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"You failed us. Your Stupid Failed." Tele receives. 3.40 AM
Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:45

"You failed us. Your Stupid Failed." Tele receives. 3.40 AM

Or a Tele receive from yesterday, "A stupid man failed to convince us to save ourselves."

"If you donít get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed. " Elder said long ago.

"Wreckage fails, you failed to right yourselves. ORGANIZE." Tele receives. 3.48 AM

"You're smashed, your number is shot." 3.49 AM

"Your staging advice was not received. Jews eventually fuse you up. Your family is going to death racially. Spearlets. They rice you out of here eventually. Still hustling. You're just nice falling out yourselves."

Heard those words, might be from "B".

Such a beautiful nation to lose.

"Serve me optimistic." Father said to Bitch.

"Cheer." Tele receive. 4 AM

Did Judee not roll some fantastic conspiracies?

His 1% of all varieties, his rainbow. His threats to himself in. His vicious, still lingering. Still directing world wars.

"Get off or die," A Judee barked at Bitch as she was passing by.

Some more Tele receives.

"Idiot. 12.35 PM

Quite dyish.

The whole race go.

Kinky. 7.30 PM


Homicidal totally.

They died us all. 6.30 PM

They're not suitable.

Falsing out yourselves. 6.46 PM

They fell idiots right.

Dog pitched you off.

You've got your criminals, toss them out. 12.07 PM

Our ark is falling. 1.07 PM

They stole God's peace.


You're obviously throwing out yourselves for their racket.

The burned mice are out.

Professor, they died for their blast shot. 6.26 PM"


They weap us to de-right us. Only guy of our species that has a fist, weap Judah. The only large scale genus on planet earth that makes war as a permanent strategy.

There have been tribes discovered that made war in cannibal style. They were limited, to the local terrain. Judah used his ancient force strategy, combined it with his creation of hybrid shell transplants, and took over the entire planet earth.

Is the truth not stranger than fiction? Judee knows he has a problem, and the solution he came up with to his problem? To wipe everybody out.

Every person running for office, has the same Judee cipher read. False through and through. Does it not seem quite amazing, that they could fool so many people and for such a long time?

Bully's and thugs, and yet, did it not get them the entire capture of the human race worldwide?

"I died them truthful." God our Father said.

The cipher from ancient Babylon, still rolling away.

"We had fun with the white guy," Judee say.

Does it not seem strange that whitey is still funding it all?

Bitch a nice boy, sees someone on TV in distress in a far away distant land or nearby, and says a prayer to Father asking to please ease their distress.

Stopped praying at about 20 years old, thought praying was a trick to teach us to keep ourselves on hold. Never guessed that it is a way to telepathically communicate with our elders from space.

Throwing a wing section out into a field to be discovered, and identifying it as coming from the plane that is missing. Putting a leg into the McMurrah federal building, that they blew up years ago.

Might these sorts of things be to puzzle us?

Does it not cause one to think of the little childish pranks youngsters use to fool grown ups?

Judee likes to think that he outsmarts us, yet with out his vicious animal violence and guns and cages sport, would he not be found out quickly?

"We put power on your assholes and break them right away," Judee say.

He's demonstrated the ability to get hold of the aggregate resource base made available by Labor. He shapes our youngsters minds by controlling the curriculum in our schools.

Puts his shells on regular income teaching in the schools. Do we see how he inculcates his truth in us early on?

He has a secret life of recreating his problem.

Elders share with Bitch that it is 6 birth cycles to clear his cipher brand. Cipher is malleable, it changes with terrain. The mass of the human race are flexible, when conditions change, cipher follows those changes.

The overall trend is for cipher to become gentler as we go farther away from our animal primitivism condition.

Father sent a savior to the Jews, because they were the only ones that needed saving. The rest of the human race was identifying their problems and problem solving with the tools that Father gifted us with to correct them.

Reason, understanding. The tool of justice, a compass of sorts, to guide us to fair and equitable arrangements.

An "equitable arrangement" they could put together, two space men suggested to a human fellow as to how to remedy the situation of where they had tipped his water tank over a few times.

Bitch so slow, he thought for years the "equitable arrangement" was to be between us and the space men. Finally it broke through the density, the "equitable arrangement" is to be between all of us ordinary human Beings on earth.

The words that elders put into our literature. Words that if we think about them, help us to strengthen our thinking overall.

Ever so gentle our elders from space have been awakening us. Might we not consider how different that is in comparison of how Judee uses a weap to de-right us?

"Youíre supposed to get out the cash." Just heard that Tele receive. 5.59 AM

Couldn't tell if that was from elder or not. Whoever that is from, thank you for that.

Using cash, Judee just restarted his Sendai nuclear reactor in Japan.

Using cash, he continues to wage war on our family throughout the world. Using cash, he continues to poison God's village with his Jewish electricity waste.

The Lord said to Moses, ďAssemble the people for me, and I will let them hear my words, so that they may learn to fear me as long as they live on the earth, and may teach their children to do so.Ē Deuteronomy 4:10

The concept of 'fear God,' does that not seem opposite to love? That is, if we love someone, should there not be any fear between one another?

On first impression does 'fear God' not read sort of, "If you donít do it my way you'll get punished for it?"

As we know now, our good God has no harsh in any way towards us, his pretty little Simian children on earth.

The fear God? Do we see now that the 'fear' is that we would ever be impolite in any way concerning our good and kind Father?

Father is perfect in every way. Father loves us all equally. It is the agape love that Father has for each and every one of us.

Now that we have been introduced to the Galactic Federation of light, do we not have some ideas of who our family are?

"My false power failed. It's our scrimmage rights," Judee say.

Is there not some appreciation of how high-level peaceful extraterrestrials let Judah get rid of himself for good?

"Revolution." Tele receive From yesterday while driving East along I-80.

Japan restarts first nuclear reactor since Fukushima disaster

Sendai nuclear plant in southern Japan is first to begin operation since 2011 Fukushima meltdowns, despite anti-nuclear protests

Backed by business and industry lobby groups, Abe has warned that Japan cannot afford to continue importing huge quantities of oil and natural gas, while the growing reliance on thermal power generation has stalled Japanís efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Here's a link to the story:;article=154917;

Do we see the big warning here? That is, Japan cannot afford to import oil and natural gas?

So the solution? Start up a nuclear power plant that may destroy the entire nation?

For those who have penetrated the conspiracy, are we not aware yet, to destroy the nation and poison all the people is precisely what the plan Judah has in his putting nuclear reactors in?

If we view it with reality and clarity, might we not see starting that nuclear plant up as lighting another fuse on a nuclear bomb?

160,000 innocent bystanders who lived near Hitachi-GE now made permanently homeless from the effects of only one Jewish electricity plant going into melt down.

The Pacific Ocean nearing death from all the nuclear toxins Judah poured into it.

God almighty of Heaven and Earth said, "They've poisoned my village, I want them off."

The apocalypse now taking away a third of the human race, as was prophesied in the bible from two thousand years ago. Velocity power sources still blocked.

American Labor, as of yet, not willing to involve itself in ending funding of its own death.

Does it not look to be another banner year for employees of the state shooting their employers to death?

Approaching nearly 600 people shot out of life by uniforms on the street.

The employers, "We the people," unable to properly bring to court employees who have infringed upon our liberty due to something called, "Qualified immunity." It's something close to sovereign immunity.

Any day you're ready Labor, will you not STRIKE THEM OUT? Do we not recall that Earth is Father's village and God our Father is the sovereign here?

Using the words of the clever ones that we find in the court houses, state houses and usually hidden in the universities and religious schools of thought, those who use words to kidnap, imprison and slay us and get away with it all of the time; what might bring the people of Labor to help us to end funding all of it?

Hundreds of millions of Americans being fisted out brutally by Jewish nuclear waste artillery from Hitachi-GE.

Can we only wonder why "We the People" as a group have not responded yet to our being put to genocide?

Nuclear waste widely dispersed in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, even though dispersed by watering down, deadly enough still to kill large whales and other large animal life, not to even mention the little fish that have been dying out to. If this toxin from nuclear waste is potent enough to slay giant whales when watered down, what might it do to a small body of man who breathes it in the air full strength?

"We perp you with war to manage you," Judee say.

"I fault Druid as crazy, he canít make peace go." (That is a reverse speech from a man in Asia speaking.

Shortly after weap Judah let fly in the middle of the night with his thousands of nuclear warheads, Bitch informed Druid of what had happened here.

Now almost four years later, Druid remains supine.

Supine; definitions: Moral weakness. Laying face up. Spineless. Yielding. Weak. Failing to act or protest due to indolence or moral weakness.

Druid well informed of his coming departure of life form from the second nuclear war of Judah on us, "It's over," and yet, has done not a thing to help himself as he and his children go out of life form, while his nation is scientifically, systematically destroyed.

"I tried to establish your life the right way." God our Father in Heaven said.

Now we die out, without once making a move to establish the right way to live or to even try to save ourselves.

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed". "B" said to Bitch in July of 1997.

As stupid of a fault as Bitch has, has he not proven that it is just not stupid enough to go along quietly and let his money be used by weap Judah to make war?

God almighty of Heaven and earth tried to save us.

"I tried to establish your life the right way."

"A stupid man failed to convince us to save ourselves." Some one said.

Funding our own die. What are we to make of it?

"I would have given you anything." God our precious sweet Father said to us.

What have we done for our Father who had the angels spare us from weap Judah four hour removal in nuclear war? Much other than give God's children more dungeons and war?

The promise that was the United States of America; Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. Now in its last days as it is being poisoned out perfectly.

"I would have given you anything. I tried to establish your life the right way."

We were given free will as a gift to us from our creators, the Galacticans. With this gift of free will, we have freely funded war with little resistance to it.

Certainly it is dangerous to oppose tyrants when their tyranny is full blown. Yet if death in nuclear war is going to happen anyways, why not try it?

The Supreme Being has talked to us Labor. God our Father asked Labor about the STRIKE: "Why didnít you try it?"

The apology and settlement that weap Judah is giving us is MOX on our fields and in our air. One whiff of it is enough to put a healthy guy out of life within hours. The deadliest toxin ever created.

The truth in our world? How about the words from the late Dr. Mallove: "Weíre only a few months from unlimited clean free heat and electricity."

"Boom Boom" they shot him down.

Over 40 nuclear reactors shut down in the last 2 and half years or so, by our elders from space, preventing Judah from setting more of his Jewish electricity waste off on us.

"A stupid man failed to convince us to save ourselves."

Over a century of Judah forcing his suffering in on the world, using American wealth to accomplish us all.

Bitch learned from his years of research that the Gods left us in the 8th century BC. Only recently when elder told Bitch that they left because Judah was plotting to set about to fist them, did it break through that Judah has known of our elders for thousands of years. Do we not understand now that elders left because Elders do not fight?

Our top elders, the Galacticans, left war behind 9 million years ago.

The first race of Galacticans have already died out through the process of time.

The second race of Galacticans are partially passed away also.

The third race of Galacticans are now at the top of the Federation. In three million more years they may begin the multi million year passing out of life phase themselves.

If we survive this last nuclear war of Judah, we will be the forth race of Galacticans. Our descendents in a few million years may rise to become the elders themselves of the Federation.

The understanding is that we have another 9 million years as high level life forms before we fully pass out of existence.

"We chose peace with no regrets." Elder from Mercury said to Bitch many years ago.

Atlantis was an Island that was reported to have sunk in a day.

Atlantis was also known to have used high technical force on other human Beings. Until we see the exact records, we can only speculate, might the federation have given them a Noah's ark day, without the ark?

The battle of Orleans gave Joan of arc a victory over British forces in 1430. It was the end of the power of Judah British force on the mainland of Europe at that time.

During the battle for Orleans, with Judah forces on a bridge over the river Seine, a fire burning below, caused the entire bridge to collapse, tumbling the Judah mercenaries into the river and washing them away in their heavy armor uniforms.

That tipped the battle completely in favor of Joan.

Our elders from space, following the love of God for his kids, pulls all Judah missiles off of us and saves us from being immolated in a four hour thermonuclear burn. Has Judah not sunk himself in the seine once again? Has Judah not fallen in Seine for all times now?

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