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The T shirt, a Breastplate of Truth, and LOVE
Wed Aug 12, 2015 18:19

We must enjoy each day as best we can as we know not when our time is up. Uplifting, enhancing the day for others, helping our fellow man as best we can is our duty.

Can we give to all the beggars? Obviously not, as we would then become beggars our selves. But we can say to them, as I did today, "I WISH I COULD". All deserve respect.

Today, I went to Dallas City Hall, wearing a hand made activist T shirt on which I wrote, BLACK LIVES MATTER, Stop It Police!!! I wore this T shirt on the bus, train, and as I walked through downtown Dallas. I wear many different activist T shirts, and this one got great attention. People (mostly black people) smiled at me, nodded to me, thanked me, asked me why I wore it, and one took a picture. I FELT LOVED!

Love is the best reward we can recieve in doing Gods work, not money, not stuff...LOVE, LOVE LOVE.

My T shirts are my breastplates of truth as it says in the Bible. Its TRUTH we all need today. Also, we must think globally, but act locally, as Rene Dubois once said.

So go out into your city and wear your breastplate of truth, and I pray you are rewarded with LOVE

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