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"I Tossed you out and you Tumbled in" That of course, weap
Fri Aug 7, 2015 07:30

"I Tossed you out and you Tumbled in"

That of course, weap Judah speaking to us about what it is that he has done here. "I tossed you out and you tumbled in."

"I sport you vegetable," Judee say.

Do we not recognize the truth? Was Shanty's mental no match for the big league breeze of weap Judah?

Concerning yesterdays post, heard several Tele comments concerning force. The civil court process, that is a form of force, though not exactly physical, yet do we recall elders saying several years ago, "We beseech you not to follow the past legal processes?"

That is from memory, the exact wording elder said to Bitch, he doesn't recall at this moment.

Elders do not have civil process as we know it. Instead, they use apologize for an error, have mercy and forgive one another, and move forward. A spiritual life for all the Beings.

Elders law books consist of, "Most favored suggestions."

The use of ordinary civil process though, if we had it in place, is it not likely that Judah would never have gotten so far past us with his tyranny ways?

Here's some Judah reverse speech:

"My trick's been refused. They've informed me your bifocals have cleared. You win, you rate, we failed. Sullivan pushed all my meals away for bust. This time our eviction has come. Our stupid jail failed, I'll soon be out. Rice be a family sport. You failed to cite your hydrogen. Our college witless has folded us away. We falsed you out for our good time. Our suffer failed, we just couldn’t quash the Martian. Mercury cleared the sportsmen. Amateur canned our zoo. Your God flushed me," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Love yourself.

Why not lift yourselves out of serfdom?

It's a great accomplishment rolling war. 7.01 PM

They washed our field as kind of a brutal thing.

Badger fell. 7.20 PM

We are monopoly hosting ourselves.

You fell bad, you’re filthy, you're finished.

Instead of bucking rupture, you didn't care, you lost a nice force. 11.52 PM

You left a privilege of a base in.

Your sale put typhus on your family mart.

You're dying to molest yourself. 11.56 AM

Torch hit politics. 11.58 PM

Your honesty dog failed.

When did you know or should have known things aren't right?

I think we fell dangerous.

Even with contact, rice just fall you out.

The dog's refusing us, we're spiritually dying. 12.03 AM

Your whole family you pushed out.

You guys are really died fist way veg.

You died victory tossing yourselves out.

You failed to save yourselves.

Irish failed delightfully here.

They failed your sight to Russia and you failed to save yourselves.

You’re plum out of here cattle. 12.27 AM

You missled your industry, great saps. 12.57 AM

Nuclear war, you died rolled by buzzard.

You're dying wholesale now.

You’re obviously refused, you failed dead.

The white force were rolled diesel.

They swept your fields.

Just suckered ya's, bust and canned well.

Bitch force cited them.

There is a just community.

Racism Jew used to toss us.

The Good force has failed.

Our kidneys are casual rolls.

You failed to a great pulverize.

You failed sucker on cute.

Luxury has fisted you to save yourselves.

You rolled your side.

You passed your life force away gitmo.

We urge you to save your sighteous.

You obviously failed to save yourselves. 2.18 AM

Sight your right deal.

They cored us out missiles.

Lethal scouring now.

Life will now be toast.

An angel don’t criticize your head.

They passed you rightful. 2.28 AM

A nice force has obviously, hopelessly failed yourself.

Harsh failed life forces.

The chains of hell. 2.33 AM

A wake is forcing you out obviously.

You riced your field now.

Shanty's mental tried to help you but lost to a big league breeze.

Now you’re rolled dangerously crooked.

Tossed you cattlin' sale. 2.37 AM

They burned you up and your force is out of here.

Comfortable life breeze. 2.44 AM

They scored your oxygen. 2.45 AM

You’re each and all accessories in their frame ups. 2.47 AM

They're closing up your fields stupidly.

Their paratic famously dodged your multiplex.

We're not following proceedjus here, we're not struggling.

Bitch has failed you's still.

Right falsing out yourselves. 2.53 AM"


Thank you for those Tele receives. Some may be from elders.

"The angel don’t criticize your head."

Elders say, "Foolish to do nothing." They never say you, or me are foolish, only "Foolish to do nothing."

Just said "Good wishes" to elder Jason and his telepathic voice mail box shared a message for today:" Controversial fail a pulse."

Bitch say "Thank you Sir."

"Controversial fail a pulse." Is controversy not one of the favorite ways that Judah pulls us off the track? The ongoing saga of missing Malaysian flight 370. A piece of wing found. The wing piece taken to a laboratory and proven to be from the missing flight. Are we getting a sense of how he enjoys fooling with us? Might Judee have tossed the wing piece there to make his mystery story more exciting?

Elders use the term "Animal primitivism," to describe Judah behaviors. Might we not see doing such as he does as childishness? Staging his mystery missing plane and then unraveling his saga piece by piece, is it not a little like a child fooling us to have a thrill from teasing us?

When Labor takes the authority to issue our bourse into your hands might a grand jury not be convened to investigate the missing flight 370?

"Jerk," Judee say.

Father let them pull their cipher out here. Is there not some way that Labor will come in here and give us a hand to let them off right?

Do we see how infantile it is when they can’t have their way they knock us down? Even when they get their way, do we not now see how heavily they knock us down secretly?

With the private control to issue all the free money they want, do we not see how deadly they have proven to us?

"I died them truthful." God almighty said about his ridding our world of the weap Jew cipher.

Is it not seen that Father could have covered up all Bitch stupid mistakes? Certainly if he chose to. Do the people not see, if we want to survive we must get together to help one another here?

Rather than focus on Bitch faults and fails, might it not be better to focus on the love that God our Father has for us all?

From reading Judee reverse speech, he now is having a hard time getting bourse to do some of his opps. State employee pension funds that he was using, now are closed off.

He still has Labors main purse in his hands, so the big war out of Washington against the children of God goes until eternity.

"These son of a bitches burned us up." Tele receive 4.50 AM

Will Labor not get into this and let them off in a purse way?

Has it not broken through yet, they have burned us up?

Rather than saying, "They're going to burn us up," do we not yet see, they have already succeeded in burning us up, merely that it is going to take some time for the full affect to be seen and felt.

We had our chance to save ourselves a couple of years ago, and chose not to. Do we not recall God warning us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR?

Now the children that may have expected to have an ordinary life, have lost their chance to live a full life. Vast sickness and death coming in.

"Thank you Patrick, you’re a useful boy." Tele receive. 7.05 AM. That Tele receive is appreciated. Thank you for that.

Bitch is a useful boy. Father said to Bitch, "You’re a nice boy." Yet he is a guy with a fault, some deep imperfections, and not as of yet able to bring Labor on board to STRIKE THEM OUT.

"We've set you for devolution of your rights," Judee say.

Does Labor not yet see just how important are our rights to our very existence in life? Will Labor not act to put everyone's rights in?

"My hope is that Judas completes your die cause that's my way," Judee say.

Are the people not getting some idea of how intensively hostile the cipher of weap Judah is? Do we not see that all it wants to do is complete our die?

Are we not yet aware that Judah cipher has accomplished his die? Do we not see that what we need is for Labor help Judah complete his die by STRIKING THEM OUT?

Do we not see that as his last act in our world he is planning to take us out of life form with him?

This next reverse speech statement came from a high level Asian financial person.

"The citizens are all going away, it's already been authorized."

Are we understanding Labor, our extermination has been authorized by the highest level of this system? Do we not understand that the highest level of this system, is the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money? Do we understand that we are all going to die out because it's already authorized? More so than authorized, do we not yet get it? That is, do we not yet see that it is Labor that is funding the authorization to poison us out?

The radiation equivalent of thousands of Hiroshima bombs going off in our environment everyday. If we understand this is intentional, can we not make the next move up in thought and calculate what may happen with so much lethal poison in our air and on our fields?

"Serve me optimistic." Father said.

"Pat, their goofish insures a sale." Tele receive. 11.46 AM

That they have attacked us with nuclear blast weapons, and now are firing their nuclear waste artillery at us from Hitachi-GE. Might that sort of goofishness not for sure insure a sale? If so, will Labor not buy us a sale for peace?

So Bitch is serving with the anticipation that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and end all the war in our world. Will we not pray together that Labor will hear the love of God for his beautiful little war plagued Simian children of earth and STRIKE THEM OUT?

God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy


Friday, August 7 — Psalm 94:1–11
Jeremiah 2:20–3:13; 1 Thessalonians 3

Samuel said to Saul, “Stop here yourself for a while, that I may make known to you the word of God.” 1 Samuel 9:27

Let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger. James 1:19

Slow us down, Lord. Slow our racing minds and anxious hearts. Help us to be still and know that you are God and we are not. Strengthen and comfort us we pray. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

Continues at:

Be thou with me my joy and gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My heart is glad when thou art near me

My eyelids closed by thy tender hands

My eyes with love will rest on thee


"I'm appturous, I threw you out rude. We threw out all your real estate with our aperture. You’re vesseled. You wouldn’t know about it if not for the hermit. Jews failed you casual with our foul.

They're folding pura-plex. It’s a true addiction and I cancelled you. My GE vision sees you all gone.

Our goose papers are going to march until you pull us out. The nice man has told our truth. I believe my dangerous the Drewey will sue me soon. Contact made me homeless here.

Your appetite tumbles with our forty-five forms. Because of our weap you lost your greatness. We've set you for devolution of your rights. If you don’t stop our molesting we’ll just finish our boom of you. We use the African to fool you off, that's our truth. With a dog bite I will soon see you ruined. I always vet you criminals, that’s my sport full time.

Ruin and busting, they’re taking our purpose out. My hurricanes always had a fishy edge. Luxury was perjury with a big bulkhead. My hope is that Judah completes your die cause that's my way. Jew erasing Druid out. Judas faulty rule is not unusual.

We spot you and waif you away, Englewood wouldn’t leave us joy.

I spy your fundamentals. Our big function is to sweat you out with our purity. If you race properly they all fall down. Forever I've got Fallujah on my scorecard. When you hear me right my vicious will be in.

Principal is still holding Drewey. The scientist profess a new deal. We die you with receivership once. Patrick has ruined our face with occupying us," Judee say.

Non-Judah reverse speech:

"The citizens are all going away, it’s already been authorized. (That reverse from a top Asian financial speaker.)

Bitch we cite you as putting Jew out, if you can get these boys to strike we cite you all win."


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