"You Guys are Passively out." Is it not quite a sad lay dow
Tue Aug 25, 2015 12:25

"You Guys are Passively out."

Is it not quite a sad lay down that American Labor has given us here? Today's title is from a Tele receive heard at 2.27 AM. "You guys are passively out."

Not even one attempt to save ourselves from perishing in the biggest die opp that Judah has ever gotten onto us. Hundreds of millions dying out in America in only the next 6 years. A third of the human race worldwide dying off in only 6 years. The largest sea on our planet, the Pacific Ocean, about dead.

"We victim right score. Our horrify failed with London," Judee say.

"You let us take over bourse and we made you die," Judee say.

Senator Lindbergh informed us a century ago to get back the authority to issue our money that Judah had taken away from us. What was his reward for trying to help us here? Do we recall that his little grandbaby was stolen from the crib and made to die? Is there not more than a hint of the revenge of Judah and how he most likes to hurt our children when we inform the people about what he is up to?

Elder told Bitch several years ago to, "Shore up your learning." Which Bitch has done on a continual basis. Using a high-speed computer, that most of us now have access to, there is a continuous stream of new information coming in.

Elder also said to Bitch many times, "Focus." Bitch listens to elders from space, and did "Focus" his attention on things that are important here.

Our ancestors a century ago did not focus on the most significant issue of them all, who it is that has the authority to issue our money in their hands, and so Judah took over the bourse, and made us die.

First with blast, and now, second with waste.

Will Labor not focus on taking the authority to issue our money away from Judah? Will Labor not focus on stopping the war? Will Labor not focus on saving yourselves?

Come to me my melancholy baby
Cuddle up and don’t be blue
All your fears are foolish fancies, baby.
You know dear that I'm in love with you.

Every cloud must have a silver lining.
Wait until the sun shines through.
Smile, my honey dear
While I kiss away each tear
Or else I shall be melancholy too.

The cloud of eternal war forced upon us by Judah. Where is the silver lining of this cloud? Where is the general STRIKE by American Labor to end the war?

"We have a golden psyche to take you off, the professor got to us rightly," Judee say.

Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death Amen.

"They launched domestic." Tele receive. 3.37 AM

They're challenging us poison.

The beautiful fullness of Father's love for us. The bountiful lives that God our father wills that we have, are coming in for each and every one of us. That is, those who survive this nuclear war that we are in.

All truth in Father's house. The truth? What is the truth? The truth is we were made to love one another. Another truth is, Father loves us all equally. Another truth is we will make our way to peace eventually. Our world then will live forevermore in peace. Truth will be the way that we live, no more false once Judah finishes departing from us this time.

"Now we’re closed by Patrick for our wasteful," Judee say.

A third of the human race now perishing out. Foretold in the bible from thousands of years ago. The bible, revelation given to us from our creators, the Galactican civilization. An extraterrestrial civilization 38 light years from earth in the direction of the North Star. The Galacticans are the extraterrestrial civilization that gifted us with their high level 223 psychiatric genetics. The civilization that is welcoming us in to peace.

There are no star wars in outer space; all peace all the time in the universe. High-level life forms, all in peaceful cohesion with one another. Joy in peace everyday for most all of God's kids. The only exception, war is where ever Judah has the authority to issue the money of the people.

God's kids on planet earth, bound up in the uniforms rackets game. Weap Judah, the dominant force on planet earth. His plans to take all of God's kids away, foiled, when our good God had the Angels take Judah great balls of fire away from him.

"We just perish you because that's our ment, our parents taught us how to fool you." Candidate for high office in reverse speech.

Now all Judah has left of his industrial strength investment grade war machine are little particles of great balls of fire to sweep us away. Our atmosphere being more perfectly poisoned everyday. What day will it be, can we only wonder, will be the day that Labor will STOP THE WAR? Will we not keep praying that that day will be today?

"White people are always dumpy, your disgust is how we rule," Judee say.

Will Labor not pull the disgust of sport war out of our society and let us live in peace?

"The dog incredibly let us humble you right," Judee say.

Will Labor not "Get smart" and take our purse away from these errant life forms?

"The druid I just fiend weap cause I can't hold your force," Judee say.

The day we act druid, is the day that the truth of that statement will be made whole. Is it not clear that Judah just can't hold the force of druid if druid will only act in peace and take our purse away from him?

"I score weap to take all your business out," Judee say. Have we given much thought to how harmed our business will be once our environment is fully poisoned out on us?

"I break with a brick for free," Judee say.

Might that indicate that Judah is using the economic power of the BRIC nations to take our economy down? Brazil, Russia, India and China. Does American Labor not yet see that Judah is doing everything he can to leave us as weak as can be?

"The circuit denounced me, our pitch failed," Judee say.

Can we not appreciate that when the circuit is in operation, our economy will blossom with millions of new income sources for everybody?

I love you Popi, wish your children would listen to you and close Judah out. So sorry I accidentally insulted them. Now Judah is showing them pictures and telling them lies and holding them in for a real big die.

"They already went." Tele receive. 3.54 AM

Are we not yet aware of how true that statement is? "They already went."

Judah has left us. He's not coming back in. So what is the problem then?

The problem? Is it not clearly seen by all who are looking for answers to solve the troubles of our world that Judah is gone, but the problem is that Labor has not come in?

The minnow, still funding poisoning himself and his own little children out of life. Unable so far to get together with his and her fellow workers to close them up right.

"Jew is rolling drupas out. Even though I'm out of time, I'm still doing genocide. Even though we lost our missiles, our force is still on course. I'm doing quite well falling you all away. My hydrogen was a fail foolish, but I'm still closing out drupus. I'll be playing with you boys until it’s over. I'm a Jewie, we always put greaseball out. It's too late for me, we just shoot you right on out," Judee say.

The next is a reverse speech of a non-Judah legislator speaking to a head of state in Asia:

"As a chairman you failed with your faulty weap, all you shared was hydrogen."

Once Labor does close Judah and his eternal war out, then we will be extraterrestrial ready to travel ourselves. We are welcome to join with our family in the universe at peace.

"You guys are passively out."

"My recent die with Germany is my last molest," Judee say.

Are we aware that the recent die with Germany is coming from the nuclear artillery that we are being shot with from the Hitachi-GE reactor that is in full melt down?

Has it broken through yet that Judah had to ghost the entire Polish government out after it became known that they had worked with NATO putting an all out nuclear missile attack on Poland?

Only the love of our good God for his little Simian children of earth, spared our family in Poland from being destroyed in a few hours of nuclear war shooting.

Bitch read in reverse speech from an international newscaster, learned that there is radar data showing the nuclear missiles coming in. Can we only wonder when the radar data showing the nuclear attack upon Poland will be released so that the world will be able to see the sin of Judah against the children of God?

"We just couldn’t fold the Bitch right with our prison police, now we're shot out," Judee say.

Will Labor not put it into the thinking cap that the only reason Judee could not fold the Bitch out with his prison police is because extraterrestrials would not let them grab me?

Does Labor not understand that anyone that would give a truth to everyone, is already dead or in prison?

Will Labor not attach the seriousness needed to survive what we are facing here? Is there not some appreciation that we have been saved by an extraterrestrial civilization from being perished out in an all out nuclear holocaust?

The heretic, the eternal sinner. The guys and gals with the death wish. The weap Judah people who are still finishing us out. Will Labor not act and try the strike out?

"A fatal fail is pulling us off." Tele receive. 4.12 AM

"They're out for their challenge." Tele receive, 4.20 AM

About 3500 years ago our good God had Moses deliver the rules to Judah folk. Carved them in stone so they would be good and permanent for everyone to read.

"Thou shalt not kill."

Judah, Mr. opposite, decided that he would not follow the rules of the road.

Judah, just like us, has free will to do it any way he wants to do it.

He chose to not follow the rules of proper behavior that our good God gave to us.

Bitch, a simple working man, only learning of these amazing and even astonishing things, in his seventh decade of life.

"So these sons a bitches had planned to kill us all along?"

The answer to that question, is "yes, these sons a bitches planned to kill us from the very beginning.

The beginning? It was not in 1945. When was the plan made to kill us all?

It was made thousands of years ago. They just didn’t have the technical ability to get it done at the time.

Judah's earlier weapons of mass destruction that he used on us, plague, could and did take out up to two thirds of the Druids of Europe.

With the modern technical of nuclear, now Judah had within his power the ability to take out the absolute mass of the human race, and do it within only a few hours of shooting.

Judah could always have had everything that he wanted, riches available in America beyond compare. Judah wants riches for himself, but he has an odd behavior; he cannot tolerate riches for anyone else.

His psyche, that he has crafted using free will that has been gifted to him and us from our creators, demands of him that he sneakily get a hold of a population, put tyranny in and then genocide us all, to the last man.

"They’re disgraceful weaps, my force is going to see an end to tyranny."

That facial reverse speech, from a member of the committee to free the lawyers in China.

Some of the very highest-level thinkers can just not accept that such a thing can be true, that the plan by Judah for thousands of years has been to put us all in.

Some people think that such thinking runs counter to some form of universal thought process, and so prefer to comfort themselves with believing that such a thing as planning for thousands of years to wipe us all out, just cannot be true.

Bitch has shared this dreadful truth, that Judah planned to destroy all of us ever since he has been known to man.

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are, you'll be amazed," the extraterrestrial computer Brainiac said to Bitch in July of 1997, at the very moment Bitch puzzled it out.

It took Bitch 3 years, from 1989 until April of 1992, to figure out that the advanced bubble super conducting signaling he discovered in our communications system, was the technical signature of extraterrestrial powers.

Casper, our Martian good neighbor and friend introduced himself to Bitch then. The Drork handle the day to day signals processing for the Federation.

"You bet," Drork said with a real cute voice when Bitch thanked them for opening up his cable line.

Judee always has been throwing software blocks into Bitch's computer system.

Some of them Bitch could not get around easily, so he has called upon the Drork to help him then.

The easiest thing Bitch has found to keep Judee out of his computer system is merely pulling the cable from the modem off, and only plugging it in when it is time to transmit or receive.

If only Judee would have found some way to get along with the rest of us, what a wonderful world this would have been. The biggest thing, we would not have had to endure war.

That's not his way though. Judah has selected a strategy that only allows war making in any world that he controls.

"HURRY!" Tele receive. 6.08 AM

Hurry us to peace Labor. Don't wait another day to STRIKE THEM OUT. Judah cannot make war without Labor providing him with income to hire his war making power. Will Labor not end its involvement in sin?

North and South Korea, both leaders are Judah hybrid shell people. They’re now starting a new war. Their power is fading, they can only hold it by the terrorism of war.

Thank you kind beautiful Father for keeping us in here. Sorry I blew it up by insulting your kids. It wasn't intentional Father. Just one of those unplanned, unfortunate things.

"We just Columbus great," Judee say.

If only Judah had not planned to exterminate us whole, would we not have had Velocity power sources up and running over a century ago? Sure we would have.

Dr. Henry Moray actually had a transistorized solid-state unit using semiconductors up and running in 1928. He didn’t have a complete theory of operation, and yet intuitively he was able to make the unit operate and produce large quantities of heat and electricity.

He demonstrated his free energy machine could produce 50,000 watts of power. He understood that with full development it could produce twice that. In dollars and cents terms, would 100 kw at 10 cents a kilowatt hour not be $10 dollars worth of electrical energy per hour? $240 dollars worth of electricity a day, from his cold electricity free energy machine. It weighed 65 pounds and would fit on the kitchen table.

Having read about Dr. Moray's machine as a young child nearly six decades ago, it seemed impossible that something so unbelievable could have existed and not made its way into our world

Dr Eugene Mallove gave us his report on cold fusion, explaining that 100 times over unity energy output was demonstrated in the laboratory, operating continuously for over several months.

So we have irrefutable scientific proof of continuous over unity energy output, and still to this day, have yet to bring velocity power sources in fully.

Our Father is so kind to us Labor. "I would have given you anything." Papa said.

Bitch is still hoping and praying that Labor will accept this opportunity to bring us into the love of Father's world. Father's world is love, mercy, peace and forgiveness for everyone. Bountiful lives for all of his children everywhere. It is the world of the peaceful universe that we were created to live in from the very beginning of our high level 223 existence, 200,000 years ago. The world of peace for the calm creatures we were when elders crafted us. The calm Beings we are to become for our journey into the Cosmos.

We were selected from the dozens of others that were similar to us, selected and made into the image of our good God above. "Love one another." God our Father's command to us. Do we not see it Labor, that we have a beautiful Popi to show us the way to get ourselves to peace?

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The economic world of the technology of velocity power sources are such big dollars,

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