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New VA Form Of TB Being Tested In New York City
Mon Aug 3, 2015 08:00

Like many diseases, the most likely test area for new disease has been New York City. Based on the Dozens News Stories based on this, and the US Department of Defense Corporation Releases, this type of testing has been going on since World War 2, and possibly since long before that time.

Today there are around 60 people who have been found positive for this Legionaire's disease in The Bronx and as of yet no one knows the source.

we do know that the Cooling towers for the NYC Verizon Building, the Streamline Plastics Building and the Concourse Plaza Yankee Stadium have tested positive for Legionaire's so it appears it is now Airborn in New York City. Somebody had to have sprayed it fm the air to to infect this many places.

Unfortunately this Lesionaire's is a "Marker" so see how far the other diseases associated with this spread have traveled. So far this "Legionaire's complex, complete with the Tuberculosis Version VA (TB/VA) remains in the Bronx.

Officials Seek Source of Legionnaires’ Outbreak in the Bronx - The New York Times

va hospital in hte bronx - Google Search

This means that these 5 strains of TB/VA have infected central NYC and TB/VA cases will begin to sprout up as soon as the "Legionaire's Panic" dies down. The death rate of the new TB/VA seems to be about 95% in 18 months.

The US Department of Defense will conclude this study and then begin to prepare for World Wide Distribution in all major cities sometime between September and December.

China, India, Red Dragon family, Russia, India, were warned and told what to do to avoid this but your Bankstas and Presidential Handlers did not listen. Are you ready to listen to GOD yet?

An Airborne TB/Va will enter your underground bases and infect YOU.


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Dr William B. Mount

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