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"I'm Forcing Ya. I'm Forcing you off the Field" "Sad." Tele
Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:18

"I'm Forcing Ya. I'm Forcing you off the Field"

"Sad." Tele receive. 2.57 AM

The "sad" may be due to how Bitch spoke in yesterday's post. Apparently there is still an aching spin that irritates some people in Bitch write. Bitch try to fix it.

Bitch at some level may see things through the eyes of a Judah. Having done not a thing to end the harm of war that Labor is funding, could there be any claim for mercy when American Labor has shown none?

Not aware enough to understand that we have been repeatedly perished out of life?

What might cause the meek to end standing by and failing to act to protect their fellow man from Judah assault? Might this failure to act, not give Judah the moral and ethical opening he needs to assault us out of life? That we pay him to do it, what could be better than that?

If we fund Judah assaulting our family out, and for whatever reason, do not act to stop him, then are we not responsible for the assault of our family?

Of course we are. Do we see then how we lose our moral and ethical claim to not be harmed?

If we are funding genocide against our family throughout the world, do we not see that we have no gripe about Judah doing genocide to us with nuclear waste at home?

The big mute that has encircled the globe errorously funding the assaulting of people in most every land. American Labor. What is the excuse? What can explain the failure to STOP THE WAR?

Our vaunted political elite will put their arm around us to give us a big hug and the next moment we're chained in the trunk so we can't jump and run.

"A stupid man failed to convince us to save ourselves."

Bitch chemicals just not stupid enough to quietly pay the refusenik of the universe, Judah, to make war on us.

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." Mark Twain said.

Might we not consider that Judah success is in his ability to get so many people in agreement with things that just ain't so?

He bombs a couple of old dilapidated worn out buildings in New York city and uses the stunt to put America into eternal war. Claims the Muslims did it.

Now years after, millions dead, many nations destroyed and he goes after us with his great balls of fire, and our elders from space pull every round off of us, and yet we lethargically go on funding weap Judah to make more war upon us.

Do the mouse and minnow not yet see, that Judee is giving us our turn this time with his mega death waste disease?

Warned for years and we've shot yourselves and our children to death because we've not made move one to STOP THE WAR.

Father has love for us, the ordinary frightened and confused mouse and minnow. Will Labor not reach out for the love of God to help us? Did God not promise he'd be there for us? God will love and comfort us, will labor not listen to the thousands of warnings from God and STOP THE WAR?

All the advantages we have here in America. The great wealth we have. And we are the only one funding sport war upon our brothers and sisters in this world.

Too busy to look into the war? So what if thousands of innocents are being shot down by drones paid for by American Labor? Whoever said life is fair?

The cow being mutilated and perished in whole. Funding its own demise. Snorting in nuclear waste as we drive up the road. Is there not some message at the unconscious level, some intuitive voice that will tell us we are going the wrong way that then will bring us to act and straiten it out?

Do we not see the choices that we are facing here as to how to STOP THE WAR?

Does it not look that either we will act together and take our purse away from the weap Judah or the weap Judah will die us HUGE and we will be exhausted and so sick that we will no longer able to make war upon our family?

Do we not perceive that poisoned fields and air will leave us in strife and poverty forever?

Will the white fish not "get smart" and let the Jew off right?

They're steadily ghosting away as their "sports" are becoming known. Their hoodlums who have died us big time, now in the spotlight for all to see. They kill us with or without insurance. They enjoy the thrill of taking our lives. Even without insurance they have free money from American Labor to pay all the bribes.

"You've been racialed." Tele receive. 3.57 AM

Do we not see the policy of separation of the people that Judah has violently forced in? His hostility and contempt for the people that he can get away with it all of the time. Is there not some way that the ordinary fish will rise here and take over and get the violent ogre cipher off of us?

"The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.

Now Druid is going out in the 95% range, must we not act to have a different outcome this time?

A third of the human race going out of here now. Warned for thousands of years of the fire, smoke and brimstone coming in to take us away. Might Judah finish us off yet? Looks like it doesn’t it?

"Serve me optimistic." Father said to Bitch. So Bitch has got to believe that Labor will do something before it is fully perished right on out of here.

"Why didn’t you try it." God almighty asked Labor about the strike. "Why didn't you try it?"

Might Bitch just be too irritating to convince Labor to act? Will Labor not look past Bitch shortcomings and get us to God for Father to guide us to safe harbor?

To remove the violent from our midst do we not see that it is not by using violence to get them out, rather it is by labor taking the intellectual tool away from them that lets them get away with murder?

Do we not yet see that the intellectual tool that Judah has and is still using to exterminate us now twice with his nuclear technology, is the private ownership of the authorization to issue our money?

Must Labor not take the ownership of the authority to issue our money away from Judah?

As one commenter suggested that it will come to pass that families will seek tanks of nitrogen to put their family to sleep gently, when they understand that they have been perished out of life by nuclear waste.

The total perishing through sickness from radiation will take a half dozen more years for us to die out. Will Labor not at least try to do something instead of waiting around and having to go shopping for a nitrogen tank for the spouse and the kids?

We are now going into the six years of tears. Extraterrestrials have not been able to convince American Labor to stop funding the nuclear waste extermination of our species.

"We came to warn you. Your lives won't be spared." The words from our extraterrestrial family to American Labor.

"We advise you well: STRIKE THEM OUT. Finish."

"Why me?" Some ordinary everyday working people may say. Death by radiosis due to brimstone waste disease. "Why me? What Have I ever done to deserve such a fate?"

Pontius Pilate who washed his hands of Jesus. Those who stood by as Joan was burned at the stake. Might it be such terrorism that Judah has used that has made the mass of the people just too meek to go against his purity state?

Is the certainty of our destruction with nuclear brimstone not yet seen? If it is seen, then why in Gods name didn't you try it? The STRIKE labor. "Why didn't you try it?"

New menaces coming in everyday. Fields widely being poisoned away. A good whiff of air that will take some away.

Why won't you try to STOP THE WAR?

Is the answer the same, "Why invite calamity in?"

Do we not see that Calamity has come in without an invitation?

So a stupid man has failed to convince you to save yourselves. Stupid to insult you's, yet not stupid enough to quietly go along and pay the guy to keep shooting us.

Judah put in his syndicate, an ordinary old-fashioned extortion murder racket that he calls a "govment." So what’s new about that? Nothing.

Can we only wonder though, how Judah has been able to so mental the mouse and minnow that we have failed to act to remove this nuclear war fighting tyranny from us?

What happened to getting organized here?

Wigs sitting on the bench and royals sitting in the palaces with crowns on their heads. How have we ever let them get so over on us?

Their primary is "false."

Enough people fooled, enough terrorized. Enough paralyzed and enough in destitution to lose their voice. Might it be that there are enough satisfied people that are satisfied enough that they will continue to do nothing as their lives are pushed out of here?

Bitch, deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid, yet unwilling to give Judah a penny from his paycheck for his filthy sport of war.

Judee response, hire Maxwell to kidnap Bitch and take him off of his honest income. Is that not pretty punishing stuff?

Might Bitch have heard some wisdom and not known its truth, "Why invite calamity in?"

Judee put Bitch in the grave again and again, only the love of God has kept Bitch in.

Mr. Live and let die has stepped out of here. What's the problem then?

Do we not notice that Mr. live and let live has not stepped in?

"I'll almost miss you." Is what a Judah lady said in reverse speech to a nice goy boy.

"I'll almost miss you." As they go away from us for good now.

Always aiming to harm us, never content to live and let live. The best they could give, "I'll almost miss you."

The alert has been sounded. The wolf has slipped in. Will Labor not assemble to help us here? Will Labor not ORGANIZE and take the paper away from Judee and his genocide kids?

Will Labor not take upon itself the authority to issue our money? Must Labor not arise to the level to take over the intellectual aspects of our political economic lives?

We have God in Heaven and the angels above to help us. Is there not some way that Labor will end funding sport war?

Will Labor not reject the destruction of this beautiful nation merely because of some stupid mistakes made? Will Labor not try to help us out of the toughest jam we have ever been in?

The cow kept in sport war for the entertainment and enrichment of Judah and his kin. Must Labor not RISE up and let master Judah off of here right? Must we not end the mutilation of the cow?

One of our elders above, one of the ladies on the desk, told Bitch that she had done 6 transitions and this is the first transition where the Beings, people, did not act in time to save themselves and that death has now been scored. Bitch praying its not because of his fault.

In her previous 6 transitions, the Beings responded to the threat of extinction that they were facing and acted to remove the animal primitives before they were scored.

That has not happened here in this transition. We have been scored death already. Vast numbers will die out in the next 6 years. America, well on the way to destruction.

The equivalent radiation of thousands of Hiroshima atomic bombs going off into our environment everyday.

Judah scientists say that it is earth warming that is killing sea life in the Pacific Ocean. Might that be a fable, well laid in place before, to cover up the fact that it really is the nuclear poisons that Judah is dumping into the Pacific Ocean from Hitachi-GE?

"Fold them STRIKE." Tele receive. 6.45 AM

Here's some Tele receives:

"Borateem, why kids can’t spell.

They're dead. 5.46 PM

The cats really fouled us right. 5.55 PM

Judas fall off of the country with his racket, we win.

Pittsburgh rolled a pizza out.

The agua foul was reported right.

They're fully done tourists on bail.

Our income sources they ballistic.

With some scalpels they had police do surgery.

They inspire you badly. 6.55 PM

The next connection is hate challenged.

Last false won. 9.23 PM

Abolish weaps. 9.24 PM

This place is organizing for Caliph.

You hand this sale to these terrorist guys.

Stupidly rifle-ish.

Quite fisted, they pushed you out of life form.

Fists are virtually washed out.

They're burned out for abusiveness.

Do you recognize that you are enforcing this deal synchronized? 1.32 AM

You’re lost here. 1.34 AM

Grease, you lost your whole family, you perished to pest deal. 1.35 AM

You’re all died dead. 1.37 AM

Scientist is a righteous son. 1.38 AM

Fist disappear and you're toasting out.

The dog exhausted them out. 1.48 AM

Police support rifle science.

They pushed the button and you've done nothing, your tissue goes. 1.52 AM

Nuclear is selfish, great warring.

They falsed you out, you’re perishing.

They failed you bourse cipher deal.

You failed to save us. 1.56 AM

We're being permanently pushed off the field.

Life is falsing you up for sale.

They've failed us severe. 1.58 AM

Fantastic they’ve pushed us off.

They forced you real dead, you coursed it real foolish.

You lost your lives when you failed to save yourselves.

You lost your lives officially.

You lost your lives through Birmingham.

Your life is rightfully dashed.

Your adjustable has failed.

You died fisty fistic.

Your life falls out on an old cipher.

You’re rising, get excited.

They established our signals completely dead. 2.04 AM

Roast you died.

The visch you held.

Their crazy function is hell.

It's a permanent psychosis. 2.11 AM

Their cipher on bourse blew us out. 2.13 AM

We pray Father that your children rise and free us from this cipher that only makes war. End this Jewish tyranny.

Here's what it is, you die in total with no survivors. 2.17 AM

Scored up your fields and your life forces failed to save you.

We're dumb to let them police us.

They're vibratious. 2.34 AM

You’re great falsing out yourselves.

Transform your bubble force.

Some right false here for unconscious.

Breathing the air is killing us, it’s obviously fair.

You’re invest-able sacrifices.

You lost your failedness. 2.48 AM

Casper now has informed us peace died. 6.57 AM

O my God, is this what it is?

Vegetables will see punishment. 1.03 PM"


Is it not becoming most obvious that we are in a well planned and executed genocide of the people of America and the world?

Our good God has tried to put us in the right way. Is there not some way that Labor will act and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

We have been sold out. Judah tried to get us with their four hour middle of the night shot, and failed only due to our elders from space pulling all their nuclear shots out of the sky.

"If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom, and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that to."

W. Somerset Maugham

"You're vegetable torturers for us," Judee say.

Will we not pray that Labor will hear the love of God almighty of Heaven and Earth and act to STOP THE WAR?

Please Labor don't let us be destroyed without at least trying to STOP THE WAR.

The primary supplier of funds for war on our planet is American Labor. Do we not yet see that we are on the receiving end the largest die to ever have happened to the human race in all of our history?

Warned for two thousand years of what to expect in the end days. The fire, smoke and nuclear brimstone are now carrying us away.


Pray for peace.

God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy


Continues at:

Thursday, August 13 — Psalm 97:1–6
Jeremiah 8:1–9:9; 2 Thessalonians 1

August Thirteenth Festival † —Joshua 24:16–24; Psalm 133
1 John 4:1–13; John 17:1–2, 6–19

Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure. Psalm 147:5

We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. Romans 8:28 (NIV)

Holy Spirit, fall fresh on your church. Empower us to overcome timid hearts and divisive tongues. In all things may your love reign. Amen.

† At the conclusion of a Holy Communion service in the church at Berthelsdorf, Germany, on August 13, 1727, the residents of Herrnhut were

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