letting Judah do the shootings here on our pocket book?

A few thoughts about our God given right to have an existence stipend with something in it for everyone.

Continues at:

Over the years there have been

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