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"Old Scandalize Prevents Victory. I want you on it." God our
Sun Aug 23, 2015 13:59

"Old Scandalize Prevents Victory. I want you on it." God our Father said at 3.17 AM today.

"With cheatness we brush you off," Judee say

"You failed to save your sightful." Tele receive. 2.53 PM

Judah and his ability to smear people has given him an edge in holding the people from saving themselves. Bitch blooper, friendly fire accident, regrettably contributed to the failure.

"Your God let you down." Tele receive. 2.45 PM

Our good God had the angels pull every single nuclear missile and bomb off of us. How could anyone ever say that "our God let us down?"

Father explained the issue as one that Bitch has a fault of stupid, that was produced by enduring prolonged periods of suffering. Can we only think for a moment of the tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters that are forced to sit all day in a box for the rest of their lives? That we are funding such immense and extreme cruelty and not discussing it much not indicate that there may some level of fear involved in challenging such mistreatment?

Might it be that such a dreadful thing could happen to anyone of us, be producing a threat at the unconscious level? Might this constant cruel, malicious battering, toying and fooling with us be the reason that we remain frozen?

Reading telepathic voices that see me and communicate, some apparently believe that Bitch is some sort of a crook. Judah may have put some forgeries out, falsely giving that sort of appearance.

Some may believe that Bitch is some sort of a physical force guy. Nothing to it. Having survived numerous Judee opps, might that have put Bitch out of balance for a little bit? Can Labor not accept that oppression can and does produce unreason in an ordinarily sane man? Can Labor not have mercy and forgive?

Judah sex images from decades ago, might that be the real strength that is holding the majority from helping themselves here?

Might it be that the fear of Judah is so overwhelming that giving some people the option to believe the worst about Bitch, is enough to let them keep themselves frozen rather than taking the risk and acting to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Could it be that Judah is offering the option of believing in scandal, that is allowing Labor the freedom to do nothing?

Grease, what Judee calls us, is being wiped out. We are being terminated from our life. Our offspring to go out of life form. The largest genocide that Judah has ever accomplished, is underway right now.

"You lost your rights here." Tele receive 3.43 AM

Are Rights not codes that we live by to protect each other and maintain our civil society? Might we not consider that our engine signals codes to warn us of malfunctions before they become serious?

Our ancient code gifted from our ancestors giving us a civil right to trial by jury. Pulled out by Judah with the stroke of a hired pen. If a similar law were passed to take out the low oil pressure warning light from our cars computer, what might that produce for us?

NO signal then that we have lost our oil pressure, because the code has been removed. Might that not tend to lead to some serious damage to an engine then?

More important than losing our engine because the signal code has been removed, is losing our Liberty or life not even more important to prevent than losing our engine?

Does labor not yet see the dismal state of perfected ruination that our nation state is in at this moment? Will Labor not put our civil Liberty codes in again to prevent the total ruin of us here? Will Labor not give to human Beings at minimum, the equal rights that are given to non living corporations?

"Fool write abrasive." Tele receive. 2.42 PM

Might Bitch have some slow, dull bumps in his head? Is it not curious that the etymological root of the word fond, is fool?

"Pardon me if I'm sentimental when you say good bye. Don’t be angry with me should I cry. But when you’re gone, you'll live in my dreams, dream as years go bye. Now and then there's a fool such as I.

Now and then there's a fool such I am over you. You taught me how to love and now you say that we are through. I'm a fool but I'll love you dear, until the day I die. But now and then there's a fool such as I."

"I purchased you dead," Judee say.

"Keep Peace-in." Tele receive. 2.20 PM

Thousands of years of slaughter and perfected Jewish genocide. And Bitch thought, with a simple working man's mind, that a few months after learning that we had been attacked full throttle with nuclear missiles that we would throw them out. Now dying out our own families in the second nuclear war of Judah on man, do the words not ring true, "now and then there's a fool such as I?"

Labor, I wouldn't let them put you in a box all day for the rest of your life, If I had anything to say about it. And Labor, I wouldn't let them bomb your house if I had anything to say about it. And Labor, I wouldn't let them shoot you down with a corporate state sniper team just because you were organizing to earn a better dollar in the Labor market place.

I wouldn't let them do any of these nasty things to you Labor. But it doesn’t matter what I would or would not do, because I don’t have the authority to issue our money, they do.

To make it even worse, with the private ownership of the authority to issue our money, because I don’t want them to do any of those bad things to you or your family, they use your money to push me out.

While they have the private ownership of the authority to issue our money, do we not see that it is Labor that actually is paying for all of this mayhem here? The boxes they put us in to the bombs they drop on our houses. To the snipers that work our streets. Does Labor not see that it is Labor that is paying for all of it?

Has congress not failed us great? The authority to issue our money. Judah has it. With it he hires the congress he wants. Will Labor not take the authority away from them and hire us some honest non corrupt people? Can we not do better than recycle into office those who accept only pre-laundered fifty-dollar bills? Has 5% not brimstoned us out?

One personality that makes war and toasts. The only personality that has the authority to issue our money. Weap Judah. Worldwide Judah has the private ownership of the authority to issue our money. With this private authority to issue our public money, he hires long-range nuclear missiles for India and Pakistan.

"You’re the one that's nuts but true." Tele receive from yesterday, 10.57 AM

"They’re crazy and he tells them they’re nuts." The words of long time legal secretary and Bitch friend after he filed suit against the mayor, the chief of police and Maxwell to.

"I have an arrangement to blow heads." Another one of the candidates for high office statement in reverse speech.

Our good God is with us. Is it not clear, that if not for Father we would have been terminated from life long ago?

As early as 1953 Judah tried to get us with early version atomic bombs. Elders held him from getting an atomic war underway then as they have held Judah from making an atomic war these days. We just had a water main break the other day in town. Might that be elders from space signaling us? Do we recall elders teach us with such words as, "Get smart?"

The true history of atomic war not taught in our schools. Atomic war, the plan Judah had for us and has for us still. He would have had an atomic blast war for us, but he shot off his nuclear missile rounds, planted atomic bombs in our cities, and has not been able to do an atomic war because of the love of God for us. Father is all kind Labor. Will you please not deny his love for his kids?

"My children need help." God our Father said to us.

"Please?" Tele receive. 9.16 PM

Worldwide there are vast underground shelters for Judah and his collaborators. Throughout all the wars on the surface, Judah has had his teams building the underground shelters for him. Not to sound too repetitious, yet is it not clear, Labor has unknowingly funded all of his bomb shelter hideaways?

Us people living on the surface, slated to be perished out of here using the high technology of nuclear waste. Is there not some perception, that we are paying him to burn down our house? Will Labor not quit buying him matches?

Pathetic, is that not the situation we find our selves in? Generation after generation sold on the idea that it was force that was needed to let us live free. Alcohol? Might that be partly responsible for producing so much wastage here?

The ability to think and reason in the higher octaves. Will we not pray to God that we make our way there?

"I would have given you anything." God almighty said.

Is there not some way to convince Labor to organize and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

The STRIKE Labor. God asked, "Why didn’t you try it?"

While everybody is going to die someday of something, will we not at least try not to die of the preventable disease of Jewish brimstone waste poisoning?

Is there not some sense at the intuitive level that there is an eruption coming? Could there be any other expectation when it is weap Judah that has all the free money he wants?

India, Pakistan, the British Raj. To all appearances does it not look as if it was the white fish that screwed things up? Throughout the period of British imperialism, might it not interest us to know, that the English people did not have the organizing principle in their own hands?

The Bank of England, a private foreign company since 1694. Even today, the British pound is still issued by the foreign hands of weap Judah.

For those who have not yet seen the 32 missiles launched with 30 rounds per warhead, total 960 warheads of 100 kiloton each, here is a short video of Casper with two large extraterrestrial spacecraft bursting the warheads off over Florida on the night of June 11, 2014:

Is This a Mothership over Florida Town?
Published: 5:24 AM 6/12/2014

Originally uploaded by CollierCountyFlorida on June 11, 2014

Two Giant Objects were spotted on radar over a small town in the southwest region of Florida on June 11, 2014 between the hours of 8-10 PM.
Video at:

The video has now had a little over 2300 viewers. It is (7.47) For those who grasp the significance of what being shown, it is the most important video that may have ever appeared on any screen.

The right to print and issue our scrip, held by only 1%, Judah, in a non-democratic manner.

"We perished you." Judee say.

Speaking telepathically in the Telesphere, Judah reveals the truth. "We perished you," he said.

Why not tell the truth? The deep thinkers in our world already know the truth.

Is it not certain, that given time, everyone else will also know the truth? What's the truth again? The truth is, Judah PTB and PTT on us all. What is another truth? Another truth is, God our Father loves us all equally.

Another truth is we were created by benevolent Beings to live in peace. We are genetically engineered hybrid Beings, creation of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. We were made to love one another. The 223 high intelligence Galacticans are our genetic engineers. We share the same psychiatric genes. The 223 Galacticans are a canid species. Is it not curious that the word G-O-D in reverse spelling is D-O-G? Man's best friend?

They themselves were genetically enhanced with the placement of the 223 gene package into their DNA 3 million years ago. Earthlings who have been graced by the presence of our 223 Galactican elders, have noted that they sway side to side as they walk. This is due to how their canid hips evolved from their original 4 legged stride millions of years ago.

They wear a cape as part of their preferred style of dress. "Capable?"

Maxmilian, the Federation's representative to earth since 1350 AD, is who we would recognize as the Infant of Prague. Maxmilian is mentioned here with respect and honor to his dignity. He also was the director of "Project earth," from 1906 until he left earth zone in September of 2008.

Planet earth is only one of a 1300 planets that are raising up high level life forms from the Galactican civilization.

Might the acceptance of such a phantasmal truth not bring about a shift in consciousness?

Bitch has also learned that the Martians were not genetically engineered as we have been, they are a naturally evolved species.

Our Galactican creators are a 15 million year species. They have another 6 million years to go before they pass out of life. We are a 12 million year species and have another 9 million years before our body passes out of life. Do we recognize the purpose of installing our genes into other species? Do we recognize that all species evolve over time and die eventually?

Apparently Insectoids are the longest living life forms. They may exist for up to 60 million years before their species pass out of existence.

The understanding here is that the Martians have a life form time of existence of 25 million years. 4 million years longer than our life form will exist. They have a different high-level intelligence genetic number. Thank you Sir Casper for sparing us here. We love you and your lovely community of love.

Elders shared that we are a "preferred body type." Apparently, understanding the Martian development in comparison with our development, they had a much longer development time into the high-level intelligence area due to body type.

It appears to be that our type of hand is the key ingredient for rapid development of high-level intelligence. As has been noted, Dolphins in some areas are every bit as intelligent as humans yet they have no hands to build an industrial society.

Martians developed from an elephant type genome, and it took millions of extra years to develop hands. The lovely Martian lady that was so kind to grace Bitch with her presence in May of 1997, was about 6 feet all. Might this help to explain how an elephant sized creature would become 6 foot tall? That is, given an extra 8 million years of evolution from where we are today, do we see how a 30 foot tall creature would transform into 6 foot tall extraterrestrial Being? We are a 12 million year life form. 200,000 years with our 223 high-level psychiatric genes in.

Elder shared a word with Bitch the other day, concerning how we were chosen to be gifted with the 223 high-level genetic package. It was a single word also. He said, "Calm."

There may have been about 35 creatures of earth that were similar to us 200,000 years ago. Of the 35, we were the "calm."

Because they know of the high level intelligence they were installing, their own, they knew that we would develop high technology and go into outer space eventually. So because of this future development factor, they selected the most calm of all of the varieties of hominids of planet earth.

Some definitions of the word "Calm " are: "Cool, composed. Not agitated. Stable. Peaceful. Imperturbable. Serene. Quiet. Soothe. Sweeten. Not showing nervousness or anger, or other emotions. The absence of violent or confrontational activity within a place or group. Tranquil. Placid. Repose."

Might those words not give us some idea of who we really are? Peace Labor, can we not reconnect with who we really are and let it be?

The trauma of Judah world. Planes flying overhead and dropping napalm bombs on God's kids. Snipers on the streets, shooting us down. Tens of thousands sitting in little boxes all day for the rest of their lives. Must Labor not end funding these foolish Jew pleasures?

"A predator state here kind a messed up." Tele receive. 4.51 AM

"You’re letting them die you off." Tele receive. 4.54 AM

"Hearing aids." Tele receive. 4.57 AM

Continues at:

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