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Has Judah Succeeded in Erasing our Principles? "You're dyin
Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:21

Has Judah Succeeded in Erasing our Principles?

"You're dying for failing to save yourselves." Tele receive. 6.45 PM

"Stupid you failed us; you fataled us.6.20 PM

We mercilessly out our fields, bust ourselves. We continue funding the poisoning of our atmosphere. The brimstone waste pouring in. A calculated plan by Judah to wash the mass of the population out of here. Is there not some way that we will turn to the love of God to see us clear? Will we not have faith in the love of God to help his beautiful little Simian children here? Will we not join together and take the hand of our savior and STOP THE WAR?

God almighty of heaven and earth wills that his children on earth live in peace. God sent his angels in to spare us from the four hour blast burn of weap Judah. Father's Angels succeeded in saving us. Will we not have faith in our good God above to save us from Judah multi year burn with brimstone waste?

The genocide of the people of America using the DNA mutating, and ultimately destroying, Jewish electricity waste. The radiation equivalent of over 2500, twenty five hundred Hiroshima sized atomic bombs going off in our environment each and every day.

Rapid Death by heart attack from breathing or eating nuclear waste.

Slower death by pleurisy and lung cancer. Congenital birth defects to thin us out slow.

"Out of the way pauper," Judee said.

Judee still using his crystal ball to speak to Bitch all through the night.

Bitch has the love of God in his heart, mind and soul. The kindness and love of beautiful precious sweet Father is real and is for all of us. Father has agape love for us all equally. Our good God has power above everything. Do we not perceive that our good God loves us all? Do we not perceive that Father has saved us from weap Judah four hour nuclear blast war?

"Don't you perceive I'm not here, I messed you up?" Judee say.

Judah kids still ghosting. Judee trains his kids to steal us out of life from the time they are born. Judah teaches his children sporting humans when they’re just toddlers.

"An errorous plot stole gerbils easily." Tel receive 2.20 AM

"The power of the purse is all the power there is." Dr. John Wheeler said as to why he spent much of his life building nuclear weapons.

He had bills to pay like the rest of us. And the big money was in nuclear weapons and so he used his intelligence to build the weapons that were designed to take us out of here. He had bills to pay just like the rest of us.

Judah was and still is, the only party that can issue our money. Do we see how he was able to assign the big money to build a vast nuclear arsenal? Judah built nuclear blast to terminate us from life quickly. His weapons of mass destruction, atomic and then hydrogen thermonuclear bombs. His intercontinental ballistic missiles systems, he hired the best and brightest scientists he could find to design and build them.

Nuclear technology of mass destruction Judah forced into our world under the premise that we needed the nuclear blast to protect us from our brothers and sisters everywhere.

Judah knew quite well that our species does not make war in our modern form. He has known for thousands of years that our elder brothers transitioned out of war and into peace.

"His genius has failed late." Tele receive. 2.55 AM

As a third of the human race is pushed into dying out, as predicted in the bible two thousand years ago, did Judah genius not fail late?

"Candidates launched ruin." Tel receive. 3 AM

"They're burning us here." Tele receive. 3.06 AM

"I'm done for toast," Judee say.

"They're germing us." Tele receive from yesterday.

The millions of birds that were lost to the poultry industry. Do we not detect that it was Judah with his virusing?

His biological warfare agent of Ebola. His new respiratory flu that the spreads throughout the world. His use of imprisonment to spread tuberculosis.

His sport of war to make paupers out of 80% of our population worldwide. Are we seeing that it is war that is at the root of all that is harming us, the meek little children of God?

Having surmised that the gods that came down from Mt Olympus to help us in our development, were human Beings from an earlier rising, who were now technically advanced, Judah plotted to assault them.

Our elders that now travel in outer space, do not fight. There is no war in the heavens.

Judah plan to assault elders, caused elders to end openly helping us in our world in the 8th century BC.

From about 700 BC, Judah has correctly surmised the facts of our extraterrestrial family.

Our elders from space are us, they are human Beings that rose up earlier on the surface of planet earth.

There are a wide variety of other high level life forms that inhabit our universe.

They all live in peaceful cohesion together. They serve one another. They help, they aid one another, as they are helping us now. Our transition to peace after millennia of Judah war. Our elders from space that are helping us are all part of the plan for us of our good God.

Our universe is at peace. The only one making war is Judah, on planet earth.

Father commands us to love one another. Is it not easy to do? Sure it is. Do most all of us not accept that we do love one another? Certainly.

Do we see that it is Judah, who has chosen to hate the children of God, that is the odd man out?

By gaining the authority to be the only party that can issue our money, do we see how he has so cleverly used it to make every source of information false us?

One of his favorites is to use a true to sell us a false. His game to racial the people to separate us. His jails to rob us. His security state he sells to pull our civil rights away to steal our Life, Liberty and property.

By keeping war alive, do we see how he trains and rewards violence that he then can use inside our society?

On judgment day, what will the plea be? Might Judah plea temporary insanity for shooting God's children?

It has been about three and a half thousand years since God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. "Thou shalt not kill."

Might Judah have been temporarily insane for all of those thousands of years?

"I'm dead," Judee say.

"I died him truthful." Our good God said.

Do we see that Judah has offended God almighty with his multi thousand years quest to harm us all out of life?

All this time, twenty-seven hundred years, and Judah has known the truth about our good God.

"Crazy. I cheated you," Judee say.

We have been gifted by our creators with the same high level thinking genes as they themselves possess. We have a 223 high-level intelligence package that was genetically engineered into us 200,000, two hundred thousand years ago.

Judah learns of this in about 1955. His response to learning of this high level thinking package that we all have? To make a bullet, of the same measure. The .223 caliber bullet for the M-16.

"I would have given you anything." Our good God said to us. "I would have given you anything."

If only we would have stopped the war when God first warned us, do we not see that we would not now be facing going out of existence for free? Could we not try to give to God what is God's, the peace for his Little Simian children on earth? Did we not hear Father's words that he would have given us anything?

Judah offended God almighty of heaven and earth with his continuing to genocide all of the children of God that he got hold of.

The Galactic Federation of light is a vast confederation of planets and species of all varieties, living together in peaceful cohesion all of the time. There is no war in outer space.

The only one making war in our universe is weap Judah. He has a desire to punish all of the children of God that he gets his hands on.

"They bombed us. They bombed us horribly." Tele receive. 4.05 AM

Are we not generally aware that it is a fact, Judah did bomb us horribly?

"Jew out." Tele receive. 4.06 AM

Our elders from space do not have hard and fast rigid legal rules. "Most favored suggestions," is how their law books read.

So how is it that Judah missed "getting it?"

How is it that Judah remained behind to punish the kids?

Our good God's world has no punishment in it. In this one true fact, do we see the errancy that gripped Judah man?

Judah has known that our elders have much extended life spans. Our body form lives to between 800-1200 years with advanced technology.

Judah could have had this technology for himself. And yet he chose to have a shorter life span, because to take the long life, he would have had to agree to the Federation's rules and he would have had to give up punishing us. He would have had to agree to not genocide us.

Elders use fetal cells to make new body parts for themselves.

Their ethics allow them to use fetal cells, though only before consciousness arises. The understanding of this chair is consciousness in human Beings arises 99 days after fertilization.

Beyond the 99 days, a child is born.

When Judah was taking over the old Russian aristocracies, there was mention of the "false consciousness" that was put in and was used to control the people.

Is that not a pretty fair term for what Judah has put into our world here?

Mark Twain even penned a story about consciousness and how it affects us. The story was about a slave girl who exchanged her baby with masters baby in the crib.

Master's baby was sent to the fields to work and slave baby became a master boy that wilded a lot.

When the ruse was revealed, master's son was sent into slavery, and the real master's son was set free.

When master's now freed former slave son spoke, it was "yes sir, yes mam." very humble, clinging to every word he said as if he might be punished at any moment for saying anything.

Might Mark Twain have been giving us an idea of how we act arises from the station we find ourselves in based upon our class system?

This thing we call consciousness, might we have a false one put in by the social engineers of the society we live in? Might Judah, the master of false, have engineered a consciousness that makes us pliable for the likes of Judah to sport us?

Do we see the slave-war system, forces consciousness by the sword?

"Hero hears us." Tele receive. 4.36 AM

"A nice man on Mercury, they’re going to use sexual enticement to pull you out." A reverse speech from a local news broadcaster.

"They're weaping us from Ohio." Tele receive. 11.11 AM

"Under the Bridge, the Crime of Living without a Home in Los Angeles"

Charles Davis
A year ago he slept in his own apartment, but today
Charles Jackson sleeps under a bridge bordering Silver Lake, one of the more fashionable neighborhoods in Los Angeles. A few dozen strangers share the encampment; some become neighbors, while others come and go. Jackson wants to get off the streets, but as many of those who live on the margins have found, it is easier to lose a home than find another.
“There’s clearly a crisis,” said Maria Foscarinis, founder and executive director of the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. It is not one confined to Southern California. Nationally, according to her organization, “at least 2.5 to 3.5 million Americans sleep in shelters, transitional housing, and public places not meant for human habitation” each year; another 7.4 million Americans have lost their homes and are living precariously, “doubled-up with family or friends.” On any given night, at least 578,000 people sleep on the street, according to federal numbers. As the number of people living in poverty jumped nearly 20 percent over the last decade, the country lost about 10,000 units of affordable public housing annually.

When I spoke to Jackson outside his tent, he told me he moved away from downtown to avoid police harassment. I’ve seen some of the pettiest stuff I have ever seen out here in California.” He showed me a citation he received the day before when he said police came by, lined him up alongside a dozen of his neighbors, then cited them for blocking the sidewalk. The citation means Jackson will have to go to court — and “that’s the cycle,” he said, one of the many ways homeless people get caught up in the criminal justice system. “They might intend to show up, but they don’t,” he told me. “It then turns into a warrant and then you’re going to the county jail.”
Read the entire article here:

The Crime Of Living without A Home In Los Angeles
July 27, 2015 By JimmyG

The USA can do no better than this??? Maybe if the government were not spending borrowed money to destroy nations overseas, Americans would not be living like this in a land of collapsing infrastructure. Horrific pictures.
Photography by Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times
Living under the 7th Street bridge

For residents along a stretch of the L.A. River, the shooting of five people a year ago made a perilous place feel even more so. Audio slide show I Story

More Pictures and story at:

"I just want to make you dead objectively for my sport," Judee say.

House of Lords member quits amid drug, prostitute photos

The Associated Press July 26, 2015

LONDON — The deputy speaker of the House of Lords has resigned his position after publication of photos and a video allegedly showing him using cocaine with prostitutes.

Lords Speaker Baroness D'Souza Sunday called John Sewel's alleged behavior "shocking and unacceptable" and said she is calling in police to investigate on an urgent basis.

Read more here:

"We spy fish to make you blush and hold you to do pencil," Judee say

The Prime Minister David Cameron had said people should ask whether it was 'appropriate to have someone legislating and acting in the House of Lords if they have genuinely behaved in this way'

This is what Lord Sewell said about David Cameron: “He’s the most facile, superficial Prime Minister there has ever been,” claiming that “he just shoots from the hip” and makes one-off commitments that “he cannot deliver on”.

On Tony Blair: Lord Sewel claimed that the former Prime Minister went “seriously wrong” towards the end of his time in Parliament and claimed his decisions on Iraq were made “because he fell in love with George Bush”.

On George Bush: He called the former President a “crap” artist.

"We spy fish to make you blush and hold you to do pencil," Judee say

Is labor not yet ready to come into government and participate as the operative force here now?

Continues at:

Is labor not what government was first started all about? 5th c

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