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Forcing a War Die is Fatal "Worse you right," Judee say.
Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:23

Forcing a War Die is Fatal

"Worse you right," Judee say.

If we can see the light, do we not see that it has been the professionals that got the big score on us?

The well educated. Well placed in our society. The church groups that meet every week. The tiny treasures group. The preachers who have hooted and hollered, yelled "god bless America," and supported war year in and year out against God's kids.

"I'm pretty sorry my strength is closed," Judee say.

His nuclear missiles that he shot at us, all pulled out by our kind and good neighbor the Martian Casper and his group. Thank you so kindly Sir Casper. We love you all.

Judah, having wired himself at the vitamin level into one mode and one mode only, is destroying all human life. He has no other choice than to continue wiping us out. As American labor is funding him for free, how could he do any other?

Our love of our hobbies, building model planes and putting remote controls in to fly them with. Year in year out, so much fun to get together and fly them.

Now our fun peaceful sport, used to arm robots to drop bombs and fire missiles to slay our family in far distant shores.

The abuse and misuse of high technology. Will American Labor not end funding it?

"And when no hope was left in sight on that starry starry night, you took your life as lovers often do, but I could have told you Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you."

At the beginning of America's entry into world war one in 1917, some estimates given are that 52% of Americans in 1917 had originated from Germany.

Was it not an amazing feat, Judah was able to get new world Americans to go to the old country, and participate in a war for fun, profit, entertainment and sport for Judah and his war investor friends?

Was it not a chance to be free of war, that first brought many of our ancestors here to the new land of the free, America?

How did it ever go so wrong? How did we, the people living in the land of the free, ever become the war makers of our world? How did we ever become the most un-free, the largest imprisoner of God's children in this world?

How did we let our guard down? What happened to vigilance? Our ancient constables. How did we let them get pulled away from us?

Are we beginning to see that with the power to issue our money in weap Judah hands, it merely required a pen to draw a line through the paycheck for the elected constable to put them in? No paycheck made out to them because Judah did a line veto of it. How could they show up to serve us if we could not hire them because Judah took our check book away?

After 1913, no longer with our checkbook in our hands, how could we expect to pay those that would serve us right?

Some new Tele receives:


You simply opped it. 10.23 PM

It failed for nonsense. 10.26 PM


It's juvenile. 10.29 PM (That a comment concerning the post from yesterday. Hope to do better here. Thank you for looking at it and pointing out what was less than useful.)

They're charging New York. Sadly wasteful. 10.51 PM (Concerning Kalief Browder?)

The modern Arts. 10.53 PM

Set them out. 11.23 PM

Authorize yourself, it's killed you. 11.54 PM

Save yourself.

Get saved here happy. 12.01 AM

Brave Jews died you piston.

Fundamentally you died. 12.06 AM

Failing psyche. 12.07 AM

It's established, they’re criminals harsh. 2.17 AM

I was there. 2.38 AM

Judah won naked. 2.40 AM

Horse racious, they folded you. 2.42 AM

I see the delightful end of my kingdom. 2.44 AM (? Who might that be?)

I believe the scientist spared you. 2.45 AM

You lost your lights, you lost your life, you’re washed fantastic.

ORGANIZE your field of fire. 2.50 AM

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing; complete assignment, it's over. 2.51 AM

They extermed us. 2.53 AM

Patrick, I'm through rising it. 2.54 AM

The atom folded your state. 2.59 AM

The one, "Patrick, I'm through rising it." Might that be one of the people who have been organizing Labor to get on board and give us a STRIKE?

Might it have just been too tiring and disappointing and so now, the sender is through rising it?

"Lead us." 4.01 AM

Do we recall that this is Father's village? Patrick is a follower of the Lord. Father is our leader.

Will the workers of Labor not put our faith in our good God above to lead us to victory in peace?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and remove Judah private ownership of the authorization to issue our money?

Will Labor not break their violent harsh organization? Will American Labor not depose their criminal syndicate operation?

Thank you beautiful Father for loving us. Your kindness and sweetness, you are truly loved by us, your kids. Thank you Father for sparing us from Judah nuclear blast genocide.

"Not your ordinary mope." Judah said about the Bitch boy.

"If the mopes ever figure it out, we’ll kill them all." Judah going on about the prowess of his ways with his nuclear toys.

Bitch recalls from his years in the cook county courts, seeing the mature Jewish woman coaching a half dozen of her boys.

The next case was called, and she whispered into one of their ears, and up to the bench he went to present the case for their client to the judge.

Bitch identified them as Jews, and thought to himself, "they sure are organized." Sort of made one think of a baseball game, the coach in the dug out, giving clues to the next one up to the plate.

Organization, do we not see that that is what Judah excels in?

With his high level, near extraterrestrial level thinking, he early on identified the organizing principle of society, and gamed it into his own hands over many decades of patient framing the issues, so that the ordinary fish would get little clue of the plan.

The income tax, put in using a constitutional amendment to allow for direct taxation with out apportionment. Framing the issue as one of direct or indirect taxation. Never mentioning, the forced taking aspect of taxation and how it was being put upon Labor.


The 16th amendment, purportedly allowing for an income tax to be put upon the people of Labor. How many people could we only wonder may have had the insight to see how cleverly they were being rused then? Would there have been any able to argue in opposition to it, with such a complex multi decade rused presentation as they did?

The brightest of the time, did their best to try to explain it to us then. Senator Lindbergh explained that giving Judah the private authority to issue our money was the greatest legislative crime of all time.

"This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President Woodrow Wilson signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized....the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill."


In fact, the words explaining what actually had happened with the passage of the 16th amendment, did not appear until nearly a century later when our kind extraterrestrial elders shared them with Bitch.

The "organizing principle of society." Elders shared with Bitch what the authority to issue our money is. If only those words would have been spoken before 1913, might that have prevented Judah from capturing us?

Elders read our minds and know that Bitch is an honest boy. A boy that is happiest when he gives more than he takes in a deal each and every time.

"And when their eloquence escapes me, their logic ties me up and rapes me

De do do do, de da da da, is all I want to say to you."

Lyrics that Sting shared with us in his song, De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da.

"Poets, priests and politicians have words to thank for their positions

Words that scream for your submission
And no ones jamming their transmission

Cause when their eloquence escapes you, their logic ties you up and rapes you

De do do do, de da da da, is all I want to say to you.
They’re meaningless in all that's true."

Will we not thank Sting for pinning the tail on them? Sure.

"Words that scream for you submission, and no ones jamming their transmission."

"I got a dog to braze you out, you boys are really dumb," Judee say.

Even if Bitch did not have a fault of stupid, and did not accidentally insult you all, might it not have been a hard uphill climb to bring Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Virtual ruin of Western life is going on."

That reverse speech statement was from a high level non Judah Asian speaker.

"If you don't get Jewish out, this beautiful nation will be destroyed." Elder from space said.

Judah, using the high technology of his German industry dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE, is wiping out the North American continent. Will we not pray that Labor will see what is happening here and act to stop it?

"I'm on a space trip here." Over the years, Bitch has occasionally found a reverse speech from Judah, indicating that they are going to leave us, and go into outer space themselves.

While our extraterrestrial elders have a quarantine on planet earth, they will not allow the militarization of outer space. Yet, if Judah seeks to flee us and go into outer space without militarization, our elders would not interfere with them.

There have been reports that there is a space colony program in place for the elite to go as our planet is left burned out, and no longer able to support life on the surface.

At his point, does it not seem likely that indeed, Judah has an outer space capability to flee the surface of our planet?

Bitch has heard, from indirect knowledge from examining industrial financial documents, and drawing inferences from them, that there has been a long time space colony program in operation.

Certainly, to build a space colony would require a significant input from industry. There have been rumors of a space colony building project on the internet for years. Yet can we only wonder what the truth is here?

What ever the situation is with Judah going into outer space to flee the now being destroyed surface of planet earth, the majority of them are going into their mountain hotels. Already over 16 million Judah folk have left us and are inside.

Is it not something to ponder, that if Judah does not try to bring his military equipment into outer space, elders would allow him to perch himself safely there? How does that juxtapose with us being left with Judah military hardware here, while he burns us out on the surface, preventing our elders from space from coming in and helping us?

In the early 1950s there was extraterrestrial activity near many mountains throughout the world. Might we not perceive now, elders were MARKING where Judah was building his mountain hotels?

Do we recall the beginning of the current UFO visitation-intervention began when a boomerang shaped craft appeared near Mt Rainier in 1947?

Mt Rainier is in the Boeing area of operations. Do we recall that Boeing built the missile airframes that general dynamics submarines launched at us? Seattle is the West coast center of Judah opps.

"We're failed," Judee say.

"Crazy." Tele receive 7.09 AM concerning yesterday's post.

Our extraterrestrial connection is pretty far reaching for the ordinary imagination to grasp, yet we have a history that goes many millions of years into the past, and if we survive this nuclear war we are in, will go many millions of years into the future.

Life forms that reach high levels and travel the universe have time limitations before they pass out of existence. Different life forms have different time span of existence.

The understanding is that we are potentially 21 million year life forms. Our 223 elders that created us in their image with their high level genes, the Galacticans, are also 21 million year life forms. They as we, are mammalians. Galactican elders are now at the 15 million year level as a species.

They were genetically engineered at the 12 million year stage of their canid existence and we have been engineered at the 12 million year stage of our hominid existence.

While to some this sort of information may sound "crazy," it is the understanding of this chair to be true. If we spend some time thinking about things of this far reaching nature, might it not give us a chance to reflect and see things outside of the frame of reference that weap Judah wants us to see things in?

"I have a devils grip and it sure feels good, we have a dog to out you," Judee say.

Do we perceive that the devils grip on us will be broken in a day when Labor makes its move and STRIKES THEM OUT to end it?

"Virtual ruin of Western life is going on."

Might that reverse speech from a non-Judah speaker, not indicate that the well-placed people in our world do know what's going on?

Bitch has faith that Labor is going to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into its own hands.

What does Bitch base his faith on?

Father said, "Wake me when they've struck."

That is what Bitch bases his faith on, that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT because Father said to wake him, "when they've struck."

As Father did not say to wake him, "if they've struck," rather Father said to "wake me when they’ve struck." Does that not indicate that Labor will STRIKE them for sure?

Bitch is optimistic and has faith that American Labor will strike weap Judah out and take the authority to issue our money away from them. If we can agree on this, might we not also agree that the only question then is, "when" will Labor STRIKE THEM OUT?

Our Father is good, Father loves all. We have been gifted with free will from our creator force, the Galacticans. Our universe is at peace, except for the zone on earth that Judah has the authority to issue our money.

While Judee likes to call us, "sucker," his attacking us all out with nuclear missiles, has that not given us a real demonstration of what the word "sucker" means?

His double oxygen tank and under arm deodorant spray. Were those not clever tricks to play?

With the authority to issue our money in their private hands, do we not see the devils grip they have on us? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and break the devils grip off of us?

They're leaving a virtual ruin of the Western world. Are we not aware that the Western world is where we live? With their devils grip they maintain their war on us all. Will the meek not step up and let them off right?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God almighty of heaven and earth said.

Would there be any truth to the saying, "We don’t need sight to see that we need a vision?"

What ever happened to the vision of peace on earth, goodwill to men? Will Labor not bring us into the world of God bless America again?

"Our animal page was refused," Judee say.

Hiking us around as if we are a herd of cows. Selling their fable to the crowd. Is it not quite obvious, they’ve finished themselves off for good now?

"My blowout is going to sparkle you," Judee say.

It may be an earthquake that is going to do the final collapse of the Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant at Hitachi-GE. It will seal in the death of 2 out of 3 Americans in the next 6 years.

Continues at:

"I have a devils grip and it sure feels good, we have a dog to out you. I got a dog to braze you out, you boys are really dumb," Judee say.

"Serve me optimistic." God almighty said to Bitch.

So Bitch will serve Father with optimism that Labor will act and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR.

Numerous extraterrestrial civilizations standing by, watching to see if we will live or die. Is it not clear the ordinary mouse and minnow will make the call one-way or the other?

Do we recall that the good book says, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inhe

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    Thanks for the embassy. Its pretty freaking bad when you have to apologize to the Russians for the actions of our "president!"
      In addition to the APFN post, I sent a postcard to The Russian Embassy, and the Joint Chiefs saying the same thing... ARREST OBAMA. A CONSTITUTIONAL TAKEOVER OF OUR FEDERAL GOVT. If enough people did ... more
    • Forcing a War Die is Fatal "Worse you right," Judee say. — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Aug 24 12:23
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