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UN Broadcast 10 Aug 15 - Triangles
Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:33

This morning, while most of you were at work, the Lucifer Trust fund broadcast on of their most interesting seminars they have ever had.

The group that met today deals with Triangles - forming triangles of Meditation around the world and then registering these triangles at their headquarters.

Each day, or maybe twice daily, you meditate as a group. It may be at 9PM, it may be at midnight - but you come together for a common good. You literally extend your Auras (IR Heat) across the world to your triangle partners for 3-5 minutes and connect mind to mind and meditate.

Thus your Auras actually extent and touch each other forming an irregular Energy Grid around Planet Earth.

These Auras apparently stay in the upper atmosphere and form this energy grid in a higher harmonics and allows easier communications between those projecting the Auras and the beings - the Asherons - from the higher plane (Dimension).

Further - it is these combined thoughts that actually form many of these beings now being created, and brought down, to Earth.

The purpose of all of this is to bring about THE PLAN - Compete Anarchy and Revolution.

This fits in with, for Example, the CIA paying Farakan to go to a church yesterday and demand Blacks start stalking, and killing, whites. In this way the CHAOS of rounding up 40 Million Blacks and Jews and moving then to FEMA Camps to act as Cheap Labor for our New Masters (the Chinese) will be accomplished --- kind of lie the Jews in NAZI Germany.

The transition we are currently going through will end when man realizes we are greedy and that the Spiritual Plane is real and this material plane is actually an Illusion.

This also explains why the Collider at Hadron in Cern (Switzerland) will be cranked up to Maximum Power 15 August during a special planetary alignment to try and kill GOD's Angels and force Man Kind to accept the ways of Lucifer, the PLAN, complete Anarchy, and then The New World Teacher and Lucifer as our god. Only then will we truly realize that these material planes are illusions.

Then the planet will be rebuilt using "Spiritual Principles" rather than the desires for material and greed as the main driving force. The luxuries of this world must be cast off forever and we must all come together.

The Need Of The Many Over The Rights Of The Individual

By using the Maharishi Effect (One Percent of the Population Meditating on one goal) the entire direction of a town, a state, and even a nation may be changed. So by having 1,000 people meditate on a direction for the leaders of Planet Earth these leaders can be directed to change course for humanity.

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This is why we write - to have people pray on one subject and change the course of this nation and the world.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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