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Prepare - Cause Here It Comes
Fri Aug 21, 2015 14:06

Are you scared yet?

The Wall Street Journal Headlines reads:


The article mas absolutely no sense. The Stock market is collapsing because we think the economy is about to grow?

The entire article makes no sense and is designed to confuse and scare you.

Further news states China pulled out of the IMF and is now working exclusively with the BRICS nations to form their World Currency. The Dollar is about to go away.

Suppose you had 3 months of food and water and heat and the market collapsed, looting, rioting?

You just close your doors and wait it out, right, especially if you had a gun or a bow and arrow?

Here is what you need:

1) Food:

a) I have 2 - 50 pound bags of Rice and Beans mixed with Diatamations Earth I bought at the feed store - total coast about $100.

b) I buy Flash Frozen and dehydrated Thrive Food - I set aside $200 per month and the food is incredibly good and it saves me money because it is cost effective. I joined the company and have a monthly "Q" of around $205 of Gluten and GMO free food delivered to my door.

I spent 7 years in Forestry and every September through December it is fire fighting time. Well - UPS and the Post Office always deliver - even in most disasters.

It will be very important to be part of a Food Manufacturing Company in the months ahead. Imagine riots over food and UPS brings yours to your door!!!

Thrive can be reached at 1-877-743-5373

Use my number THRIVE Number to sign up - it is around $130 - my Super Duper Number is 17266 and if you want my profits to go to Patch Adams just say so. It's too late for us to worry about profits. Just start getting Good Food in your house for your family.

Besides - Patch needs the money for his 2 free hospitals and it would make me very happy to be able to help his hospitals out and you will know our profits are going to him.

I do not work the Thrive business so I only know the food is good and it is cheap and in all the disasters I was assigned to the UPS guy almost always delivered..

Thrive Life - A more convenient way to prepare your meals.

Contact Us

2) Water:

a) I have about 40 - 15 gallon containers. They cost around $40 a piece but if you buy 2 you will have 30 gallons of spare water.

b) Hot Water Tank: I turn off the power and drain my hot water tank yearly and therefor have 38 gallons of spare water just in my tank.

c) Bottled Water - we usually keep a case in each car and a couple at home. It saves on buying water when we run around so we actually save money by doing this.

Plastic Drum - 15 Gallon, Closed Top, Blue S-17007 - Uline

3) Toilet Paper

a) I keep about 4 months worth on hand. No TP and your life is miserable.

b) Keep in mind you need a place to poop. That's OK if you have the reserve water to flush your toilets - one gallon per person per day and you flush after every poo. Otherwise - buy a shovel and dig.


a) You Need One rifle or Pistol, or Bow and arrows - or a way to secure your house from looters.As we speak the fores in Eastern Washington are causing tremendous looting so people cannot leave for fear of being looted. You need to protect yourself.

5) Heat

a) You need some form of heat - a fireplace, wood stove, Mr Heater, etc.

6) Communications

a) You need to be able to call on help form your neighbors if you need it. A fog Horn, a runner, 2 tin cans and a string - someway to get help when looter come.

7) Medications:

a) See: Be Ready on you tube for this one.

BE READY - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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