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Sun Aug 16, 2015 08:16

Please go google...OBAMA THE ANTI CHRIST.

It is scarry folks. Obama fulfills prophesy.

In the coming WW3 PUTIN is the good guy.

We must get on the phone to both the Russian Embassy, and our congressman, and senators and call for...

1. Obamas arrest.

2.A constitutional military takeover of our FEDERAL GOVT.

We have about a month left before the NUCLEAR WAR or the RUSSIAN EMP BOMB. WW3 has actually already started with the skirmishes in the Middle East.

I think it will be the Russian EMP bomb, because Putin and the Russian still have a heart for we American citizens.



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    • OBAMA IS THE ANTI CHRIST! — Richard P. Sheridan, Sun Aug 16 08:16
      • Russian embassyMichael Treis, Sat Aug 22 01:37
        You should post the tele # for the embassy !
        • Thanks for the Suggestion Michael re Russian Embassy phone #Richard P. Sheridan, Sun Aug 23 13:15
          I posted the Russian Embassys phone number today and here it is again... RUSSIAN EMBASSY PHONE NUMBER... 202 298 5700 PLEASE CALL TO HELP STOP WORLD WAR 3. Say we need the arrest of Obama and a... more
          • Talking to embassyMichael Treis, Mon Aug 24 07:46
            Thanks for the embassy. Its pretty freaking bad when you have to apologize to the Russians for the actions of our "president!"
            • I SENT POSTCARDS TO THE RUSSIAN EMBASSY N THE PENTAGONRichard P. Sheridan, Mon Aug 24 12:56
              In addition to the APFN post, I sent a postcard to The Russian Embassy, and the Joint Chiefs saying the same thing... ARREST OBAMA. A CONSTITUTIONAL TAKEOVER OF OUR FEDERAL GOVT. If enough people did ... more
            • Forcing a War Die is Fatal "Worse you right," Judee say. Patrick Sullivan, Mon Aug 24 12:23
              Forcing a War Die is Fatal "Worse you right," Judee say. If we can see the light, do we not see that it has been the professionals that got the big score on us? The well educated. Well placed in our... more
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