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Congressman Lindbergh: Articles of Impeachment Against Feder
Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:53

Congressman Lindbergh: Articles of Impeachment Against Federal Reserve

Lindbergh: Articles of Impeachment Against Federal Reserve

This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this Act the invisible government by the Money Power, proven to exist by the Money Trust Investigation, will be legalized. The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation. From now on depressions will be scientifically created.” – Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., 1913, on the Federal Reserve Act Charles Lindbergh Sr. – Congressional record – Feb 12, 1917

3126 Congressional Record Mr. LINDBERGH. Mr. Speaker and the House of Representatives, I, Charles A. Lindbergh, the undersigned, upon my responsibility as a Member of the House of Representatives, do hereby impeach

W. P. G. Harding, governor
Paul M. Warburg, vice governor;
Frederick Delano
Adolf C. Miller
and Charles S. Hamlin

members, each individually as a member of the Federal Reserve Board, and also all of them collectively as
the five active working members of said board, or high crimes and misdemeanors.


I, upon my responsibility as a Member of the House of Representatives, do hereby impeach W. P. G. Harding, governor; Paul M. Warburg, vice governor; and Frederick A. Delano, Adolph C. Miller, and Charles S. Hamlin, members, and each of them as members of the Federal Reserve Board, and
also impeach all of them collectively as the five active working members of the Federal Reserve Board, of high crimes and misdemeanors in aiding, abetting, and conspiring with certain persons and firms hereinafter named, and with other persons, and firms, known and unknown, in a conspiracy to violate the Constitution and the laws of the United States and the just and equitable policies of the Government, which said conspiracy developed and grew out of and was consummated from the following facts and acts, to wit:

First. On or about the month of July, 1906, the exact date

being unknown to the relater, the late J.P. Morgan of the firm

of J. P. Morgan & Co., and the said firm, private bankers and

brokers, with their main office in New York City and doing busi-

ness all over the world; Paul M. Warburg, of the firm Kuhn,

Loeb & Co., and the firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co, also private

bankers and brokers, doing business all over the world, with

their main office in New York City;: Lee, Higinson, & Co., also

private bankers and brokers, doing business all over the world

with their main offices in Boston and New York: Kidder, Pea-

body & Co. Also private bankers and brokers, doing business all

all over the world, with their main offices in Boston and New York,

the National City Bank of New York with its office in the city

of New York and doing a general banking business domestic

and foreign; the First National Bank of New York

with its

office in New York city doing a general banking business do-

mestic and foreign; and various other persons and firms, known

unknown to the relator , did conspire with each other to

devise a means through social, political, and other ways of strat-

egy of and by general chicanery, to deceive the people of the United

States, the Congress, and the President of the United States for

the purpose and with the object to secure an act of Congress

providing for a new monetary and banking system to have in

in a provision for a managing board vested with unusual and

extraordinary powers and to secure the appointment upon the

board of management that should be provided for in the act

persons for membership on the board who would by subterfuge

manipulation, and false administration, so manage as to avoid

the spirit and the purpose of the people of the United States, the

Congress, and the President aimed at in the passage of an

an act and instead of administering the act to meet with the spirit

and comply with its terms, to induce and secure such board to

enter in the conspiracy aforesaid, to administer the act for

the special benefit and advantage of all of the said conspirators

hereinbefore named, and their associates and contrary to the

letter, intent and purpose of the act itself and in contravention

of the Constitution and law; that in order to start the campaign

with a plan well matured to succeed in said conspiracy Paul M.

Warburg, now vice governor of the Federal Reserve Board, but

then a member of the firm of Kuhn, Loeb, a& Co was a most

active participant in drafting the main features and principles

which should be embodied into whatever bill might be put

through Congress, and did also assist in a plan for a second cam-

paign to be kept from the knowledge of the President with the

appointing power, and from the Senate, with the confirming

power in the selection and confirmation of all high Federal ap-

pointive officials in order that a board of administration should,

when the time came for its selection, be appointed that would

carry out the designs of the conspirators aforesaid; that there

(Senator Nelson Aldrich)

that were many secret meetings

held by the conspirators for this

purpose which under the very circumstances would be screened

and kept from the public and made practically impossible to dis-

cover, but nevertheless made certain of the fact because of the

acts which point back to their creation; that one of such meet-

ings which your relator does not undertake to verify the truth

of its holding, but is reliably informed that it was held – is de-

scribed in Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly Magazine in the October

19, 1916, number thereof, which is hereby referred to as show-

ing the method most likely to have been followed for planning

the then contemplated act of Congress which is now the act

known as the Federal reserve act.

Second. That in pursuance of said conspiracy to promote the

object of the conspirators aforesaid and as part of that gen-

eral scheme to induce Congress to legislate upon the monetary

and banking system as stated hereinbefore, said conspirators

caused to be organized the so-called Citizens League with

headquarters in the city of Chicago, to act as a mother organiza-

tion and promoter to induce organization of the several states

of auxiliary and affiliated leagues, and by misrepresentation

to the public and to the origin of said mother league and its

purpose to induce citizens who should have no knowledge of the

said conspiracy and would be innocent of any wrong intention,

and whose motives and intent would be to act in the common

interests of their country, to join in the formation of auxiliary

league throughout the several States in order to give the out-

ward and surface appearance of respectability and honor, and

that in pursuance of that plan the conspirators succeeded in

organizing affiliated leagues in 45 of the States; that when

organized the conspirators hereinbefore named, themselves di-

rected who should be sent to these organizations as speakers

and instructors, and also the kind of literature that should be

distributed to the members and to the general public, the design

of which was to have only such speakers, instructors, and

literature as would discredit the then existing banking and

currency system and prejudice the people in every way possible

against it; but notwithstanding the then existing banking and

currency system was bad and unfitted to the demands of the

Nation and the needs of commerce and trade, and such campaign

was by its conspirators aforesaid directed not to designate to

the public what sort of a banking and currency system would

be adopted in its stead, but the promoters of the conspiracy

should pretend that the object of the campaign was to aid in

every way to create a new monetary banking and currency

system to take the place of the then existing bad one, and, as

far as it could be cone, the conspirators should pervent the

people getting together to prepare a plan of their own to be

presented to Congress: that the purpose of the conspirators was

simply to make the public believe that a new banking and cur-

rency system was absolutely necessary and at the same time

keep the public from find out what would be its form and

details, all this for the reason that the conspirators aforesaid

had their own preconceived plan prepared as a part of their

conspiracy, which they would secretly manage in their own

way to have presented to Congress as the plan in response to

all this public sentiment which the conspirators themselves had

ingeniously worked out through the campaign aforesaid, and

with the intent that Congress and the President would legislate

the conspirators’ said plan into effect; that it was part of

said plan to create many offices and positions with lucrative

salaries, which offices and positions would be equivalent to a

bid for the ambitious to support it, because these offices and

positions would be filled by the leaders and most active persons

who would join in the campaign to put the conspiracy into

effect and influence Congress and the President for the purpose

of securing the legislation.

Third. That in further pursuance of said conspiracy and to

be in control of the information and literature that should be

distributed through the Nation, the said conspirators then

having control of a large number of magazines, newspapers,

and publishing companies, used all of these, and proceeded to

procure control of as many more as could be purchased or sub-

sidized to publish articles prepared by subsidized writers who

would criticize the existing banking and currency system

so as to create public sentiment against; that of the thou-

sands of country newspapers, a majority of them use ‘so-called

“patent” articles not edited or even practically controlled by

the owners of the papers, which patent articles are commonly

called “boiler-place” stuff, and no responsibility as to the influ-

ence such articles have upon the public attaches to anybody;

that those writing this “boiler-plate” stuff so published, many

of them were also subsidized and controlled by the said con-

spirators, so that the small newspapers were practically forced

to carry on a campaign against the then existing banking and

currency system along the same lines of the others referred to

hereinbefore; that readers generally do not have the oppor-

tunity to distinguish between “boiler-plate” articles and the

articles which the editors of the smaller papers write them-

selves; that the news-distributing agencies through the tele-

graph and telephone were then and still are largely controlled by

said conspirators, and the operators of the news agencies have

been allowed to report only such news relating to a new banking

and currency system as would promote said conspiracy, and

required to suppress and and everything in the way of infor-

mation or news that would tend to encourage the people to pre-

pare for themselves a concrete plan for banking and currency in

the interest of all the people; that the general play of the con-

spiracy was to suppress every article, statement, and thing so far

as possible, which would give any information as to the exis-

tence of said conspiracy all of which was for the purpose of ena-

bling the conspirators aforesaid to deceive the people as well as

Congress and the President, in order that said conspirators might

finally consummate their aforesaid conspiracy.

Fourth. That in consequence of the campaign carried on by

said conspirators stated and recited in paragraphs named

“First,” “Second” and “Third” in these impeachment articles,

and numerous secret, clandestine, and underground methods

employed by said conspirators, the people of the United States,

the Congress, and the President were deceived, and as the first

official act in the consummation of the objects sought by said

conspirators Congress did legislate and pass and act of Congress

which was signed by the President, and is known as the Federal

reserve act, which act is substantially the plan prepared by

said conspirators as aforesaid.

Fifth. That immediately upon the passage of the Federal reserve act the said conspirators disorganized the so-called “Citizens’ League” and all the affiliated leagues in the 45 States referred to in the paragraph named ”Second” herein; that prior
to such disorganization the said conspirators had by secret and
underground methods, and for the purpose of using the same in
completing and perpetuating their conspiracy, organized another “ association “ and called it the “United States Chamber of Commerce,” giving it that name in order to deceive the public by making it appear that is a department of the Government,which organization is administered with more intricate machinery for management the so-called “Citizens’ League” was,
and with a purpose of taking up the work of coordinating every thing social, political, business and other to work for the benefit of the said conspirators in carrying out their plan to force the masses of mankind into absolute and abject industrial slavery; that the methods and the design of the “United States
Chamber of Commerce” are set forth to remarks which your relator placed in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD March 10, 1916, and are hereby referred to for more specific detail; that the influence of the “United States Chamber of Commerce” is one of the
agencies being used as an aid to further consummate the conspiracy charged in these articles of impeachment.


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