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What Do You Do When A Good Friend Chooses Death
Sun Aug 9, 2015 17:51

How do you deal with a Friend's Choice to die?

So what do YOU do when a GOOD FRIEND decides that the most logical course of action is to do nothing and die?

It's one thing to have a friend die on the Battlefield or have a close friend drop dead of a Heart Attack or stroke or car accident - but what if they have a choice of treatments - one to live and one to die?

This is not like a President - you warn some one like President Putin and when he got shot - because he refused to listen this time - oh well. After his recovery maybe he will listen next time - like 12 September in his office by a military general with a whole lot of stars.

This is a GOOD friend who is dying, not some ungrateful politician.

What about how their wives or husbands feel about their choice?

How do YOU - the one left behind - how do you feel?

When they die your life is forever changed and the hurt goes so deep - you want to go back but you know you cannot ---- you can only move forward.

My wife and I have a family we have known for many years. About 6 years ago the Husband had a massive Heart attack and after a dozen hours of surgery the surgeons patched him back together.

Then came the Statins - they made him mean, and he began to forget and he gained over 200 pounds.

After the Statins came then came the Anti-Depressants that made him depressed.

Six years later he takes so many drugs on a daily basis he cannot even think straight - he gets confused easily and has a hard time focusing but since he is a Stubborn Swede no one really notices.

So now we find him in a hospital with a massive infection and the doctors ready to insert a Temporary Pace Maker until his staff infection goes away. This means stopping his heart and the survival rate is about 50% for this procedure, and even if he does live his chances of ending up a complete vegetable are huge.

What the heck is a temporary Pace Maker?

I just sent him a text that we can reverse all of this with Immusist - but he refuses to listen. He has chosen death. It is his choice to listen to the Medical Community and die. Today he called his attorney to ensure the will is updated.

He has chosen death and we must all respect this choice.

Knowing how cheap it would be to reverse all this it is hard for me to accept his choice of death. We are taught to respect the Life GOD has given us.

Yet --- I have never walked a mile in his shoes so I really have no idea what he has gone through and why he would now choose death - a wealthy man with everything to live for ---- yet ---- it is HIS choice.

We must accept his choice.

We - the ones left behind - must accept his choice whether we agree with it or not for in the end it is his choice, not ours.

My hope in my own life is that it is so exciting I hold onto life dearly until my last and final death breath.

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Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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