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"Your Minimal Life Forces are being taken out." That is
Sat Aug 8, 2015 10:36

"Your Minimal Life Forces are being taken out."

That is a Tele receive. 3.55 AM. "Your minimal life forces are being taken out."

How minimal? Minimal enough to not once have tried to prevent our destruction in nuclear war. Nothing to protect ourselves from a nuclear blast war, and now, nothing again as Judah puts our minimal life forces out with nuclear waste.

"I'm taking your whole state out," Judee say.

Some stupid mistakes, and some minutiae, and words and images from Judah, and our state is being taken down into nothing. A hell of toxic waste to breathe from now on. With our fields poisoned out, might we be unable to produce the great abundance that we've become accustomed to?

"We've fallen," Judee say.

As Judah has fallen, then is the real tragedy not that American labor has not stood up? He's thrown himself out Labor. Will you not help us up?

"Those who stand for nothing fall for anything."

Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804)

He's smashed the children out of here. The 200 million slated to die out in the next 6 years. The minimal life forces. Is there not some way that Labor will act up here and take some responsibility for this dissolving society we are in?

Bitch delivered the message that our good God had cut Israel off head and tail in one day. That was in November of 2011. Tiny Israel, less of a population than the greater Chicago land area, and it is still issuing the money for the people of America.

Nearly very office in America staffed by Judah, one of his shells, or a hireling.

According to Judah, 80% of our municipals have failed us. Though, we have 20% that stayed true to us throughout all of this hell. Will we not remember to thank them for not selling us out?

"RISE HERE." Tele receive. 4.13 AM

Some more Tele receives:

"Pat, you failed to save us, we're dying real bad, real deadly.

Wall Street false put us in.

A dead mouse is closing you rightfully.

You’re physically in danger, your lives have fallen out of here.

You’re orkin life now. 3.01 AM"


"I got some MOX for my apology," Judee say

The deadliest substance to have ever existed, purified and enhanced plutonium, MOX nuclear fuel, manufactured in vast amounts by weap Judah and now being dumped into our atmosphere and into our oceans.

God had mercy on us, he had the angels spare us from nuclear blast. Is there not some way that Labor will help us?

Now that Judah cipher has attacked us with their great balls of fire and had them taken away by the will of our precious sweet Father, is it not clear, their big blast assault attempts are over now?

If this is understood, for what reason could American Labor be the only one holding their world war and nuclear waste assault in on us now?

From RT News

State Dept. 'frankly doesn't know' legal authority behind US airstrikes supporting Syrian rebels

Published time: 5 Aug, 2015 02:56

The US has been carrying out airstrikes against ISIS in Syria for almost a year, and the latest decision to bomb Syrian government forces in order to “protect” US-trained “moderate rebels” does not require any additional legal justification, the State Department believes.


Sinnie Kemp

How does the US justify bombing on Syrian government military? It is totally illegal to bomb a sovereign country to protect the US illegal presence in that country for training the rebels against the democratic elected government.hide...

The truth is that the U.S. cannot justify bombing the Syrian Military because it's illegal under international law. But the real question is, "Why does Russia, China, Iran, & Syria allow it to continue"?


Rather than Russia, China, or Iran allowing it to continue, might we not ask, "Why does American Labor allow it to continue?"

Will American Labor not rescue us from this state of Judah terrorist world war tyranny?

Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end funding eternal world war of Judah?


Isn't the president supposed to define agenda? Or is this made in advance by the think tanks only and the president just follows that like a Hollywood actor follows his script?


Brigitte Meier 3 days ago 13:21

Don Foster

There is agenda - and no president will not follow that agenda.

Alex Geida 3 days ago 13:05

Alpha Beta

Americans talk about freedom, but had slavery for a long time.

They got freedom to be spied by NSA and to pay for wars they never choosed




"It's fair we take your oxygen," Judee say.

Record 93.8 Million American Workers not in the Labor force

Over 93 million people in America, part of our ready Labor force, just standing aside, no place in Judah eternal war economy for them.

According to the article, about 62% of available Labor in the United States is employed. The other 38%, just standing aside.

When Labor takes over the authority to issue our money, is it not certain that Labor will do better for all of us?

Do we not see that by Judah holding large numbers of workers out of our economy, he starves the entire Labor structure? Might he be doing this to keep wages low? A plan by Judah to keep the ordinary working people short of cash? Artificially creating a cash strapped society to make it easier to draw kids in to lose their souls in Judah sport?

Judah force takes income tax from Labor, and uses the majority percentage of it to make world war, and attack us with their nuclear waste artillery. Will Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and do better for us?

We cabbaged you's. I establish life by foul," Judee say.

Might the tight strategy of Judah also be to keep as many of the people as possible unemployed as a way to dispirit us?

When we see police in many countries with their faces covered as they bring people to their places where they court and cage them, for those who have read history, does that not return us to England in the days before the Magna Carta, where Judges would sit with hoods over their heads so that they couldn't be identified?

With their heads covered by hoods the judges of England issued the dooms, to take away, Life, Liberty and property from those who fell into their clutches.

Have some of us read that the etymology of the word "freedom" comes from being free of the "dooms?"

America now, totally in the grip of the dooms. Our cars, houses, and the most precious of all, our lives, being stolen away regularly, by clerks on our public payrolls.

Will Labor not return us to the good old days of 1215 AD, when the people of England said "no more" to the hooded covered heads taking their lives, liberty and property away?

Will Labor not throw the stage props of Judah tyranny out, and put the real juries and grand juries in?

God almighty of heaven and earth has given the people of America a second chance to save ourselves. Will Labor not open your hearts and minds and act upon the love, forgiveness and mercy that our good God has poured in on us?

Will American Labor not end funding Judah eternal war and the destruction of our world?

For 2700 years, Judah has had the basic knowledge of the nature of our God and the angels above. He had deduced, since that long ago, that they were extraterrestrial powers.

When Judah had the Romans nail Jesus to the cross, Judah knew that Jesus was sent by extraterrestrial powers to help straiten our world out.

Revelation in the bible, from thousands of years go. Do we comprehend now, it was from transitioning so many worlds out of war into peace, that our elders from space knew what would happen when it was time for Judah to send himself out?

Judah knew, and has known for several thousands of years that extraterrestrials do not fight.

Judah knew that our higher-level life form does not harm one another. Even though he understood this, he chose to go opposite it.

"I died him truthful." Our good God said.

Bitch role was to report the good news. Judah and his alliance collaborators have left themselves off right.

Bitch a nice boy, God has talked to him, "Wake me when they’ve struck," was the last message God sent him.

Bitch a nice boy, but no one will hire him. Judee goes to wherever Bitch applies for a job, and puts all sorts of things in their ears and eyes. The employer relationship is all secret, Bitch does not know what Judee said to them?

Do we see that by holding the authority to issue our money, how Judah has been able to keep so many out of getting an income source from employment opportunity?

Judah, with his great forgeries, can we only wonder what he puts into the files of those who disagree with his war machine policies?

The courts say that the companies that are poisoning our underground water supplies have trade secrets, the chemicals they use for fracking, so we have no right know what they are poisoning our water with?

Most of us who disapprove of his wars, he gets us out with a gun on the ground. His snipers are still working the streets. With his cages he takes out Labor organizers before they get a full head of steam.

For those he misses, he locks out of the employment for income scene. Might these things have something to do with why so many people are frightened to go against his war machine?

The sniper shootings that happen wherever Judah controls the issue of bourse. The vast amount of shootings in Chicago. Are we not figuring out, these are mostly all shootings for hire?

Do we not see how Judah has put a perfected terrorism into certain areas of our cities?

Will Labor not help us shut these sniper shootings down? It doesn't require physical force, merely to take the authority to issue our money away, and no longer hire these corporate "business consultants" to fire on us. Will Labor not retire Popeye now?

Will Labor not come in and give God's kids a hand?

"You already finished them out so relax." A knowledgeable person said while Bitch was reading reverse speech.

Are we aware that this is true? Are we not certain that for attacking us with his thousands of nuclear blast boom booms, Judah is out of here for good?

If his great balls of fire weren't enough, now that he is taking our oxygen and fields out, when the minnow figures it out, might the minnow not let Judah off right?

While it may be nice to relax because Judah has finished himself off, until Labor has fully finished Judah assault artist out right, might it not remain somewhat difficult to fully relax? Will Labor not pull Judah free cash?

"Cannibal rights are out." Tele receive.

"They have no defensible rights." God our Father said concerning the position Judah has put himself into.

They go to a town that is friendly to their errant ways, have a staged single car accident, and ghost away.

These Judah guys and gals get their nest eggs young. Will Labor not step in here and help God's kids?

Elders from space shared with Bitch that they saw that Judah would take over America. They knew this before 1840. So they did computer simulations of what would happen when Judah took complete control of the United States of America, which Judah did when he took over the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money, in 1913.

Computer simulations of the coming century of Judah were created and developed from 1840 until 1870. Then put in to the file for when Maxmilian needed them.

"Project Earth" was put into operation in 1906 by the Galactic Federation of light's proper behavior committee. Elders understood that Judah was right on schedule to complete his mission to exterminate the mass of the human race.

Maxmilian, our kind elder that would be recognized as the infant of Prague, arrived in Earth zone in 1910. He remained with us until September of 2008. When Maxmilian left, the skies were quite gray for Bitch for some time. It was like big brother, leaving again.

Maxmilian is mentioned with respect and honor to his dignity.

Bitch has heard from Maxmilian a couple of times since then.

Maxmilian traveled to another planet that was in the position to go into a high technical world in several hundred years, as our world was in 1350 AD. He made the same offer to the Beings there that he made to the centers of power of planet earth in 1350 AD. They could join the Federation and continue on just as they wish, all free will, taking the hundreds of years needed to transition fully into peace.

After 5 years of contact with the Federation, the leadership wisely joined with Maxmilian and is now a new member of the Galactic Federation of light. The ordinary Beings there may not have any clue yet. They may not know of the help they have been given for several hundred more years yet. The dominant powers remain in place, a slow orderly transition to peace.

The centers of power of planet earth turned down the same offer to join with the Federation in 1350.

Bitch asked Maxmilian "why'd they refuse such a wonderful offer?"

Maxmilian explained it was because, "They had already perfected the predator relationship, and firmly attached themselves to us, their prey."

Ancient Pharaoh of Egypt apparently had some degree of knowledge of extraterrestrials also. This of course, all kept from the mass of the ordinary people.

"Accomplish that; do a clean sweep. Municipals made a fortune sporting us." Tele receives. 7.48 AM

Judah, having kept the mass of the human race in darkness concerning our extraterrestrial creation, passed forward to their children the truth of our reality.

Can we only wonder, how might our lives have been different, if only we knew, as Judah's kids do, that we are a creation of a high level extraterrestrial civilization?

God our Father gave us the command to, "Love one another." Judah chose another path.

As we have been gifted by our creators with free will, Judah was free to do as he chose.

In the Federation it is illegal to do genocide. Judah knew this and it didn’t stop him. Whenever he gets hold of a people, he puts them out of life form as best that he can.

Mercury, Venus, Brasil, the Vril. The Xanthians. Beelzebub.

These are some of our early risers from planet earth. They are us, that is, they were gifted with our 223 high level intelligence genetic package 200,000 years ago.

They have 46 chromosomes, just as we do. The difference? They have a much higher neuron count than we do.

Elders average neuron count is 6 to 7 times the average neuron count of ordinary earth based humans.

The top Beings are the Galacticans themselves. That is who genetically engineered us all into high-level life forms. They have 18 times our brain neuron count. Maxmilian, the infant of Prague, is a Galactican. They wear a cape as their choice of garment.

Each of us have different experiences in life, that we learn from. Terrain is a powerful source of information to us, from it we develop "Terrain consciousness," a form of "facility of mind." It arises from where we draw our resources from. Elders shared that with Bitch.

We are all loved equally by our good God above. We are all of the same creation, from our 223 gifting by our elders 200,000 years ago.

Continues at:

Bitch experience from traveling to 53 countries and meeting the people in each land, made him certain that we are one. Wonder though, why

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