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Holy Spirit, fall fresh on your church. Empower us to overco
Fri Aug 14, 2015 09:09

Holy Spirit, fall fresh on your church. Empower us to overcome timid hearts and divisive tongues. In all things may your love reign. Amen.

"Empower us to over come timid hearts and divisive tongues."

The blood, death and destruction, still being funded by Labor. Timid hearts, will we not overcome them?

Divisive tongues, will we not pray that we can make it out of the night time of war and into the sunshine of peace?

Destroyed again and again in nuclear war. The cow does nothing as it is put down for the last time.

Warned for thousands of years in scripture of the coming end times, now in them, and Labor continues funding our escape from life form.

Will we not stop avoiding intelligence and see the error that Judah has cast us into?

Beginning another day, with our Labor funding mass death and destruction making war for the only genus of our species that makes war, weap Judah.

Weap Judah, the only guy that has the ownership of the authority to issue our money.

With this authority he issues unlimited free money to kill us.

Tele receives:

"It's over.

With their theory they died right. 6.15 PM

You obviously avoid intelligent.

Judas is abusive, because of Bitch he's now late.

They hammered us right.

Right yourselves. 7.45 PM

This cringe here is finished. 7.51

You're reduced. 8.41 PM

Liberation. 8.45 PM

They're out. 8.46 PM

They've soiled us. 8.54 PM

They've busted us. 8.55 PM

Life is fused.

Life is felled.

They've captured us and destroyed us. 8.56 PM

They've stolen the white boy away from us.

O Patrick, why didn’t you tell us precisely then?

Very vicious their brains mesh.

In the red we're cited; charged.

He's been cited for courage. 3.14 AM

Jew cite you off this field with alphabet.

Discouraged the way you are pushing off yourselves. 3.38 AM

They're trying to push us out of life.

You die fist here.

You die fisted.

They invented lies and MOX.

Judah got you to rights.

They rolled us here. 4.14 AM

The cat's failed us. 5.07 AM"


Does this sound like a Tele receive from elder: "Discouraged the way you are pushing off yourselves."

Funding our own destruction and the die of our own children. Is that not pretty discouraging?

It was known before the time when JFK signed the open air test ban treaty that stopped atomic bombs from being exploded in our atmosphere, that radioactive waste was poisoning us.

Shortly after the test ban treaty was signed, JFK was stolen away.

"What happened here?"

Do we not yet perceive that year after year elders from space continued to mutilate the cow in hopes to wake us to the truth?

Have a cough that you just can’t shake? Might it be some of the MOX that Judah is settling it with? Might MOX in our lungs be his apology to us?

Could it be that the cow just will not level with itself about how thoroughly it has been destroyed here?

Is there not a sense yet that we and the kids are sealed into going out of life form?

Bitch doesn't want it to be this way, but Bitch, like everyone else, has to go along with whatever Labor does or doesn’t do.

Those who understand just how totally we are forcing our selves out of here are disappointed that Bitch has not had the intelligence to get a STRIKE to save ourselves.

Bitch disappointed with himself that he has been unable to convince other simple working people like himself to STOP THE WAR. He is intelligent enough to know that our nation is being technically, scientifically and industrially, intentionally died.

He is aware that hundreds of millions of Americans will perish from nuclear waste in the next 6 years.

The smiling faces that show no traces of the evil that lurks within. Still playing make believe that there is a contest for political office.

A stream of crime against the children of God, and not even one politician is talking about anything useful to us.

Judah mental still holding American Labor to funding worldwide sport war.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." Mark Twain.

"It's fair," Judee say.

What is Judee referring to as being "fair?"

Do we not yet read it is our extermination? "It’s fair."

Are we not paying Judah to destroy thousands of human Beings just like our selves every single week? Yes we are. So if we quietly go along and pay to destroy people in distant lands that have never harmed us, is it not then fair for Judah to destroy us? "It’s fair," Judee say.

Of course there is an individual risk to confront Judah about his errant ways, yet is there not an even greater risk to do nothing and just let him shoot away?

Though instead of individual risk, is it not the collective risk that is most dangerous to us here?

Maybe individual risk is not incurred if we do nothing, yet in our inaction, do we not see that the mass of the population is at risk of termination of life form due to nuclear waste poisoning?

If we all are at risk of nuclear waste poisoning, do we not see that it returns to be an individual risk again?

So if we are risking a certain lethal poisoning from nuclear waste should we not risk taking away the tool that Judah is using to poison us with?

Is it not clear to us that it is the power of the purse in the private hands of Judah that is forcing nuclear waste up our noses and into our lungs?

The day the rabbit died?

Does Labor not see that we have the love of our Good God to help us here?

It is true, we have a good God above and Father loves us all equally.

A kindness and love complete we have with our Father above.

Massive ‘Angel-Like’ UFO Seen in NASA’s SOHO Image

Here's an enlargement to take a better look:

Read article at:;article=154941;

"This guy is sincere? He's got the free energy?" Tele receive.

Yes this guy is sincere, and he does have the free energy.

Is it not something to consider, our predecessors had the free energy over 120 years ago?

Nathan Stubblefield showed it to Tesla in the 1890s.

They had the free energy, just hadn’t quite figured out how it worked.

Nathan died in 1928 at 68 years old of starvation in his house that was heated by free energy.

Dr. Moray invented a transistorized solid state free energy machine that he showed to the world in 1928. Dr Moray drove a car that had bullet proof glass because he was shot at so many times.

Dr Mallove, stolen away in 2004 after sharing with us that we are only a few months away from unlimited clean free heat and electricity.

Numerous large objects have been photographed near our sun in the last decade. Are we making the connection that it is our extraterrestrial family that is saying "hello" to us?

"Get better here." Elder said to Bitch when he was making his stupid mistakes. "Get better here."

"You haven’t managed well." Father said to Bitch recently.

As our beautiful nation is being destroyed, and the mega death moves forward, what are the words to describe it all?

For the sins of America, what might we expect other than utter devastation and ruin for our destroying our world?

Such a wealthy and powerful nation, to be held by a small, cunning and clever false breed.

Their secret life of fornicating in the political order of our world.

Might it be that the lot of ordinary men is to turn down an offer of freedom, as long as they have enough to eat at the moment? Can we not see the disaster that is coming strait at us?

Is it not becoming clear that to reject freedom when given a chance to have it, will not even let us eat because of what Judah is doing to our food supply by poisoning it out on us?

"They're thiefs." Tele receive. 7.19 AM

While there is more than enough to go around for everyone, might their thief's routine be more related to their wish to harm us?

They could have plenty from legitimate ways, and yet Judah chose to always hurt us.

Do we not have some appreciation of why our good God above let them throw themselves out?

While there apparently are still some people who do not accept the fact that Judah did let loose with their great balls of fire to boom boom us out, when the truth breaks through and sets in, is there anyone that will ever allow them in once again? Unlikely isn’t it?

Their superior intelligence, that allowed them to murder us with impunity and get away with it generation after generation, for thousands of years.

They knew they could get away with short changing humans, but do we not see their foolishness when they tried to get away with short changing God?

They tried to steal from us and succeeded in every land that they have infested. They tried to steal the love of God for his children away, and did they not leave themselves short changed now?

Their four inch life style. It is in their reverse speech. Their feelings of inadequacy, made up by hurting their fellow man.

Licking their lips, moustaches and all. Smiling about the people they’ve hurt so bad.

Must we not though give them their due? That is, after attacking us with nuclear blast over four years ago, they are now finishing us out with nuclear waste soon.

The cow being mutilated, still apparently unaware of just how far it's gone.

John Kenneth Galbriath, the noted economist, when asked in an interview how the master class viewed ordinary people, John replied, "As a superior form of live stock."

How does it feel being goy?

Are we not all on the same page in understanding that Judah has cleared himself out of here for good now?

That is, when the cow figures it out, much chance the cow will be buying Judah any more Boeing constructed missiles or general dynamics intercontinental ballistic missile firing submarines?

Is there not enough appreciation for what God has done for us that we will get ourselves together and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Is it not believed that 200 million Americans are now going out with radiation sickness?

Revelation 9:17
"And this is how I saw the vision the horses and those who sat on them: the riders had breastplates the color of fire and of hyacinth and of brimstone; and the heads of the horses were like the heads of lions; and out of their mouths proceeded fire smoke and brimstone."

The die is deeply in. Can we only wonder, will Labor not try to do something to save yourselves here?

Bitch like an actor in a play, fumbled his lines early and the audience went away.

Instead of the theatre burning down this time, the world is burning away.

Father is helping us. Is there not some way to bring the mass of Labor in to STOP THE WAR?

"We rape you scum," Judee say.

See their faces on TV, many are still laughing at us. Though many have ghosted away.

Their "avalanche" that they plan from before first meeting us and beginning their relationship with us.

They missed with their blast avalanche, yet incredibly, their waste avalanche is still pouring in.

There's no editor here Labor. Just a simple working man blogging about the love of God for his children and how he wants us to set ourselves right.

Judah now holding us for the second biggest shot he has ever tried, right after his nuclear blast shot he missed, now he is going for his nuclear waste shot.

The nuclear reaction at Hitachi-GE is continuing everyday. No slow down at all.

With private control of bourse, Judah has been able to bring another nuclear dirty bomb on line in Japan, despite the opposition of the majority of the population.

Does it appear that as long as we allow them to hold the private issue of our money in their hands, that they will not care one way or the other about what we think about anything?

"You’re wiping out yourself." Tele receive. 8.32 AM

Jew gamble, he put his bets against the love of God.

Do the people not yet see that it was only the love of God for his children that we were saved from the big bad blast of weap Judee?

Judah huffed and puffed and tried to blow our house down. Did our good God not let Judah expose himself rightly?

Not much left of Judee boy now, in fact, the only thing he has left is the willingness of Labor to quietly go on funding his errant war sport.

Once American Labor gives him the brush, do we not see, that Judee has lost worldwide now?

People in starvation conditions while their leadership builds nuclear missiles.

Do we not see Judee or his shells throughout most every nation now?

"Pull them fair. They're out of here for vengeance." Tele receive. 8.44 AM

Might we not consider the manner in which our good God is affording us the opportunity to put ourselves into a new right path?

Can we not build us a system where everyone has input into the decision making true?

Instead of a world with haves and have nots, do we not see that we can have a world where everybody will have their God given rights to be free protected?

The basic existence stipend that God wills for all of his children. With something in it for everyone.

Will Labor not end funding the destroying of our world and get on the right side of God with us?

Does Labor not have some appreciation of the fact that if not for Wise Fish report, there would be no knowledge that Judah attacked us with his blast machine?

Even with Bitch's flaws, blemishes, inadequacies and fault, do we see at the root level that Bitch's unwillingness to go along with those who sport assault our brothers and sisters, may be why God has graced Bitch by speaking to me?

Do we not perceive that we must get past the assault and battery phase of our existence if we want to get ourselves into the good graces of God?

"Gentle wit." Tele receive. 8.59 AM

A yarmulke, a crown. A diamond studded tiara on their heads.

A rod, staff and a golden scepter. Do we not see that their time has now passed?

Out with the old and in with the new. Will Labor not put out the old fires of war and bring in the new state of peace for us all?

Will American Labor not put our Bill of Rights in and close out tyranny once and for all?

Columbus was seeking a new world and he discovered America. Bitch was seeking a new world and he discovered God.

God helps those who help themselves.

How about we try it Labor? You know the STRIKE. How about we help ourselves by setting God's children free from Judah war?

How about Labor going on a general STRIKE until Labor has the ownership of the authorization to issue and clear our public checks?

Is it not clear that with the love of God on our side we just cannot miss?

Has Judah not put himself so far out that he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to the point of a moral certainty, that he is just not capable of issuing our money for us anymore?

"Termite." Tele receive. 9.22 AM

The termite tribe of Judah has eaten our sustenance out. He is leaving us with poisoned fields and air.

Our good Father is here to help us. Will Labor not hear the Clarion call of peace?

Thousands of years of war and now a God willed opportunity for peace.

Will Labor not reach out and take the steps to bring us to peace?

We are the children of God.

We were made in the image of our creator to live in peace.

Judee boy learned that he could have it his way if only he would break the rules always.

Judah chose to offend our God creator and now Judah has lost his place with us here.

No love lost on this side here, good bye Judah stay gone.

Sorry I insulted you labor, that was not intentional, just a loose screw that needs some tightening.

I respect all working people and all people at all times.

Respect to honor and dignity. That is the way that Bitch feels towards everyone.

"Wake me when they’ve struck." Sweet Father said to Bitch.

"Serve me optimistic." Father also said.

Continued at:

18 years old, 49 years a

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