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"They're still Strikeables. Strike them out" That is a Tele
Fri Aug 21, 2015 13:36

"They're still Strikeables. Strike them out"

That is a Tele receive from 3.23 AM "They're still strikeables, STRIKE THEM OUT."

"They embarrass you white boys." Tele receive. 3.33 AM

They're quite serious doing away with us. Is there not yet some awareness that we now have sealed ourselves into a mass die off due to radioactive waste in our environment? Does Labor not yet see this fail of unimaginable proportions?

Their musket of waste they’ve unloaded at us, while we've paid them to destroy us.

If only there was a different shill for God our Father, might we have saved ourselves?

Is it because I'm just slow and my head is dull that 200 million Americans perished themselves away?

Our wealth now burning away. Our little children breathing in Jewish electricity waste. American Labor still funding the shooting of sport war. Is there in God's universe not some way to bring American Labor to give us a hand to shut down the war?

"A right fell has been established." Tele receive. 3.42 AM

Our nation is being destroyed. Do we not yet see that we are slated to die out now over the next 6 years? Will labor not STOP THE WAR?

We've been fisted out by an error in creation. The errant life form weap Judah.

"We cage you rightfully, dumb," Judee say.

Will American Labor not end being mute concerning this time of warning of our pending demise?

Thousands of nuclear bomb radiation equivalents being dumped into our environment everyday. Will Labor not act up and refuse to take this abuse from Judah? Must we not end funding and forcing our own die?

If the fire alarm rang in the building you and your loved ones were in, and you knew who the installer was and the installer did not meet your expectations as some one you would listen to, would you refuse to evacuate the building even though it was on fire because of who it was that installed the fire alarm?

"Reader functions are out for old purity." Tele receive 9 AM

Is it the pictures that Judah is showing of Bitch that have caused Labor to not respond to the horrific waste we are facing now? Is it old purity that has frozen us to do nothing as we are being swept out of life?

Millions living in gulags of America. War blazing around us. Now facing a major war with Russia. American Labor will you not come alive and STOP THE WAR?

With all the free money they want from Labor they continue to burn down our world.

The love of God is upon us. Will we not try to save ourselves?

This beautiful planet God gave us to raise ourselves up in. Will Labor not spell it out to us what it will take to end pushing us all into eternity?

Warned for two thousand years in the bible of the end times that would come in with fire, smoke and brimstone. Will we not become aware enough of the facts to try to save ourselves and our families? Does nuclear waste not fit the description as the brimstone of the bible?

We've failed our savior." Tele receive. 3.54 AM

"It's total." 3.55 AM

Will American Labor not give us a positive response and end perishing ourselves out of life form?

Will we not end this failure to save ourselves? Will Labor not end funding our beautiful nation being destroyed?

Only one Jewish electricity plant in melt down has already wiped out much of our Pacific Ocean. 435 more permanent nuclear waste generators still waiting their turn to poison us out.

Will Labor not end this subordination and give us some grand jury response to public fraud?

How did they ever get us to look the other way when it was our own lives they tossed?

Have they done anything to protect us from the nuclear waste that is now taking us out of life form in the hundreds of millions right here at home?

Might it be that it is merely a lack of consciousness that has bored us out so bad?

How did we ever lose touch with each other? How did we fail to hear God when he warned us thousands of times over several years to STOP THE WAR? God gave us our sacred precious Rights Labor. Do your Rights to not have your life stolen away from you not mean something to you? Judah has hired his people to sign into law that we have no Rights at all. Our God given Right to have Liberty to exist as free men, will Labor not help us get rid of these errant guys and gals? Will Labor not end funding this war assault upon us all?

Will Labor not shake off this numbing and show that we have the right stuff to make it into the universe at peace?

Must we not reject quietly dying out as right less people in a place called America on planet earth?

They stereo vicious our whole country. They false away. Every word spoken or printed, designed to deceive us in simple cunning ways.

Their nuclear plague is real. We have been warned about it for decades by some top scientists. Our good God above has warned us to STOP THE WAR thousands of times.

Should Chernobyl not have given us a wake up call if only we analyzed it? A million died in the years following it from only an 11 day nuclear burn. Hitachi-GE has now passed 1500 days burn. No end of the burn in sight.


The American minnow and mouse soon gone.

A couple of billion people worldwide slated to die off in the end times that we are in now. A third of the human race to perish in the next 6 years. All of this revealed thousands of years ago in the bible.

Judee ghosting heavily because so many people are figuring him out now.

It was a "sport" killing us. It was a just a joke. Fun to hunt us down, to play with us, to terrorize us and take our lives away from us. They just powered us out.

Houston oil was their big shot town. It is now over. Will American Labor not end funding punishing us out?

We've failed to save ourselves Labor. What might explain it?

"We breeze with scandal," Judee say.

He puts all his side of the story on TV, radio or print. With unlimited free money gifted to him from American Labor, does that not give him quite an advantage?

Judah is wiping us out. He is 1% of our population and we know what he has done and yet, we have not done a thing to help ourselves out yet.

Though he has had a long time to train us into his sport, is it not something to consider that he has known of our elders from space for thousands of years?

Where might our heads have been when he was sporting and porting us? Where might our heads be that we are still allowing him to be sporting us?

Fantastical numbers of dead already, and Judah just keeps on dying us like fish.

Insurance money laundering and funding vast corruption both at home and abroad. Our official life totally corrupted by their force. While we think of banking as the key to tyranny, and the authority to issue our money is the key to it all, do we not see the handmaiden of destruction of our lives is to be found within the insurance policies?

Do we perceive the reward mechanism paid out upon the death of some one by insurance collection, is the root of what is plaguing us with state murder? Do we not understand yet, these Judah folks have been sporting us to death using official offices of state to get us out?

They bribe their legislators to make laws that make a man guilty without a real charge. Driver has no insurance, get pulled over for a seat belt safety check, they steal our cars for not paying their insurance racket fees. No complainant except the state. Have we checked American law out where we understand that without a jury or grand jury to make a case, they don't have a leg to stand on?

Royal privilege they have substituted in place of American law and rights. Does it not seem pretty clear that Insurance rackets are twisting the rule of law and using it for harming us?

An old syndicate racket. Can we not get better here after over two centuries of the American way?

Judah employees shooting us. Has it not always worked for them? Guns and cages to take us away. So what's new in the land of the free these days?

Just get close enough to see us in a scope, point and shoot, how's that for true law?

How tricky are these guys anyhow?

Do we see that it is the power to issue big paychecks for free that gets the job done? Do we understand how they have been able to accomplish us so well? Do we understand that as long as 1% weap Judah has the authority to issue our money in their hands, the war against God's children will never end?

"We expose you to peck because we assume you are dumb," Judee say.

That was a reverse speech from a Judee officer training Marines. "We expose you to peck because we assume you are dumb."

The pecking order observed in chickens. Animal life. Established in human society with Judah fist. Will Labor not end funding this dumb animal war behavior that Judah has forced upon our children of America?

Judah understood thousands of years ago that the gods on earth were our extraterrestrial brothers that had arisen first. Judah had a degree of knowledge of their advanced technology, but did not have the technical prowess himself to do much other than try to surprise them with a hatchet, knife and a stone fist.

Elders remained close to us, helping us grow right, without letting Judah get close to them with his fist. Elders don’t fight. Is it not something to ponder, Judee knew that elders from space do not fight and he's known this for thousands of years?

Judah, not unlike the rooster in the barnyard, still pecking us thousands of years after he was invited to see the light.

They're full of false Labor. Their violence is no good. They seek out those that have a vision of peace, to blind us.

Can we only wonder how many of us have a vision of a world at peace? A place were everyone respects the rights of others. A place where things are done with a pen and paper, and not with the blinding spurs of chickens.

Might Judah not have figured the proof was in the pudding, after all, has his fist not held us for thousands of years now? Will Labor not help us clean his slow dull pudding out?

"We just live to fist and embarrass you," Judee say.

We could have entered the universe long ago, except that Judah would not allow us to go. Is it not amazing that he has been able to hold us for thousands of years about who we really are here? Our God's a beautiful force, will Labor not STOP THE WAR?

How many of you believe that our God can do anything but fail? STRIKE THEM OUT! Labor, take the authority to issue our money into your hands. Do the will of God.

Giordano Bruno reported to us before 1600 AD that there are worlds with other Beings living in them. He told us our planet earth is in motion for sure. Bruno's reward for informing us? The Vatican ordered him burned at the stake.

They create problems so that they then can have a job fixing the problem that they first created. Burn down a state, hire contractors to rebuild it then. We give them free money to do this with. Will Labor not take our purse away from them?

Their vitamins are now fisting out the mouse and minnow, the uninformed are being burned out alive.

Might it be that many of the people do not really know yet just how totally we have been destroyed?

It is hundreds of millions just in America now that are slated to die out over the next 6 years.

Thousands of years of the order of peck. Might that help explain why there is so much violence in our world?

A regular paycheck, a bag of groceries to squeeze. A comfortable home to live in. Do we not see that failure to act to STOP THE WAR has now scored the minnow out of here?

Judee is done, regrettably the minnow is done also because he did not act to save himself. A vast die is sealed in. Our good God has miracles, will we not keep praying to him?

"I furnish you hell," Judee say.

Is it not obvious to those who have read the writing on the wall, that Judah has lost his zoo for all days now?

Mercury never missed once, kept Bitch alive while he reported what they have done.

Will we not appreciate that Casper diligence never let even one nuclear round in?

"Images rule with foul wits." Tele receive. 8.02 AM

Are there not others who are troubled that this mass extinction of Americans is moving forward?

Jew fake with ease, just stole us out. Cancelled God's kids virtually.

"STRIKE THEM, your mother told you." Tele receive.

"They’re taking our boom away in state sports. I did some kill in Runnels," Judee say.

"Their disgrace is over with." Tele receive. 12.12 PM

They've held us to a horrible leave, keeping us open for their poison to come in. Hearts falling out of this place.

"You lost your real estate, it's inventory." Tele receive. 12.17 PM

How is it that we've ignored our own procedures? Jury trial, our most sacred procedural Right, a part of our common law procedure, from 1215 AD. Right to trial by jury of Englishmen given by king John at the point of an English sword then.

Nearly six centuries later, Right to trial by jury guaranteed by mutual agreement and signed with a pen. 1791, the American Bill of Rights, the very thing that let America begin.

Trial by jury as a historical common law right, made a statutorily required procedure in American law in 1791. How did we ever let Judah talk us out of it? Will we not put the jury back in again? Will Labor not hire us some grand jury force so that we can straiten it out?

Jew has falsified our atmosphere. Our destiny is frozen vicious. We've failed a range of use. They’ve launched us grief with their three legged weasel.

"A John was always a good first opp for me. We tatter you sepragee. I'm a Judas operaidus. Bitch retrieve our cage and end our slumming of your kids. We toss them out precise," Judee say.

"Because you've failed to receive us you've tossed yourselves out of here. Genocide has you principally out now. Their life forces are deadly." Elder from outer space said.

Does Labor not yet see that these are all criminals that have failed us wicked? They've hustled us bad with their frame-ups. One thing though, are we not aware that they are still strikeable?

Sport function is part of their cannibal rights to hold us. Their nest egg privilege has killed us all.

"Felled, super sick." Tele receive 7 AM

"Super's failed to save your fortunes and you've put yourselves in in a big way." Elder said.

"We've been sold by our hustlers." Tele receive. 6.20 AM

"We've blown you off awfully incredibly," Judee say.


"It's too simple." Tele receive. 9.18 AM

Once understood, is it not too simple what is going on here?

Will Labor not be aware that we have a kind sweet precious Father who will help us all if only we will reach out for that help?

Judah has succeeded now in his second nuclear war upon us. Is it not clear yet, Jewish electricity nuclear power plants were never meant to help us at all? Is it not clear that they are part of his menace jeopardy hold of us all? Must we not end funding our poisoning?

"You’re all in for a miracle die, it’s clearly over here." Tele receive. 8.42 AM


God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy


Friday, August 21† — Psalm 102:12–22
Jeremiah 18:1–19:9; 1 Timothy 3:8–16

God knows what is in the darkness, and light dwells with him. Daniel 2:22

Do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart. 1 Corinthians 4:5

Dear God, we praise you that your light shines in darkness of any kind. As Christ loved all, may we love all. May our witness be to his extraordinary love for the stranger and the neighbor, the friend and the foe alike. Amen.

† On this day in 1732, the first missionaries departed from Herrnhut bound for St. Thomas.

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