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willpwilson 908
Will Shemitah also Diminish Global Misuse of Psychotronics?
Sun Aug 23, 2015 00:22

Will Shemitah also Diminish Global Misuse of Psychotronics? - - - - - - - - - - -
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Extreme Judicial Corruption and Actions by the United States Against the American People. - - To: Wake Up America 04/28/01 Extreme Judicial Corruption and Actions by the United States Against the American People.

Is there any way to set up a fund or program to assist Rodney Stich,,
and as well as to file for a legal action to have the government release the Organized Crime Reporter
named "Bob on the Job," Robert E. Lee Lewis, who was arrested for merely doing his job of reporting about
Organized Crime.

Bob on the Job had been reporting for Bob Kelly's (Bob Kelly is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, and he has
valiantly fought against the CIA, and the FBI who have been trying to force the American's Bulletin to
cease publishing) American's Bulletin, that is published in Oregon, and Bob on the Job was getting to close to George Bush Senior's flagrant ties to the Mafia, CIA Guns for Drugs, and numerous other criminal
activities that have been ongoing and being committed by George Bush Senior and Junior and their
numerous establishment associates.

They trumped up charges through the George Bush controlled U.S. Secret Service and then had Bob
arrested for doing absolutely nothing, accept doing his job in the Spring of 1998.

Please reply, and if you need more stories, please let me know. Writing about corruption is my motivation and I also have been targeted by the Organized Crime Networks, who recently forged my name on my residence deed, and everything that I own, and literarily stole everything that I had owned, and I would like to provide stories on this matter. The Federal Court dismissed my cases for absolutely no reason, and currently I am appealing the cases due to the operatives who stole my estate were working for the U.S. government, or as government informants.

04/26/01 - On Thu, 26 Apr 2001 20:50:33 -0700 Rodney Stich, writes: There is probably great merit in having people post onto a web site examples of judicial corruption. I do not have time to run such a list, but hopefully others can, and that the postings be limited to clear evidence of judicial misconduct.

I feel, and if only I could convey this message to more people, that what I have DOCUMENTED about
judicial corruption are matters of great national impact, disregarding that I am involved. One can totally
ignore my involvement in the many documents that are in the court records and simply focus on what the
judges have done as shown by over 20 years of documentation.

These acts include, for instance: * Repeatedly blocking the reports of criminal and even subversive activities that I and my group of government insiders sought to report. We do not even have to address the validity of our allegations; the mere fact that federal judges blocked us from making the reports that must be made under Title 18 U.S.C. Section 4 reveals the obstruction of justice.

* The fact that most of us were former federal agents gives a great amount of credibility to what we
were going to reveal, especially since we were offering boxes of documents and insiders that included
former heads of secret CIA airlines and secret CIA financial operations, indicates the probability that we
did have accurate information.

* The fact that federal judges charged a person with criminal contempt of court for seeking to report the
criminal activities is evidence of judicial corruption.

* And then there are the matters of repeated violations of due process while concurrently inflicting
hard-core civil and constitutional violations, that were part of the obstruction of justice, provides
further evidence of the judicial corruption on a national level. I could go much further with this, given a
little time. It is a shame that such a great amount of documented evidence, that could be used as
ammunition to fight this corruption rather than preaching to the choir, is not recognized and used.
Best wishes, Rodney Stich.

The following is an Inter Referral of Web sites who are unfailingly attempting to educate the public of the
greatest threat to the future security of all of mankind in all of Mankind's known historical, and recorded
history: http:?/ 04/26/01 Judicial Corruption Posting Board on the Internet.

Web sites that educate the public about the on going Crimes that are continually being Committed by the
Governmental Hierarchical Takeover on the part of the Global Banking, and Secret Bloodline Dynasties who
control and influence all intelligence agencies, all key political structures, and all organized criminal networks world wide.

The following is an Inter Referral of Web sites who are unfailingly attempting to educate the public of the greatest threat to the future security of all of mankind in all of Mankind's known historical, and recorded history: To: Subject: Read and think about what is really going on, there is more, a great deal more. 04/26/01,

I want to mention that among the many great undertakings that you are tirelessly doing for
the public, I have a suggestion concerning what you may consider for adding to your leading edge Web
site. Due to the extensively corrupt legal system, and judicial system at the State, County, and Federal
level, maybe you should consider adding an additional page that could serve as viewer posting board for
visitors to be able to mention and to report legal, and judicial corruption.

There is need for the public to become more aware as to how corrupt the American Judicial hierarchy has become and the only way for the public to realize this is by the public being able to be provided with a synergistic reporting and posting Web site, or Web sites who might be able to work in cooperation for the over all benefit of the public.

The reporting, and posting application would effectively provide the reporting public who are
being victimized by the corrupt judicial hierarchy, the opportunity to report what they are witnessing,
and observing, thereof, the opportunity to share information and reports, and as well as learn from other
observers and victims.

It is a great honor to be able to correspond with you, and it is an honor to be able to visit your extremely
insightful Web site, and I hope that this suggestion will be of some help. Thank you, and with
great honor, Will Wilson.

This is an e-mail report: Maybe there is creator, yet, the good people haven't realized how many slave masters the creator created. They are always at work while the good people sleep like sheep. The only thing that is holding this system together is the good will and perseverance of the primary working majority.
The elites, the wealthy white Satanic trash, and the organized, and unorganized criminal classes haven't
swayed the tenacious spirit of the good will of the better majority, yet, even though most good people
still do not know how corrupt this system really is or what the true meaning of organized crime really is.
They are about to sacrifice their CIA mind control guinea pig Timothy McVeigh in order keep him from
possibly coming out of their experimental mind control mode and their control of him. Timothy McVeigh
could possibly emerge out of their CIA mind control mode and then start exposing to the American people
that it was the elites that blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building from the inside after filling up the
eighteen under ground floors with government records that might have been used to incriminate the elites
and their elaborate control of the U.S. Government.

Records that included investigations that might expose their genocides, plane crashes, and organized
criminal operations that operate under numerous labels. Some of their operations fall under the title of
CIA/Mafia/FBI. The bombing occurred after they had moved the documents into the building for more then
three years previous.

Then they blow up the building and use the souls of their bombing victims for their human sacrifice to
their Satanic gods. An event that might expose Andreas Strassmeir, who was the party who actually
parked the Ryder Truck in front of the Federal building while working on loan from the German BKA. Andreas Strassmeir's father is Otto Strassmeir, who was the Rothschild, Bilderberger, appointed architect for the integrating of East and West Germany after the Global Elites authorized for East and West Germany to be reunited.

Otto Strassmeir was appointed to head the BKA in order to integrate the two intelligence sectors,
and operations, and his son was loaned out to the CIA/Mafia/FBI, in order to carry out the task of operating
as Timothy McVeigh's mind controller. In order to make it appear as if a renegade Gulf War vet was
trying to get revenge on the system. Operation Phoenix, George Bush, and the CIA, have been using micro
transponder technology on the U.S. Military, some of it is biological and possibly the biological applications
may have something to do with the Chemtrail phenomena.

Evidently they are engineering mind control applications that are now being developed into an organic
composition, that pick up subtle ELF transmissions that are transmitted by the secret world government's
array of ELF transmission sites, that include the HAARP system, and coil arrays that were set up in the
Great Lakes, and other global locations, in order to transmit and inject mind and behavioral modification
into the masses.

McVeigh's mind control is more elaborate, due to their needing to turn him into a robot. McVeigh was a
good candidate due to the CIA injecting all U.S. Special Forces with micro transponder technology since
1973, Operation Phoenix, in order to enable the elites to be able to utilize a military hierarchy like a robotic
slave operation. How convenient, then they bull doze the Oklahoma City Federal Building crime site
within a few weeks of it's demise, and then as soon as they can, they dispose of the main witness of what
really went on. All of this information was investigated by Bob on the Job, Robert E. Lee Lewis, and covered
in his stories in the Americans Bulletin in the 1990's.

It seems as though the disinformation specialists for the global elitists are going to win again. The public,
or thereof, the globalist's sheep will believe anything. And Hitler was actually a Rothschild/ British Royal
family member and WW I, WWII Vietnam, and all other wars, including global communism were architected
by them, and the sheep haven't figure it out yet.
Mr. Establishment disinformationists are going to win again. Bob on the Job is now in a Federal Deten

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