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US Bombs Yemen For Oil
Thu Aug 20, 2015 07:29

The US is aiding Saudi Arabia in destroying Yemen so they can steal their oil.

(((Please pray (visualize) that those destroying the planet are immediately and completely immobilized)))

Much of this oil is then given to the US Corporation in trade for Weapons and troops to protect the Royal Saudi Family.

This - of course - supports the US Military Industrial Complex.

Other large oil deposits nit yet tapped include: Tibet, Mongolia and the middle of the Sahara Desert, Deep under Israel, Gull Island, and a host of other places all across the world.

With a large military and a determined Bush Family this US Corporate Empire could stay afloat for another century, further destroying Planet Earth's to the point where she dies a slow miserable death.

See the video for more:

US Bombs Yemen For Oil - YouTube

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