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"GET ORGANIZED" Tele receive 10 AM "GET ORGANIZED." "They
Mon Aug 3, 2015 07:55


Tele receive 10 AM "GET ORGANIZED."

"They've poisoned us out of here." 10.19 AM

They’ve all failed us Labor. The church, the government, the bankers. God is good, and Father is with us. Will Labor not give us a hand?

A note about a post mentioning Thomas Jefferson and one basis of his finding that all men were created equal. He based it in the power that one man potentially could exert upon another.

In the world of our Father there is no fight whatsoever. Jefferson also talked about watering the tree of liberty with blood. There is no blood involved in the world of Father. There is only a peaceful transition out of war and into peace. That is the only option available in the house of Father. There is no fight at all.

There is no punishment associated with the house of our Father. So if there was any misunderstanding about the thoughts of Thomas Jefferson, those where his thoughts not the thoughts of this shill for Father.

Might we consider instead of Jefferson equal rights based on the power one could potentially assert upon another, might our God given rights to be equal not be based upon the equal love that our Father has for us? Sure. Does that not sound right?

We close it up quietly, let Labor be the issuer of our money and settle it with bourse and everybody keeps their pensions and we go into a new world of peace. No harsh whatsoever.

USA Today; Millions of fish dead in Pacific Northwest, Ocean conditions have gone to hell, Salmon covered in fungus, red lesions all, big gaping sores…Extinction concerns, "it could be the end" Experts; it's crazy, unprecedented. Catastrophic Worst they've ever seen

For those who are concerned about our extinction that is moving right ahead as we go down the tubes. We are sealed into extinction and not a peep about it on the mainstream news.

One site that has been giving us what has been going on from the nuclear artillery that Judah is shelling us with is ENE News. The nuclear war being waged against us from Hitachi-GE is shooting us full time 24/7 with the radiation equivalent of over 2500 Hiroshima's each and every day. We are going out of life form now. 200 million are slated to die out in the next six years from all the nuclear waste that is coming in.

Though would like to mention, Bitch posts are no longer accepted at ENE News. I mention the nuclear waste is not an accident, it is intentional. Genocide; and they pull my posts down now.

While in a store replacing my drinking water from the last batch that had chromium metal in it, heard a Tele receive from a shopper nearby:

"Meet the people." A kind lady said.

In another aisle, a man briskly walked past, and telepathically said, "Wake installed."

A couple guys walked past that had been abused in the prison houses and courtrooms. They recognized me and said "Hi" as they walked past. They knew that I opposed their mistreatment.

After leaving the store and unloading my shopping cart into my van, while putting my cart into the rack, there was a fellow coming out of the store with a fancy 12 pack of German beer under his arm.

He saw me and said telepathically:

"I got the true annoy."

Might that be a sale that never came back? My apologies again sir. There was no offense intended. Just a slip of the mind from a head that has been through so much. Is there not some way to bring you in to help us TO STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"Serve me optimistic." Precious sweet Father said. It is joy to serve sweet Father. It is wonderful to know of Father, and his kind, merciful, forgiving love for all of us.

"Close your irritate because you ever fail irritate well."

That from yesterday's post. Is it Bitch irritate that has caused Labor to fail us and bring about the loss of our fields, and with it, the loss of our life forms?

"You failed to save yourselves, you refused a rightful deal."

Is a deal that brings the love of God in for all of his kids not a right deal for everyone? Is there not a prayer that Labor will come in to this and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Is there any deal more rightful that a deal that says, "there will be no more war in our world?" Is that not the best deal of all? Will Labor not close the warons out?

Bitch was so mentally fatigued yesterday morning that he laid in bed past 3 AM. Difficult to face another day of genocide of the people of America and not so far being able to bring Labor to help us.

To help Bitch to bring himself out of bed, elder said one word:

"Advertise." 3.19 AM

So again will keep posting to try to convince Labor to STOP THE WAR and give us a chance to survive the nuclear war that we are in.

"It's fallen here." Tele receive. 3.18 AM

Can one imagine people that have lived among us, and have killed us internal in America in the millions in their century, and as of yet they have not been stopped?

Soviet union, in control of weap Judah and his shells, attacked us all out with their land based intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles. Casper, our good neighbor and Martian friend pulled them all right on out of the sky.

Our good God loves us all. Father wants us to come with him and live in peace. Wants us to be comfortable. Wants us to use our high level thinking to produce the abundance we need for all of us to have bountiful lives. Father wants us to love him. Father wants us to know of his love for us all.

Judah wants to punish us. Wants to kill as many of us as he can. Wants to destroy as much of our environment as he can before he leaves us this time forever.

With the ownership of the authorization to issue our money, he is doing all he can to sabotage our economy and leave us in as dire of straits as is possible. Regrettably, we have done nothing to help ourselves yet.

Judah, for free, is still hiring massive death and destruction everyday. The world is watching the white fish as he poisons himself out funding and fighting sport wars for weap Judah.

"O it's fell?" Tele receive. 3.28 AM

Yes, it’s fell. Regrettably, American Labor is still propping it up as it shoots out our world for another day.

"Serve me optimistic." Kind sweet precious Father said to Bitch.

Some Labor is real ready to STRIKE THEM OUT. Buses, planes, trains, transportation workers strike would freeze Jew war up today.

UPS, Fed Ex, STRIKE would shut their war out of our world forever.

Grocery store, restaurant workers STRIKE would close them all today. The war will be over in a day.

Judah will have to give our checkbook to a committee of the whole comprised of Labor, before Labor will return to work.

Then we all will be able to live our lives in a society at peace, that does things with a pen and paper, instead of a gun and cuffs.

38 light years from our home world. That's where our elders live who gifted us with their high level genetics 200,000 years ago. The world they live in is at peace, and has been at peace for 9 million years.

Only Judah makes war. The errant life form that still is keeping Druid funding and fighting his wars on planet earth. Do we recall that war is Judah sport?

Our kind precious sweet Father is in the last 6 years of his life. Father Harold has been our Father since 800 AD. Father was 200 years of age when the Federation sent Jesus to save us from our sins.

Weap Judah knew what the score was 700 years before the time of Jesus. He already had figured out the extraterrestrial nature of our creation at some basic level. He knew that high-level powers were guiding us, using the mask of angels.

Judah knew that the angels were in fact, our predecessors from earth. Atlanteans, Brasil and other early risers that developed velocity power sources, that easily carried them into the Universe.

Mercury and Venus, both planets have vast human populations living inside their planets. Venusians and Mercurians first arose on planet earth. Mars is a different genome. They may have arisen naturally, not implanted with high-level genetics. Their high level intelligence may have developed due to ordinary time processes.

All of our elders from space live in peaceful cohesion with one another. They all have great ability to accommodate each other. They cooperate to get things done to aid each other, as good neighbors are want to do.

While technical is important for sure, at the root of what we must have first, is it not cooperation?

While Judah has shown great technical prowess, for has he not invented and then fielded the long-range artillery to wipe out the surface of planet earth? 150,000 nuclear bombs built since 1945, and he is still building them. Missiles to carry nuclear warheads. His rockets built in India can now travel 12,000 miles with a nuclear package on board.

As Judah cipher were not following the right path to become high level extraterrestrial Beings, God gave Moses some rules to help them get it right.

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not kill," just a few of the rules to follow to get themselves into a path to eventually enter into the universe at peace.

Judah, three and a half millennia after God gave them the most favored suggestions?

After all this time knowing of God's plan, Perjury as a way of life. Stealing all that they can. Killing to keep their other abilities in motion.

As part of their complex, they enjoy diddling with man. Fooling us, to make them laugh. Clowning us around in every way that they can. Confusing, bewildering, and befuddling man.

God commands us to "love one another."

Did we not see on TV and read in the newspapers and in books, the Rwandan genocide of the 1990s? Some estimates give 2 million dead. Do we not see the invisible hand behind it of the power elite?

Is that elite not Judah?

Might some of us have passed it off, thinking the people there were not educated, they did not know what was about to hit them?

Now that Judah has scored us nuclear blast genocide, might we not have to reconsider who is really educated?

Judah and his shell people, using advanced military equipment from America, Germany, Russian and England, did the slaughter of people living in the rake and hoe age.

Do we see that much of the military equipment used for that genocide, was funded for free by American Labor?

The high level technical we have achieved in America, used by Judah to degrade and destroy our brother.

Now it is come around time. The 50 weap sheds that have given Judah such excessive power, now being decimated as every other land Judah conquered.

Poisoned out in a permanent way. Funded by the same people who funded the Rwandan genocide, American Labor.

Is there not some intuitive sense for what we have allowed to happen in our world using our dollar, that something very grave is about to come around on us here?

"They've polished us. They’ve abolished us." Tele receive.

Some Tele receives.

"Camel is void. 10.31 AM

Vast illegal. 1.39 AM

So real. 5.12 PM

Malfeasant. 5.39 PM

They've taken us right. 5.52 PM

They've burned us up and we've done nothin'.

You're scored out pleurisy. 6 PM

You died for all of us.

Raise yourselves up. 6.08 PM

Your real genius fell, made yourselves die.

Promise no fear. 6.22 PM

Incredible steal delightful, field destroyed. 6.26 PM

The police are out of here, they sold you fail. 6.29 PM

He tyrannied great, we died evilly.

He supports depopulating your world.

They'll punish us in and leave us with heinous. 6.50 PM

A tomato slice is offing your joy, you failed to save yourselves. 12.36 AM

Pittsburgh has finished you toast and you've failed to save yourselves. 12.38 AM

Your life forces are out.

They sheenied us.

You lost yourselves to be punished here.

You failed to save your right force.

You’re right falsing up yourselves.

Instruments through.

Tight forces insidious.

You threw your life forces overboard.

Your life forces are out, you’re through you’re busted.

Jew incredible failed you, you died your life forces.

You're past life, you failed to save yourselves.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing.

You died foolish. 12.50 AM

Light years away from a nice world.

They're out but you failed to save yourselves, your miracle has died true.

You died for Houston real estate.

You just failed your consciousness.

All miracle life forces are out.

You died your families fisted.

Converted hostages in to dust.

Get Arkansas out. 12.57 AM

Assaulters power failed Geronimus.

Tyranny fails your fields. 1.53 AM

A nice mouse has been made dead.

They scored you out of here chemist inferior.

Save us all from crystal.

Pitch slay us.


Horrible diesel died you formally out.

You’re dying fist here hopeless. 2.02 AM

Contact ends municipal life for a decent life here.

You’re over policeman ballistic.

Contact has stolen your missiles.

You cannoned racial life forces.

You depress your lightfuls.

You're dying hostile.

Suitable life force is dangerously dying.

You're out because your source is dead.

You're fabulously quite confused.

Continually you've kept in Austria.

You're perished rightfully.

Here they're cashing you still.

You're past your sin delightfully.

This cannibal life failed to make us rise up.

You failed your resources tirelessly.

The innocent is done.

Falsed you out decisively. 6.54 AM

The falsed us off our sight.

They're dying us having a great time. 6.56 AM

You died yourselves off. 6.58 AM

Your best sale is a complete failure.

Your splendidly ended. 7.07AM

The white man came to a reasonable end.

Grease is out for sui-dead.

They force you rightfully economic.

A fit minnow is past.

Ballistic force is out for right force, you failed to save your assignment.

A bank roll capped you, you died already.

You lost your life force to West German cappus.

For London you failed to save yourselves.

You've been sold a brilliant heart attack.

Your life form is over here businessly.

You bored yourself rightful.

Jeremy molest and you failed to save yourselves.

You are now gorgeous offed wrenched.

Beautiful cavement.

The world has turned itself away from America as it fades itself into infamy.

Your nice forces are clearly wreckage.

You're dying here lifers.

You’re falling yourselves out complete.

By forcing out your fields you're suckered.

New officials will end core molest.

A bounty is shot.

Jerk has dumped officials. 7.14 AM

Dodge ball. 7.15 AM

The right is falsing here, taking them out for merchant fiendish. 7.23 AM

A failed son. 7.27 AM

A nice John who's non abusive.

You failed wildly personal.

Patrick score you in the way it frees the waifers.

Wake the field, there's real torture here. 7.36 AM

Bet us with met.

The hottest town evict us.

They out the starship with spit shine. 7.41 AM,

They fiended us cash. 7.42 AM

A 38s lethal on swat.

Your foolish lives fall.

You passed your establishment out for abusive.

You virtually failed to save yourselves, you’re quite dead, your accomplishment is exhausting out yourselves.

Try forcing them out.

You perished to your disciples and their right sewer wrench.

A terrible right falling; unless you go with freedom for everyone, you’re done.

Falling out yourselves, a real achievement.

Mirror bust psyche.

The pura annoyed people with bad.

The false was to set you awful.

With Barnaby we lost.

Jewishness incredible falsed you.

Scientist reveals harsh, maintain, he's no racial.

Don't wipe white people out.

Die fiend accomplished

Continues at:

O my god, they're

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    • "GET ORGANIZED" Tele receive 10 AM "GET ORGANIZED." "They — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Aug 3 07:55
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