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Pittsburgh Va Releases New Deadly Form Of TB
Sun Aug 2, 2015 15:34

As you recall the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Pittsburgh released Legionaire's disease and killed several hundred Veterans in their Pittsburgh Hospital last March in 2024.

If the Maintenance on the Air Cleaning filters had been done as scheduled then this would never have happened.

The Director was given a $60,000 bonus and fired - retired actually - for Murder.

During the release of this Legionaire's disease they also released 5 different types of Man Made TB - tuberculosis we shall call this Tuberculosis Variety VA - or - TB/VA.

The initial tests show that standard antibiotics used to battle standard TB are completely ineffective.

The current patients suffering form these 5 NEW types of TB/VA are given the standard types of antibiotincs used to TB and the hospital Director (Robert Forsha) refuses to authorize the testing of things like tertracycline and sulfa Drugs despite the ineffectiveness of these Standard Drugs.

In other words - the Director is either dumber than a rock or under orders to see how long it takes to kill these veterans with these 5 new strains of TB.

Funny - non of the Employees died from the Legionaire's or TB/V outbreak?

THE VA Hospital Employees had NO COMMENT.

Apparently after the "Planned Incident" happened several of the Maintenance men were fired and all record of their employment seemed to vanish.

It is my firm belief that these diseases - which are now Airborne, will be released by US forces in December worldwide through US Air Force Transports, it may be as early as October depending on how this "Currency Exchange" happens. This is the "Plague" that will force the "Chip."

VA Releases New Form Of TB - YouTube

Please pray (Visualize) that our tests are effective and that those who were involved are themselves made completely sick for the rest of their lives immediately.

Russia, Germany, France, China, India - are you ready for 5 New Forms of TB scattered through out your entire population?

Capable of being Airborne and seeping through rocks into your underground shelters?

Lucifer is at war with life.

VA hospital knew human error caused Legionnaires' outbreak - CBS News
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Dr William B. Mount

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