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"The Only Reason you Received our word is because we saved B
Wed Aug 19, 2015 12:46

"The Only Reason you Received our word is because we saved Bitch from Battery. AID US!

Those words from elders earlier today. Elders repeatedly saved Bitch from Judee battery. Bitch can understand why there is fear to go against weap Judah. The list of those dead is long and growing. Elders are speaking to us Labor. Will you not aid in your own survival? Will Labor not aid us as we are being perished out of life form?

We died ourselves.

Our soulful, spirited, our real extra useful, are being died out of here now in haste as Judah steals away as many of our really useful, before he and his heritage are out of here for good.

His heritage, stealing our children away from us to hurt our feelings. To make us cry. To punish us; the reason he gives to himself of why he lives; to make upon us.

We're poisoning out ourselves. They've falsed our mental to where we couldn’t save ourselves. We’re dying ourselves out of here now.

"They're dying us voyeurism." Tele receive. 9 AM

Judee has fallen and he can't get up. For what in God's name could honest American Labor be the only party on the planet holding him in?

"Patrick, he is rightful to us." Tele receive. 4.07 PM

It's a giant fear roll. Judah is still rolling America away. Punishing us in ways that we will suffer from through massive loss of life form over the years now.

Shooting error through.

Tele receives:

"You died yourself selfish.

We're out of fear.

Without taking the police off the spinach is going to destroy you. 7.50 PM

Their natives failed us.

Bitch is over tired.

Changing rules will leave Judah die all of you.

You exhaust this drupid fail.

They falsed your mental to where you couldn't save yourselves.

Your field is being burned out nicely. 7.58 PM

They're fisty minded and keep sporting you out.

Idiots for race horses. 8.03 PM

They've poisoned us out of rich.

Dyin' to roast you. 8.06 PM

You die a helpless life form. 8.08 PM

Forced you right out of here. 8.10 PM

Rice has failed us. 8.11 PM

You failed your weird. 8.12 PM

You failed your octopus. 8.15 PM

Obviously munch power is weaped beautifully. 8.16 PM

All our life forms are being transformed. 8.20 PM

Roll the fist cagerous.

Stupid failing.

Police sight fairly coming for us. 9.15 PM

You keep falsing yourselves out stupid.

Fear relationship has been used to fail us rightly.

App courage. 9.19 PM

They died us all. 10.22 PM

Say what you want, Bitch is saving our kids.

They cage us and cancel us out.

In their Jewish they’re now poisoning us in, a great right in their heritage.

They're throwing out our fields with a sport wrench, it's wicked.

Their game is so kill. 2.48 AM.

Punishing whole family soul fish.

Throw off their vicious with mercy. 3.22 AM"

Will we not pray with all our hearts and minds that the love of God breaks through and leads us to STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor not step in and prevent the loss of all that we have in America?

"We rightfully pushed the button. We hate handsome. I'm exhausting you awfully nice here. I'm boring your wits out," Judee say.

As they have brought themselves to their end now, is there not some way to convince Labor to let them off right?

"You're punishing yourselves completely in." Tele receive. 3.41 AM

"A pure atom." 3.42 AM

So foolish Labor, when we have our good God with us to guide us into the right way. The way of peace for all the children of God on earth. So foolish to perish us. Is there not some way that the ordinary fish will hear the love of our good God and STOP THE WAR?

To STOP THE WAR? Is it not clear that a general STRIKE will clear the merciless Judah cipher out of here?

The human race will eventually be cleared of the only cipher that has a terminal weakness, an inability to accommodate others. The only question we are dealing with then, "will there be anything left of America at that time?"

It's a fold for Judah. he's not coming in again. Attacked us all out with his great balls of fire and lost them all.

Judah laid in wait generation after generation, passing on to his children the keys to the nuclear war machine. His paralyzing fear to hold us in. His purpose, a capitol offense. The crime of taking us all out of life in an all out nuclear war. The crime of perishing all of God's kids.

"Their gamble life has been established." Tele receive. 3.50 AM

Our elders from space have saved us. What is holding Labor from helping us to STOP THE WAR?

Is it not clear that we have all the ability we need to keep our nation running smoothly in peace? We have a technical ability that is absolutely incredible. Will the working people of America not STOP THE WAR?

We've got the circuit, so they will not be able to shut us down with any oil embargo when we have the circuit up and running and online. Our air will stay clean because we can use velocity to heat our homes and industry. NO air pollution problems anymore.

Keep the house as warm as we like. Costs all the same, only the cost of the velocity circuit and the electric heaters and fans.

Velocity power sources, the biggest single economic advance in our history, Judah blocked it and is finishing us out with nuclear waste. Judah shells in Japan just started another nuclear dirty bomb up, that he calls a Jewish electricity power plant. A volcano and earthquake are brewing in the area. Is there not some sense of what they are doing to us?

Might Droopy go out of life form big time? Must we not stop funding Judah giving us our own die?

"Foolish to do nothing." Elders from space have said for years.

"Foolish to do nothing."

Is it not established, they're out?

Judah spent many generations with his best and brightest of Judah nuclear science, designing and building vast intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile arsenals in America and Russia, then attacking us all out with them.

God almighty of Heaven and Earth had the angels pull every single nuclear shot out of the air. Judah, after having their blast taken away from them, now they're poisoning our fields and air with Jewish electricity waste.

Is there any one that thinks Judah will be deciding much for us any longer when it finally sinks in that they have perished us HUGE, repeatedly using the best of Jewish scientists with nuclear degrees?


Are the facts not yet clear by those who know what is true?

"You failed in a dog like way." Tele receive from yesterday.

Father said to Bitch, "You failed me."

So it’s true. Yet will there be any that will claim, that Bitch did not tell everybody the truth?

"We came to warn you." our extraterrestrial friend Morris the Qwill said.

"Your lives won’t be spared." Elder from space said.

We’re being destroyed along with our families. And the pathetic part, we have the tools to inform ourselves if only we choose to. We have the tools to save ourselves, pulling our labor in a general STRIKE! Then take the authority to issue our money away from them.

A free library card and an afternoon spent on the computers searching for the truth. Then forty minutes of deep thinking. That is how much time Judah said is needed to figure out his game that he plays on us.

It's all-obvious, once understood. God had his angels step aside 2700 year ago, and return to Mt Olympus and stay inside because of Judah plan to fist them. The pieces all fit together. 700 BC, Judah figured it out, we are all one species both us and the angels. Angels are the early risers of our species who already went extraterrestrial.

The universe is teaming with life. High-level life forms of every design. All sharing together and living in peaceful cohesion.

Reptiles, amphibians. Birds, mammalians. Insects, like the kind Being and also very well dressed in a sharp space suit, Spiderman. Kind sweet Turtles, who genetically engineered themselves to remove their own shells. Flying about in their spacecraft. Flying throughout our galaxy and beyond. Can we not do better here Labor than merely quietly paying Judah to hire us to fist one another?

The fact of our extraterrestrial good neighbors has been known to Judah for 2700 years.

Do we not have some appreciation of how vast must be the conspiracy to keep these most significant things secret from the mass of ordinary everyday workers?

Casper is a Martian. It was his team that did the pull of the nuclear missiles out of the sky on June 11, 2011. Thank you Sir Casper. Our Martian good neighbors and friends arise from a different genome than we do. The Martians, as with most all our extraterrestrial friends, live in peaceful cohesion and are part of the Galactic Federation of light.

A bomb in the market place. One near a shrine. The ever lasting fear mongering of weap Judah mind. Do we not see the fingerprints of Judah on all the bombings throughout our world?

With a tight fist, has Judah kept everyone so fearful of losing income, that we cannot step aside long enough to STRIKE THEM OUT and clear Judah cipher out of here?

Judah is accomplishing us with nuclear waste. Still selling his fable of something he calls "white power." Is it not clear that the white fish has no rights and merely is subordinated to fighting Judah sport wars for merchant rights power?

The organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our own money. Held not by white fin, but by 1% of our population, the only guy that makes war, weap Judah.

Is it not all pretty well understood what we are dealing with here now?

Is this to be the end of our time as a nation and a people? Corruption in politics as a business model.

The high employees of Judah state. Might there be a line in their resumes, revealing the tonnage of bombs that has been dropped on some less fortunate members of our family?

Millions have died in this last round of sport wars that began in January of 1991. All funded by American Labor. Is there not some sense that we are headed into a big adjustment now?

"A luna-state going dead." Tele receive. 4.24 AM

Certain Judah is dead. "I Died him truthful," God almighty of Heaven and Earth said.

For what reason is it that American Labor is keeping the corpse of dead fish Judah in? Have we no shame at all? "Foolish to do nothing." Elders from space said.

Judah blasted us with their blasters. Now they're wasting us with their waste.

"Foolish to do nothing." Elders from space have said year after year to us as we fund burning ourselves away.

"Forcing out your life form." Tele receive. 4.29 AM

Father's love is all sweet and kind. No shunning, nothing punitive in the world of our precious sweet Father. There is no punishment allowed in Fathers house. The only guy that is in to punishment? If you said, "weap Judah," you guessed it. Weap Judah cipher brand the only guy that makes war to punish us.

Does Labor not yet read that Judah is a defective product of creation? An errant life form is what our elders from space term him. An error in creation. Judah took over planet earth. He did it in such a way, that God almighty wants them off.

Judah is not getting a chance to take over any more planets that are in the realm of the universe of our Good God. The first and last planet Judah dominates is earth. He is done. If this is understood, can we only wonder, what is Labor holding Judah in for?

Brutal Judah is, yet brittle also. One moment of truth from our good God above, and Judah is out of here after his 5 minutes of earth domination time. God gave us the peace Labor. Does that not mean something to everyone? "Must you fail?"

The power of Judah innerspring to create more warped deeds. Judah had and still has plans, to steal us all out of life. Judah understood thousands of years ago that his plans for us clearly went against our good Father's plans for his children of planet earth.

Our Father above us, our Father that loves us, wouldn’t let Judah take us away with blast. We have been warned thousands of times to STOP THE WAR by God almighty of Heaven and Earth. Should a word to the wise not be sufficient?

Is it not certain to all who have spent the forty minutes of time to think it through, that all of the kings horses and all of the kings men, will not put Judah, his war machine, water boards and prison systems back together again? His political racket to score pigeons. Is it not clear that Judah is done?

"Ethically they're criminals." God our Father said of Judah.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God said.

The word "fear" is the etymological root of "ugly."

Judah wish us to fear them and so they have made themselves what they are to us.

Will Labor not get the ugly fear out, and bring in the beautiful love of God for all of his children of earth?

Each and every day that we delay, we are losing more of our brightest, our spirituals. Our useful, being put in. In the name of all that is good will Labor not get Judah out of here? Their genocide of us is proceeding on.

They are leaving us a poisoned waste. Loss of fields and air. Will Labor not look just a little a head and try to save something for us here?

"You’re a foolish fall here." Tele receive. 5.11 AM

"You let me take you right I will," Judee say.

It is free will we have been gifted with. If we choose to fund sport war, and it does not concern us, and in our failure to see, cause the loss of our own life form, do we perceive that Father may have to let us go? If we cannot find the love of God when it is gifted to us, is there any hope at all for us?

Though Father may be broken hearted as we die off Huge, it looks that it is the way of the universe. Do we recall hearing long ago that God helps those that help themselves?

ORGANIZE! "Must you fail?"

If we cannot find the will or the way to stop war, then Judah will die us out of life form and we may go into eternity as failures with Judah.

"I am not suitable," Judee say.

He knows that he is going no further with us. Yet, because Labor has done nothing, he is taking us out of life form now. The minnow going out in numbers as never before. A plague from nuclear waste that is threatening to take most all of us away.

"The cow, we died you. We poisoned your testicles, Ha, Ha, Ha," Judee say.

Our elders from space have been aiding us in our attempts to survive Judah nuclear wars against us. We have failed enormously with blast, and now failed just as enormously with waste.

Our elders have asked us to aid them in their attempts to prevent our extirpation at the hands of Judah nuclear waste war. Is there not some chance that Labor will come into this and join in and aid our elders from space? Will we not get smart enough to aid those that are trying to help us?

"The Only Reason you received our word is because we saved Bitch from Battery. AID US!"

Bitch, put out of life by weap Judah many times. Elders from space pulled me back into life again and again. Is there not some understanding that Bitch report of what Mercury clued me on has brought about the end of all Judah states in our world? They're only 1% of the human population. Yet do we see, they are smart enough to have identified the key ingredient, the organizing principle of society, and have taken control of it into their private hands? The authority to issue our money. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take it away from them?

Do we recall the first Bitch report in November of 2011, revealing what Mercury told me that Judah had attacked us in the middle of the night of June 11th, 2011 with a thousand nuclear missiles and thousands of nuclear warheads from the sea?

Does Labor appreciate that the message from our elders from space arrived, only because elders saved Bitch from Judah battery?

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If we or someone in our family is subjected to a battery, from an ordinary person, Judah will gladly bring in his police and make a stage production for a prosecution. More meat for his prison investments. Yet, if we or a member of our family is bat

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