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US Mind Control Patents
Tue Jul 28, 2015 08:58


For years many have known that their minds are controlled by some idiot in a US ABC Agency but no one would listen.

Well - we are listening now.

(((Pray, Visualize, that those who are trying to control people are themselves immediately and totally immobilized)))

The best way to protect yourself from these Mind Control Weapons (SCALER Weapons) is to either wear an Aluminum Foil Hat or wear a magnet.

Magnets vary your frequency ever so slightly and you must vary what you wear - two magnets today, 4 tomorrow. Put a couple in your pocket then the next day wear a bracelet as placement also varies your personal frequency.

A few of the patents:

REMOTE MK ULTRA - Human Handlers & Drugs NOT Required!
Patent # 003951134 Distant Brain Reading & Brain Wave Manipulation 4.10.1976
Patent # 6011991 Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity 01.04.2000
Patent # 6470214 USAF RF Hearing Effect for skull/tissue penetrating sound
Patent # 6587729 Similar to Patent # 6470214
These psychopaths pushing for global governance using a global neural net to Master the Human Domain have been working on this tech for a long time. This report outlines patents set aside for government, the military & DoD. This tech wasn't tested and patented to sit on a shelf collecting dust.
The Video on You Tube: US Mind Control Patents

US Mind Control Patents - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount

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