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Had Another Strange Dream last night. Someone gave me a co
Sat Aug 15, 2015 09:30

Had Another Strange Dream last night.

Someone gave me a couple of pills and I ate them. A little while later, I realized they were poison pills.

The poison started to take effect, it was only a few moments left in life. It was just me, no one else around to hear my last words. Then I opened my arms and said, "I love you all."

Shortly thereafter I woke from that dream to find myself still here.

Was the dream internally generated or was it Judee with his crystal ball coming in again?

Anyways, Bitchie pretty much has all of his last words ready to go now. From decades ago when Judee passed the word to "He brew his coffee," plus last night's dream, they go like this.

"Thanks for all the fun, I love you all."

How many people can we only wonder, have given much thought to what their last words will be?

"Tell Laura I love her. Tell Laura I need her. Tell Laura not to cry, my love for her, will never die."

Will we not pray to heal our nation of this eternal war disease?

What will the last words be, "I'm so glad that we struck them out, it allowed us to live free?"

Or will it go the other way, "Iím so sorry that I didnít try it, now my life is so shortened?"

American Labor, the prime funder of most all the war in our world.

I'm sorry that I was not able to bring you to save yourselves.

All the hopes, the dreams for the kids, to grow up and have a life worth living, bringing the grand kids up.

Such a comfortable life so many of us have. Go to church on Sunday and work all week long paying taxes that are used to slay our fellow man.

Now that the churches have not warned us of our demise in the well-planned Judah nuclear war, might it be difficult to explain why they have a free ride as institutions that serve our communities?

Is that not the premise of why we have tax free status for organizations within our society? They pay no taxes because they do good for us all?

As nuclear warheads continue to be burst off above our heads by our elders from space, might we not take a real good look at the way our political economic system is set up? Might we even question, "Is it really set up to serve us all?"

Might we consider the words Tax, taxes? The letter "T" with the word "Axes" behind it.

Thee "Axes of evil?"

Might that have something to do with why we pay such hideous fees to Judah? Might it be because we don't want him to send in the "Axes?"

Instead we meekly pay him, and no axes show up at our door, though the axes show up at our brothers door in some far away land.

Might it be that we then go to church on Sunday to pray for our brother who is being shot out by the axes that we pay for with our labor during the week?

Maybe we make a decision at some level to just pay the Jew to get him off of us, and then pray for those who he then uses our money to harm?

Might there be a disguise, a Darwinian hiding in claims of 'survival of the fittest,' when in reality what we are really dealing with is dereliction of duty to one another?

That the Babylonian cipher has been able to penetrate America to the point that he has cast off hundreds of millions of people living here, not reveal something to us about how we have failed to focus on what is significant here?

Bitch worked out the numbers 50 years ago November of this year. Either nuclear weapons go or we go.

If a space ship was available to get off of this planet and go somewhere else, Bitch may not have been as concerned about it.

Bitch no goo goo boy, his life has been threatened by nuclear war and his intelligence told him to do something about it. Will Labor not wake up to the menace here and act to end it?

Might it be Bitch 1/8 Judee vitamin that knows that Judee will take us all away, have a nice meal, have his happy hour, and then go to bed and sleep real well?

Bitch knows that we are being perished well, and many seem to not notice or care a wit.

Bitch read in reverse speech from Hitler and company that they knew when they began building long-range missiles that it was all ancient technology to Mercury.

Judah continued building his Nazi ballistic missile technology in America.

For those here at the time of the cold war years, do we recall the propaganda line was that nuclear missiles were being built to "protect us from the communists?"

Might we not guess Judah real purpose in wiring our planet up for a four-hour burn was to, "maintain paralyzing fear?"

From Khrushchev, to Mao to Ho Chi Minh and beyond. Judah 5th columnists taking political control in every land.

The attack on Pearl Harbor led by Admiral Yamamoto (1884-1943).

Yamamoto purportedly died when American code breakers learned of his travels and shot his plane down two years after Pearl Harbor.

Yamamoto had spent many years traveling the United States before the war which included two years, 1919-1921, at Harvard.

Do we not detect a Judah hybrid shell transplant?

The code breakers that supposedly found him out and shot him down, do we not see a clever ghosting operation there?

He did his job, by attacking Pearl Harbor he forced Japan into a war with America. Can we only wonder where he spent his last days then? Maybe in Argentina with Hitler?

Judah hybrid shell 5th columnist transplants. Do we not see how they weave themselves into and take over societies all around our world?

Do we see how Japan making war on China brought in the Judah shell Mao?

North and South Korea. Were those not profitable wars for Judah mutual kids? Did Americans not pay and die good?

"Sucker," Judee say.

Vietnam. Now trafficking in nuclear materials. ET "MARKING" them out.

Do we see how Judah rises their shell leaders within? Do we not yet spot the Judah shell in most all lands?

Pakistan and India with nuclear arsenals now. India with a long range nuclear missile capability.

Do we note in the next picture of this submarine launched nuclear missile, our elders from space "MARKING" the launch?

Notice the object just to the right of the tip of the missile? Do we not sense how closely our elders from space are keeping track of nuclear weapons here?

India nuclear missile with their intercontinental ballistic missile firing submarine.

While thinking about Argentina, it is as most all nations, in the grip of Judah. Do we have some ideas of why it has been attacked with nuclear missiles?

Here are pictures of a nuclear warhead being burst off over Argentina from Bitch world.
Elders stepped in and saved the day again.

Are we getting some ideas of the secret life of Judah?

Chuichi Nagumo

Nagumo was Japan's carrier strike force commander. He was in charge of executing Yamamoto's plan for the Pearl Harbor attack

Chuichi purportedly committed suicide in 1944. Might he really have been another Judee shell ghost guy one step ahead of the long arm of the law?

Has Judah not had Druid assaulting druid forever? Might that not help to explain the fall out here?

Instead of Druid doing the assaulting though, do we not see the shell people that appear on the surface to be Druids, yet are really more Judah shell people?

Judee reveals in reverse speech that his highest number of shell people are to be found among the people from the land of the good people.

Might that help to explain his high score in the neighborhood?

His supposed do gooder deeds of using the courts to guarantee that every poor defendant has a lawyer. Rather than serving the poor, might we not conjecture that it is another way that he uses public sources for boursing his team members?

People going into debt over suspended drivers licenses, ending up in jail

By Ryan Brennan

A story of a Tennessee man has a lot of people coming forward to relate. Kenneth Seay stated that he had lost his last job after he was thrown in jail for legal issues that involved a revoked driverís license. Before he lost that job, which was at an industrial bakery that offered employees health insurance and a Christmas bonus, Seay had lost three other jobs for similar reasons.

Nobody is getting out of here alive, so what is there to be afraid of?

Do we see what can happen to a simple workingman who gets caught up with no rights in the court system?

When our rights are in place, do we not see that a jury would decide whether the simple workingman in the story above owed the state some fine money and if so, exactly how much?

Will Labor not put in a jury decision needed first, before a man or woman is put into a Judah cage?

Will Labor not put our civil rights in?

Have many workers given much thought to how such a minor thing as an unpaid ticket could lead to imprisonment, loss of job and income source leading then to homelessness?

The most assaultive bunch that have learned that dungeons work great. Now attacking us with their last hope, nuclear particles for our lungs and brains.

Nano particle research for our food. GMOs for our children's lunch at school.

Tireless in their assaulting the human race out when it is for free. Is there not some way that American Labor will come to life and end funding their war disease?

America, are we so full of hubris that we no longer can hear the word of God to save ourselves?

They like to mouse, it's a sport for Judah man and woman. They train their little kids to take us out at the very earliest of ages.

They thrill in the kill. That they can control other people and get them to kill for them, gives them the greatest excitement.

A sense of majesty that they truly are above the rest of human Beings.

They claim they are superior and we are inferior, and on that basis, they claim they have a right to kill us. Itís their "theory."

Might we not surmise that their theory only works as long as they have all the free money they want to hire felons to assault us?

"We're creatures that they spermed off." Tele receive just in at 1.15 PM

Do we see how they focus on the important stuff, like getting the private control of the issue of our money into their hands?

"They've destroyed us. They're destroying us. Tele receives. 5.46 AM

Could both of those statements not be true?

Labor has waited too long. Labor has let Judah destroy us. Labor is still waiting and Judah is still destroying us.

Judah arson machine in full swing. As one reporter said, "it looks like it is going to take some deaf dead to remedy this."

Do those who have their thinking caps screwed on right not know what the deal is here?

Do we see that to get to our Father's house, we need everyone to have their thinking caps screwed on right to get us out of tyranny and war?

Is it not becoming clearer each and every day that we will either stop this war or will die not trying?

Has Bitch not given the truth here?

We have had extraterrestrials trying to reach us with the warnings of what will happen in the end times that we now are in. For two thousand years we have been warned about what Judah would do to us when it was his time to leave.

Can Labor not read the writing on the wall?

"Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin."

Is there not enough evidence seen of the impending disaster that is upon us all?

The message was decoded and meant the end of the Babylonian kingdom was at hand.

For their inability to accommodate others, for their forcing genocide wherever they go, the Federation has let them throw themselves out of here.

For what reason is American labor still holding them in?

Does Labor not yet see that the Babylonians have thrown themselves out of here forever now for what they did?

If it was only in the past, for what they did, there may be some pause to not act immediately. Yet is it not seen, they are still finishing us all out of here? Will Labor not end letting them do it for free?

Does Labor not yet see that we are the victims of Genocide?

Our fields being burned out to leave us with poverty and famine. Our atmosphere being poisoned to leave us with disease and death.

Our resources being destroyed right in front of our eyes.

Too simple to save ourselves? Too subordinated, too frightened or what?

If only Bitchie wouldn't have insulted ya's might we have had the spirit and pulled this Judah guy out of here years ago?

Has the Federation not magnified Judah imperfections enough?

Father has done all for us, he has let them get themselves out of here. We have not yet done a thing for Father's love. What can it be that is holding us up?

Our Father up above us, he sure loves us Labor. Will we not give God a try?

The cipher of ancient Babylon. Has it not proven itself faulty enough that we will take our ownership of the authority to issue our money away from it?

"They have no defensible rights."

God our Father said that concerning the position that Judah now finds themselves in in our world. "They have no defensible rights."

American Labor now the only party supporting Judah right to destroy us, our children and our world.

What in the name of God could be holding Labor from trying to save yourselves?

"What happened here?"

God almighty asked that after Bitch had his blooper attack.

"What happened here?"

Does Labor not yet see that this world is in your hands now? Judah has stepped out forever. He's not coming back in.

Has the Babylonian cipher not finally lost its match?

After 5 thousand years, Babylon is finally gone, and with it their less than swell deals for us.

As God wills the meek are to inherit the earth, will Labor not step in and STRIKE THEM OUT and let the meek come in?

STRIKE THEM OUT. That's all there is to it. Take the authority to issue our money into your hands.


God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy
Saturday, August 15 ó Psalm 98
Jeremiah 10:17Ė11:23; 2 Thessalonians 2:13Ė3:5

O Lord, do your eyes not look for truth? Jeremiah 5:3

Remember your leaders, those who spoke the word of God to you; consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Hebrews 13:7

God of history and eternity, we praise you for the inspired lives of those upon whose shoulders we stand. Empower us to also live lives of courage and practical faith. May you be glorified. In Christís name. Amen.

Continues at:

"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

Be thou with me my joy and gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My heart is glad when thou art near me

My eyelids closed by thy tender hands

My eyes with love will rest on thee

Johann Bach (1685-1750)
Tele receives:


We just lost our field.

I respect your nice.

They're dumbin' us.

Thanks. 11.52 AM

They parasited your fail. 11.50 AM

Psychopaths are out.

They're cycling a mace of us here.

Concentrate your mind.

You sweet thing, you swept them away.

Stupid here is racially telling us the truth.

The plaintiff fell in for not aggressive.

War is always illeg

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