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Mind Control Information & Facts Levi McCann CFI-ENTERPRISES
Thu Aug 27, 2015 20:38

willpwilson - Mind Control Information & Facts Levi McCann CFI-ENTERPRISES - Tue Aug 27, 2015 - - - -

Mind Control Information & Facts - and Track RF Implants - Levi McCann - - - Levi McCann CFI Enterprises - - Targeted Individuals Start Here -!he-who-flees-from-evil/c6b9 - Targeted Individuals-It Isn't A Game-It's War! Pt 1/7 - - - - - - - - - - - - About This Site - - Important Articles - - New Information - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Mind Control Information and Facts - - - Programmed Assassins Used in Mind Control - Image of Original Declassified CIA Document - CIA Document Mori ID: 190691, page 1 - Title: Hypnotic Experimentation and Research - Date: 10 February 1954 - - - - Gang Stalking - Targeted Individuals - Psychological Harassment - - - ReligiousMatrix - - - - - - -

On Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 6:14 AM, wrote: - I am not sure anybody received this email yesterday, nut I own the and would like to hold a contest of sorts, with at least 8 pgs to the website. I would like it to be form driven, or DB, ie Access database. Excel database, SQL, MySQL, MyPHPadmin, or PHP, or any other type of interactive website you can think and;

1.Maintain Consistancy throughout all the pages.
2. Have a login page free, that gives Real Tis all the information available on the website. Also Have a Logout Page.
3.Have a Legal Forms Store ( you can get over 1600 Legal Forms from Me), and I would like you to sell the forms at a small fee. This fee will be done via PayPal, and you will be rewarded for what your sales are.
If for some reason, a users computer stops, in the middle of downloading their legal form, allow them to relog in, and get them to the form instantly. Also allow them to download the form(s) they pay for as many times as they want.
4. Have an Ecommerce store, where you will sell items to assist Tis and also you will keep a portion of the sales of this as well. We will only use top line products that are proven to work, so run these by me. The scanners I use, as well as other products that I use.
5. Have a simple understanding section of Targeting, and being a TI, and that it is technology run amok, but explainable to everyone.
6. Promote Scanning Sessions, and or Seminars for me to do so clients can ask me questions, or be scanned and have a report about 4-6 weeks later but must pay a down payment first, and then sending them the contract, as well as where the scanning session will take place. You will have to see where I am at the time in my endeavors.
7. Prepare Online Streaming seminars, on how to use scanners properly, and your will be in charge of this as well.
8, Any other ideas I did not come up with in the above.

Remember, that a large portion of the sales/services will go directly back to your website and people running it. All Payments will be made via PayPal, using buttons, donations, or Buynow, and I can get together and make a cheat sheet for you to follow. REMEMBER, DYNAMIC, FORMS, DB DRIVEN, OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF SITE THAT UTILIZES VERY LITTLE HARD CODING.


EMAIL ME TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! - THANK YOU, - LEVI MCCANN - From - - - You will not with that equipment. I have the equipment that will detect it, however, it is going from 4-6 days for my website to get back online. - There are two pieces of Equipment that you will be able to measure it with. 2 is called “USB RF Spectrum Analyzer 3.3GHZ” my store is the only one to sell it, and have it in stock. The second piece of equipment you need is a “VT 100MHz 8Bit PC USB Oscilloscope Spectrum Analyzer Sound Card Signal Generator” both are completely mobile and the highest sensistivity readings available. - USB RF Spectrum Analyzer 3.3GHZ -

If you are interested in detected, and therefore proving what you are attempting to prove, the first pies of equipment; USB RF SPECTRUM ANALYZER to 3.3GHZ” cost is $519.95 plus $9.95 Shipping (New in the Box). Click on the Picture Below to purchase via paypal, ie credit card, debit, Paypal account, or even PayPal Financing free financing fo 12 months.

The other that is a must in having your idea be scientifically proven, is that it has to be reproducible and you sill need the Mobile VT 100MHz 8Bit PC USB Oscilloscope Spectrum Analyzer Sound Card Signal Generator
The Cost is $219.95 with $30 Shippin and handling.

Click on each picture individually to complete the transaction for each, and you will be able to prove your theory: - USB RF Spectrum Analyzer 3.3GHZ - $499.95 + $9.95 - Only a small glimpse of the many items this device completes: Click on Each Picture to complete Transaction - http://www.PortableOscilliscope.jpg
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VT 100MHz 8Bit PC USB Oscilloscope Spectrum Analyzer Sound Card Signal Generator -


I HAVE TWO OF THEM, AND THE ARE INVALUABLE EQUIPMENT FOR CATCHING SIGNALS THAT ARE EXTREMELY FAINT! - Levi McCann - From: Ogden25604 [] - Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 9:03 AM - To: - Subject: possible way to detect the wireless brain modem - This is a rough sketch on my idea for detecting the wireless brain modem. - Kyle Ogden - The Transponders - June 10, 2013

The chips, nano-chips, brain chips, microwave backscatter modulation nano-transponders are so small they don't show up on an MRI or CT scan. The transponders are obviously made to interface with the nerves in the brain and since the nerves in the brain are so densely populated it only goes to reason that these transponders are extremely small. I have both MRI images and CT scan images and the resolution is definitely not good enough to see anything unusual.

I was lucky to get the disk from the CT scan and I found out that it includes density measurements in Hounsfield units. These chips might be measurable by their density. The images are going to have to be analyzed by somebody who knows what to look for.

Nothing seems to interfere with this wireless link. I have traveled from California through Oregon, Washington to Idaho and back and this link was never broken I have been in concrete buildings with walls made of cinderblock and the floors above and below me made of concrete. Still the link was unbroken. After several excursions underground I suspect that this nano-transponder implant works in the lower part of the microwave spectrum. I know that higher frequencies are not able to penetrate very far into the ground. My excursion into the Gold Bug Mine and the Mercer Caverns are two examples of this. The wireless link between these people and myself was not interrupted during these trips underground.

I asked professionals in the fields of ground penetrating radar and RFID technologies. "How do I detect small transponders like smart dust operating in the lower part of the microwave spectrum between 300MHz and 1GHz?" Everyone I asked this question told me that a transponder that small could not work in that part of the spectrum. The RFID people told me it was about antenna size that limits what frequencies it can work at. The smaller the antenna the higher the frequency has to be. The antenna would have to be several centimeters long for an RF device to function in that frequency range.

One way to get around the problem of making a nano-scale transponder that works in the MHz part of the microwave spectrum is more than likely by using a carbon nanotube electromechanical oscillator. I think in this way they were able to solve the problem of antenna size. I believe these nano-transponders use this carbon nanotube as the antenna. This carbon nanotube oscillator works like a tuning fork being made to vibrate by an outside force but instead of being driven by sound it is made to vibrate by radio frequencies.

The carbon nanotube can function as a radio acting as the antenna, tuner, amplifier and demodulator. The nanotube can also be configured to pick up energy to run a circuit.

Carbon Nanotube Radiowave -

Wireless Brain Modem - The Problem: How Do I Detect the Transponders? - January 10, 2014

These transponders are microscopic in size and where they are located in the brain makes it difficult to take a picture of them. It appears to me that the resolution on an MRI image and CT scan image are not fine enough to see these tiny chips. I have had both of these tests done and the chips do not show. Also, I think there are many individual transponders (chips) channelized or multiplexed together to comprise this wireless brain modem.

I have reason to believe these transponders may use backscatter modulation. They are always on and functioning, they get their energy from somewhere. They probably couldn't be turned off even if you wanted to. These transponders must be powered by an outside source. Working on the idea that backscatter modulation is the method used with these transponders I believe they have a much larger radar cross section than physical size.

This large radar cross section makes them detectable. This is definitely not a shielded device. These chips get their power from somewhere and I think they pick that power up from the signal that links them to the rest of the system. I'll bet that even the oscillator or clock in these transponders comes from that same signal.

For several years now I have considered that if you illuminate these transponders with the correct frequencies that they would be easier to detect. I think these microscopic transponders will behave much like the way a marine radar interacts with an active radar target enhancer or an even better example might be a RFID reader and tag. Using a radar device in this manner may be the way to detect them.

At this time I can only make an informed guess as to what frequencies these transponders may operate at. These transponders must work in the lower part of the microwave spectrum, low frequency or possibly extremely low frequency. I mentioned in another paper how I think they got around the antenna size problem. This wireless link worked during underground trips, excursions into mines and an underground cavern.

This thing still worked while I was inside a steel lined room and worked inside a windowless concrete room. It seems as though solid rock and concrete are transparent or not even there, nothing can block this signal out.

How many transponders is unknown, but this might make them easier to detect. I believe there are many maybe even thousands of these microscopic transponders. This should make their total cross section much bigger especially if they are close together frequency wise.

A possible means to detect these transponders would be to exploit the way they function by illuminating them with RF energy. A low power non-linear junction detector, continuous wave radar or ultra wide band radar, might be good ways to go about this. I understand that UWB radar can be used to extract target information, electrical characteristics, etc. Since the frequency is unknown a UWB radar might be the way to go.

It seems that to detect this thing you would have to paint the target area with frequencies that ordinarily would not be used for radar. Radars usually work at frequencies that are easily reflected off of solid objects. In this application the person (target) is more or less invisible to the radar but this implant would be the reflector or re-emitter of the RF energy. The frequency or frequencies that these backscatter transponders operate on freely pass through solid objects. - - - The following page of our website contains similar reading material in the form of bookmarked external web pages. These are arranged by category for convenience. - See more at: - - - - - htt

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