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UN Broadcast Aug 2015 - Coming Destruction
Mon Aug 3, 2015 09:36

Following are the summaries of three broadcasts frm the heart of the United Nations in New York City and London.

first of all I would like ho thank those in the united Nation for allowing me to listen to these broadcasts. They know how I feel towards Lucifer but appreciate being able to listen to, and participate in, these short seminars.

1) Today:

The combined efforts of those who participate in the Lucifer Trust's Triangle Groups creates a triangular form of energy - Ley Lines - across the globe in a higher frequency. It is we humans that are creating this.

Like a Geodesic Dome the more we use our Creative Imagination to link with others the bigger, and stronger, these Ley Lines become. Since writing these summaries the number of listeners has grown in large numbers and the Ley Lines are getting brighter and stronger.

Apparently this energy being poured into these Ley Lines is now becoming so strong it is blowing up on the planet surface in many ares: IE Rhode Island.

“Ley Line Surge” Explodes Rhode Island Beach, Kills 23 Russian Troops

2) Full Moon of Leo: I AM THAT AND THAT I AM

Leo is the exact opposite of Aquarious and in this Full Moon the Earth is in perfect alignment with the Dog Star Syrius - the creator's of life here on Earth. The Sun (Golden disc Of Ligh) seem to be a Star Gate through to Syrius.

Syrius consists of both the A and B Star Systems - with Syrius A being the Wlihelmena Star System containing Humans that are slightly Red in color. President Clinton is a "Red" Syrian A system alien for example. This is why he signed NESARA to give us back our Republic but President Bush Jr refused to obey this law. Preident Clinton thought he would have help on this. It may happen soon.

Syrius B is inhabited with very advanced Humans.

There are currently over 3 Million "E Ships" in out autmosphere and there is nothing Lucifer and Planet Earth have that can touch them - nt lasers, not Missiles - nothing. .

In Leo we progress from Self Awareness to Group Fusion to a form of Group conciousness where the needs of the group outweigh the needs of the individual.

Beginning today we will head into the Fires Of Destruction on this PLANET OF PAIN and this will unite all of Planet Earth under one goal - survival so expect Lucifer to throw everything and the Kitchen Sink at you.

Our battlefield is the battlefield of Materialism vs Spiritualism and already those that have accumulated huge amounts of wealth at the expense of the little guy have lost the battle in the Heavens and now the battle will move to planet Earth.

Things such as Climate Change, wars, Famine,new Diseases being released, environmental Destruction of Planet Earth are all being done to fulfill THE PLAN - total CHAOS and Destruction to usher in the New Age of Lucifer and Aquairious.

In 1767-68 Pluto and Syrius were in opposition and this ushered in teh Great Age of the American Revolution.

Today Pluto and Syrius are in opposition and this is ushering in a New Age of destruction and Rebuilding a new form of Liberty.

Liberty and Freedom (You Are King Of The Land On Which You Stand) are an illusion. We must first free our selves of Material Desires before we move forward within ourselves.

Freedom on Earth is an illusion and it must be absolutely and completely destroyed so we can find freedom in the mind. If we become SLAVES we will find Freedom in the mind. To this end Lucifer will now destroy Freedom and make Human's complete and utter slaves.

The Plan must be fulfilled: Complete Anarchy, War.

we aer in deep doo doo America

Opening Star Gates (Wormholes) is done in two ways: Gold Keys and Notes or spinning high frequencies at a certain speed and frequency.

This Full Moon is our chance to Contact Syrius and the life on these planets. It is a Powerful Doorway for us to contact our Hierarchy and the Asherons.

When we are in THE LIGHT we cannot star into it or remain there long. We must stand in the light on a revolving door and let it reflect off of us to shine on others.

In other words - help people when you can because we are all in this together.
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Dr William B Mount

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