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"I Warned You's. You've been warned. Your Lives Won't be Spa
Thu Jul 30, 2015 09:52

"I Warned You's. You've been warned. Your Lives Won't be Spared"

After having been warned thousands of times over a period of several years, as we die out in the hundreds of millions from lethally poisoned air, will there be any who will claim, "I just didnít know?"

"STRIKE." Tele receive. 3.14 AM

The authority to issue our money. The power of the purse is all the power there is.

"I sold foul here," Judee say.

It's an eviction on toxic waste. Bound to take us out in numbers beyond the greatest plagues of the middle ages. 95% of us going away in the next 6 years. Is there not some way that we will get together and end sourcing our own die?

Bitch jerkily reports truth to you's. Judee gracefully lies. Is it not seen that Judee's lies will make us die?

Might it be the lifetime we spend watching videos that has held our minds out of protecting ourselves?

A clever pleasing stream of easy to absorb moving pictures that have an underside of holding us to accept what it is that has been going on here forever? Amusing us, entertaining us. Might that have something to do with how intelligent people have been held to not make a move when common sense should tell us that we are going out of life form and soon?

A catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, and we've not done a thing so far to save ourselves.

"Serve me optimistic." God almighty said to Bitch. Thank you Father for loving us all.

Bitch is optimistic that Labor will get together, STRIKE THEM OUT, and take the ORGANIZING PRINICPLE of society into your safe hands.

"Idiots, vegetables," Judee say.

Some Tele receives and non Judah reverse speech.

"You're suitable. 6.20 PM

Beautiful synergy comes to Iowa on a fortune rate, Judas cynis is out.

They set their missiles down.

Pat, you virtually assaulted Jew rude right. Some of the stuff you said gives us stomach ill.

The investor in a foul state has rolled himself out of here.

Stupid you failed us, you fataled us. 6.20 PM

Whites fell.

You're dying for failing to save yourselves. 6.41 PM

Para vicious.

Jew off forever.

You're dying Judas great. 7.20 PM

Capture a vision of a world without war.

Scorched sales. 7.50 PM

Sportsmen out the field and you forced yourselves out.

The American rising failed.

To save yourself from kidnapping RISE. 12.46 AM


Dying physical thoroughly, you're out.

A commercial divorced us from this field.

Courage hermit; failed.

Error right put a physical challenge in. 2.45 AM

Glory mushrooms.

They're taking us off nice. 2.47 AM

Your basic lives were severed.

They closed you up for sportage.

STRIKE their analysis.

I thought they were pretty good offing us rifleous.

Soldier Christian bull menacing.

Fatal kits. 2.55 AM

Combustion can cost you.

Disabled. 2.56 AM

Falsed your life forces.

You die fabious. 2.57 AM

White boys are fisted out field.

Wreckage zoom

You fataled them. 3.59 AM"

Do we see that that last Tele receive is a fact? Bitch, using information gifted to him by Mercury, has fataled weap Judah. They're not coming back in ever again. Do we see that Judah cipher was allowed to terminate itself by a decision of the proper behavior committee of the Galactic Federation of light?

Judah made a decision many thousands of years ago to kill all the human Beings and destroy planet earth and never changed his plans since then. Only needed the high technology to do it.

Burning cities down and spreading plagues, was Judah not capable for sure? From burning Athens down in the ancient BC era, to the great fire of London in 1666, to the 1871 Chicago fire, to the Iroquois theatre fire of 1903, to toppling the twin towers of 911 and beyond, do we not now see the hand of Judah behind all the great disasters in our world?

Just received a daily email from Neil Walsch and in his message that God wants us to know. Today Neil tells us that Camille Paglia said, "things work in society because biology compels it. Order eventually restores itself by psychic equilibrium."

Thank you for that useful thought Neil. Does that message not inspire hope that we will begin a peaceful order once the people get our psychic equilibrium on balance again?

Father said, "Serve me optimistic." Bitch says thank you Father for loving us.

Thinking about the Iroquois theatre fire and how biology compelled the parents who wanted to survive caused them to disregard their own children and in panic flee stepping over them to try and save their own lives.

While that was an extremis situation of biology causing the psyche to revert to individual biology opportunity to survive, in a gradual way with a fire that burns for decades to destroy us, might our biology in time not indeed compel us to restore psychic equilibrium?

Might the fact of the history of Judah disturbing the peace not cause our biology to compel us to bring a force upon him to end his psychic disturbance in our world?

In reverse speech as the motive for his force, Judah often says the word's "Crazy, lunatic, insane." That is what he thinks about his own actions. "Crazy, Lunatic, insane."

As his actions give him a selective advantage in the taking of resources, and he makes his fortune on the death and destruction of others, might it not be our duty to ourselves to remove the rewards feature that he gets from his bad behaviors?

"Crazy, Lunatic, insane." He knows exactly what his actions are, and knows that as 1% of the human population, it is only a matter of time before there is a move to take hold of him for his destructive pattern of behaviors. Do we see how he had to get us out before we had a chance to properly deal with his dangerous, menacing, threatening, deadly ways?

Judah presents no threat to our elders from space, for they know him inside and out, and have the technology to protect themselves from anything that Judah might try to do to them. Elders donít fight, so they do not present themselves openly in any Judah controlled society.

Has our beautiful precious sweet Father not done all to try and make us His children close to Him in heart, soul and mind for all time? Is there not some way that we will open our ears to His love for his pretty little Simian children of planet earth and act to try to and save ourselves from what Judah is doing to us here?

"Love will abide
Take things in stride

Sounds like good advice
But there's no one at my side

And time washes clean
Loves wounds unseen

That's what someone told me
But I donít know what it means

Cause I've done everything I know to try and make you mine
And I think I'm going to love you, for a long, long time.

I canít say you hurt me when you never let me near
And I never drew one response from you

Cause I've done everything I know to try and make you mine
And I think it's going to hurt me for along long time.

Wait for the day, you'll go away
Knowing that you warned me of the price Iíd have to pay

And life's full of flaws
Who knows the cause?

Cause I've done everything I know
To try and change your mind

And I think I'm going to miss you for along long time

Cause I've done everything I know to try and make you mine

And I think I'm going to love you for a long, long time"

"Wait for the day, you'll go away
Knowing that you warned me of the price Iíd have to pay"

"You've been warned." God almighty has said to his children of America that fund and fight war as servants to Judah sport. "You've been warned. I've warned you. I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR."

Will American labor not end silently going about creating great wealth that Judah is using to fund the pounding and burning of our world?

"Freedom is worth more than life." A sign in Asia said.

"Let the fishies roam free." Our precious sweet Father said.

Father also said, "I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

"It's gravited." Tele receive. 5.59 AM

A mortal error committed by Judah has brought the galactic Federation of light to send aid to the Simian children of God on planet earth.

So far, the children of God on planet earth have rejected the aid sent to them. They are perishing huge. A vast die off now in progress, as American labor funds shooting out its resources for Judah will.

Their theory told them a baby and dog could hold them in no matter what. Add to that Bitch has a fault of stupid, and now we face having our beautiful nation destroyed.

The love that Father has for us, if only his children knew of it. Might we not awaken ourselves to try and STOP THE WAR?

"I've done everything I know to try and make you mine."

Might those words reflect some of the love that Father has for his little children on planet earth?

"And I think I'm going to miss you for a long long time"

If we die ourselves out of here without ever knowing of the love that the Supreme Being, God our Father has for us, our kind and good Father, will that not be the biggest loss of them all?

"Cause I've done everything I know To try and change your mind"

From 3500 years ago when Father gave us the rules etched in stone, "Thou shalt not kill," he tried to change Judah's mind about it all. Wanted him to love us all. Until now 3500 years later when Father had the angels step in to pull all of Judah nuclear rounds off of us.

To having grandfather keep Bitch alive through a life that put him into the grave dozens of times. Has our good Father not tried to change our minds to love one another and live in peace with one another?

"And I think I'm going to miss you for a long long time."

Is it not likely that the Federation will continue on now for many more millions of years with or without us? Sure. It is in peace, and does peace not give life?

What has Judah big top war ever given us but pain, suffering and death?

"I canít say you hurt me when you never let me near
And I never drew one response from you."

Will the children of God not let Father near to feel his warmth and compassion for us as we struggle through a world at war for over a century now? Will we not give Father a love response and sooth Father by acting to STOP THE WAR?

Is there not some way that we can turn off the video images that Judah has gotten such a tight control of the people with, and sit quietly and reflect on just what we are facing here in the end times of life on planet earth for a third of the human race?

If we cannot STOP THE WAR, might our elders not then miss us for a long long time? Like forever?

If only labor will get organized and take the power to make war away from weap Judah, might we not have some chance to save ourselves from the perfected nuclear genocide that we are spiraling down in now?

Has Father not warned us well of the price we will have to pay for disobedience to his command to love one another? "You've been warned." Thousands of times weíve been warned to STOP THE WAR.

So far, to no effect. Our world is perishing as we source our own die.

"And I think I'm going to love you for a long, long time"

Beautiful precious sweet Father is in his last 6 years of life. Beautiful Father Harold has been our God since 800 AD. Father is 2200 hundred years of loving age.

Father Christopher. Father Baldec. And Yahweh earlier to watch over and guide the children of God of planet earth.

Judah figured out the basics 2700 year ago, and decided that he was going to die us all out of here. That was the mission he gave to himself that long ago.

Only in the time of high technology, did he actually have the possibility of wiping us all out.

Elders in the Federation have been raising high-level life forms for millions of years. Their analysis of Judah plot to destroy the world? They say that Judah, "mishandled their higher level potentials."

By mishandling their higher-level potentials, do we see how that error becomes mortally dangerous when a species reaches the stage of high technology?

We have the technology on our shelves to provide a bountiful life for everyone. We have the technology also that can carry us throughout the universe. A question is, "will any of us be here to employ and enjoy it?"

Are we not certain that Judah will not be here to use it? He has been refused. The universe will not have him. He has offended God our Father with his claim of a right to, and attempts to genocide us.

Have we not seen a clear demonstration that God's right to love his children is first and foremost?

"I died him truthful." God our Father said.

God died Judah off because he had a weakness, "an inability to accommodate others."

Judah is to now die his cipher by "Tunnel death."

Bitch, is a child who's thinking is based in love. Father explained that Bitch has by enduring prolonged periods of suffering, been jinxed with a fault of stupid. But because of having thinking based in love, the fault will pass.

"Stay close to me Iíll fix your head." Sweet Father said to Bitch.

This fault has produced many stupid mistakes over the last now nearly four years of broadcasting messages from our elders from outer space. Bitch has been in continuous communication with our elders since May of 2008. Thank you big brothers and sisters for all you do. We love you.

We're so wealthy here. Is it not sad to think that it's all going away because our resources are being poisoned out on us? Will Labor not take the paper off of Judah and STOP THE WAR to save your own lives?

"I've warned you's." God almighty of heaven and earth said. "I've warned you's."

"We're rejects," Judee say.

"They've spared us." Tele receive 7.36 AM

"We ape shot you," Judee say.

"They've spared us." Are we not awakening to the truth of that fact that elders have spared us from Judah nuclear blast shots? Are we not aware that Judah "ape shot" us all?

Are they not now dusting us off beautifully with particles?


For the long term, are we all not aware that Judah is no more of our world? If we can agree on this, can we not get some help from labor to get him out in the short term here?

The tickets are now being looked at. Commercial fees for studying ape shit.

Is it not a painful world that we are in Labor because of eternal war that Judah has forced in? The total reduction of the children of God to ashes. That is all Judah existence was about in this world for thousands of years.

"Our family dies rich. I'm a clean X," Judee say.

Father does not want us to go out of life form, and for thousands of years we have been warned of these last days in the bible.

"Love you." Tele receive. 11.46 AM

The "Proper behavior committee of the Galactic Federation of light" made a decision in 1906 to intervene to prevent us from being destroyed in a nuclear blast war.

With the pulling of all of the nuclear missiles that weap Judah shot at us, has the proper behavior committee not now saved our lives? It is a fact, elders from outer space have saved us.

Do we not see that we have been gifted with a second chance here labor?

The Federation is the big leagues. We have the love of our precious sweet Father to guide us to peace, if we only will act to get ourselves there.

"STRIKE THEIR ANALYSIS." Tele receive. 2.52 AM

"I'm off for my sport, the rich guy all done," Judee say.

Do we not read that the rich guy is Americans? Can we not perceive what it is that Judah has done to this beautiful nation by poisoning us with nuclear waste? Will the rich guys of American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT? Will Labor not at least try it?

The strike Labor, God almighty asked, "Why didnít you try it?"

God wills that Labor be the issuer of our money. Do we not see that this one thing is critical to whether or not we will survive for very much longer?

Thousands of years of service to us the Federation has given in attempting to transition our planet from war to peace.

Judah has spent his time stealing our brightest out of here, leaving us with few to guide us in the right way.

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