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"You failed Druid." Tele Receive. 6.22 PM That was some one
Tue Aug 4, 2015 09:28

"You failed Druid." Tele Receive. 6.22 PM

That was some one communicating to me that Bitch failed Druid. Are we not yet aware that Druid has sealed himself in to dying off over the next 6 years from the effects of nuclear waste?

"The public is obviously foolish boys."

That is a non-Judah reverse speech. "The public is obviously foolish boys."

America the beautiful being destroyed as we source it. God almighty of Heaven and Earth warning us year after year to STOP THE WAR. Might that not be a pretty accurate assessment of what it is, "The public is obviously foolish boys?"

"We're taseing you home, I just want to print Bitch."

If it was not for the love of God, Judah plans to tase and print Bitch would have already succeeded.

Is it not clear that Judah has finished himself out of here?

"You’re quite dutal. Judah molest you steerage." Tele receive. 3.32 AM

Judah spends most of his time molesting the mouse and the minnow. Bitch identifies himself as that. Sees that Judah is always harming the ordinary fish who is just trying to get along and go along. Judah always placing his satchel charge nearby and claiming it was a suicide bomber. Do we not know better than that yet?

Now the ordinary Druid fish that mostly is just trying to get along and go along, is funding his own die. Judah always want to take the "halo off" us he says in reverse speech.

Always wants to make it look as if it is the Druid that is assaulting our family out.

Bitch intelligent enough boy to finally figure out how velocity operates at the theoretical level, and is close enough to give electronic designers a theory that lets them design velocity power circuits, yet Bitch not intelligent enough to convince the public it should do something to save yourselves.

Pleurisy now part of American terrain consciousness as Judah floods us with radioactive nuclear waste. Background radiation up 20, 30 times and even more from only one nuclear artillery piece, Jewish electricity waste, that Judah is shooting us with from Hitachi-GE

A general strike, taking the authority to issue our money away from him, and his thousands of years of molest of the children of God is over with. Then we can begin again, this time in peace.

The cow is being mutilated in ways that it has never endured before in all of our history.

In earlier times Judah would die off up to two thirds of the druids in Europe with his regular recurrent plagues.

With the advances in engineering, science, and technology, Judah is now looking at taking 95% of the Druids away. "We bring good things to life." His commercials say.

Druid has been warned thousands of times by our good Father above, and yet, has not done anything to help himself.

The guy that Judah hates the most, the Druid, and only the Druid is holding him in.

"We shot your halo," Judee say.

Some estimates given are that in the latest round of sport, since 1990 bush sport war, over a million human Beings have perished in American Labor funded world war.

If there is any truth in the saying, "what goes around comes around," might we not be in for a long night of passing out of life form?

Are there some out here who still think of war, "That's business?"

Our creators, the extraterrestrial Beings that crafted us by genetically engineering us from 48 chromosome Beings into 46 chromosome Beings, and putting their own high level 223 psychiatric genes into our genome sequence, have helped us to bring ourselves up into useable Beings to live in peace.

Might it be that our extraterrestrial family's touch is so light, that some people just cannot believe they exist?

Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, lived openly among our family in South America in ancient times. That was sometime before 900 BC.

Might we not recognize Quetzalcoatl as one of the many species that is in peaceful cohesion with the Galactic Federation of light? How he lived among the people of earth gifting us with things to help us come into the way to bring ourselves up right to enter into the universe as extraterrestrials ourselves.

We have the technology now to be full fledged extraterrestrials. When we think of the ancient Greeks, their questioning in 500 BC if planet earth was in motion or not. From what elders reveal to Bitch, ancient Greeks were only three hundred years away from answering that question. Once that is understood, that our earth is in motion, it is only a mere technical issue to hook our machines up to the wheelworks of the Universe.

The Greeks cities burned down, the constant plagues and war upon them. Might we not see the cipher of ancient Judah that was causing them so much pain?

Has Judah not set us back a few thousand years? With his continuous nuclear attacks upon us, if not intervened by our elders from space, might Judah not have set us back more than a few thousand years? Might the survivors of an all out nuclear war not have been working from the stone age once again?

His ground wave transmitters, designed to survive a nuclear attack. Do we see that he planned all along to put a full blown nuclear attack on us, and then with his communication systems still intact, find the survivors, so that he could then put them in? Do we not yet have some idea of the intent of Judah towards the rest of God's kids?

Might we not speculate, that if not impeded, the ancient Greeks would have figured out that earth is in motion by 200 BC, and themselves have become extraterrestrials by the time of Jesus?

The "glory that was Rome," does it not now appear to be more of the false of Judah? Who does it sound like was behind throwing Christians to the lions?

Do we see Judah as having moved in and taken over ancient Rome? Is it not seen that it is Judah that is running Rome disease these days?

The inquisition of the middle ages. Now today we have the viceroys working within. Do we not see Judah Jesuits, working from Rome?

Have our elders from space not done a fabulous job of magnifying their imperfections?

Judah sneakily let loose with his nuclear blast technology on Druid nations to get us all gone in a four hour shot. Only to have his junk taken away from him by our elders from space. Should these acts of attempted genocide not indicate that Judah is done when Druid responds?

"He wiped the minnows." Tele receive. 4.51 AM

If it was his attack with his nuclear arsenal on June 11th, 2011, it would read, "he attempted to wipe the minnows." Yet as he is still at it with his nuclear waste, does it not read correct, "He wiped the minnows?"

A third of the water on planet earth is being taken away from us. It is scientifically being poisoned by Judah nuclear war machine.

The nuclear war did not end when our elders from space took Judah nuclear blast shots away from them. "Sure," it stopped their nuclear blast war, yet it did not stop the nuclear waste war.

Do we not see that if we want to survive this nuclear war, we must ourselves act?

Does Druid not as of yet have some idea of how incredibly easy of a life form we have been to fool and destroy?

Bitch has informed us from our good God above to save ourselves. Is it not something that we can do? Do we not see that we are now going out of life form?

If only we could walk in the other mans shoes, might we not see that the rounds coming, are all paid for by American Labor?

Hundreds of civilians killed in US-led air strikes on Isis targets – report

Airwars project details ‘credible reports’ of at least 459 non-combatant deaths, including 100 children, in 52 air strikes

Might it not be that Druid needs to have a talk with himself about what is going on here still? A talk that will lead us to get together and stop it?

"I know I fooled you right, perjury. I'm going to push you off if I'm able yet."

That reverse speech from a high level executive at Mitsubishi. He looks on the surface to be Japanese, yet from his reverse speech, he reveals that he is a Judah shell hybrid transplant.

"We're smoking our end to get Druid threw."

That from another Asian Judah shell guy.

"You're a nice guy." Tele receive. 6.24 AM

Bitch say, "Thank you for that."

While Bitch sees the opposition from Judah, the only opposition that is truly difficult to overcome, is the opposition that he put on himself.

"Stay close to me, I'll fix your head." Sweet Father said.

Might it be like the compass that was dropped, it got dented and sometimes it gets stuck and points in the wrong way?

This head is properly technical, it does best by looking into the books to see what they say.

The technical head is what discovered the nuclear threat 50 years ago from this November. The head that drew him to "Harold the good. " A truly NO nukes guy.

While it may be flattering to think it was altruism that led to work for peace, can we not see that one's own life is on the line when we live in a world full of nuclear weapons?

Once we pick up the thread to relieve the world of nuclear war, does it not follow that we will also relieve ourselves of Judah guns and cages?

Our Father above he loves us. This thinker so slow, finally figured out the answer to Jefferson.

The claim in our Declaration of Independence that we are all born equal. Do we see now that it is in the equal love that Father has for each and everyone of us that that claim is sustainable now?

Equality no longer based upon notions of force, rather equality that is measured in love.

A Supreme Being above, Perfect in every way, who’s touch is so soft, some can hardly believe it. A kind beneficent, precious sweet Father of our house that loves us all.

Father is welcoming us in. Father sent the angels to watch over his children on earth. Have our elders not done a spectacular job?

Atomic bombs planted in our cities. Attacked from above with Judah missiles.

Not one has been allowed to go off. Truman's revenge, is it not out of here now?

The Big shell Yid, shouting out, "Achtung, Achtung, work makes you free. Schnell, Schnell, get moving quick!"

Will Labor not come in and help God's kids?

Might it not be that stopping work for a bit, will be the thing that will really make God's kids free?

Have we not identified what is at issue here? That is, the authority to issue our money. Do we not see that in the hands of Judah, it has caused us to lose our life forms?

Not only once with blast, but twice with nuclear waste now. Is there not some way to convince Labor that we need not pass like this?

Will the minnow not respond to the love of God for his children and let Judah off right on out of here?

He's got a dog on every channel. Will his images be able to hold us or not?

Will we not pray to the love of Father to help us survive this nuclear war that Judah has put upon us all?

Here's a reverse from a non-Judah speaker"

"Cow sight you, you’re done. Hopefully Druid will get past you."

What about it Druid, as long as we're alive, is there not some hope that we can survive? Will you not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a chance? Will Labor not keep hope alive?

"Why didn’t you try it?" God our Father asked. The STRIKE Labor, in the name of our good God almighty, why didn’t you try it?

Bitch has faults, are they not on display for the world to see?

When all is said and done though, might we not see, that one fault he doesn’t have is that he saw war in this world and tried to stop it?

God asked Labor about the STRIKE: "Why didn’t you try it?"

God had our elders from space pull every shot off that Truman's revenge tried to get us with.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" God almighty asked us.

Do we understand as truth, that in the very first year after Labor STRIKES THEM OUT, our economy may more than double from bringing new technology in and more labor on?

Do we understand that after the STRIKE and Labor has the authority to issue our money, we will be able to begin the remediation of the environmental destruction, that Judah is using to make war on us?

At the very most basic level, do we not see, if only we will STRIKE THEM OUT, we will give ourselves a chance to live?

It's basic Labor, and the Druids that understand it are blaming Bitch for destroying you's.

Bitch got the worst type of stupid fault there is, the one that does a personal insult.

Though in the area of understanding Judah, Bitch knows that Judah and his kids will put us in. Bitch takes it right and listens to Father, to fix his head and end his personal insult life, his irritate.

Father didn’t say, "Bitch was stupid," do we recall that sweet Father said that, "Bitch has a fault of Stupid?"

Do we see the difference there?

Our elders say, "Foolish to do nothing." They don’t say, "You're foolish to do nothing."

Merely, "Foolish to do nothing."

Is there not as of yet some comprehension of just how foolish it is to allow Judah to be setting off several thousand Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of radiation into our environment each day?

Bitch is working through his fault; will Labor not join in and try working through the fault of funding sport war for Judah?

"You sold us vicious." Tele receive. 8.07 AM

Might the stupid mistakes made be from the world that Bitch has been living in? Might it have been lack of Faith that the angels would protect me from Judah putting me in?

Using information from Mercury, Bitch bit the Judah boy high. His cipher is now impressed into his grave. His head is dead, his cipher is no more. His kings and queens, his presidents and popes. They have lost it all.

If Judah is out permanent, then what is the problem here? Is it not clear that the problem is that Labor is not in?

In our next society, Bitch is not the front desk guy. Bitch is the library boy, "Harold's head," that looks up things to support those who will serve all of us right.

Bitch will not serve any one that makes war.

Bitch say to you all, "turn to Father for you are losing your lives."

Apologies have not worked, is merciless, lack of forgiveness the order?

Bitch say to you Labor, "turn to Father for you are losing your souls by funding harm to your brothers." Is it not clear that Judah is involving American Labor in sin?

The most vulnerable of our population are now being affected by the high radiation levels in our environment. More sick days, more coughs. Shorter life spans, birth defects. All part of it.

"It's sad, your tragic is making us go." Tele receive. 4.44 PM

This is a limited man for sure. "You have a limited range, operate within it." Elder said to Bitch years ago.

Bitch understands this. And seeks to serve where he can be most useful to himself and everyone else.

Bitch just cannot stand their prison camp building and bombing God's kids. Is Labor not seeing this limited man needs help here? If so, will Labor not step up and fill in the spaces that need to be filled to straiten it out?

Do smirking faces not show some traces of the evil that lurks within?

"My children need help." God our Father said.

Does American Labor not see that it is not helping God's kids when it quietly goes along funding war for Judah sport needs?

Will Labor not step up here and help all of God's kids?

"Everybody's getting tumorous." Tele receive. 9.11 AM

Continues at:

The die is in, is this understood yet? Hundreds of millions of people in America will not be around in only 6 more years. What's your age? What about your own little children?

"We came to warn you. Your lives won't be spared. You're involved in sin." Elders said.

"We bust your halo," Judee say.

Do we not see at the spiritual level what Judah is doing to the people of America when he uses our money to make his sport war?

"I warned you thousands of time to STOP THE WAR." God almighty said.

"You've been warned."

"I perished you out

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