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willpwilson 908
Consider How Little is Known About Neuro Economic Banking.
Tue Aug 11, 2015 00:13

Consider How Little is Known About Neuro Economic Banking. - And, What Little is Really Known About the Global Neuro Economics -

Reply to William Mount UN Broadcast 10 Aug 15 - Triangles Mon Aug 10, 2015 -;article=154916;title=APFN

What Little is Really Known About the Global Neuro Economic Banking System. -;article=154918;title=APFN - What Little is Really Known About the Global Neuro Economic Banking System. - neuro economics - - — See more at: - - Bioethics CommissionVerified account - @bioethicsgov - Advising the President on evolving bioethical issues in medicine, science & technology. RTs & follows are not endorsements. All - comments:

Washington, D.C. - - - Psychopath neighbors and community people are using scripted teleprompters sent at a subliminal level below audible hearing to people - which those who are targeted are calling voice to skull - plus Security firm/Pest Control Commercial devices that are acoustical Infrared and Sonic to electronically harass/torture even murder people in their neighborhoods.

Gangstalkers are groups like NAMI who assist others in making people appear mentally ill or to assist in suiciding them. Police and Fire Depts. have known for decades and they come in on that transmission. Some times they themselves are the personal perpetrators and set people up, commit perjury, fraud or attacks Start with those Dominos - in the community - that will allow all the rest hiding in the background - to be discovered and brought in for those crimes as well - FBI, CIA, Police, Fire Depts. and even those Armed Forces - - A message to the Leaders of All Nations, Armed Forces & Domestic Military - that Artificial Intelligence along with the Biological Biometric System that's running the show - leaves the real you out of everything all together - while you use it. It was meant to be used as a tool - instead you are scripting yourselves & it's using You as the tool - a flesh puppet.

No instinct, nothing natural. Not really human like at all - though it mimics life. Can't describe real well - I'm not a medical professional - but it's screwing you people up, big time, and killing others while you are under it's influence

Not talking to the artificial fake intelligence nor their operators anymore
Die J.A.D.E. Helm neural network along with those Traitor Armed Forces, Backstabbing Leaders & Representatives, Corrupt Judicial Figures, CIA/FBI Agencies, Federalized Police, Fire & Rescue using those illegal DHS Military catalog Tactical Systems across the Country - Upon the People of America - Without Knowledge nor Consent

The Following News Report was posted by - 131kimber - - the - willpwilson - - - - -,20412e9fdf72d15f/%25C2%25A9%2BBrian%2BMatiash_Fingerlings_BrianMatiash.jpg - - 131kimber - - - This information is provided from and by ( channel.) 131kimber - -, and posted by 131kimber - Stream - 131kimber 6 months ago

The following post is long - I might make a video as someone suggested. But think you might find info useful till I can.

Description - - Say NO to Adv. Neuro-Cognitive Biological Warfare using Signals & Frequencies on UnConsenting, UnSuspecting Human Beings in the United States and around the Globe.

Targeted Individuals, Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment, Voice to Skull, Biological Warfare, Frequency/Signals based Weapons, LRADs, StingRays, Tetra Handsets/Signals, GSRs/GBRs, Satellites,Adv. Neurological Cognitive Biological Signals & Frequencies = Cranial Stimulation, Sonic Electrocution,GITMO Torture, Human Rights Abuses, Crimes Against Humanity = Government Sponsored Genocide = Murder Research - Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment, Adv. Neurological Cognitive War Weapons, Neuro-Biological Manipulation from Remote Locations utilizing Natl Defense System, DHS collaboration & Domestic Military Weapons, Signal & Frequency Research / Implementation "Secret" Human Psychological, Mental, Senses & Physical Control = Biological Warfare - -

1) Fukushima Radiation
2) Signals & Frequency - Electromagnetic Warfare Practice with Advanced Neural & Neuron Weapons Army (Land), Navy (Sea), Air Force (Air), Marines (All-ALS), State Coverage includes DHS, FBI, National Guard, Police, Sheriffs, Fire & Rescue, Coast Guard, Parks & Recreation, US Marshalls, Private Investigators, Universities, Medical Research Institutions, Community Groups. Altogether they are - the Joint Task Force- the Federalized Security Force - the Domestic Military

Some specific jobs may not require a gun nor the use of one - But they ALL have access to a lethal Weapon - Multiple Tactical Systems on One Interface - Neuro Script Mind Control, which is a Cranial Stimulator, BioMetric App geolocation abilities of Anyone Anywhere, Signal Remote Delivery with those LRADs in a wide area array with all those Armed & Domestic Forces as part of the Network

Artificial Intelligence is running the show, guiding the Helm, steering the Nation
but no ones fooled - those Operators behind the scenes - Are in Control of that Chaos their Scripting on Citizens in their premeditated - created - sick Hollywood Style - Neuro Hypno BioMetric Simulated Reality 

This information is provided from and by ( channel.) 131kimber - -, and posted by 131kimber

131kimber - -

It's a Biometric Societal Reality Simulator Program application. All people in society have been included into it's database. It performs like a simulator running potentials and probabilities that involve Real People - Real Life Impacts. Used as a Threat Generator for training and Mission Rehearsal Systems, a Simulated Environment for Societal or Individual Experimentation. Once set with Parameters and Protocols - it can be left alone or ran by a Operator. Multiple Tactical Systems - Combined and Accessed through One Interface

The Biometric Societal Reality Simulator Program application is a Autonomous / Dynamic System that builds on the information and personal profiles collected - for individuals/groups/situation scenarios.

(FYI: Navy's Lab & Research B.E.A.S.T.- Battlefield Engagement Area Simulator & Tracker w/ Global Population Simulator Program is Used as a Threat Generator for training and Mission Rehearsal Systems, a Simulated Environment for Societal or Individual Experimentation)

System utilizes Ground Surveillance Radar and Satellite based Radar, GPS Surveillance Systems, Uses PA Systems in stores, CCTV, Cameras at lights, the (EBS) Emergency Broadcast System, the Electric Grid - Uses Dish Antennas on Roofs, TVs, Computers, Lap tops, Cell Towers and Cell Phones, = for Signal transmissions

Signals w/Data Packets & Surveillance - covers any Geo Location Coordinates in the World = Satellites Any Individual's Voice and Personality - can be Modulated within the program for V2K or Neuro-Implanted thoughts ANYONE can be IMITATED. Even President Obama with the additional use of a Biometrics System.

Strategic Communications combined with Psych Ops are used - can be Live or ran as utomated Scripted Tracks that interact with the subject - to inflict what ever the "Operators" wish as V2K (Voice to Skull) on individuals Can also Modulate the Speech of a Person - at different speeds, with different accents, stutter problems, even a direct scripted influence that literally "speaks for itself" utilizing a person's own vocal cords

Biometrics on Global Citizens include Physical profiles, Psychological/Personal profiles, Biological, Neurological - DNA, Voice/Speech Patterns, Iris, face & body metrics, finger print, palm prints and Scientific Advancements such as Neurological Cognitive Brain Wave Patterns for Adv. Neurological Synapses modification to Human Thought Processing, Memory and the 5+ Senses

* Alterations and Deception can be Created for Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell and Taste + Emotions
* Hacks the brain - and "takes over" with Subliminal Verbiage or Neuro Stimulation.
* Removes our God Given Right to Free Choice, Free Will.
* The combined automation process - Can Do It All For Us.
* Think, move our bodies, any thing real people do normally.
* a Blissful state can be achieved with Neuro stimulation. So can Rage, Calm, Depression, Anxiety, Forgetfulness.
* You can be made to smell a flower when there is none. Have different vision acuity- for better or worse.
* Feel cool or warm without reason. Be kept refreshed or made tired. Made Alert or distracted. Be Telepathic.
* You can be made to Think a thought, then "think" it has physically manifested when things are scripted and premeditated intentionally for You wit or without your knowledge.
* You can be "programmed" to appear Smarter or Less Intelligent. Appear focused Constructively or Destructively.
* ALL details get Collected, Stored and Made Available in a Master Database
used by the Global Population Simulator Program

Queries can find Matches from the Database - Locally, Statewide, Nationally and Globally for People with Identical:

Physical appearances, Locations, Education, Race, Age, Personality traits such as preferences, hobbies, etc - for the Simulator Program to use as Subjects - hence targets.
Also can modify information/standards, protocols and potentials within a specific threat generator program for training and mission rehearsal systems OR - a Simulated Environment Program for Societal or Individual Experimentation..

Entrainment Signals coupled with Neuro-Packets = Neuro Psychology = Neuro Technology = Biological Technology Remote Neuro Gamma Ray Knife type Brain Cranial Stimulation + Remote Neural Monitoring + Psychology (Behavioral & Bi - logical Modification, Manipulation and Changes in Thought, Senses, the Human Body) - DOD > DARPA > MKUltra > IARPA > BAM > SOULCATCHER = Obama's Brain Initiative - Check out the list of Program Managers - available at major Universities websites - that are creating IARPA.

Look at the specialties descriptions. See what Projects - each of the Managers are working for - Program contains tools for Psychological Memes and NLP - can be used broad/general or focused/specific - Has a Google search/match engine as a tactical system tool -
used in the Psychologically and Neurological Cognitive manipulations, modifications and changes.

Also contains some kind of video/movie editor which is used to create Synthetic Visual Thought data packets- - Received by the Human Being Neurologically - Appears like an actual picture not a thought if you pay attention - Signals with data Packets or A.I. makes synthetic Memory/Dream/Visual Imaging = very VIVID & Detailed - Also means = It's not like normal brain thought processing.

If we thought sending images to the Moon and back was News - then what would you call Transmitting and Receiving IMAGES via Technology with a Human Being?
MASKS as "real" Human Psychological or Neurological issues even medical issues with real complications, which aren't NOT treatable via legitimate regular medical means because
they are synthetic versions - they are 100% Biological Weapon Frequency induced.

All that's required is the removal of the specific attacking signal for "healing". Whether Mental or Physical.

Questionable medical professionals have assisted in this cover up,
with complete knowledge of the biological weapon being used and applied when those patients come to their facilities.

Again - the "issue" Only stops with the removal of the Biological Frequency attack causing the "issue".

The Synthetic Health Issue(s) can be written into the Biometric Societal Reality Simulator Program application for an Individual, Ethnic Group or generally applied over a Group of People congregating publicly. It will either run out via the predetermined TIMED event protocol, through death, or it will be "removed" live by the Program Operator.

Uses Program Logic " IF this, Then That" - which can be set as a parameter within program selections,

Sonic electrocution on skull, under skin, attacking bodies - done via REMOTE locations - IS visible in XRAYS They attack eyes through temples mainly, possible laser type device. See focused pointed light beam/eyes closed.

Pupils don't dilate correctly on Subjects, possible it's from entrainment signal.
Muscles in eyes/face can be manipulated to form different facial expressions..

Pulsations are audible with a stethoscope as irregular beats from OUTSIDE the body
and can be both seen and heard with Ultra Sound Xrays Machines.

Possible those off the shelf devices that monitor heart rates would also pick up the pulsated attack Performed the same way as REMOTE Neuro Monitoring via internet/web site access. Satellite/Radar Cranial Stimulation, Neurological Manipulation, Biological Manipulation tools - Physical Anatomy/Medical professionals and NeuroPsychology knowledge involved for build of Application

Military's/SADISTIC CIA torture techniques and attacks used - Ewen Cameron's MKUltra, Pavlov, and Delgado (ref: "Torture Report about CIA Interrogations" at Gitmo, as well as the Abu Ghraib Scandal) - Torture techniques and attacks are protocols & tools built INTO the Global Population Simulator Program on the Super Computer for Point and Click Attacks on Human Beings.

Protocols for Individuals OR Groups are chosen just like weapons and accessories "selected" in an Xbox game.

"Simulations" are being used to control, manipulation, modify - All of Society. Both by Mind and Body.

Psychological, Neurological, Physical Control - focus, manipulation, modification or change - is Never Admitted though done OPENLY, right out in Public, with many members of the Community , Officers even Fire Rescue.

It's happening WITHOUT INFORMED Consent or People's Knowledge, No Legal Process Nor Notification Most of Society itself doesn't even Know of the Program's Existence let alone know of it's Abilities - when they Haven't Been Informed - Either.

Nor had the chance to have that Talk about the Ethical and Moral Issues or Health Dangers & Ramifications of Biological based Technology and Applications being used on civilians -
Not criminals nor terrorists NOR those who are the rest of Society as a whole Who Are Also Included into the Biometric Societal Reality Simulator Program application along with it's technology.

"few want to c

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