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"Mercury Cleared Sportsmen. You're Mad, Jew already Fell."
Thu Aug 6, 2015 10:54

"Mercury Cleared Sportsmen. You're Mad, Jew already Fell."

Those are a couple of non-Judah reverse speech statements.

"Pat, your Sale is Advantage; You're not Stupid"

That a Tele receive from 2.04 AM

"The dog failed your life force." Tele receive. 2.09 AM

A Prayer for forgiveness
We are to keep our hearts cleansed from sin by asking God for forgiveness for our sin. We also walk in that forgiveness when we forgive those who hurt, mistreat and abuse us. This type of forgiveness can only be done in the power of the Holy Spirit!

Some years ago Captain Herman Mericol contacted Bitch. The good and kindly Captain of the Starship Gallant is from the Altair star system, 16 light years from our home world, planet earth.

The name Mericol, is that not surprisingly close sounding to the word "Miracle?"

If only we were not funding war, Might the good Captain Herman Mericol not be able to come in and give us a miracle by helping us shut down the Jewish artillery that is exterminating us from Hitachi-GE?

As the Jewish artillery that is shooting us from Hitachi-GE is out of human control and doing what it was designed to do, wipe out all life on the surface of planet earth within the next 20 years, will we not try do something to save ourselves here?

Are we not seeing Judee end game yet to leave us stranded on a burned out planet to die?

If only somehow American Labor could be convinced to stop funding the war, might we not have help from the good Captain Mericol? Might we not get our miracle we need that would save our lives?

Is it not clear that we have had extraterrestrials trying to save the mouse and the minnow from Judah perfected genocide sport?

Are we not aware that Judah likes to toy with people? Likes to subject them to a lifetime of mind degrading experiences.

Of all of his mind degrading experiences, is war not the most mind degrading experience of them all?

Do we not see that he has subjected Americans to virtual mind degrade of war since he took the authority to issue our money away from us in 1913?

"Patrick is an annoy technologist." Tele receive. 3.51 AM

The annoy is not on purpose. Might it not merely be an artifact of living in a tyranny arrangement for such an extended period of time?

As to the technology, Bitch remembers reading about free energy machines at 10 years old. Wondering, "how could this be true? If these machines really existed, why are they not in our world?"

Dr.Eugene Mallove stolen way in Spring of 2004. His words remembered to us, "We are only a few months away from unlimited clean free heat and electricity."

A visit to Eugene's web site and there it was the Russian academy of sciences report on the Moldavian cavitation pump that produced free energy. Four times over input energy.

Combine that with Eugene's research in 1980, where he discovered that shearing force oil heaters do produce over unity energy output, and it became clear; acceleration has something to do with tapping into free energy.

Add to that Dr. Moray's speculation as to where the free energy was coming from in his free energy machine," I don’t know, but I think it has something to do with particle size," and the rest is mostly explained by Kaluza-Klein. "Look for free energy at the plane of the dimension." This knowledge made public in 1938.

Einstein was unsure if they had gotten it right, "Doesn’t matter anyways, the decision has been made to put the world into war," Einstein explained.

By 1953, Einstein was sure and publicly announced, "Kaluza-Klein had gotten it right."

Velocity power source technology. Basic technology of the next higher order.

We can’t build it though, do we not see why? Do we not see as Einstein told Kaluza-Klein, "the decision has been made to put us in and keep us in war?"

From his boyhood, Henry Moray kept on building more and more powerful crystal radios. He took his radio knowledge and intuitively was able to build free energy power supplies. Cold electricity free energy is. The same cold electricity Dr. Moray discovered in 1928 was the same cold electricity that Tesla discovered in 1899.

Our elders from space employ a technology that is thirty thousand years ahead of us. Velocity is what powers their advanced world.

Bitch concerned that Judee would get a nuclear missile shot on us, asked elder when was the last time they lost their power supplies and elder replied, "Three million years ago."

So even extraterrestrial engineers can lose the power supply occasionally, is it not reassuring, that it does not happen often?

Bitch impetuous, accidentally blew his customers off. Elders from space, do we perceive their patience with us?

So patient that they waited for thousands of years until Judah suckered himself out. How's that for patience?

"You're tossing out yourselves stupid." Tele receive. 4.24 AM

"STRIKE." Tele receive. 5.24 AM

5.25. AM Burn beam on.

5.34 The beam is scoring me. This is the Judah weap Beam that is coming from his satellites. It sometimes leaves me feeling not well for several days. He has shot me with it for many years.

With Labor failing to protect us from the assaults of Judah, Bitch lost it and intemperate words written to everyone. Might those intemperate words not show how little sense this guy in some areas has?

That is, everyone has been informed we’re being exterminated, and we've not attempted to do a thing to protect ourselves or our own little children. So why should Bitch moan because no one is helping to stop the assaults upon him?

As with most all the other people in our world that are systematically being assaulted, do we not see that American Labor is funding most all of it?

While our elders from space have such great presence and calmness, they never let themselves get shot by Judah.

Does Labor not see though, our elders cannot come into our terrain directly and help us out of the extermination that we are in because Judee still has our bourse and uses it only for shooting?

Judee cannot reach up and harm elders because of where they are perched. But because our elders don’t fight, they cannot bring a craft in to help us shut the Jewish nuclear artillery down at Hitachi-GE.

If there was no consequences of waiting for the minnow to RISE, there would be no issue here.

The problem is though, Judah is pouring vast amounts of radioactive poisons into our environment, that will plague us for years now.

Without the help of God, the people of America have already doomed themselves.

This beam makes my computer screen difficult to see. It is burning the optic nerve apparently. Do we recall the cartoons from the 1950s, where the doctor asked the guy, "do you see spots before your eyes?"

That's what this high intensity microwave beam produces. Do we not see how long Judah has been working on his offensive technology to use on those who demand their God given rights to live in peace?

5.46 AM. The beam has now passed its most intense phase. The satellite must be beginning to move out of range.

Does this not bring to mind the words of the song that said, "I can't save you, I can't even save myself?"

5.51 AM signal almost gone.

The understanding of this chair, this assault is being waged from Offut air force strategic bombing base in Omaha, Nebraska.

The air force, do we recall they’re the guys who attacked us with nuclear weapons when bush was in office?

Do we recall the Minot B-52 that lost a cruise missile while flying over America?

Mystery surrounds deaths of Minot airmen
Sat Sep 22, 2007 11:10PM

Six members of the US Air Force who were involved in the Minot AFB incident, have died mysteriously, an anti-Bush activist group says.

The incident happened when a B-52 bomber was "mistakenly" loaded with six nuclear warheads and flown for more than three hours across several states, prompting an Air Force investigation and the firing of one commander.

The plane was carrying Advanced Cruise Missiles from Minot Air Force Base, N.D, to Barksdale Air Force Base on August 30.

The B-52 left Minot with 6 nuclear tipped cruise missiles and landed at Barksdale air force base with only 5 nuclear tipped cruise missiles? At the same time Steve Fossett left the Hilton ranch and went missing, bringing the air force to conduct their largest search mission in their history.

Might Steve have faked getting lost to use that as a cover for the air force to try and find their one missing cruise missile that they launched at us? Might they have been concerned that their now shut down nuclear tipped cruise missile would be found by members of the public?

The day that B-52 made its attempt on us, August 30th, 2007, Bitch was at Saylorville dam and recreation area, about 5 miles north of the city limits of Des Moines. Bitch could feel in the psychic energy that there was something big going on. Might the dam have been a target of one of the 6 cruise missiles that were loaded and ready to be launched?

If the ground pins had already been blown out of the dam, and a cruise missile hit it, might the entire half mile dam wall not have come down real quick? If that happened, then the entire 9 miles or so of lake reservoir water would be dumped onto the city of Des Moines in a real short time. Bitch estimate that if that had happened, a wave would have gone over his house at about 20 feet above it. And Bitch was living on high ground in the area.

Will Labor not help us? Will Labor not get the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

As Judah took down the twin towers in New York city with the loss of thousands of lives, what would it be to him to take out the town of Des Moines? He's already tried with his great ball of fire shot from Russia. Bitch heard one Judah's cruise missiles fly over my house one time. Thank you elders for pulling that shot. Will Labor not step in and take out this Jewclear war fighting technology?

While reading the Minot event story, read a story about Jeb Bush seeking the presidency. What do you think about these comments?

Jeb Bush resigns from board posts
Thu Jan 1, 2015 10:50AM

Jan 10, 2015 9:4 PM
The US two-party “democratic” system in some ways resembles the system of government in Saudi Arabia where kingdom is hereditary and stays in the family. Herbert Bush was president, then his son George Bush became president, and now Jeb Bush is planning for presidency. Isn’t it easy to predict who will be next president after Jeb Bush? Yes, Jeb Bush’s son.
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Master controls both
Jan 2, 2015 8:45 AM
Israel got both candidates (Jeb & Clinton) in its hand in advance no matter who ever wins its Israel's win, both candidates worship Israel's AIPAC. so Its another dangerous road ahead for the truth seekers and justice seekers.
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Full Story and more comments at:

5.52 AM. The microwave beam signal is finally gone.

You’re leaving us all out here for menace Labor. Is this not real clear yet?

"Bitch has entirely busted these guys out of here." Tele receive. 6 AM

For their inability to accommodate others, has loveless Judah not suckered themselves out of here well?

"STRIKE THEM OFF, and your future will be rich." Tele receive. 6.44 AM

Is Labor not yet seeing that if we let them finish out poisoning our fields, our future may not be too rich?

Do not most of us get our salaries from the environment? Growing plants and then processing them in our food industries. If our fields are poisoned, what value will there be to harvest?

Is it not clear that we are in a full blown nuclear war with weap Judah Klan?

They took over the world here Labor. Even earlier had not some of us heard of the crypto Jew?

Do we recognize crypto Jews now as Judah hybrid shell transplants that are the purse holders in all lands?

"You win, we're permanently out," Judee say.

Can Labor not appreciate that statement as truth? Do we not see that God has set it up for all of his children now to rule themselves in peace with Judah gone forever?

Bitch with his blooper and his dog days of summer. Is there not some way that Labor will step around Bitch and go to source of our precious sweet Father and act to save yourselves?

Are we not beginning to see clearly that Judah and his rumbling is done?

Do we not recognize that one way that Judah punishes us is by taking us off of our income sources?

Do we not yet understand why this nation has millions of homeless living in the streets of this tyranny of Judah man?

Does Labor not have some appreciation of all the work that our elders from space have done to help us survive Judah nuclear war of mass destruction upon us?

Man found dead in his cell after saying guards were trying to kill him
What's Going On?
On the morning of July 29, 2015 my family received a call that my beloved brother, Darrell S. Murray was found “unresponsive” this morning in his cell.
Read story here:;article=154896;

How many can we only wonder have not paid too much attention to the issue of civil rights until their rights were violated fine?

Do we understand that when any one of our rights to Life, Liberty, pursuit of happiness or property are violated, we may never have a chance to live again?

If on a framed up Judee opp they steal our vehicle, and it is the way we earn our income, do we see that without a vehicle to earn our income, it may be the beginning of living a life under the bridge and a real shortened life span?

Does Labor in particular not understand that if your property is taken you may have no real due process to get it back?

Might Judee have convinced some folks that it is only drug dealers that they steal from so there is no need to have civil rights for everyone else?

Want a better deal from the place you work, and all of a sudden a road block to check to see if all your safety systems work. The dog standing by sniffs, sits and barks "probable cause" that there are drugs in your car.

Find some hidden underneath your carpet. "That’s not mine, some one put it there to frame me up."

Lost your car, and your freedom. No chance to recover, as you have no rights. The Labor organizing you were working on at the job, no need to be concerned about that anymore, because you were locked up and couldn't show up for work, you lost your job.

Even if you find proof positive that you were set up, that is if you survive your time in their dungeons, you still have no right to sue. "Sovereign immunity" is one claim they use.

Does the ordinary workingman not have some clue yet as to how deadly it can be to have a false interaction with a clerk on the street?

Do we not see that it is in getting our civil rights out, that Judah has scored so well? Will Labor not end the legal serfdom relationship we have now?

Here's how it works when American civil rights are in.

You suffer a loss from whatever was done to you. That is if you live, other wise, your survivors could file a case for you.

File the paperwork, pay the court costs and include a jury demand. Serve the papers.

If the defendant doesn't show up in court, no problem. The defendant does not have to show up if they don’t want to.

If that is the case, then the jury only hears your side of the story. If they should agree with you, and find that you are owed damages, they establish the dollar amount to be paid to you.

Continues at:

Then the judge signs an order issued upon the jury finding, and the defendant's bank will cut a check for the amount. We go and collect what is due. Do we see it is not the judge that can do that unless there is a jury that has heard and made a f

  • Stay away from marajuanaMichael Treis, Thu Aug 6 01:41
    Prior to 1930 cannabis extractums and tinctures were the second most used pain killer in the US for 100 years and no deaths from it. There are also some 50,000 products that can be made from hemp... more
    • "Mercury Cleared Sportsmen. You're Mad, Jew already Fell." — Patrick Sullivan, Thu Aug 6 10:54
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