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BRICS Srike Back At US/UK
Wed Aug 19, 2015 09:37

The Real Putin is back and he is very upset.

The BRICS are tired of being pushed around by those in London and DC and are now preparing to strike back.

After the recent US Made Hurricanes that hit Northern with winds so horrific a bridge actually blew down, then the destruction of an Ammo Ship in the main Northern Chinese Harbor the BRICS have had enough.

China was ready to sign off on $3 Trillion in US Debt but has decided to take it out of the hides of the US/UK Bankstas. They are dead meat - their underground homes will either be blown, poisoned or have either power terminated. It's Over.

Eight years ago a letter was sent to the White House explaining this and this Ambassador was called a nutcase, a cook. These folks (I know several) are not laughing any more - they are genuinely scared.

There 8 years are up and they are about to be dealt with by GOD. Not one nation has done as GOD has asked.

What we stated 1 October 2007 applies today - so - Bankstas and Lucifarians - be afraid, be very much afraid.

What we said needs to be done to stabilize the situation has not changed ONE IOTA. You in DC/UK either do as GOD has directed you or your system will come crashing down on your heads and you will be terminated: so HE has said it, so it shall be - and death means an eternal damnation in a lower harmonics.

Now you even have President Putin upset that a US paid Oligarc shot him and is ready for War - I mean Real War. You know - Nukes detonated in your underground hide outs, gas canisters going of down there, power being terminated, etc.

Last night I got a call about Russian Troops lining up to take Southeastern Ukraine to seize mines that have a certain mineral that is apparently sold to a large saucer that sits about 30,000 feet over that part of the Ukraine - they harvest a mineral that cannot be Grown like Gold, Silver and Iron and the US Forces are demanding an unfair price as they murder millions of Yemen'. Iraquis, Ukrainians by order of the Rothchilds and the Roman Pope.

This was confirmed in a story on

So after a heavy artillery barrage by last night by US Forces to kill Ukrainian Civilians the Russians have decided to move 5 divisions into the region to stabilize the economy and feed the local people.

It is time to pray and take care of your own families. It does not appear that either China, Russia, the Corporate US and those Supreme Commanders in Brussels will do as they have been asked by GOD - they have chose death so let them kill each other.

Take care of your family and prepare for 3 weeks to 3 months of no power. If it is truned off it is Homeland Security that will do it - can we Zeig Heil yet?

Please watch the video to learn more.

BRICS Strike Back At US - YouTube
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Dr William B. Mount

Just please be ready:

BRICS Strike Back At US - YouTube

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