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Message For World Leaders Of Caribbean Nations
Sat Aug 22, 2015 15:36

This is a message to the World Leaders who live in the Caribbean.

Pray - Pray (Visualize) that the US Homeland Security Corporation does not obliterate your nation in 4 weeks.

Leaders of Mexico, Cuba, Texas, Alabama, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Venezuela, Columbia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Dominica, Peutro Rice, etc.

The already known impact is estimated to be about 100 milers South and East of Houston and should create a tidal wave large enough to completely destroy your entire nation - 100% casualty rate.

Confirmed!! Comet Coming This Way!! September 2015 - YouTube

Please understand that in 1950 the US completed it's first Anti--Gravity Craft at Forrestal Research Center - the SKY CRAFT. She was white colored and very beautiful. The speed exceeded the NAZI VRIL craft built in 1936-1945.

In 1962 the US and USSR landed on Mars

Us-Ussr Landing On Mars 1962 Using Alien Technology - YouTube


In the late 90's I worked with men who built these craft and we discussed it.

During the last two UN Conferences the employees of Lockheed Martin discussed their Space Exploration.

If the United States Corporation or Russian Federation wished to destroy this "Asteroid" they would.

If this Asteroid does impact Planet Earth and create such devastation so as to destroy entire nations then know this: The US Corporation and it's allies wishes it to destroy these nations.

On 25 May 2015 a Nuclear Weapons was set to go off about 4 blocks West of the DC White House - one as large as the Hiroshima Bomb. It was set there by other US Forces who wish to start WW3 and was confirmed in the DC Police Blotter as a "Pressure Cooker Bomb."

It is not just you they want dead - it is every one.

Lucifer is at war with Life itself.

Please pray with me - in fact - please openly pray on your Radio and Television networks - that the plans of Lucifer are foiled. If you wish me to lead the prayers I will - just watch the video THE CURE FOR CANCER or THE CURE FOR DIABETES for my contact number.

If this "Asteroid" hits where they say it will then Planet Earth is literally going to shake. It is likely many volcanoes will ignite, the Yellow Stone Caldera, and the oil under the Mississippi (Thunder Horse) now laced with Phosgene Gas (Thank You Homeland Security) will blow and kill; the South Atlantic Ocean.

My guess is - this is a planned Nuclear detonation similar to Oppenheimer's Planet Earth Killer he discovered built in the early 1950's - a medium sized nuke with plenty of Lithium 6 Accelerant in a submarine placed deep in the ocean.

Either way Presidents - the US State Department will deny it, Obama's Doubles will ignore you, and Homeland Security will likely ask the CIA to kill you and replace you with a double if you bring it up.

The Roman Pope is expected to address the United Nations two days later about this disaster and ask for people to accept the Chip so they can receive food because the master computer was damaged - something like that. He is a Murdering Jesuit - this is who he is.

You have one chance - turn to GOD and ask for prayer all across your nation.

This is the largest ACT OF WAR any nation has ever attempted and if it is a lie this is the biggest lie in history perpetrated by the US Corporate NAZI SS (Homeland Security).
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Ambassador William B. Mount

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