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Consciousness, the Brain and Psychotronic Reality Formation.
Mon Aug 3, 2015 06:37

Consciousness, the Brain and Psychotronic Reality Formation. -

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Consciousness, the Brain, and Reality Formation

In the old paradigm, static intelligence generally does not acknowledge the existence of consciousness apart from a brain. In the new paradigm, quantum physics is increasingly recognizing that consciousness may be a critical factor in what determines reality. Static intelligence places high priority on stability and security. Fluid intelligence welcomes change and even occasional chaos as potential vehicles for personal and global growth.

The materials presented in the Insight Course are designed both to inspire fluidity and to challenge rigid beliefs of the old paradigm. In moving through the course, you may find some of your beliefs about the world challenged. This can be a valuable opportunity for you to examine your viewpoint and consider revising and expanding your beliefs.

Please understand that those involved with presenting this material have no desire to make you believe anything. Yet we are interested in challenging all of us to open to more expanded levels of belief and experience in all aspects of our lives, so that we can become more powerful agents of positive change and catalysts for a new paradigm of love and cooperation in our lives and world.

The Insight Course provides an abundance of rich material challenging us to explore more expansive and integrated ways of living together through stretching beyond our old beliefs and conceptions. It invites us to explore reliable, verifiable information suggesting that the commonly held view of the way things work in our world may be overly simplistic and distorted.

The course also encourages us to move toward less secrecy and greater transparency as we work together to support what's best for all who share our beautiful world.

Transparency and Levels of Consciousness

There are many levels of consciousness within each one of us. It is not uncommon for us to have beliefs or knowledge at one level of consciousness which are in direct opposition to that of another level.

On one level we may know, as Galileo once contended, that the Earth is the third planet from the sun. We also know that our solar system is located in one arm of a spiral galaxy - - far from its center, which is far from the location of the Big Bang which allegedly formed the universe. Yet on another level, the Earth is for us in our daily lives the very center of our universe, as the church once argued against Galileo.

On a global level, we may believe that humanity is meant to find ways to let go of anger and to live in peace and harmony with each other. Yet on a more personal level, we may individually feel fully justified at times in being quite angry and upset at someone in our family or at some politician or powerful group.

Something that very much makes sense on one level may appear quite "illogical" on another. Though our minds might like to convince us otherwise, most of us walk through life with many contradictions within our consciousness.

By choosing to be transparent, the inconsistencies within us and in the world become increasingly apparent, thus allowing us greater choice in how we deal with them. We naturally become more open and better able to understand and integrate conflicting beliefs on various levels. Through choosing to identify, understand, and transform the inconsistencies within ourselves, they can actually become potent teachers inviting us to expand our awareness, if we allow them to.

Beliefs and Reality -

The more coherently we believe something on all levels of consciousness, the more likely our lives will be shaped by those beliefs. The more deeply we know something to be true, the more likely we will see and experience the world in terms of that truth.

Yet this does not necessarily mean that what is true for one person, no matter how deeply it is experienced, will be true for others. Each person – through their interpretation of what happens to them throughout life – develops their own version of reality, which has varying amounts of overlap with what others believe to be reality. We may live in the same physical world, yet our beliefs about what is true and real, and our emotional experience of this world can be quite different.

Some individuals have a greater ability to influence the beliefs of those around them than others. Those who have a very strong, coherent energy field that is directed outwards generally appear dynamic and charismatic to others. They are thus more easily able to convince those around them of what they believe or know to be true. They are often considered to be great communicators and influential people. This does not necessarily mean, however, that they know "The Truth."

On the other hand, a more "shy" person or one who keeps their energy more contained or directed inward may have a level of knowingness just as strong as an outgoing charismatic person, but because of their shyness or inwardness, they are much less likely (or may not even want) to persuade others to believe as they do.

There is no ultimate right or wrong here. Whether we choose to direct our energy more outward or inward, each of us is doing what we believe to be right in each moment.

The more transparent we are to ourselves and to the world around us, the more consciously we can make choices. And the more fluid we are in expanding our intelligence and beliefs, the more powerfully we can adapt to and make good use of the changes that occur in our lives and world.

As we choose both fluidity of intelligence and transparency, we increasingly invite learning, growth, and expansion on many levels in our lives. This further enables us to better make choices which serve both ourselves and all humanity.

Let us then choose to be open, transparent, and fluid both with ourselves and with each other, and to offer support for the limitless possibilities of growth and expansion which lie within each one of us. The materials in the Insight Course are designed to assist us in this worthy purpose.

Keep in mind the concept of fluid intelligence as you begin your journey through the course. Consider opening to your own highest wisdom and understanding so that you may receive whatever is best for you from these insightful lessons. Those who have gone before you wish you an empowering journey. We wish for you all the very best in your time with this course and in all aspects of your life.

It is our emotional attachment to certain beliefs
that limits us and keeps us from seeing greater realities.

Lesson One: To move into the inspiring materials of lesson one, click the link below. And have fun exploring all the rich material presented!

Click Here for Lesson One -
- - - - - Insight Course: Lesson 14 - Control of the Mind - - The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. ~ Gloria Steinem

Are you ready for another wild trip down the rabbit hole? Now that we have explored our own deepest personal challenges, it is time to explore what is possibly the deepest challenge facing our planet.

The term "mind control" can bring up all kinds of thoughts and feelings. Yet as with almost any tool, mind control techniques can be used for the good of all of us or used to gain personal benefit at the expense of others.

Though this lesson may be the most disturbing of all for some, it is also vitally important as far as understanding how some of the top secret, sophisticated operations which have a major impact on our world have been carried out. This topic also has some amazing healing applications. These applications and the deeper implications of all this information will be discussed at the end of the lesson.

First, you are invited to explore some highly reliable information on how mind control has been used to forward hidden, disempowering agendas in our world. Please watch the revealing, 45-minute History Channel documentary Mind Control: America's Secret War at the link below:

Some people would rather not know the many potentially disturbing facts about secret mind control programs used to manipulate people and politics around the world. Yet when we collectively choose not to know, those who are abusing these technologies are given free rein to explore further and to cause serious manipulations which lead to even more fear and polarization in our world.

By choosing to at least understand the basics of what is going on, we can come together to stop the destructive behavior and invite others to join us in working together for what's best for all on our planet. For the best concise summary of secret mind control programs, please read the two-page essay below: - Sacred Cows - - Sacred Cows © Spyder Webb of

Don't ignore the bad stuff, but make a point of celebrating the beautiful stuff with all the exuberant devotion you can muster.

~ Rob Brezsny in his fun, profound book Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia - - To Complete Insight Course Lesson 14: Click Here - -

= = = = = - -

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