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You are so beautiful To me You are so beautiful To me Can'
Thu Aug 20, 2015 13:26

You are so beautiful To me
You are so beautiful To me
Can't you see

You're everything I hoped for
You're everything I need
You are so beautiful To me

You are so beautiful To me
You are so beautiful To me
Can't you see

You're everything I hoped for
You're everything I need
You are so wonderful To me

You are so beautiful To me
You are so beautiful To me
Can't you see

You're everything I hoped for
You're everything I need
You are so beautiful To me

While reading today's Moravian daily text, was thinking about our beautiful precious sweet Father and the words to the song, "You are so beautiful to me," came to mind.

"My God is a beautiful force." Tele receive. 9.27 AM

"Have mercy Lord, for we do not see the world as you do. Your wisdom is infinite."

The patience that Father has with his little Simian children of earth is unlimited. His kindness, complete. Father's wisdom is infinite. All knowing, all seeing. All understanding. The love of Father is complete.

Truly, you are a God who hides himself, O God of Israel, the Savior. Isaiah 45:15

Does Father hide himself, or is it that only those that seek his way, find him?

"O God of Israel, the savior."

Are the people not yet becoming aware that God almighty is our savior?

Father is the God of Israel, the Father of all of his children on Earth.

Father loves us all equally. He sent Jesus to the Jews because they were the one group that had chosen not to follow Father's plans for his children, and needed special help to get it right.

The Jews, the ones who decided that they would go opposite man and God, who of their own free will, chose to harm God's little children on earth.

"---- em, fleece em and eat em." What Judah teaches to their little kids as to how to deal with the rest of God's kids.

Are we not aware that 99% of the human race on the surface of planet earth is the rest of us? Will Labor not take the organizing principle of society away from the 1% that only makes war?

Has the century of Judah, with the purse of American Labor in their hands, not demonstrated their true harm to the children of God?

Hundreds of millions dead in Judah century of sport war. Now hundreds of millions of Americans, slated to die out in Judah commercial opp of nuclear waste war in only the next 6 years.

The beauty of God almighty of Heaven and Earth. "You’re everything I hoped for, you’re everything I need. You are so beautiful to me."

God so loved his children of Earth that he sent his only begotten son Jesus to die on the cross for us.

God has forgiven us all our sins. Judah, insists that it is his right to punish us.

Using the apparatus of this thing called a "state," Judah punishes millions in ungodly ways.

His well known sadistic, insane cruelty of unending solitary confinement.

Holds some in prison for his profitable sport. The wages he pays in pennies and claims dollars as his private profit.

Labor values extracted from chained workers that create profits for Judah and his collaborators. Wages so low that some of them beat out the worlds greatest sweat shops. Does Labor of all parties that might have an interest, not see that these circumstances of bound, imprisoned and chained Labor do not serve free Labor's interest in any positive way?

As the only person authorized to issue our money, he uses the free money authorization to leverage us to get his way all of the time.

Does Labor of all people not see how deadly this has been in numerous ways?

For those who don't want to do wrong, under the bridge Judah feels we belong.

For those willing to shoot and pitch bombs at God's kids. Fat paychecks to purchase whatever gives one their kicks.

Judah has unaware and unseasoned youngsters shooting, killing and dying in sport war.

How long can we only wonder, will it be before American Labor ends funding sport war?

How long until planet earth is in peace? How long until the love of God comes in and redeems the children of God from the sin of war?

Another day with 80,000 of God's children in American prisons who will sit all alone in small cells for 24 hours with nothing to do except look at the walls and go insane.

The demonstrated hatred the Jew has for the children of God. Has there ever existed such a hatred for man as Jew has bound himself to?

"Make you sit in a box all day for the rest of your life. Foolish Jew pleasures," Judee say.

Can Labor not appreciate why God almighty wants the errant guy out? Does Labor not see that our good God loves us all?

Is there not some way that Labor will consider the truth that we are creations of a high level order and end this eternal suffering of man at the hands of the errant life form Judah?

Thousands slaughtered each and every week to excite and thrill Judah.

Must American Labor not end funding the torture-kill thrills and excitement of Judah?

His sly way, has it not proven effective?

"Dungeons work great." Will Labor not end funding them?

Will labor not give us a peaceful new way?

"I just have a dog to help you stay fool. I have an embarrassment kit," Judee say.

Will Labor not gift us with God's love for his children?

Will Labor not gift us with a new way?

Judah terrorizes the people across the border. Many flee from his terrorism and head north to try to survive.

Then he sells his pitch to build a higher wall. Claims he wants to protect American jobs.

Will American labor not end funding Judah terrorist sport in our world?

"They squashed us out of here." Tele receive. 3.23 AM

"We just washed you right out," Judee say.

The first reason Bitch worked in the background for Harold Washington was because he was a NO nukes guy.

In the hierarchy of priority, is there anything more important than staying alive?

While it may be important to cut the grass, fix the drip in the faucet and patch the hole in the roof, if there is a fire smoldering in the fuse box, might we not want to fix that first?

They've started a fire here. One that is now beyond human control to put out.

The fire of nuclear is not an ordinary fire, it is not mere smoke. It is a fire with invisible smoke, that with only one whiff of it, has the potential to take a healthy man's life away from him. Strong enough to take him right out of the womb before he is born.

Harold Washington knew nuclear weapons were not the right way. Yet here was this thing called "government," that had built and mined our planet with tens of thousands of them.

Bitch has had blast nuclear weapons in mind since November of 1965.

The mathematics spelled it out. One nuclear weapon gets loose, thousands may fly and soon we're all out of here.

The presence of our elders from space, too far above the head of Bitch then.

What Bitch never realized at the time, is just how deadly German Jewish nuclear waste is.

The dangers of Nuclear blast were obvious in the mathematics of a seventeen year old.

Yet with nuclear waste, the dangers are not as apparent as blast are, for there is a different time factor involved here.

Did some of us not notice the million people that died prematurely over a decade from the sickening affects of the eleven-day burn that happened at Chernobyl in 1986?

The out of human control burn of nuclear waste that is going on now at Hitachi-GE, is now aiming to poison out our air and our fields of the entire North American continent in only 6 years.

If only more of us spent some time doing the mathematics of nuclear commercial technology, might we not act to save ourselves?

They have their foot on our throat and are shooting us in the face with the most noxious deadly toxins to ever disgrace the human race.

"For my apology I've got MOX for you." One of the Judah's running for high office said in reverse speech.

Will American Labor not end funding this genocide assault upon us?

No way to survive nuclear war, blast or waste. Is there not some sense of just whose hands we've fallen into?

God has acted with his love for us. God has saved us all from blast.

Milling about, picking things up and putting them down. Grazing and browsing. Entertaining ourselves. Shopping a must. Will we not become conscious enough to act up and STOP THE WAR?

"You've failed me." God almighty said to Bitch.

Apparently we lacked the imagination required to predict just how it would go in an all out nuclear blast war.

Has that not been proven by the fact that we did nothing as Judah shot us all?

"Jerk," Judee say.

Judee is big in telepathy. His crystal ball keeps waking Bitch up at night. Shoots Bitch in the head with his satellites and wakes me up at night with his crystal ball.

Does Labor not get it yet? That is, does Labor not understand that Judah is shooting me continually because I keep explaining just how we and our families are being put to a toasty slow death?

This lack of imagination thing. The one that blocked us from imagining thousands of nuclear bombs exploding over our heads in the middle of the night, does it not seem to be a persistent problem here?

That is, if only we can imagine just a few short years ahead, hundreds of millions of us dead. If only we would imagine that now, might that not help us then?

If only we can imagine what Judah has got in store for us, might we not help ourselves right now?

If only we would imagine that our elders from space said, "Get smart," might we not STOP THE WAR NOW?

"We love you so dear Popi, if only we would have understood the truth of you in our earlier years. How different might things have been for all of us here?"

We do have a savior Labor. If Labor will imagine how wonderful it will be if only we will listen to Father, might we not act and try to save ourselves then?

Do we even want to try to imagine what the world will be like if there is no more mouse or minnow around?

Who will make and eat our sandwiches for us? Who will drive our cars? Who will live in our houses if no minnows are around?

Who will sleep in our beds and ride around on our tractors? Who will sow our crops and celebrate harvest festivals with us?

Who will dance and sing if we're not around? Who will we marry if the minnow goes out of life form on us?

Who will we celebrate life with if the mouse and minnow are gone?

Who will there be for Father to love, if we let ourselves be carried away in this nuclear waste storm? Who will joy Father if the mouse and minnow are gone?

Judah only hates us Labor, is that not clear? Judah and company has no second position about it. They only want us dead.

"One way or another I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha."

They've shot us for thousands of years and are still at it right now.

Judah knew a lot about God when Father sent Jesus to die to cleanse our sins. Judah may not have known the name of the Galactic Federation of light in ancient time's, yet he knew of the extraterrestrial nature of our Father's house.

Judah knew extraterrestrials sent Jesus to save the Jews. Judah refused the love of God and would not let themselves be saved.

Will we not make a different and better selection for ourselves this time around? Will we not choose to get saved?

Tied to their war machine we are now going down and out. The world is witnessing our decay. American troops engaged on the border of Russia. Paid for by American Labor receipts.

God our Father in his magnificence and glory has prevailed. He has saved his children from Judah nuclear blast war and simultaneously let Judah let himself off of here.

Those who acquiesced, and quietly funded Judah thermonuclear destruction attempt, are still funding more war. Will American Labor not end funding Judah war on us?

Will Labor not help the children of God survive this last war of Jewish electricity waste on us?

Must we not end paying Judah to waste fist us out?

"We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free heat and electricity," Dr. Mallove said shortly before he was stolen away.

Lester Hendershot, who committed suicide, right after successfully demonstrating his free energy machine in a laboratory setting with others to see.

Dr. Moray's bullet proof glass on his car. His transistorized free energy machine that ran lights, motors and heaters, everything on cold electricity in 1928.

If only we will imagine ourselves in peace instead of war, might we not yet make something of ourselves here?

"Now I understand what you tried to say to me, and how you suffered for your sanity, and how you tried to set them free. They would not listen, perhaps they’ll listen now?"

Jesus died trying to set us free. At this late time, are the facts not clear, we remain self bound to war and that labor, when it acts to STRIKE THEM OUT, will free our world from war forevermore?

The Federation gave Judah the rules three and half thousand years ago. "Thou shalt not kill."

They would not listen. Has Judah not now proven himself beyond redemption after attacking us with his insane, lunatic, nuclear blast shots?

As we press ever closer to the final farewell of America and ourselves, is there not some chance, some prayer, that will bring Labor to act and STOP THE WAR?

American Labor funded the blast weapons Judah used to try and put us in with. Now American Labor is funding our death with nuclear waste still.

Their Bullwinkle to toy and play with us. Mr. Bluster to entertain us. Howdy Doody and bozo the clown. Nelly bell to Clarabell. The Lone Ranger and his horse "trigger." Their inside jokes laughing at us.

They’re still laughing at us. Could it be that perhaps they always will?

Because they could not love us, their love was not true. And when there was no hope left in sight on that starry starry night, they took their best shot as strange weird people often do. But I could have told you Labor, you never had to settle for their ruin.

Is there not some way that Labor will act to end this perfected destruction of our nation and ourselves here?

"We fight you with our fortune ways, we always cat you out with pp."

Father is sleeping much. He spends 75% of his time in sleep now. "Wake me when they’ve struck." Father said to Bitchie boy.

"Serve me optimistic." Father said.

Bitch still believes that there will come a time when he will call above to wake precious sweet Father with the good news that Labor has struck Judah out.

A time when there is no more war on planet earth because Judah has lost the sole right to issue our money. The day that American Labor no longer funds sport war in our world. The day the war died.

When the children of God on planet earth join together and STRIKE THEM OUT and remove the ownership of the authorization to issue our money from Judah, do we not see that that will be the first day that we will all live together free and in peace with our good God dwelling among us all?

Until that moment in time, we continue to endure more days of American Labor funded death and destruction of our world.

Tens of thousands forced to sit in a box all day for the rest of their lives for foolish Jew pleasures. Slaves in jail making products for pennies for large shell corporations. Nuclear waste washing us out.

Will we not pray for better times? Will we not pray for peace? Will we not pray that Labor will set us free? Will we not pray that Labor will put our American civil Rights in? Must American Labor not end the foolish claims of merchant rights power for good?


Do we recall that for several years now our elders from space have encouraged us to free ourselves peacefully with a general STRIKE?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Our good God said.

The STRIKE Labor; "Why didn’t you try it," our good God asked?

God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

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Thursday, August 20 — Psalm 102:1–11
Jeremiah 16:14–17:27; 1 Timothy 2:8–3:7

Truly, you are

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