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“Humanoid” flying over Los Angeles, California 9-Aug-2015
Tue Aug 18, 2015 03:43

“Humanoid” flying over Los Angeles, California 9-Aug-2015

Posted on August 18, 2015 by LUFOS in daytime UFO, Latest posts, N. America, UFO videos // 4 Comments

I just received this report:

Locaton: Los Angeles, California
Date: 9th August 2015

Witness report: Best evidence we have seen and captured yet of the humanoid shaped anamolies that we have been seeing as it was captured on 3 cameras with dozens of eyewitnises to attest to seeing this object while at the free Public event.

5 Comments on “Humanoid” flying over Los Angeles, California 9-Aug-2015

Greg // August 18, 2015 at 11:39 am // Reply

that’s clearly an inflated Michelin man
Sven // August 18, 2015 at 11:57 am // Reply

Come on…..
Anonymous // August 18, 2015 at 12:04 pm // Reply

its a balloon
martin harris // August 18, 2015 at 12:16 pm // Reply

Now we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel. How about some serious UFO footage.
A Michelin Man balloon. Good grief…..


Are we not understanding that our elders from outer space choose to speak to us with a meta-transiliatory communication?

Why might they speak in such a fashion?

Could it be something to do with the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons in the hands of weap Judah exclusive? A high level way to wake us up thinking?

Are we not yet aware that he is the guy who built 150,000 atomic bombs and attacked us with a bunch of them?

Do we recall ever hearing that Judah is the same guy that has the exclusive right to issue our money in his private hands?

Has it not yet broken through to the collective consciousness of the people that many earthlings have had contact for an extended period of time with our elders from outer space?

Will Labor not become responsible, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from Judah?

STOP THE WAR Labor. Do we not see that if we cannot get this one most important thing done, STOP THE WAR, then we are done?

We've been given a second chance to survive nuclear war. Will Labor not give us some help?

Might we not view our elders from outer space as having arrived to help us burn the whip?

Will Labor not take our purse away from master Judah and bring us to peace?

Details at:

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