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The amazing work of John Worrel Keely - Harmonic Physics.
Mon Aug 3, 2015 06:23

The amazing work of John Worrel Keely - Harmonic Physics. -

The amazing work of John Worrel Keely - - - - the scientific founder of the scientific research phenomena that is referred to as being Sympathetic Vibratory Harmonics - -

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William Mount US Mind Control Patents Tue Jul 28, 2015 -;article=154836;title=APFN -

sympathetic vibratory harmonics - - - -

time travel is real - - 4 Real Cases of Time Travel - - Good Mythical Morning - - Time Travel: Is It For Real? - - -
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willpwilson 908 We Need a Global Coalition to Defeat the Face of Evil Tue Jun 9, 2015;article=154471;title=APFN

We Need a Global Coalition to Defeat the Face of Evil - Wed Jun 10, 2015 - -

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Mind Control Information and Facts - - - Programmed Assassins Used in Mind Control - Image of Original Declassified CIA Document - CIA Document Mori ID: 190691, page 1 - Title: Hypnotic Experimentation and Research - Date: 10 February 1954 - - - - - - - -
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I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful to have found this course. What a huge gift it has been for me! I am healing in ways I had no hope of healing. ~ Brian E.
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- - - - - Insight Course: Foreword - Fluid Intelligence and Transparency - - Image by Jason Lincoln Jeffe

- - Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

~ Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, in 2005 commencement address at Stanford University - - Fluid Intelligence

As you prepare for your journey through the inspiring and educational lessons of the Insight Course, it is important first to talk about the concept of fluid intelligence in relation to the ability to expand our awareness and understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Fluid intelligence has little to do with IQ or "book" intelligence. It is rather the ability to step outside of our beliefs and consider information which does not fit into our previously accepted view of reality.

Our deepest beliefs and conceptions about life and the world are to some degree conditioned by our childhood experiences, our education, the mass media, and various other external influences. An individual's level of fluid intelligence can be determined based on the degree to which he or she is able to let go of previously held conceptions on encountering reliable information or experiences which show these conceptions to be mistaken or overly simplistic.

At the other end of the spectrum from fluid intelligence is static intelligence. If an individual is rarely willing to reconsider or challenge their established beliefs, they are said to have a high degree of static intelligence. They aren't much interested in thinking outside of the box.

Science and Fluid Intelligence

When scientists on the static intelligence end of the spectrum encounter evidence which seriously questions the established paradigm, they attempt to discredit the new information using laws and principles previously agreed upon under the old paradigm. If they fail at this, the new evidence is then deemed not worthy of study and discarded. At worst, the evidence is actively attacked as being irrational or unscientific, even though it may be easily tested and verified.

Scientists with a high degree of fluid intelligence who are attracted to study matters outside the current paradigm are often labeled kooks or wacky by those operating with static intelligence.

Yet history shows that it is often these "kooky" scientists who go on to make the most astonishing discoveries which pave the way for entire new areas of study which were once considered nonsense. Einstein, Galileo, and Pasteur were all ridiculed by many respected scientists of their day for their amazing discoveries which ushered in entire new branches of knowledge. - -

All of us are sometimes resistant to letting go of old beliefs, while at other times we are excited to explore new ways of thinking and being. Static intelligence and fluid intelligence are but two ends of a continuum, and each of us shifts to varying points on that continuum over time. To demonstrate this, visit the link below to take a short test on the sharpness of your perceptual abilities:

Things are not always as they appear. Now watch this impressive eight-minute clip which may expand your beliefs about animal intelligence:

While reading through the materials in the Insight Course, be prepared for the unexpected and consider choosing the more fluid end of this spectrum of intelligence. Consider also opening to guidance and support in exploring areas where you might feel stuck in old belief patterns.

In recent years, many key pioneers have been successful in operating within the modern scientific paradigm with a very high degree of fluid intelligence. These courageous individuals have used accepted scientific principles and careful research to challenge old paradigm beliefs. Below are a few shining examples of this pioneering group:

Stanford University's neuropsychologist Karl Pribram and his in-depth studies of the holographic qualities of consciousness. -
University of Connecticut Psychologist Kenneth Ring who completed breakthrough studies of near-death experiences. -
Dr. Hal Puthoff -
and Russell Targ - -
(see his excellent paper) of Stanford Research Institute in their copious studies of remote viewing and nonlocality. - - UCLA's Valerie Hunt - - in her systematic studies of human energy fields and measurable psychic phenomena.

Dr. Bruce Lipton's pioneering cell biology research showing that, contrary to popular belief, genes are not the primary regulators of life. Rather the way we perceive our life and world may be a key factor in determining gene activity. - -

Princeton University's PEAR Laboratory (now closed) - -
which established the ability of consciousness to interact with physical matter.
Robert Monroe, - - founder of the Monroe Institute - - which teaches methods to achieve out of body experiences and remote viewing - - (see his landmark book Far Journeys). - - The many pioneers of quantum physics who are finding that for deeper understanding of our world, it may be impossible to separate the physical world from consciousness. - -

Two classics which challenge static scientific paradigms using reliable, verifiable research from hundreds of scientific studies are the books The Holographic Universe - -
by Michael Talbot and The Field - - by Lynne McTaggart. The paradigm-busting film - - What the Bleep!? covers similar territory in a less scientific, yet very fun way, as does the inspiring movie I Am. - -

These engaging books and films are highly recommended for those interested in exploring the work of scientists who are promoting greater awareness of ourselves and our universe, and helping people to develop more fluidity in consciousness.

Sacred Cows - - Sacred Cows © Spyder Webb of -

Consciousness, the Brain, and Reality Formation

In the old paradigm, static intelligence generally does not acknowledge the existence of consciousness apart from a brain. In the new paradigm, quantum physics is increasingly recognizing that consciousness may be a critical factor in what determines reality. Static intelligence places high priority on stability and security. Fluid intelligence welcomes change and even occasional chaos as potential vehicles for personal and global growth.

The materials presented in the Insight Course are designed both to inspire fluidity and to challenge rigid beliefs of the old paradigm. In moving through the course, you may find some of your beliefs about the world challenged. This can be a valuable opportunity for you to examine your viewpoint and consider r

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