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We're being physically destroyed with nuclear waste. They've
Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:52

We're being physically destroyed with nuclear waste. They've Pushed the Button and You've done nothing.

God almighty gave us the peace and American Labor is still funding war.

God almighty of Heaven and Earth has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Is this to be our end, perishing now as fools fantastic?

200 million American fish to die off over the next 6 years from radiosis.

"Your lives won’t be spared." Elder said.

Said, "good wishes" to our elder Jason and his telepathic voice mail said: "The Jews have confused and nailed fish."

"Save yourself." Tele receive. 3.15 AM

A third of the human race on the surface of planet earth now going out of life form.

Bitch has been blaming himself, yet after thinking it through, he has shared the message from our elders from space with everyone.

Sure he's made a bunch of stupid mistakes, yet has he not made the truth known? Is it not certain that precious sweet Father loves us all equally? Yes he does.

The bible told us what was coming two thousand years ago, and now it is happening right in front of our eyes.

Will Labor not help us now?

We quietly go along paying for war, while we source Judah to destroy us and our children.

"You've been warned. Your lives won't be spared." Father and our Elders from space have told us.

Those that love the Lord and fear God will be spared. Our elders can read our minds and know what we are thinking.

"Nothing sadder here, you failed your house." Tele receive. 2 AM

If Judah wouldn’t have killed all of our brightest, might we not of had the voices to clue us as to the truth?

Highly advanced Beings that put tears in the sky to tell us how they cry as we perish ourselves out.

The universe at peace. Planet earth, in American Labor funded Judah sport war.

Has Judas not trimmed the working people back quite a bit? Significant numbers of workers with not enough to eat for the kids. The working poor.

In a short time, a half dozen years or less, if we let our resources be fully poisoned out, might we not expect the majority to sicken and die off?

After thousands of years of dying us off, the last weap of Judah, nuclear waste; what will it be, Judah wins again?

Hardly a store or restaurant that is not set up to catch us when we come in.

A range of toxins ready, just waiting for the beeper to vibrate the code to the Judah opp waiting within.

Cancer a specialty of Judah.

Here's a story that caught Bitch's attention. An arrest based on the word of the cook at a restaurant:

Man Charged With Beating, Robbing Elgin Steak and Shake employee

A male employee was in the parking lot of the Steak ‘n Shake at about 4 a.m. June 30 when he tried to stop 24-year-old Lemont Span, a customer who was trying to leave without paying for his meal, Elgin police said in a statement.

When the employee asked Span for payment, Span punched him, knocking him to the ground, and began kicking him, police said. He then took the employee’s phone and left the area.

Investigators identified Span as the suspect in the robbery and arrested him Friday without incident, police said.

Span, of the 1500 block of Meyer Street in Elgin, is charged with a felony count of robbery and a misdemeanor count of battery, according to police.

A judge ordered him held on a $15,000 bond Saturday, according to the Kane County sheriff’s office. His next court date wasn’t immediately available.

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What's wrong with that story?

Might we not ask where is the probable cause to make an arrest?

Might we note that the corporate state, ordinarily has no cause of action in a civil case involving a private company?

If the state has no civil cause of action in the matter, might we not ask in what way could allegations from an employee of a private company constitute probable cause to make a criminal arrest?

Does it not appear that there is no legal standing for the corporate state to proceed until the corporation has a grand jury determine whether or not there is probable cause that the allegations are true, and that it is the person named that did it?

To comport with the requirements of justice, should the person named not also be notified and given a chance to speak when the grand jury is convened?

Are we not aware of how Judah has been known for opping people in to his prison system?

Will Labor not put our civil rights in and protect all of us with ordinary American due process of law?

"Sold." Tele receive. 3.35 AM

If we have lost the majority of our population to nuclear waste, and they are to die off in the next 6 years, then why is Bitch still posting?

Because our elders from space have not left us, and God our precious sweet Father loves us all equally.

Might many of us not be saved yet? Will we not pray that we are?

Two out of three Americans slated to die off now in the next half dozen years from nuclear waste disease. That leaves one out of three that may survive.

A general strike will remove the ownership of the authorization to issue our money from Judah, and Judah will be grand juried out with his establishment. That is, if Labor will help us here.

Must Americans not end casually wiping our resources out?

"And Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

A couple of thousand radiation equivalents of Hiroshima into our environment each and every day.


Private contractors still shooting us down in the streets.

American state now a merchants rights power tyranny racket where the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money, is in the private hands of Judah and nobody else.

If only Bitch wouldn’t have insulted ya's.

If only Judah didn’t execute flawlessly.

Judah has revealed in reverse speech, that he plans to harm the dollar and substitute with the ruble.

He has lost his summons in America, and his debt imprisonment is done. He is doing all that he can to break us economically before he goes in.

Our Labor is so productive, that circumstances make it hard for Judah to wipe us out economically.

By our ability to produce so well, it seems that it is nearly impossible for even the most inept by design to pull us down complete.

That is, if not for his secret drawing card, "MOX."

The deadliest of poisons to have ever been turned loose on the planet. Now pouring into our fields and atmosphere. Poisoning our oxygen out.

Do we not yet see the plan is to get us all right on out of here permanently with his Jewish electricity?

Extra terrestrials have been "MARKING" Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico for years now.

Might we make a few guesses why?

Bitch can tell by reading reverse speech, that some of the highest of our political elite are going to go in there.

Building an underground shelter near a volcano. Why? Might there be volcanic sources for heat and electricity?

Judah knows how deadly nuclear energy is, and will not use it where he lives.

Judah undergrounds are now using velocity power sources so there is no need any longer to be building his shelters near volcanoes.

It appears from researching it, Judah had velocity power supplies up and running in the undergrounds in 1995.

The mountain hotel shelters for our elite near volcanoes, may have been under construction and in operation for an extended period of time. They may be the most luxurious, and so the top elite may want to go to live in them when they flee the surface of our world.

The Harz Mountains in Northern Germany appear to be where many of the European elite will be heading into when it is time to leave us all stranded on a burned out planet to die.

They've pushed the button and pulled the trigger. Is it not clear that they have lost it all?

Thank you grandfather for caring for Bitch and all the rest of your grandchildren on earth.

Judah nuclear missiles are out, they just cannot get a clean shot off on us. Thank you Sir Casper for pulling them out.

Martians have let Judah and his royals finish themselves out.

4.18 AM. Judah turned his microwave beam on me again. Will Labor not end funding this?

We've let our useful be turned into waifs and assaulted out by Judah and his opps

Will Labor not yet change this fail into a victory in peace?

We've failed to even save our own selves.

4.24 AM

Kind Being just spoke to me and pulled some of the signal off of me.

Have we not fooled ourselves Labor, letting Judah still issue our money after learning what he has done with it?

Judah still selling white power as to why our planet is dying out here in war. Does white fish appear to be much other than an employee in master Judah's house?

4.31 AM. Beam strength coming up strong now. Thank you sir for pulling some of it off of me.

We all have 223 high level thinking genetics. Judah has used his for thousands of years to hold and fist the rest of us here.

God wants to help us Labor. Will we not listen to the love of God for his children and STOP THE WAR?

"The sensitive are rising here." Tele receive. 9.14 AM

Can we only hope and pray that that is true?

They pushed the button and we've done nothing. So if we have allowed ourselves and our family to be perished out in a nuclear blast war, what indications are there that we will prevent our family from now being perished out in a nuclear waste war?

Might we say that there are not any indications that we have any ability to survive a nuclear war of any type?

4.42 AM. Real strong now. The last time was only about a week ago that Judee shot me with his beam weapon.

Nobody believes Judah in Iowa any more. Will Labor not close the 1% out right?

Judah don't love us Labor. They’re an error in creation.

From reading reverse speech, it looks as if congress passed some money that is used for putting veterans in.

4.52 AM. The signal seems like it is about to end. Still running a little bit. This is slightly over a half hour now.

4.54 AM. The satellite must have passed around the curvature of the earth.

Thank you elders for keeping the high intensity off of me.

Bitch is finally coming to realize, my intelligence apparently is different in some ways from other people. So different that many don’t believe what Bitch is saying.

Bitch has a facility of mind in the technical area that is very high according to elders.

If there is no Labor helping each other, does intelligence have little value then?

Do we see that intelligence is real useful when it is part of Labor practice and production?

Lester Hendershot, Nikolai Tesla, Nathan Stubblefield, Dr. Henry Moray. Just a few of the people who have built and demonstrated free energy machines.

They all did it using intuitive intelligence.

That is, by experiment they were able to get their machines running, and intuitively worked to increase the output.

No theory of operation at that time.

In the area of nuclear weapons, intuitively Bitch knew by 1965 that nuclear weapons had to go away.

Didn’t have the theory of operation until 1997.

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are, you'll be amazed," Brainiac said.

Might it merely be Judah terrorism that is so effective with fooling man?

That is, we could figure it out, is it just that it is too painful to confront having to go against Judah and his Anglo-Zionist terrorist network?

Father's house is a house of light, love and truth. No deceptions allowed in. What we see is what we get. No falseness.

With free energy, Dr. Moray said, "I think it has something to do with the size of the particles."

He put his finger right on it.

If we think of a centrifuge, high speed spin rotation causing the heavier particles to move towards the outer edge. Lighter particles remaining near the center.

In a velocity power source, the lighter particles, which is the electrical side, accelerate into percents of the speed of light and change their time.

The heavy particles, our magnetic side, concentrate in our machine coils.

JJ Thompson, lord Kelvin, discovered from his studies of light that the magnetic field is naturally rotatory.

Once the electric side of electricity is in a different time zone, the magnetic field is opened up to interaction with the standing waves of our planet, and universe.

Changing the time of one electron mass unit of electric field energy frees 3600 electron mass units of magnetic energy to extract free energy from the static fields of our planet and universe. 3600 electron mass units is the size of an atom of matter. That is a basic conversion number for free energy velocity power source machines. One unit of energy has the potential to extract from standing waves, the static field, 3600 units of free energy.

If only our money had been held at the time of Tesla, Dr. Moray, Hendershot and Stubblefield, in the hands of Labor, might they have been encouraged to get together with the theoretical of Kaluza and Klein?

Lester Hendershot even guessed that the energy in his free energy machine was coming from earth rotation. Earth rotates at 1,000 miles per hour. 24 hours for a complete rotation cycle.

He wound his coils he thought, in opposition to the earth's rotation.

Lester, after building a free energy machine and showing another researcher how to build a free energy generator, purportedly went home and committed suicide at 61 years of age?

Might we not consider here, as velocity free energy machines are real, proven from over a century ago, on what basis would we ever allow nuclear energy in with its threat of waste to poison our planet and extinct our species?

Is it not coming through yet, might the plan not be exactly that, too extinct our species with the use of nuclear waste?

Are we not yet seeing Judah and his hybrid transplant shells who are doing an extinction to us now?

Do we not perceive that it is under cover of his world wars that he is getting Americans done on out of here with nuclear waste?

We're being perished. What more can be said?

Is it not clear, it is a perfected die operation that Judah has going on us here?

From Bitch analysis it looks that Judah has been using the clean free energy of velocity power sources in his undergrounds for about 20 years now.

Judah had a patent in 1991 that revealed that his HAARP energy sources showed over unity when two beams came together.

So while he may not have had a good theoretical explanation at that time, he knew he could produce over unity by putting two beams together.

Four years later in 1995, we have an electrical engineer that installed radio and computer systems in military undergrounds that could not be connected to the power sources there because the power supply would not operate ordinary electrical equipment.

The electrical engineer in question, had retired and did a video talking about his career installing computer systems in underground facilities.

Bitch listened to the video years ago. The engineer wondered why the electricity there would not run ordinary systems. He had to run a line to an outside connection to use ordinary power line electricity.

The indication to Bitch is that the velocity power supply system was so new, they had not figured out yet how to bring it to operate ordinary conventional equipment.

It would run incandescent lights, but not frequency controlled equipment yet.

That was 20 years ago. Is it not more than certain, that Judah has the entire package operating in their secure undergrounds, where many of them are hiding as they die us out?

Does the truth of velocity power sources not reveal to us the plan of Judah and his nuclear technology?

Continues at:

The start up of a nuclear reactor in Japan the other day. Is it not clear, it is not to d

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    Please go google...OBAMA THE ANTI CHRIST. It is scarry folks. Obama fulfills prophesy. In the coming WW3 PUTIN is the good guy. We must get on the phone to both the Russian Embassy, and our... more
    • Russian embassyMichael Treis, Sat Aug 22 01:37
      You should post the tele # for the embassy !
      • Thanks for the Suggestion Michael re Russian Embassy phone #Richard P. Sheridan, Sun Aug 23 13:15
        I posted the Russian Embassys phone number today and here it is again... RUSSIAN EMBASSY PHONE NUMBER... 202 298 5700 PLEASE CALL TO HELP STOP WORLD WAR 3. Say we need the arrest of Obama and a... more
        • Talking to embassyMichael Treis, Mon Aug 24 07:46
          Thanks for the embassy. Its pretty freaking bad when you have to apologize to the Russians for the actions of our "president!"
          • I SENT POSTCARDS TO THE RUSSIAN EMBASSY N THE PENTAGONRichard P. Sheridan, Mon Aug 24 12:56
            In addition to the APFN post, I sent a postcard to The Russian Embassy, and the Joint Chiefs saying the same thing... ARREST OBAMA. A CONSTITUTIONAL TAKEOVER OF OUR FEDERAL GOVT. If enough people did ... more
          • Forcing a War Die is Fatal "Worse you right," Judee say. Patrick Sullivan, Mon Aug 24 12:23
            Forcing a War Die is Fatal "Worse you right," Judee say. If we can see the light, do we not see that it has been the professionals that got the big score on us? The well educated. Well placed in our... more
      • "We're trying to save you's and our receive you refused. Fused by the hostiles that have seized you's, over tonnage in the worst way. You killed the dream of the innocent." Those words from one of... more
    • We're being physically destroyed with nuclear waste. They've — Patrick Sullivan, Sun Aug 16 10:52
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