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China Strikes US, DC Air Traffic Computers Down
Sat Aug 15, 2015 07:29

For those of you who are watching you have noticed that there is now a shooting war started by the United States Corporation, as run by David Rothchidls, against the BRIC Nations.

(((Pray that the Rothchilds and their allies are immediately and completely immobilized for life)))

Three days ago two US Soldiers of Chinese Ancestry blew up a ship in Tajin Harbor in retaliation for the China devaluing their Yuan..

Today China knocked out the Washington DC Air Traffic Control Computers. In addition, if the US does not call a truce they may take down other computers.

As many of you recall - one of my battles for the veterans and the United States Corporation is to stop the Veteran's Administration Corporation form selling military records across the nation - they are illegally accessing Department of Defense Corporate Records.

I took a case to the US Supreme Court as a Foreign Ambassador and they refused the case because I was not a State - allot of BS for stating we will not hear your case.

In response some members of the US Military took all of the US Algorythms to enter US Based Corporations to China and they now have access to all US/UK based computers, self destruct weapons for our underground bases, etc.

Thus - at the stroke of a Key Stroke the US Air Traffic Control Towers can be taken off line by China, Russia, Iran, and 8 other nations.

As for the earthquakes that took out Trinidad and Mineral and created the last DC Earthquake - it was proof of this ability by China.

All attempts to disconnect our Underground Self Destruct Nukes form the Net have failed with a detonation - oops.

When your boat is sinking the first thing you do is plug the hole, then you bail it out.

Perhaps we should close the door - stop the VA form selling military records around the world and arrest those responsible for this violation of National Security????

Perhaps CIA/FBI Geniuses we should plug the hole - run my case through the US Supreme Court at Gun Point before we shut down the grid and the economy and your underground bases are either blown, filled with Cyanide Gas or loose power permanently and you die of suffocation?

Do you not see that the BRICS can systematically shut this nation down and blow your Underground Bases?

Are you that stupid CIA/FBI/NSA?

The US will respond very harshly in 3 days (+-3). The Rothchilds have already set in motion something China/Russia will hate. IF I told you then likely this will never end - just do ass GOD says and you win or wait until your leaders start getting bumped off - not your politicians, but your Masters in China.

As for those who believe the Latest Story about an Underground Nuke going off - not an Ammo Supply Ship - put your heads back into the sand. It is much too late in the game to try and wake you up.
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Dr William B. Mount

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