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They Terrorize with Noodles They've deranged the land compl
Wed Aug 12, 2015 08:36

They Terrorize with Noodles

They've deranged the land completely. Sold a fist that has taken us away.

Courage and Truth was enough to close them up, yet not enough to bring in the replacement, Labor. Labor remains on the sidelines as we have been pushed out of life form.

Our beautiful nation being swept out by war.

Tele receives:

"Beast on nipples. 6.20 PM

Professor, they died for their blast shot. 6.26 PM

Elizabeth falsed us. 6.48 PM

Republicans are closing here. 7.48 PM

A true intellectual. 7.48 PM

Stab you in the back. 7.53 PM

They're dying muscles. 7.57 PM

I tried to help. 8.02 PM

Officials clearly hiked us. 8.08 PM

I established you as real, you casually passed out yourself. 8.07 PM

They turn you vicious.

Your carriers failed to save you's. 8.12 PM

The most serious hostiles obviously forced a total loss of life. 8.53 PM

They really hurt transform sale.

Patrick, you ghosted out the fields. 2.08 AM

The rice criminals fist you fallen out of life forms.

You let criminals slay you hostage.

Harold's real safe but you obviously failed yourselves. 2.11 AM

You lost your lives to vicious asps.

They warred you out.

You fell industriously.

They forced you obviously out of your life forms.

You were ghosted out by gas pipe nuclear.

You thoroughly died field out, you make cannibals happy.

Finish you with a virus sale thug.

You left your home be destroyed by monsters who just socked it to you. 2.17 AM

Bitch has tossed them and you've done nothing.

Falsed you by tissue apps.

You're typhused here.

Basically organize and authorize yourselves.

You died yourselves off. 3 AM

We're empty, the world preempt us.

You lost your lives, you were challenged naked.

You failed cataster Patrick.

Vicious held you's in.

They just foul the nation. 3.45 AM

Don't give up on us."


This from elder Jason's telepathic voicemail:

"You've thrown yourselves away from well to tombs."

High level life forms, that have taken the time and effort to try and bring us to save ourselves. So far, to no avail.

They did their part, but we failed our part. They pulled Judah nuclear missiles off of us, but we've failed to STRIKE THEM OUT.

The false breed has won again. Loud, threatening, vicious thugs.

The universe has thrown them away because all they want to do is assault everyone.

Judah gave to himself thousands of years ago, the mission to accomplish us wherever he was to go. His fate, his ultimate destiny, to destroy the human race.

The Babylonian cipher makes its appearance in the resource constrained desert about 5,000 year ago. In the struggle for life, it takes control by using the thinking process to false people and turn one man against another.

The cipher learned to dominate other ciphers by using a range of mental and physical forces. Psychosocial-sexual, physical animal force Judah has accomplished us with.

Judah uses rumor, embarrassment. Shunning; mocking. Ridicule. Taking people off of their income to take them out of the resource base and put them into his bargain rack. He uses images to hold.

America, the most powerful agricultural, industrial combination to have ever existed, tied by Judah financially to sending its youngsters to assault their brothers and sisters in lands everywhere for Judah sport.

Defacing us. White fish funding and fighting for a Jewish tyranny, while white fish himself having almost no input into the organization or operation of America. The organizing principle of society, held not by white fish, but by Judah.

Precious sweet Father tried to put us into the right life. Druid remains failed. Father sent a Druid to alert other Druids to how they are massively being put in. Druid so far, refused all offers to save ourselves.

Judah with his parasite annoy. Paranoid. Took out the greatest mechanism to advance the human race, the American Bill of Rights. In its place he put in his merchants rights power.

"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more. Put them out, they’re criminals." God almighty of Heaven and Earth said.

The beginning of the Druid Rights first annunciated in the Magna Carta of 1215 in England. "No man is to be disseized of his Life, Liberty or property except by a jury of his peers."

Judah de-right Druid with a weap.

American Bill of Rights includes the 1430 Polish grand jury process. The Legal procedure that gave protection to the people that then brought about the golden age of Poland.

All Americans rights tossed out because Judah, holding our paper, said so. American Labor now funding building a Judah military base in Poland. This in the face of the last Polish government ghosting out due to their collusion with NATO in attacking them with nuclear missiles.

Wits well practiced in assaulting people out from the continuous state of war, now the new Judah management team for America.

Having the private control of the free cash machine in their hands, their most assaultive, Judah sees to it that they are the best paid in the land.

The most productive, those who provide real value, the useful, the people of Labor, remain mute and continue funding Judah tyranny shoot.

Strange as it may seem, Bitch understands that Judee did some wonderful incredible things for me. First, got Bitch to stop drinking alcohol. That by itself produced over a few years an increase of intelligence by two levels.

Next, Judee got Bitch praying again. Hadn't done that in 40 years.

The most wondrous thing that Judee did for Bitch, was to put him into a position for him to discover our precious sweet Father.

Took some time to figure it out, but the only reason Bitch is here is because of Father's love for his kids.

Father wanted to have a shill to share with his children the love that Father has for us all.

We're welcome into Father's house. The universe above that surrounds us all is Father's house. Judah is not going any further with us. He's shot himself gone.

"JP Morgan's out." Tele receive. 4.58 AM

Extra judicial executions. Carried out in front of the eyes of the world. Suicide it's called.

"You'll help them." Tele receive. 6.08 AM

That's what Father kept Bitch in for. So there would be some one here to share the good news, we have a Father above who loves us all. It’s real beyond compare. A relationship that all are welcome into.

An advanced extraterrestrial civilization is welcoming us into the universe. They have spent thousands of years affording Judah the opportunity to find the right way to go. The elders of Judah cipher group, using their gift of free will, decided not to develop the ability to accommodate others.

"They mishandled their higher level potentials." Is how elders describe Judah problem.

"I resent you and the Martians said we're duds." A reverse speech of Judah. Is one not left speechless, flabbergasted that an entire cipher group developed with such feelings of resentment towards other high level life forms? Did our Martian neighbors not let us see just what they think of Judah when they pulled Judah's great balls of fire out of the air?

"Our psychement achieve opping you."

Ain't that about the truth?

First with blast. Going on four years now and not a blink from the people yet.

Next with waste. Still not a peep from the people who have been taken out by weap Judah. Will Labor not remedy this and give us a STRIKE to clear Judah cipher out?

"With electricity I'm going to fall your economy down then I'm going in."

Do ordinary working people not yet see that it is our economy that Judah is destroying as he is going away from us?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end the destruction of our environment, and with it the loss of our salaries?

Can we only wonder how it is that Judah has been able to maintain such a hostile position against the human race for thousands of years? Look at this reverse speech and see what you think"

"Our reason for our problem was to die you off; they took my sub and missile."

So first, Judah decides that he needs to die us off. Next, he decides that to do it he will need a problem? Might we just have to leave it where our elders said, "They mishandled their higher level potentials?"

"ORGANIZE." Tele receive. 6.20 AM

"You’re helpful." Tele receive. 6.35 AM

"With our wit we slave you to punish you."

Are we making the connection that it is Labor that Judah has subordinated and then used the wealth generated by Labor to take over our world with his eternal war against the children of God on earth?

"Pat's told you about our stepping out," Judee say.

Did Judah not use his wit to get the organizing principle away from us and into his private exclusive control? After all of his wreckage, is his wit still not strong enough to allow him to still be the only one that can issue the tickets to access our aggregate resource base? Will Labor not change the situation here and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into your own hands?

The only guy that has all the free cash he wants. Is there not some way that Labor will help us here and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and STOP THE WAR?

"Genocide is to end us." Tele receive. 6.56 AM

Judah hates all men, with a special hatred for whitey. It is odd to be looking at what appears to be a white guy, that speaks in reverse speech of wishing to wipe the white guy out. That is the nature of the Judah cipher. White shells, that want most of all to wipe the white guy out.

Here is a reverse speech statement that may give us a clue to Judas special hatred for whitey.

"Germany teaches us not to be fearless."

Might this reverse speech statement help explain their revenge that they continue to put upon us in these modern times in the new land of America? Their troubles in Germany from 1200 years ago. Long gone days in ancient history. The events of that era, might that be why Judah still wants to punish the white fish so?

Might we note it is in Europe that Judah has had a lot of his fun?

"We had fun with the white guy," Judee say.

For all of his fun that he has had do we not see that he must first have a Labor base that is producing to provide him with his sport income needs?

If we look at our own short history, what is it other than Labor that first brought the United States of America into operation? Was it not those that had gained much wealth in the new land that were looking for ways to protect that wealth that brought about the creation of the new United States of America?

As has been noted by many, all of our founding fathers talk about freedom and liberty, were many of the founders not living off of the proceeds taken from stolen Labor?

Where is the common sense Labor as we're being destroyed? Do we not see that it is Labor that is the real deal underneath all of the rest of what is going on? Must Labor not demand its rights be put in ounce again?

Cube UFO Over Texas and Cubic Glowing Orb Over Antarctica

July 3, 2015
Paul Seaburn

As our elders are communicating with us, what might we guess is the message of showing us a cube in the sky?

Could it be way to tell us what Judah is planning on putting us in?

Will Labor not remove the power of the purse from Judah and prevent him from putting us in his cubes? Will Labor not put our rights in and end the threat of sitting in a cube?

"Make you sit in a box all day for the rest of your life. Foolish Jew pleasures," Judee say.

Maybe some rainy day the truck slides into a couple of vehicles. Rather than a civil process, maybe taken away to the local lock up based on the whim of a clerk? Does Labor not see that no one is safe when we do not have our rights in place?

Might it not be a long time before some one comes to help you if you have no rights as we endure now? Is there not a better way than putting people in a cube for storage when things can so easily be handled by ordinary civil process?

Exchange information, and turn it over to insurance to settle it with dollars. Is that not a better way than facing sitting in a cube? Will Labor not take the Judah force mechanism out of here for good?

Judah understood our need for electricity and put their dirty bomb in, disguised as an electrical power system. Built their bomb right in to the infrastructure of our industrial society. Keeping secret from us, that all the time, it was put in to wipe us all out.

Judee unable to shut Bitchie up. A boy never put into privation induced aggression as a kid. Regular union scale pay father had giving our family a good income year round, so Bitch was never trained on Jew paper.

Are we seeing here Labor that by using a tight fist, Judah has taken over here?

Do we see that it is his ability to starve people into submission as to where his power is arising from?

Do we see how it is that we allow him to paper train youngsters to be his fist force for him?

Must Labor not end Judah misrule here?

Judah ability to keep our world in suffering. Do we not see that it is Labor that is allowing him to do this for free?

Could it be that we have been held by Judah force for so long that we need to be reacquainted with reason? Their Washington merry go round of abuse. They produce death and war to control our world. To hold us in place for our permanent destruction. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

"It's growing well." Tele receive. 7.42 AM

Is it the sympathy for a strike that is growing well? Do we not see that Judah plan for us is that tumors be growing well?

Do we all not yet understand just how badly Judah man has failed us here?

"I feel if I can foul the white kid I'll permanently pull their force off of here," Judee say.

Have we not glimmered the magnitude of the deception just yet?

"They're ricing us here. They're rolling menace. They're Boston thieves taking us out of here." Tele receives. 7.45 AM

"Serve me optimistic." Sweet Father said to Bitch.

The equivalent radiation of thousands of Hiroshima bombs going off everyday now pouring into our environment. Does it not seem strange that not one candidate is mentioning a thing about it?

Bitch is optimistic, and praying that Labor will awaken from its slumber and STRIKE THEM OUT.

Our world is being destroyed in war. The war that American Labor is funding.

The errant life form, having all the free money he wants because he is the only one that can issue it, shows no signs of stopping the destruction.

God almighty has spoken. We have been warned thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. Will we not pray that God will have mercy on us for our sins?


God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy.


Wednesday, August 12 — Psalm 96:10–13
Jeremiah 7; 1 Thessalonians 5:16–28

Therefore revere the Lord, and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness; put away the gods that your ancestors served, and serve the Lord. Joshua 24:14

I want you to be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil. Romans 16:19 (NIV)

Forgive us, Lord, for in our zeal we put our trust in yesterday’s faith. We cling to tradition and stability rather than your living, transforming presence. Save us from the false god of predictability. Instill in us the courage to seek you anew this day. Amen.
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"Have pity on me, and I will have pi

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